Spirit Fitness Training

Spirit Fitness Training

Spirit Fitness, LLC Professional Fitness Training and Consulting Spirit Fitness is a fully-equipped, 3,000 square-foot fitness studio in Central Austin offering personalized training programs based on individual fitness goals specializing in small group training and personal training.

From body composition to nutrition analysis, your goals are measured and evaluated at every step. Our clients span from youths to seniors, and we cater to all abilities ranging from athletes to those with special health concerns. Call or stop in today to get started!

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Change Challenge

I'm looking for women ages 40-50 who live in Austin want to take their improve nutrition and fitness for long-term change. Spots are extremely limited and I’m only looking for 10 women who are ready to make a change today. To apply, fill out the quick survey below and I’ll be in touch if you meet the requirements:

docs.google.com I'm looking for women ages 40-50 who live in Austin want to take their improve nutrition and fitness for long term change. If this is you, please fill out the form below.


365 Days of Precision Nutrition


This is "365 Days of Precision Nutrition" by Precision Nutrition on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


365 Days of Precision Nutrition

Look Better. Feel Better. Live Better.
Be your own #BodyBoss.
#PrecisionNutrition #ProCoach

This is "365 Days of Precision Nutrition" by Precision Nutrition on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

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SUMMER IS COMING ! Our Awesome Youth Programs are BACK!

spiritfitnesstraining.com Register NOW for High School, Middle School Summer Strength & Conditioning Programs

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ACE Fit | Fit Life | Take a Stand Against Sitting: 7 Ways to Stay Fit at Work

Take a stand against sitting and make these 7 simple changes to your workday.


fhp.so 04/12/2017

Ergogenic Aids: Foods That Boost Performance

These 6 ergogenic aids are found in the kitchen. Try them out to boost performance.


fhp.so 04/09/2017

ACE Fit | Fit Life | 5 Spring Vegetables You Should Be Eating

Spring has sprung! Here are five seasonal veggies that are easy to find and can be used a number of ways in healthy recipes.


fhp.so 03/27/2017

ACE Fit | Fit Life | Common Nutrition Advice You Should Ignore

Is this common nutrition advice worth following?

fhp.so As registered dietitians, we’re often asked if popular nutrition advice is worth following. While many times there is truth to a given recommendation, it’s often oversimplified and forces people to erroneously believe they need to avoid many foods that provide health benefits or adopt certain eating...

fhp.so 03/26/2017

8 Butt-toning Moves

Target your backside with these eight moves.

fhp.so Contrary to popular belief, having shapely glutes isn’t all about appearance or vanity. Having a strong rear-end not only helps improve posture and athletic performance, and reduce knee and back pain, it can significantly enhance injury prevention as well. Here’s what you need to know about strength...

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ACE Fit | Fit Life | 5 Plank Variations to Help Build a Strong Core

Mastered your standard plank? Try these five variations to continue building core strength.


fhp.so 03/14/2017

5 Essential Body-weight Exercises to Ward off Low Back Pain

Ward off lower back pain with these five exercises.


fhp.so 03/08/2017

8 Hip-strengthening Exercises Using the Versa Loop

Tight or weak hips? Check out these exercises using a rubber band that build hip strength.

fhp.so It’s no secret that clients who have desk jobs typically have tight and/or weak hips. Chronic sitting produces a weaker posterior chain, a lack of range of motion, stiff muscles and compensation by using the joints above and below during movement.

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ACE Fit | Fit Life | 7 Exercises to Improve Core Strength

Add these seven exercises to your workout routine to build core strength.

fhp.so The most important thing to remember when training the core is to avoid using momentum and instead perform each exercise with awareness so that the core is actually braced or engaged.

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ACE Fit | Fit Life | 4 Stretches to Prevent Injury

Increase mobility and prevent injury with these four stretches!

fhp.so Thus, static stretching can help prevent injury risk if it increases mobility. Improving mobility allows for better positioning, which allows for enhanced movement, which leads to improved coordination, power and strength, and decreased risk of injury.

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ACE Fit | Fit Life | 5 Quick On-the-go Breakfasts

Meal planning? Check out these 5 quick on-the-go breakfasts.

fhp.so Here are five simple, quick-to-make breakfasts that are rich in nutrients and a great way to start the day off on a healthy note. Each has the winning combination of a wholesome carbohydrate such as fruit or whole grains to fuel your brain and muscles, and a lean protein and/or healthy fat to provid...

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ACE Fit | Fit Life | 4-Week Core Challenge

Strengthen your midsection with ACE's 4-week core challenge. Who's ready?

fhp.so One of the most important things you can do for your body is to strengthen it’s foundation—your core. The core muscles support the rest of your body, and having a strong core can help minimize low-back pain, improve your performance and enhance your overall fitness and well-being.

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5 Creative Body-weight Exercises

Traveling or working out at home this week? Check out these creative bodyweight exercises to get your sweat sesh in.

fhp.so In the spirit of novelty, and using the ACE Integrated Fitness TrainingTM (ACE IFTTM) model as a guide, here are five body-weight exercises for when your clients need an equipment-free workout, whether they are travelling or at home.

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ACE Fit | Fit Life | 5 Plant-Based Foods That Help Promote Weight Loss

Vegetarian or not, your diet should include these five plant-based foods.

fhp.so A growing body of research confirms the benefits of eating more plant-based meals. While many people assume that “plant-based” refers to eating no animal products whatsoever, it actually means focusing heavily on eating food from plants, such as vegetables, whole grains, legumes and fruits, while li...

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How to Maximize Efficiency of Workout Time

Always do something with all of your workout time. Check out these creative approaches to maximize your sweat session.

fhp.so Delivering time-efficient, highly effective fitness programs is essential to creating a successful career as a personal trainer or health coach.

fhp.so 01/28/2017

ACE Fit | Fit Life | When is it Time to Change Your Workout?

While consistency is good, here are a few signs that may indicate that it’s time to change your current workout.

fhp.so Consistency is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, right? But how do you know when it’s time to change your routine?

fhp.so 01/27/2017

ACE Fit | Fit Life | Why the Change of Season can be Good for Your Running Program

Here are a few ideas to keep you running and active, both outside and inside, this winter.

fhp.so When temperatures drop and winter sets in, running outdoors may not be as appealing as it is during those temperate spring and fall days.

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ACE Fit | Fit Life | Wintertime Training for Summertime Golf

Here are five steps you can take this winter to improve your summer golf game, even if freezing temps and inclement weather keep you from hitting the links.

fhp.so It’s the middle of winter and all you can think about is golf, but your home course is covered snow.

fhp.so 01/26/2017

5 Ways to Start the New Year With a Healthier Mindset

How can you start the New Year with a healthier mindset?

fhp.so Every New Year, clients commit to becoming healthier and making lifestyle changes. But with so much focus on diet and exercise, many clients forget about their mindset, which makes or breaks their fitness efforts. Here are five ways to help your clients start the New Year with a healthier mindset.

fhp.so 01/25/2017

Your Career Roadmap as a Personal Trainer: Where Are You Now?

Don’t know where you need to be in your fitness career? Use this year-by-year guide from an industry expert!

fhp.so Drawing on his own experience and that of countless others in the industry, Klika shares his career roadmap for creating a long and successful career in fitness.



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