Gold Stars Conditioning and Swimming

Gold Stars Conditioning and Swimming


Will you be doing a Spring Fling/Stars Prep this year? Hoping so but understand if it's too hectic with covid, etc...

Dryland training along with swimming for kids and adults alike. Private and group lessons. Swim camps and programs for ages 2-100.

Operating as usual


Swim boot camp is canceled tonight due to lightning


September Swim Bootcamp starts tonight!!!!


August Swim Boot Camp starts tonight! Looking forward to seeing everyone.


This little guy joined us for our Developmental Swim program this morning. He was the size of a dime. 


Some fast breaststroke kickers, last night, at our Swim Boot Camp!

DEVELOPMENTAL SWIM | gold-stars 07/12/2021


We start our 11th year of the developmental swim program (which formally was Shooting Stars) tomorrow!

DEVELOPMENTAL SWIM | gold-stars This program took over the Shooting Stars program and is designed for swimmers ages 5 to 14. We focus on the development of competitive swimming skills in freestyle and backstroke. At the end of the 4-week session, swimmers will be able to measure their improvement at an mock trial swim meet.


JULY Swim Boot Camp starts today!!!


Gold Stars Swimming Spring Fling/Stars Prep 2021 or bust! Happy to be starting up again after a missing a year. Looking forward to seeing all our swimmers today. Don't forget your towels and a good pair of goggles. We got the rest covered.


Timing is so weird as I know you all are thinking about swimming right now....ha. We will conduct our super popular Spring Fling/Stars Prep for 5 weeks leading up to swim team season. Due to our limited capacity our T/Th program is for ages 9 and above who can swim 100 free without stopping. March 23rd-April 22nd. 6:45-7:45 PM. First come, first serve. E-mail Hollie at [email protected] for info/paperwork.


Stay tuned. We are in the works trying to figure out our season for 2021 11/17/2020

Caeleb Dressel 100 IM World Record

Got 49 seconds to watch a 100 IM? First man under 50!!!!


CORE-19 workout #8. This one is real time and a come as you are. PJs, barefoot and all. 10 minutes.


CORE-19 Family friendly driveway workout #7

1. 3 min jog
2. 40 plank jacks
3. 3min run
4. 5 push ups, 4 push ups, 3 push ups, 2 push ups, 1 push up
5. 3 min run
6. 20 squats
7. 3 min run
8. 10 lunge jumps
9. 3 min run
10. 40 spider planks


CORE-19 Workout #6 Grab light weights for this one.

1. 2 min walk
2. 2 push ups, 10 crunches
3. 1 min jog
4. 10 crunches, 5 squats
5. 1 min run
6. 5 squats, 1 min plank
7. 30 sec shoulder blast, each arm
8. 20 opposite arm/leg raises
9. 30 sec bicep curl, each arm
10. 10 peeing dog, each leg
11. 10 tricep extension
12. Repeat #7-#11


CORE-19 family friendly driveway workout #5

8 min walk, 2 min jog

1. 20 high knees
2. 4 burpees
3. 1 x 10 sec push up (10 sec down)
4. 10 clams each on both legs
5. 10 cat/cow
6. 10 hip raises (can be done w/pull buoy between knees)
7. Repeat 2-6
8. Repeat 3-6
9. Repeat 4-6
10. Repeat 5-6
11. Repeat 6


Core-19 #4

CORE-19 workout #4. It’s (not physically) back to school A-Z workout. Gold Stars is sanctioned for Off Campus PE in LISD. So let’s call it PE class right here. Sound on for fun:

A- 25 arm circles/both directions
B - 10 Jumping Jacks
C- 5 squats
D- :30 plank
E- 4 burpees
F- :40 wall sit
G- 2 push ups
H- 30 crunches
I- 20 arm circles/both directions
J- 15 Jumping Jacks
K- 5 burpees
L- 7 squats
M- 1 min fast fun
N- :30 wall sit
O- :40 plank
P- 3 push ups
Q - 15 arm circles
R- 20 jumping jacks
S- 9 squats
T- :20 wall sit
U- 4 push ups
V- 6 burpees
W- :50 plank
X- 30 crunches
Y- 11 squats
Z- :10 wall sit


CORE-19 min or less, family friendly, rainy day garage workout. #3

1. 20 arm swings. Both arms, both directions. 80 arm swings total
2. 15 Michael Phelps
3. 10 squad jumps
4. 10 Speed skaters
5. 3 candlesticks (see comments below)
6. :15 sec right plank, :15 front plank, :15 left plank
7. 20 bicycles
8. 10 left side crunches, 10 crunches, 10 right side crunches
9. Repeat 4-8
10. Repeat 5-8
11. Repeat 6-8
12. Repeat 7-8
13. :30 second downward dog
14. :30 child’s pose


CORE-19 minutes or less, family friendly driveway workout #2

9 min walk
1 min jog

1. 25 Jumping Jacks
2. 3 squat longes on each leg
3. 3 push ups
4. 5 Superman’s
5. :20 second plank
6. 5 Jane Fonda’s on each leg
7. Repeat 2-6
8. Repeat 3-6
9. Repeat 4-6
10. Repeat 5-6
11. Repeat 6


Workout #1, CORE-19 min. or less. Post your selfie or thumbs up if you have completed the workout:

1. 10 min walk
2. 30 second streamline stretch. Tighten whole body while arms are completely stretched out in streamline..
3. 3 push ups
4. 20 mountain climbers (10 each leg)
5. 10 crunches
6. :15 sec plank
7. Repeat 2-6
8. Repeat 3-6
9. Repeat 4-6
10. Repeat 5-6
11. Repeat 6
Post a selfie below to say you competed it!


Amid Covid-19, Gold Stars Conditioning and Swimming will be posting family friendly workouts that can be done in 19 minutes or less to help you and your family stay healthy on many levels during this time. These can be done in your driveway, garage or home. Please check back here periodically to find them and post a selfie or a thumbs up if you’ve completed in the comments below. If you like our workouts, please consider donating $19 to a small business in our community. There are hundreds to choose from that will be facing financial difficulties.


With great disappointment, Spring Fling/Stars Prep is cancelled due to Covid-19. We will be refunding all payments individually. Hoping to see everyone next year and praying for good health and safety for all of our Golds Stars families.


Please don’t forget the prices for Spring Fling/Stars Prep go up Feb. 14th.



New challenge 💪💪


Spring Fling 2020 registration is now open. Discounted fee until Feb. 14th. Please visit for more info or e-mail Hollie at [email protected]


We are wishing everyone a wonderful 2019 - 2020 school year!!!


Swim Boot Camp is cancelled tonight. Tuesday, June 25th. Bust pipe. We can not use the pool area for dryland either.


Leading up to a swim meet, what is the most important night for sleep?


Good luck to Blue Stars swimmers today at the first meet of the season.


Saturday Spring Fling! We will stay till 10:30am tomorrow to make up for missed time the last two Saturdays.


Idea on a great snack to pack food for your 6-10 hour long swim meet:
The days of sticking your finger into an instant jello box container filled with sugar and eating what's on your fingers are long gone. THANKFULLY!!!
For a great protein packed breakfast/snack for kiddos while waiting at swim meets, try baking an egg muffin ahead of time. You can play around for taste and added benefits. In our home, we like to add carrots and onion for sweetness and ground beef. But, truly there are so many options in your fridge right now. Cheese, chicken, spinach, peppers, kale...
They bake best in silicon muffin pans and cooked on 375 for 20 minutes. Once cooled, we like to put two in each baggie. Freeze leftovers for future meets. Once defrosted, you can nuke them for 15-20 seconds.
15-20 grams of healthy protein per serving


Looking forward to getting in a good Saturday Spring Fling this am!!!


Our T/Th Spring Fling has been wildly successful so far. Our coaches LOVE working with our swimmers and getting them to the next level.


If it does not thunder again before 9 AM, we will be getting in as scheduled. We plan to still meet at Bella Mar at usual time.


As long as it’s not thundering and/or lightening today, we are a go for the Saturday Spring Fling. Rain is OK. We get wet swimming anyway.


A big thank you to our supporters for this award! We were nominated for Gold Stars Swimming and Conditioning.

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CORE-19 workout #8. This one is real time and a come as you are. PJs, barefoot and all. 10 minutes.
CORE-19 Family friendly driveway workout #71.  3 min jog2.  40 plank jacks3.  3min run4.  5 push ups, 4 push ups, 3 push...
CORE-19 Workout #6 Grab light weights for this one. 1. 2 min walk2. 2 push ups, 10 crunches3. 1 min jog4. 10 crunches, 5...
CORE-19 family friendly driveway workout #58 min walk, 2 min jog1. 20 high knees2. 4 burpees3. 1 x 10 sec push up (10 se...
Core-19 #4
CORE-19 min or less, family friendly, rainy day garage workout. #31. 20 arm swings. Both arms, both directions. 80 arm s...
CORE-19 minutes or less, family friendly driveway workout #29 min walk1 min jog1. 25 Jumping Jacks2. 3 squat longes on e...
The start of the 7-10 year old Splash and Dash 6 of our Gold Stars swimmers trained for and raced in last Sunday. #proud...
What is Swim Boot Camp?



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