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Offering massage, reiki, & craniosacral therapy. Craniosacral therapy is a light touch therapy that helps your body regain its ability to heal itself.

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Blue Scilla Restorative Healing


Nope it’s not a sunburn...I’m starting off my morning with a nice niacin flush. What are you doing during this quarantine to energize your body and soul?

Niacin is a B vitamin that's made and used by your body to turn food into energy. It helps keep your nervous system, digestive system and skin healthy.(-Mayo Clinic .com)


Blue Scilla Restorative Healing


Blue Scilla Restorative Healing's cover photo


Just breathe 💞


🎃Happy Halloween from Blue Scilla Restorative Healing!!! 🎃

💀What is more Halloween-esque than skulls and brains? 💀

👶🏻I spent the day studying the Cranial Nerves and learning more techniques for CranioSacral for Pediatrics.🤱🏽

How did you spend your Halloween? 09/25/2019

How Craniosacral Therapy Helped Me Deal With Anxiety

“When you first hear the words “craniosacral therapy,” it sounds intense or intimidating... like, a lobotomy or something. But, it’s definitely far from that! In fact, it’s possibly the gentlest bodywork I’ve ever experienced.” The lightest touch can make the biggest difference


It’s ok to cry on my table. I will be there with you.


Neuroscience for mamas:

This is the world’s first ever magnetic resonance image showing a mother and child’s bond.
The image is of neuroscientist Rebecca Saxe kissing her two month old son.

The child’s brain appears to be smoother and darker. This is because it has significantly less white matter. White matter is comprised of myelin, which is fatty tissue that acts as insulation for the wires that communicate messages inside your brain.

The activations in the image do not refer to the act of kissing but to the organisation of functional activity in infant brains when viewing meaningful images.

Kissing causes a chemical reaction in your brain, including a burst of the hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin is often referred to as the ‘love hormone’ because it stirs up feelings of affection and attachment.

Kissing activates the brain’s reward system; releasing dopamine which makes us feel good. It also releases vasopressin which bonds mothers with babies and romantic partners to each other. It also releases serotonin which helps to regulate our mood.
#love #neuroscience #neuro 09/01/2019

Upledger Institute on Twitter

Chiropractors, check this case study for adding #CranioSacralTherapy to your pediatric patients care program. If you’re in the Austin area, let’s connect. “#DYK Integrating #CranioSacralTherapy into the chiropractic care of your pediatric patients can gently ease symptoms associated with gastroesophageal reflux disease, among other ailments? Full case study:”


Breathe deeply everyone and take a trip to the sea.

“Sea air is rich with small droplets of ocean water that contain high levels of salt, iodine, magnesium and small amounts of other elements. These “surf-generated aerosols” help boost immune system reactions that help to clear the respiratory tract...” -the Lung Institute.

Enjoy your last few weeks of summer.


Edina - Craniosacral Therapy

The slides on this video move a little fast, but it is a great, quick introduction to CranioSacral Therapy.

Craniosacral Therapy explained in 40 seconds :)


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A little pediatric CranioSacral therapy in action. #PediatricCranioSacralTherapy

08/07/2019 08/07/2019

Pediatric Craniosacral Therapy | Benjamin Shield

I stumbled across this article by a CranioSacral therapist in California. I thought I’d was very well put about the benefits of pediatric CranioSacral therapy. Benjamin Shield, Ph.D. Pediatric Craniosacral Therapy The treatment of infants and children is one of the most important aspects of health care. Pediatric Craniosacral Therapy is foundational to this care. For decades, the treatment of infants and children was relegated behind that of adults. In rec... 08/01/2019

These anatomy cross-sections are made entirely out of old books

You don’t have to be an anatomy geek to appreciate these. Artist finds the technique 'exquisitely satisfying'

[04/02/19]   Happy April!
Spring into healing and treat yourself to a reiki session from Plugged In Kirin Reiki Wellness. 03/02/2019

Milwaukee Urban Acupuncture

Some of my local Milwaukee clients have asked me for referrals. For massage and craniosacral therapy, I highly recommended Ilanna Gabriel at Milwaukee Urban Acupuncture. She is an incredibly intuitive therapist. I received bodywork from her on close to a weekly basis. Please contact 262-212-7930 for her availability. Milwaukee Urban Acupuncture located in Riverwest is dedicated to creating an affordable community space designed to incorporate acupuncture into your lifestyle.


Blue Scilla Restorative Healing had it’s last client at Well-Rounded Maternity Center and the office shared with Plugged In Kirin Reiki Wellness is all cleaned out.
Thank you to Coral, all the staff, and community members at Well-Rounded who helped us feel so welcome and offered us a great space to provide bodywork.
And thank you to Becca Kay at Plugged in Kirin Reiki Wellness for being such an amazing business partner 💗


This beautiful space that we called home will be closing its doors as of April 1st. Please come support Well-Rounded Maternity Center in their final days. Plugged In Kirin Reiki Wellness and Blue Scilla Restorative Healing have truly appreciated being a part of this community.

After 14 years, Well-Rounded Maternity Center is closing April 1st. It has been the most difficult decision to make. Competing with an ever-expanding availability of parenting resources and birth centers in SE Wisconsin, it has become increasingly more difficult to stay in business. More importantly, the decision to close is based on my desire to slow down and be semi-retired. (Have no fear, I will continue to teach and attend a birth once in a while.)

I have been so blessed to be able to follow my dream, against so many odds over the years. Nothing is more rewarding than empowering families to make the transition to parenthood their way.

We have loved getting to know and support each of you, whether it was birthing at the center, taking a class, participating in a support group, or just shopping the boutique. We shall truly miss you.

I am extremely grateful for the midwives who have provided their services to Well-Rounded. Without you, there never would have been a birth center; for the most amazing staff I’ve had the privilege of working with all these years; for the many providers who shared our space and offered so many programs and services; and, of course for our patrons.

- A closing sale will start tomorrow, Tuesday, January 29th. Everything must go!

- We are no longer accepting items for consignment. If you have items on consignment now, we will be in touch.

- Classes and groups will be running as normal for February. We will keep you updated on Classes/Groups for March.

- The Doula Training will still be running in March.

- We will be having an Open House on Saturday, March 9th to say good bye. We hope you will stop by and visit.

More details to follow on FB and the website.

❤️ Coral


Blue Scilla Restorative Healing is moving. We have loved our experience at Well-Rounded Maternity Center, but sometimes in business and life unexpected opportunities arise. We will be considerably out of the area of Milwaukee as of March 13. We would like to honor any packages that have been purchased thus far. We are also happy to refer you to other massage and craniosacral therapists if you would like. 12/23/2018

Body Sense - WINTER | 2018

Worry can cause unneeded stress in your body. When you’re on the table for any type of body work, you don’t need to worry about your bodily functions. 12 Body Sense First things first. The last thing a client should be doing during a massage session is worrying. Worry is a stressor that causes the same physical symptoms that massage therapists are attempting to relieve. Clients often worry about, and even become downright embarrassed by, natural p... 12/16/2018

What parents need to know about food additives

“On busy days — and what days aren’t busy — getting three square meals into kids’ growing bodies can be challenging enough.” But it is important for parents to be aware of harmful food additives. On busy days — and what days aren’t busy — getting three square meals into kids’ growing bodies can be challenging enough. Of course, what we include in those meals is also something we need to kee…


Are you looking for something nice to give your coworkers, friends, family, or yourself?

I’ve got the perfect idea: Give the gift of Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, or all three!

Why wait? Get a gift certificate today.


Use code December18 12/02/2018

How Often Should You Get a Massage?

It is so easy to put ourselves on the back burner. Remember, your self care is important. We’ve all been there … you had every intention of waking up early, hitting the gym and booking an appointment to see your massage therapist during your lunch break, but your morning was spent dashi…




Stop in and visit me at Well-Rounded Maternity Center on Small Business Saturday this weekend (Nov. 24) and treat yourself to a chair massage between 2pm-6pm.

11/18/2018 11/17/2018

Does CranioSacral Therapy Contribute to a Better Birth?

“CranioSacral Therapy for pregnancy and postpartum is wonderful for helping mom’s body get back into better balance, physically, mentally and emotionally postpartum, as well as the newborn.”

Schedule your appointment today! Childbirth is the miraculous experience of creating and bringing forth new life. Labors and deliveries as individual events are as unique as the children they bring forth. With modern medicine’s at…

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Celebrating Our First 100 Likes on Facebook

Celebrating Our First 100 Likes on Facebook Thank YOU for helping Blue Scilla Restorative Healing reach our first 100 likes!


Introducing my new logo. Each item represents one of my beloved children who did not get a chance to experience life earth side. If you are in need of graphic design work, I’d be happy to connect you with the designer of this gem.

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