Came back for more :)
Hey Yuyo! We've included you in our list of best new happy hours in Austin! Feel free to share with your followers today. Thanks! http://do512.com/p/best-new-happy-hours
Hola yuyo
Questions, are you guys going to play the Peru vs. New Zealand game today?
Service is off the hook amazing. Our party basically doubled in size unexpectedly and they were so accommodating. Decor is wonderful. Love the basket lights. Happy hour menu feels good, but could benefit from a little bump up in flavor. Croquettes were room temp. Empanadas needed salt. The costillas were amazing.

Yuyo is a new contemporary Peruvian restaurant in East Austin featuring made-to order cebiches, charcoal grilled specialties, & classic pisco cocktails.

In bygone days in Peru, fisherman would pair their fresh catch of the day with seaweed and bring this to market. Customers would judge the freshness of the fish by the texture of the seaweed—if the seaweed was wet and crisp, the fish was sure to be fresh. In Quechua, the indigenous language of Peru, the word for seawood is Yuyo.

“Yuyo is our fresh catch, and we are proud to bring it to the Austin market.” - Executive Chef Maribel Rivero

With their new restaurant, Yuyo, brother-sister team Restaurateur Carlos Rivero and Executive Chef Maribel Rivero have created a culinary experience that reflects the contemporary dining scene of Peru’s capital city. Chef Maribel Rivero’s training in Peruvian cuisine included working alongside Lima’s world-class Chefs Pedro Miguel Schiaffino and Virgilio Martinez, as well as with large families in their home kitchens. Her understanding of the complexities of Peruvian food reflects the various ethnicities of Peru: indigenous Peruvian, African, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and other European peoples. A rich mix of cultures come together to highlight the culinary bounties from land and sea—from the Amazon rainforest, the Andes Mountains, the Sechura Desert, and the Pacific Ocean. While Chef Rivero honed her cooking skills in Peru, Carlos Rivero continued to expand his Mexican food concepts—restaurants El Chile, El Alma, El Chilito, and Alcomar. Visiting his sister in Peru, a rediscovery of the bonds of close community, collaborative spirit, and fresh, local ingredients reminded him of his childhood in La Paz, Bolivia. Visiting Peru felt like coming home to their South American heritage. Spurred by these food memories of their youth, Carlos and Maribel were inspired to create Yuyo, the only contemporary Peruvian restaurant in Austin.


Yuyo, El Chile Group's Peruvian concept, developed by Carlos Rivero and sister, Chef Maribel Rivero will sadly be joining many unique Austin restaurants in shuttering permanently as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Introducing Peruvian food with a Texas flair to Austin was a labor of love for Maribel and me. However, this pandemic environment has proven insurmountable for our developing concept," said Carlos.

James Beard nominated Chef Maribel continues to share her love of food and her culinary gifts via her personal brand Cocina Maribel. She’s offering recipes, cooking classes and more.

We want to say a HUGE thank you to Austin for two great years of pisco punch, ceviche, and fun!


Chef Maribel here🙋🏻‍♀️ We just gave away all perishable foods to our staff. We cleaned and packed up our humble restaurant. And now it’s time to rest and stay safe and healthy. Thank you to all our patrons for your support. We hope to serve you sooner than later.
We’re gonna keep cookin’ in case you need cooking advice or inspiration to cook for the [email protected]
#corona19 #restaurants #community #restaurantlife #cheflife


In the best interest of the health and safety of our customers and employees, we have made the difficult decision to temporarily close all operations at Yuyo. Read more, including info on continued service at our El Chilito locations at yuyoaustin.com.


You won't want to miss Latin Grammy award winner Raphael Ferreira and his saxaphone: the perfect soundtrack for your Saturday night dinner.
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Frank Cano provides the rhythm tonight as part of our Peru by Night musical series.
#yuyoaustin #yuyo #elchilegroup #eastaustin #atx #austin #peruvianfood #peruviancuisine #peruvian #perubynight

yuyoaustin.com 03/12/2020

The One Wish - Yuyo

"Can your friends pull this out their little hat?"

-The Genie, "Friend Like Me"

yuyoaustin.com Stop by before the show and enjoy "The One Wish". Grapefruit infused Caravedo Quebranta pisco, Green chartreuse, Lemon juice, Simple syrup.


Peruvian Sánguches take center stage on the new lunch menu available, Monday-Friday, 11 am- 3 pm.
#yuyoaustin #yuyo #elchilegroup #eastaustin #atx #austin #peruvianfood #peruviancuisine #peruvian


Urban Chicken Saison and our patio, the perfect pair.
#yuyoaustin #yuyo #elchilegroup #eastaustin #atx #austin #peruvianfood #peruviancuisine #peruvian #friendsandalliesbrewing


The El Chile Group of restaurants is proud of the accomplishments of Executive Chefs Maribel Rivero (Yuyo) and Alma Alcocer (El Alma). We salute them both today - International Women's Day!
#yuyoaustin #yuyo #elchilegroup #eastaustin #austin #peruvianfood #peruviancuisine

yuyoaustin.com 03/07/2020

Tiradito Apaltado - Yuyo

Served through the weekend or until we run out.

yuyoaustin.com sashimi kanpachi, avocado-leche de tigre, red onion, fresno peppers, tapioca cracker. Served through the weekend or until it sells out.

foodieisthenewforty.blogspot.com 03/05/2020

Best Fine Dining in Austin 2020

" This is my favorite of the bunch, offering Peruvian food, which is hard to come by in Austin." – Foodie is the New Forty

foodieisthenewforty.blogspot.com Welcome to year eleven of this blog's fine dining guide to Austin! Over the last eleven years, I've expanded my waistline an...


Have you tried #HitachinoNest? This Japanese craft beer marries European beer making technology and traditional Japanese brewing methods. Which creates the perfect match for our menu.
#yuyoaustin #yuyo #elchilegroup #eastaustin #austin #peruvianfood #peruviancuisine #peruvian

kxan.com 02/28/2020

Central Texans Get Your Ceviche Fix At Yuyo

Chef Maribel Rivero on Studio 512!

kxan.com Ceviche is the national dish of Peru and if you’re looking for that authentic taste but maybe don’t want to pay for the flight then your in luck! Chef Maribel Rivero of Yuyo Peruano sto…

yuyoaustin.com 02/28/2020

Spicy Crab Maki Roll - Yuyo

Try our weekend special. Served through Sunday or until it sells out.

yuyoaustin.com Avocado, shrimp, topped with salmon, striped bass, spicy mayo, aji amarillo sauce, crispy quinoa. Served through the weekend or until it sells out.

yuyoaustin.com 02/28/2020

Tiradito de Conchas - Yuyo

Try our weekend special. Served through Sunday or until it sells out.

yuyoaustin.com sashimi scallops , aji amarillo, crispy quinoa, red onion, aji limo, tobiko, baby chard microgreens, causa Served through the weekend or until it sells out.

yuyoaustin.com 02/28/2020

Tom Bullock's Rum Punch - Yuyo

Try our weekend special. Served through Sunday or until it sells out.

yuyoaustin.com Dark Rum, Arrack Rum, brown sugar lime


What’s better than brunch? Brunch with live music. Experience the music of the Felipe Brito Brazilian Trio from noon to 3 p.m. Only at Yuyo.
#yuyoaustin #yuyo #elchilegroup #eastaustin #atx #austin #peruvianfood #peruviancuisine #peruvian


Transform your Friday night with our new Peru by Night Latin-flavored musical line-up featuring Susanna Sharpe tonight from 7 to 10 p.m.
#yuyoaustin #yuyo #elchilegroup #eastaustin #atx #austin #peruvianfood #peruviancuisine #peruvian #perubynight

yuyoaustin.com 02/21/2020

Penicillin – Yuyo

Our Weekly Craft Cocktail: Come from Away, available before and after the show.

yuyoaustin.com February 20, 2020 / Drinks, Weekend Specials Penicillin Glenlivet 12year, Lemon Ginger Sryup, Honey Candied Ginger admin 3 mins ago


Immerse yourself in something new Friday night when Susanna Sharpe opens our Peru by Night musical series. Only at Yuyo, 7 to 10 p.m.
#yuyoaustin #yuyo #elchilegroup #eastaustin #atx #austin #peruvianfood #peruviancuisine #peruvian #perubynight

cbsaustin.com 02/20/2020

Austin Peruvian spot Yuyo celebrates new features and brunch fun!

CBS Austin thanks for hosting Chef Maribel Rivero to discuss ingredients indigenous to Peruvian cuisine.


cbsaustin.com This Austin restaurant showcases fresh, indigenous ingredients and creates globally inspired dishes! Today Chef Maribel Rivero of Yuyo Peruano, joins Trevor & Taylor in the kitchen to share what's new at this awesome east-side spot! Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @WeAreAustin and find us on Face...


Llama be your #galentine!
#yuyoaustin #yuyo #elchilegroup #eastaustin #atx #austin #peruvianfood #peruviancuisine #peruvian #perubynightatx #felipebrito


Chef Maribel and Chef Alma's Galentine's day menu in full swing!
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cntraveler.com 02/14/2020

11 Best Brunches in Austin

**Condé Nast's 11 Best Brunches in Austin**
"At Yuyo, the decor and happy crowd amount to a cheerful atmosphere, which perfectly matches the inspired food. Peruvian cuisine meets American breakfast here, and all is made for sharing. Opt for dishes like the Choclo stack—Andean corn cakes, chancaca syrup, and bacon—or the picarones—sweet potato doughnuts with powdered sugar. For savories, the Inca bowl with lucuma yogurt, turmeric, amaranth-quinoa granola, almonds, and fruit will balance-out the sweet starters". — Condé Nast



Yuyo's cover photo


Manor Road is becoming the 9th official Austin Independent Business Alliance IBIZ District! Come celebrate at the All-Districts Happy Hour this Thursday from 5p to 7p at Yuyo! Learn more about AIBA at --> http://bit.ly/2Ocp7zu

spectrumlocalnews.com 02/03/2020

US Census: Women Make Up Less than a Quarter of Chefs

spectrumlocalnews.com One female chef describes kitchens as battle grounds.


Bring plenty of business cards and be prepared to meet some of Austin’s best & brightest Professionals at the Austin LGBT Chamber of Commerce monthly luncheon tomorrow from 11a to 1p at Yuyo! Reserve a seat at → http://bit.ly/2GxF8fn


Celebrate International Pisco Sour Day—the National Cocktail of Perú—with happy hour pricing on our Pisco Sour, Maracuya Sour & Chicha Morada Sour all day Saturday February 1st!
#peruvianfood #peruviancusine #piscosour #piscosourday

yuyoaustin.com 01/31/2020

Causa de Pulo – Yuyo

Try this special this weekend. 🐙

yuyoaustin.com January 31, 2020 / Uncategorized Causa de Pulo chilled potato puree, pulpo, leche de tigre, red onion, cucumber, botija aioli, aji limo, micro cilantro admin 18 seconds ago

yuyoaustin.com 01/31/2020

Spicy Pisco Margarita – Yuyo

This weekend only!

yuyoaustin.com January 31, 2020 / Uncategorized Spicy Pisco Margarita ají limo infused pisco and togarashi salt rim. Served through this weekend or until we run out. admin 2 mins ago


Going to Hello Dolly! at Bass? Stop by and check out our theatre menu.
#yuyoaustin #yuyo #elchilegroup #eastaustin #atx #austin #peruvianfood #peruviancuisine #peruvian #bassconcerthall


Tempt your tastebuds with our Oyster Mushroom Ceviche. Hifimyco oyster mushrooms, mango, cucumber, red onion, aji limo, shoyu citrus marinade, and yuyo. 🍄
#yuyoaustin #yuyo #elchilegroup #eastaustin #atx #austin #peruvianfood #peruviancuisine #peruvian #hifimyco


Looking for somewhere special for Valentine's Day? 💌❤️
📸: @natyornot
#yuyoaustin #yuyo #elchilegroup #eastaustin #atx #austin #peruvianfood #peruviancuisine #peruvian #datenight

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General Manager

Katy Rodriguez

Culinary Team

Maribel Rivero - Executive Chef
Enrry Silva - Chef de Cuisine
Marilyn Morales - Chef de Cebiche




Groups Outdoor Waiter Walkins


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1900 Manor Road
Austin, TX

Opening Hours

Monday 17:00 - 21:00
Tuesday 17:00 - 22:00
Wednesday 17:00 - 22:00
Thursday 17:00 - 22:00
Friday 17:00 - 22:00
Saturday 11:00 - 22:00
Sunday 11:00 - 21:00
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