Radyalis, LLC

Radyalis, LLC

Radyalis provides state-of-the-art planning algorithms, real-time Monte Carlo dose calculations, and highly optimized planning for radiation treatment.

Radyalis was founded by Evan Speight, Sani Nassif, and David LaPotin to provide breakthrough technologies in the field of particle radiation therapy for cancer patients. We have a combined 60+ years of industrial research, and we are applying our knowledge of high performance computing, large scale optimization, and statistics analysis to the area of proton and other heavy particle radiation resea

microsoft.com 09/11/2018

Glabella: Continuous Cuff-less, Wearable, and Unobtrusive Blood Pressure Measuring - Microsoft Research

Kudos Microsoft for this cool technology.


microsoft.com Abstract We propose Glabella, a wearable device that continuously and unobtrusively monitors heart rates at three sites on the wearer’s head. Our glasses prototype incorporates optical sensors, processing, storage, and communication components, all integrated into the frame to passively collect ph...

technologyreview.com 09/11/2018

Get ready for atomic radio

"Atomic" Radio... I wonder what new capabilities this might enable.


technologyreview.com Using a laser to detect the effect of radio waves on certain atoms is the basis for a new kind of antenna that resists interference and can receive a wider range of signals.

physicsworld.com 09/09/2018

Carbon ions treat early-stage breast cancer – Physics World


physicsworld.com Both passive and scanning carbon-ion radiotherapy methods are suitable for treating early-stage breast cancer

medtronicdiabetes.com 10/14/2016

FDA Approves MiniMed 670G System – World’s First Hybrid Closed Loop System

Good news for Diabetes.



spectrum.ieee.org 10/13/2016

Hackers Offer a DIY Alternative to the $600 EpiPen

Go Engineers!


spectrum.ieee.org Outraged over price hikes for the drug injector, pharma hackers take matters into their own hands

npr.org 10/12/2016

When Blind People Do Algebra, The Brain's Visual Areas Light Up

How interesting. A link between Algebra and the visual processing of information?


npr.org A study of 17 people who have been blind since birth found that areas of the brain usually devoted to visual information become active when a blind person is solving math problems.

acs.org 10/11/2016

Battery you can swallow could enable future ingestible medical devices - American Chemical Society

Soon your Doctor will be inside you?


acs.org American Chemical Society: Chemistry for Life.


Radyalis, LLC's cover photo

scienceblog.cancerresearchuk.org 10/10/2016


This would seem to indicate a rather disconcerting variation in quality of care?



wehi.edu.au 10/06/2016

Snail venom holds key to better diabetes treatments




Vaccine vs many common cold viruses achievable


news.emory.edu The quest for a vaccine against rhinoviruses may have seemed quixotic, because there are more than 100 varieties circulating around the world. Even so, the immune system can handle the challenge, researchers from Emory University School of Medicine and Children¿s Healthcare of Atlanta say.

health.ucsd.edu 10/04/2016

Lights, Camera, Action: New Catheter Lets Doctors See Inside Arteries for First Time



cancerresearchuk.org 10/03/2016

How alcohol causes cancer


cancerresearchuk.org Every year, alcohol causes 4% of cancers in the UK. The less alcohol you drink, the lower the risk of cancer.


Participating in ASTRO with my wonderful helpers Victoria and Kamal Nassif.

medicalnewstoday.com 09/23/2016

The '5-second rule' is disproved in new study

Your fun friday news item...


medicalnewstoday.com Should you pick up that piece of food that just fell on the floor? Belief in the 5-second rule would say yes, but researchers tell a different tale.


A profile of John Trump, Donald’s accomplished scientist uncle

Not to be taking sides or anything... http://scitation.aip.org/content/aip/magazine/physicstoday/news/10.1063/PT.5.9068?utm_source=Physics%20Today&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=7520329_The%20week%20in%20Physics%205%E2%80%939%20September&dm_i=1Y69,4H6Q1,LFLYDF,GJ1W4,1

scitation.aip.org The MIT professor made his mark on high-voltage generators, World War II radars, and cancer therapy. His cerebral, collaborative approach to his work stands in striking contrast to his nephew’s brash presidential campaign.

arstechnica.com 09/20/2016

Floating solar device boils water without mirrors

Boiled water = clean water. I imagine such a device might prove useful in places where clean water is hard to come by.


arstechnica.com It’s simple, it’s cheap, and it could distill water or generate steam.

zdnet.com 09/19/2016

How an Android-powered artificial pancreas could revolutionise diabetes management | ZDNet

Another example of our smart devices helping with our healthcare.


zdnet.com An artificial pancreas -- a closed-loop system using monitors, pumps, algorithms, and an Android smartphone -- could be hitting the market in a matter of years.

umu.se 09/16/2016

Umeå researcher served a world first (?) CRISPR meal - Umeå University, Sweden

A lighter item for Friday. Gene-modified food?




New Sensor Could Help Fight Deadly Bacterial Infections | News Releases | The Optical Society

Another "improved" sensor. Good work from the university of Quebec!


osa.org Scientists have built a new sensor that can detect the potentially deadly E.coli bacteria in 15-20 minutes, much faster than traditional lab tests. E.coli can be transmitted in contaminated food and water, posing particular risks to children and the elderly. In the late spring of 2011 a serious outb...

lancaster.ac.uk 09/14/2016

Toxic air pollution nanoparticles discovered in the human brain | Lancaster University

Pollution impact on our brains...



washington.edu 09/13/2016

HemaApp screens for anemia, blood conditions without needle sticks | UW Today

Another excellent use for our ubiquitous smart phone.



auntminnie.com 09/12/2016

Imaging detects telltale signs of Zika infection

This is good news for this current crisis!

auntminnie.com Radiologists reviewing medical imaging scans of babies and fetuses in cases of suspected Zika infection can expect to see a number of telltale brain abnormalities, including loss of gray- and white-matter volume and a "collapsed" appearance of the skull. That's according to a report on the devastati...

aaas.org 09/09/2016

Dogs Understand Human Words and Intonation

Man's best friend is very good at understanding us...



Do dogs process speech in the same ways that humans do? | Produced by Attila D. Molnár, filmjungle.eu

Dogs have the ability to distinguish words and the intonation of human speech through brain regions similar to those that humans use, a study in the 2 September issue of Scien...

eurekalert.org 09/08/2016

Tasmanian devils evolve to resist deadly cancer

Perhaps we can learn something from the Tasmanian Devils's travails that might help human cancer.


eurekalert.org Tasmanian devils are evolving in response to a highly lethal and contagious form of cancer, a Washington State University researcher has found.

media.uzh.ch 09/07/2016

UZH - Antibody Reduces Harmful Brain Amyloid Plaques in Alzheimer's Patients


media.uzh.ch News release, 31 August 2016 Antibody Reduces Harmful Brain Amyloid Plaques in Alzheimer's Patients Aducanumab, an antibody developed by the University of Zurich, has been shown to trigger a meaningful reduction of harmful beta-amyloid plaques in patients with early-stage Alzheimer's disease. These…


MU News Bureau | MU News Bureau

A wonderful example of how engineers can help the medical field -in this case with seniors falling.


munews.missouri.edu A sensor system developed and used by researchers at the University of Missouri produces images and sends automatic e-mail alerts that can be used to predict a fall within a three-week period. Photo courtesy of MU Center for Eldercare and Rehabilitation Technology.


The Jazz of Physics: The Secret Link Between Music and the Structure of the Universe

For labor day, a lighter piece on the link between physics and music. Enjoy!


scitation.aip.org Scitation is the online home of leading journals and conference proceedings from AIP Publishing and AIP Member Societies

auntminnie.com 09/02/2016

Imaging detects telltale signs of Zika infection


auntminnie.com Radiologists reviewing medical imaging scans of babies and fetuses in cases of suspected Zika infection can expect to see a number of telltale brain abnormalities, including loss of gray- and white-matter volume and a "collapsed" appearance of the skull. That's according to a report on the devastati...

acs.org 08/31/2016

After the heart attack: Injectable gels could prevent future heart failure (video) - American Chemical Society


acs.org American Chemical Society: Chemistry for Life.

ucl.ac.uk 08/30/2016

Eye test may detect Parkinson’s before symptoms appear


ucl.ac.uk UCL News RSS Feed: The latest news from UCL.

medicalphysicsweb.org 08/29/2016

Electronic skin patch measures blood alcohol - MedicalPhysicsWeb


medicalphysicsweb.org A tattoo-like biosensor can detect alcohol concentrations in a person's sweat in real time.

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Plum: Extremely accurate and fast dose calculator for proton radiation therapy.



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