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DTW Art and Framing


Just a shout out to Steve - Thanks again for all your help with a very customized unique frame and facilitating my client in Texas. I was fortunate to find you!!

DTW Art and Framing provides quality framing with smart design, design-forward products, and fair prices. With over 35 years of experience, we know how to help you frame your memories.

Operating as usual


Oil pastel on raw canvas that needed to be stretched to put in this natural finished canvas float frame. Stretching oil pastel on raw canvas is not fun. It looks nice though once its done, and you've cleaned everything up it touched.


Yes, its that time again to post our next holiday 'We need a break' sign. Its been a long, busy year, and we thank everyone that came in to see us in 2021. We hope to see you all again in 2022.


Frida 'Bones' Kahlo. We framed about 45 different 'Frida' originals for a customer to hang in his 'Frida' room over the last 6 months

Photos from DTW Art and Framing's post 12/06/2021

When you find the perfect frame but its not deep enough for your art? Just figure new ways to stack other frames in the same line. CMI 9606 and CMI 9616= 1 7/8" depth.


Shower curtain artwork. You know, this is a decent idea. Shower curtains are inexpensive as art, maybe $35 or so. But, you need to realize that a 64" x 68" tall shower curtain could cost $275 to $300 to stretch on bars that don't require crossbar support, because you will see that crossbar behind a thin polyester shower curtain. An original canvas painting would cost you several hundred to a few thousand for that size. Do the math.


Billy Joel signed barstool brought in by our customer. Stacked frame from our favorite supplier, CMI Moulding


This is how we frame guitars when this is all you have left of your guitar. Actually, a nice memorial to your favorite instrument.


Ooops, almost forgot to post this. Exciting news huh? Well, it is for us, we're pretty wore' out around here.


Framed this unique piece made of strips of bark, burlap, and papyrus for a well traveled client.


Seems like all I do lately is post listings about holidays we are closed. This ones different, were already closed July 4th since its a Sunday, but were closing July 5th thru July 11th for a badly needed break to the beach. This picture by Rob Greebon at www.imagesfromtexas.com helped make the decision. See you all back on Monday the 12th


A customer who painted this when he was very young decided this needed to be framed after 3 decades or so. It was painted on the back of a piece of wood paneling, its also 4' x 8'. Quite an undertaking for an artist under 10 years old. It was also quite an undertaking for a framer whos over 60 years old. I'd say this is the biggest piece I've ever done, and the last 4' x 8' I ever do.😬


This job was quite a 'pickle' to frame.

Sorry, that's the best I could do this morning.


This is a 60" x 70" beach towel. It is a copy of a map of Martinique after Julian Schnabel got through with it. It filled up a lot of space on my customers wall. I don't ever want to stretch a beach towel again. Well, maybe a much smaller one.

Photos from DTW Art and Framing's post 02/20/2021

First news is we are now back open as of today from 10-3pm.
Second, a small mention to the four legged members of our families who have endured the last week with us in our homes no matter what problems we had with the lack of electricity, water, heat, and food. These are a few of the pieces we framed for our customers in the last year. I hope all of our pets are still with us providing the company and companionship that makes our lives better.

Photos from DTW Art and Framing's post 02/17/2021

Due to Texas Weather, my owl and I are not happy, along with millions of other people across the country facing the same weather related problems we all are. Due to these challenges we are closed until things thaw out. We hope all of you stay warm and safe right now.


One of my Christmas presents from my son's talented fiancée. Interested? Let me know cause I know someone who might be willing to make you one!


I'm really to old to have to crawl up on the design counter to use a 30 year old C&H Straight line matte cutter to work on a 48x48 mat with 44 openings. Right?


One of our December orders for a client who always brings in unique items.
We will be back open this Saturday the 2nd of January from 10am to 3pm.
Hope everyone has a Happy New Year.


For those of you who have work to pick up you might want to come before 3pm December 24th, or you may pick it up after January 1st when I come back to work.
Its been a long year, so for the first time ever we will be closed the days listed below.
Enjoy the Holiday and be sensible, we don't want to start off the new year by possibly losing someone dear to us.


This piece was 95" long when we finished it yesterday. Why, you ask did I take such a long piece? Because of the challenge, the uniqueness, the need to conquer this size piece? No, I'm pretty sure its because I'm getting senile, and forgetting how hard bigger pieces are to do in this little shop each time I continue to take one.


Got a chance to frame an original Randal Ford photo from his recent book, 'Good Dog' for a customer of ours.
We think it turned out very well.


Thanksgiving Holidays are almost here! Yes, I'm closed on 'Black Friday', but open on Small Business Saturday! So come by then, and tell me you didn't spend the holiday with dozens of family members you haven't seen since February that aren't wearing masks.............

Be careful out there folks and enjoy


What does this photo have to do with custom framing? Not much, except the solid oak carved mirror frame to the left of my grandson, 'Aquaman'.


Yep, its holiday time again. Gonna be closed for 3 days. I'm thinking a 3 day induced coma to try and catch up on some sleep. Now that's some quality time!


'I want these to look like they are floating in air', said my customer. 'Do I look like a magician?', I said. Apparently.


Elmyr de Hory. Elmyr was a Hungarian artist who became a master 'forger' during the 40's and 50's. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elmyr_de_Hory
Orson Welles did a documentary called 'F for Fake' in 1974 about him. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F_for_Fake
This portrait, "The Red Hat", was likely done for a client of de Hory's and was recently purchased at a New Orleans Auction in May of this year and brought in for re-framing.


June 2020 was crazy busy. If you come by, watch were you step, I may still be asleep.


Wow, its been since late May since our last post. Guess I'll do something creative this time. Eh, maybe next time. Enjoy your holiday folks!


A reminder for the upcoming holiday. Please be safe and use common sense during this holiday weekend.


We are officially open!! After nearly 6 weeks, it’s nice to have the sign up again. But while we get back into the swing of things, we will be operating with slightly shorter hours until business starts to pick up. We are at shop from 10-5 during the week and 10-3 on Saturdays. And a huge thank you to everyone who called or messaged us with curbside orders during the shutdown! 😊....


Getting bored with your walls after staring at them for 24 hrs a day? Tomorrow starts Retail to-go and we are 100% ready to help you with framing! We can work with you in many ways during this time, with either very minimal or no contact at all. We welcome customers to bring art to the store and leave it outside for us to pickup or we can grab it from your car. You can also ship it straight the shop. From there we can help with choosing framing through email, text or call. And when it’s finished, we can take payment over the phone and you can pick up the frames piece right outside the store. Easy Peasy! Now is a great time to start redecorating and we’d love to help, all while following the safe distancing guidelines....


With over 35 years of experience DTW Art and Framing provides smart design, quality framing products, and fair prices. We'll help you frame your memories


First off, I want to let everyone know by government decree we are a 'non-essential business'. Ok, I can work with that. We are still here working on orders taken before the shut down, and some orders taken after. WE ARE STILL FRAMING. I still have bills. Call us if you have something you'd like to have done or need answers to your questions.
Our store number is 512-707-1754, its likely we'll answer it, if not leave a message. You can also text to 512-744-7996, for those of you who have an aversion about speaking to a machine.

Oh yeah, anybody ever actually see turkey beards up close? Well now you have, and I'm not sure I'd like to frame anymore of them after this order.

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