More new releases added to Newest Vibes Playlist. Please like on Spotify and follow to hear about all new releases.

- Long Enough

- Get High (Off The New Album Rock My Soul)

- Better Light Up

- Am I Dreamin? (Off The New Album Am I Dreaming)

- Dem Badmind (Off The New Album Danakil Meets ONDUBGROUND Part. 2)

- The Answer Dub (Matt Goodwin Remix)

- El Peor

- Take It Away


This weeks releases hits the spot. Lots of variety top to bottom. If you have a little road trip ahead of you then check out all the freshness this week on MusicBailouts Newest Vibes Spotify Playlist. Please LIKE, follow and share with others at the link here —>

- The Deep (Off The New Album Life Rhythm)

- No Stopping (Off The New Album No Stopping)

- Rise We Up (Off The New Live Album)

- She’s A Saint (Off The New Album Night Light Riddim)

- She Loves Me

- Reflections

- Skankin

- Overgrown


- Country Boy

- Jub Jub

- Don’t Leave Me Out

- Roll

- Foundation

- Babylon Terminator

Lutan fyah] - Africa Rise

- 30/40

Lutan fyah] - Controvery
remo - Wake Up

- Two Step

- Vibes Up

- Love Mi G***a




If You Don’t Know Now You Know Playlist updated with 6 new tracks. I am more than confident you will hit repeat multiple times on these new 6 that I am willing to shut my site down if you don’t. All these artists deserve your attention and I more than men it. For those who listen to the main acts at festivals turn your attention to some new artists for a change and support. Remember to follow the playlist on Spotify at this link
New Artists/Tracks includes:
- Rudeboy

- Badminds

- Love Puzzle

- Hard To Do

- The Road
thomas_music - Keep On Moving


So many excellent songs/albums that it feels like a thousand suns in a glass jar. The shine is bright today! As always please please please share the MusicBailout Newest Vibes Spotify Playlist. Share if you care and like/follow to show support. See below for a list of what has dropped today.

Palm Tree Tattoo with G. Love & Special Sauce

Gotta Get Back

Always With You


Gone Get Right

I Would Look Good on You

Moving On (From The New Album The Older I Get)

One Night

Little Green Eyes with Fia (Remix)

Fishing In The Dark

Oh K (From The New EP Oh K)

Gyptian - She Got It

I Try
remo Catch a Fyah

Stronger (off the new EP Stronger)

No Want

Touch The Sky

No War

Digital Rock

Rich Little Ghetto Girl (From The New Album The Ruler Riddim)

Evolve Primitive

The Ride - Night Light Riddim

True Love



Fire Burn Dem System (From The New Album The Ruler Riddim)

Brand New - Live Acoustic

Invisible Flow


Photos from's post 11/17/2022

Always amazing seeing when they come to town. Their live performances never disappoint. Make small stages look big every time. A+++ always.
Shot at:
Empire Control Room
Austin TX


Back at it with 6 new Bands/Tracks in the "If You Don’t Know Now You Know" Spotify Playlist. Please follow and like the playlist to find new bands you may not know about but will love once you do. Hear past updates on the playlist as well and check back often for new additions. Link to playlist -

Eye To Eye

Kings On The Hill

Pushing Poison


One Margarita (feat. Kash’d Out)

Reggae Music

Kyle Smith Hurry Up N Wait Tour 11/15/2022

It starts today, Kyle Smith Hurry Up N Wait Tour. Click below for full tour dates.

Kyle Smith Hurry Up N Wait Tour Kyle Smith has been putting in the grind over the past few years. You can expect that grind to continue today when he kicks off the Hurry Up N Wait Tour.

Photos from's post 11/13/2022

The growth of is not going unnoticed. This group is truly something special with a bright future ahead. Those BIG festivals better be on notice.
Photos from the Through The Roots Tour.
At Empire Control Room
Austin, TX (Nov 5)

Photos from's post 11/13/2022

Another set of photos from the Mood Swing Tour!
as always killin’ it. Probably the 20th time seeing them and it never gets old.
At Scoot Inn
Nov 3rd
Austin, TX


Another WILD week of releases. Lots of albums to check out on top of many excellent singles that all deserve your attention. Please remember to follow the Newest Vibes Playlist on Spotify at this link
Always remember sharing is caring. Tell your fans and friends about the most up to date playlist for all of the latest releases.

Just Like You (Off the New Release Spirits Eat Music)

Keep Blazin’ (Off the New Release Riddim Full of Culture)

Save The World (Off the New Release Input)

Jingle Bells (Off the New Release Christmas In Hawai'i)

Frequent See (Off the New Release Live at Sugar Shack)

So Long

Someone Else

Guiding Light (with Arise Roots)

Nah Sleep


She’s A Saint

One Day Soon (Feat. Josey Wales)

Let Me Do

Beauty Fall Day

False Promises (In Dub)

Smoke Free (In Dub) (2022 Remaster)

Jah Cure More Thanks For Life

Murderer (In Dub)

Trod On

No Women No Cry (Off the New Black Panther Wakanda Forever Soundtrack)


We Can Make It

Brown Eyes


Photos from's post 11/10/2022

First time seeing and it was excellent. Excited to catch them again ASAP here in Austin!
Photos from the Mood Swing Tour Scoot Inn in Austin TX.

Photos from's post 11/09/2022

Had an excellent time at Mood Swing Tour.
Scoot Inn
Austin , TX
Nov 3rd

Hirie Mood Swing Tour Show Review 11/07/2022

What an amazing night of music at HIRIE Mood Swing Tour with BALLYHOO! and Surfer Girl - Music. Good people all around shining like a thousand suns in a glass jar. Read about it at the link below.

Hirie Mood Swing Tour Show Review Hirie Mood Swing Tour Show Review Since her first self titled release in 2013 Hirie (Patricia Jetton) has been truly putting the hustle in to her career, a


Got a new High Alert Album to check out. has become one of my favorite bands out there. Not only have all of their releases been excellent but their live show is incredible. I find myself always putting their albums on repeat and Baja Bound is no exception. A song that really got my attention from the first listen was “Stop That Train”. If they released this song as a single with 20 different versions I would be more than happy with that. Another song that will bring smiles to your ears is “The Last W**d Song” which is creative, funny and gets you HigYPE. In all honesty though each and every song are gems. Be sure to head over to any streaming platform of your choice and start your journey to Baja Bound.


25 new tracks added to the Newest Vibes Playlist. Please give the playlist a like and follow on Spotify to keep up to date with all the newest music being released around the scene. The more you share the more I know you care.

Foolish Games (off the new album Chasing Constellations)

Let’s Groove (Off the new album D’Rootsman)

World To Change (Off the new album Forward, Always)

Coffee & a Joint (Off the new deluxe album Trip Around Saturn)

Special Delivery (Off the new album Live at Sugarshack Sessions)

music Hana Hou Brittni Paiva (Remix)

Soon Come

Catch a Tan (Reggae Remix)

People Hungry (In Dub)

Whiskey Doesnt Work

All To Blame

Beau continent

Million Miles

Lutan fyah] Male Man

Lutan fyah] Game is Over

Crazy Days

7 Years of Version

W**d Supermarket

Dazed and Confused (let’s pretend)

Fly High


Coming Home (with Allen Stone) Remix


No Officer


Check out the new Featured Music Video on - “Misinformer”. Click the link in the bio to view the freshness packed with knowledge.

Rebelution Announce Good Vibes Summer Tour 2023 11/01/2022

Super hype about the Rebelution Good Vibes Summer Tour 2023 with Iration, The Expendables, PASSAFIRE and DJ Mackle. Check out the dates below.

Rebelution Announce Good Vibes Summer Tour 2023 Rebelution Announce Good Vibes Summer Tour 2023 It is never to early to announce tour dates, helps to make plans and prepare, especially when it's a Summer


It new release day and we got a great list of new albums and tracks to fulfill your pre Halloween weekend. Just scary good vibes. Be sure to follow the Reggae Rock Newest Vibes playlist on at this link and like to never miss the newest releases -

- After 2 (Off the new album Start to the End)

- Be My Lady (Off the new album First XV)

- Life’s Sweet (Off the new album Self Talk)

- Watch Dem 9 (Off the new album Watch Dem Riddim)

- Don’t Ever Stray

- Mango Island (Off the new 2 song single release Acoustic Sessions, Vol. 1)

- Sunsets for Somebody Else (Off the new 2 song single release)

- Oh Lord (Off the Live at Cali Vibes Fest release)

- Mad World

- Rising

- Girl Power

- Rocky Road

- Good Vibes Keep Me Alive

- Set So

- Still the One

- You I Crave

- Eden (In Dub)

- Vibe Tonight

- Make Hay

- Searching (In Dub)

- Healing of the Nation

MusicBailout Newest Album Releases 10/28/2022

Keep up to date on all the latest album releases at at the link below.

Today's Releases include:
Audic Empire - Start to the End
Inna Vision - Self Talk
Sons Of Zion - First XV
Irie Ites - Watch Dem Riddim

MusicBailout Newest Album Releases If you want to stay up to date on all the latest album drops in the Reggae/Reggae Rock scene. This is the location to never miss a new release.

New Music Video: Gentleman - "Mad World" 10/28/2022

Check out the excellent new music video from Gentleman "Mad World"

New Music Video: Gentleman - "Mad World" Check out the new music video, a partial cover of Tears for Fears, "Mad World", from Gentleman.  Gentleman Tour Dates:

MusicBailout Latest Music Videos 10/25/2022

Be sure to check daily in the Latest Music Videos section at
Recent updates include:
Ana Vee - I Love It
BombaFiya - "My Life"
High Watah - "Small Town Music"
Maoli - "Jealous"
Rome & Duddy - "Cannabis Tree"
Protoje - "The Charm"
Josh Tatofi Music - "Prisoner of Love"

MusicBailout Latest Music Videos Keep up to date in the Reggae Rock scene with all the lastest music videos. Updated immediately when a video is released.


Six new tracks added to the “If You Don’t Know Now You Know” Spotify Playlist. This is one of my favorite playlist MusicBailout has on Spotify. Please follow the playlist by heading to this link

- Let The Bass Do It

- Get Ready

- Back To Good

- What You Can’t Have

- Runaway

- Still a Good Day

Johnny Groove (The Irie) "What's In Your Playlist?" 10/24/2022

Want to know what Johnny Groove of The Irie has been listening to? How about a few quickfire questions as well? Then click the link below to check out "What's In Your Playlist" feature now at

Johnny Groove (The Irie) "What's In Your Playlist?" Johnny Groove (The Irie) "What's In Your Playlist?" Share Photo Credit: Corey Yellowbox The Irie, from Arizona, are quickly becoming a name in the scene. T


Check out the newest Featured Video on the MusicBailout homepage from Ana Vee () “I Love It”.

Director/Editor -Clint Clark
Makeup/Hair - Preston Meneses
Assistant makeup/hair - Big mama tama
Stylist - Laurel Thomson

Production Team:
Bridgette Conejo
Neeta Sreekanth
Sheelana Hawelu

Writer - Ana Vee
Producer - Leslie Ludiazo
Bvs- Maile soul
Saxophone- Eric Hirschhorn
Mix&Master- Matt Honda


really is carving out a name for himself in this genre. His debut album "The Wrong Impression" is an album that showed how special and talented this man is. But the follow up release "Far From Forever" proves Joe is knocking on the door of headlining festivals already. "Far From Forever" is 13 songs of perfection. Its hard to name songs that I would say are my favorites because honestly they all so good. So my suggestion is to quickly head over to whatever way you listen to your music and treat yourself to 43 minutes and 41 seconds of music that will make your ears perk up.


Check out the newest album releases.

- We Will Meet In A Hurricane

- Smile With The World

- Live at Sugarshack Sessions Vol.2

- Hello, welcome!

Please be sure to follow MusicBailout here on instagram and check in daily on the webpage (link in bio) to keep up to date on all things reggae/reggae rock.


No need to complain about new music this week ladies and gentlemen. I got you covered. Follow playlist on Spotify at this link

- Hey Mama (New album release Smile with the World)

- Small Town Music

- Stab Me

- Way Out

- We Wil Meet In A Hurricane (New album release We Will Meet in a Hurricane)
music - Take Time

Lutan fyah] - Ma*****na Mi Want

- In This World

- Everybody’s Laughing

- Low Self Esteem

- Jealous

- Wind Me Up - Smoke Rings

- Don’t Matter


- Good Mood

- All Day (Live at Sugarshack album release)

- My Life

- Wanna Go (Passafire Remix)

- Cannabis Tree

- Jah Love Is Real

Anthony B] - No Good At Goodbye

- Living Dead

- The W**d Song

- Hold On

Anthony B] - Pass The Chalice Pipe

Lutan fyah] - Ghetto Story (In Dub)

- Talk About It


If your in need of new music injected in to your weekend then look no further. Head over to MusicBailouts Spotify Newest Vibes Playlist at this link —>

- Daily Hope

- Live That Way

- Tempest

- One More Kiss (From new album Away Away Extended Version)

- Normal

- Giddy Up (From new album Hello, welcome!)

- New Ways To Love

- Good W**d (Dub Mix)

- Sunburn

- Prisoner of Love

- Spend Some Time

- Little Fun

- Streetwalker

- White Lies

- Who’s Playing That Music

- Dinero

- Light It Up
roots.project - Youth

Sensi Trails Announce Persevere 2022 Tour 10/11/2022

New tour dates for Sensi Trails with Dale and the ZDubs and The Happys! Check out the dates at the link below.

Sensi Trails Announce Persevere 2022 Tour Sensi Trails Announce Preserve 2022 Tour Sensi Trails announce their new tour Persevere 2022. Dale and the ZDubs as well as The Happys will be joining Sens


Newest Featured Video on the Homepage is one I have been waiting for since it came out live. performance 2022. Easily my favorite performance of the weekend while streaming. I kept replaying it over and over till it was no longer available. Luckily for me and all of you it’s up again and I could not be happier. All the special guests crushed it including . Be sure to Zhead over to MusicBailout to check it out!!

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Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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