Iron Bell FIT

Iron Bell FIT

Small group training in Austin, Texas. Iron Bell FIT bootcamp is an hour long high intensity interval training workout that will kick your b***y into gear!

Classes focus on improving strength and power along with burning fat and improving stamina. Kettlebells, sandbells, med-balls, battle ropes and resistance bands are utilized, along with a few surprises thrown in! A small class size allows for personal attention and feedback from Coach Natalie. Expect to be challenged, have fun, and get your sweat on with a dedicated and hardworking group.

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Double whammy this morning all around! @deliapu and @evedington the dynamic duo worked through some grueling longer hill climbs and hill runs, then got to work with dual kettlebell bent over rows and squats. They were on 🔥!!! #fiyah #fitness #bootcamp #hiit #austin #keepaustinfit #atxfit #atxfitness #kettlebellworkout #hillclimb #kettlebell #squat #morningworkout #motivation


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Looking for your Saturday fitness fix? Join me and a dedicated crew for a special Saturday session of bootcamp! Class is held from 9-10 am at RIZE Urban Cycling at Steck and Mopac. Bring $10 and a water bottle.

[08/02/16]   Mark your calendars! Iron Bell FIT will offer a special Saturday bootcamp on August 13th at 9AM! Bring a friend and $10 and get ready to sweat it out. Bootcamp will be held both indoors and outdoors at RIZE MindBody Life studio.


Shoulder taps from plank position, dumbbell front raises, the dreaded ab wheel, and kettlebell lunges this morning at Iron Bell Fit. We changed it up this morning by using hill climbs on the bike instead of a run at the top of each round. #morningworkout #fitchicks #keepingaustinfit #fitness #cycle #bootcamp #strongwomen


Take The T-Rex Out Of Your Two Handed Kettlebell Swing

This is a great, quick read on how to correct an issue I see relatively often in the kettlebell swing; especially when fatigue is setting in while doing lots of reps. Read on and learn how to maintain full extension in your arms and avoid the dreaded T-Rex arms! The “T-Rex Swing” falls under the “Don’ts” of “Kettlebell Swing Do’s And Don’ts” but unfortunately I see it all too often. The “T-Rex Swing”, also known as the KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken Swi…


The Iron Bell crew took on an #EMOM of dual #kettlebell deadlifts and sprawl to push-ups this morning. They crushed it! Don't be afraid to lift heavy weights, ladies! #bootcamp #workout #fitness #girlswithmuscle #girlswholift #fitchicks #austin #atxfit #morningmotivation #deadlift #work


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The Iron Bell crew finished up our training session this morning with a partner medicine ball workout. Partner medball sit-ups, chest passes and squats, and slams! It was quite the little burner to cap off our isolated upper and lower body work earlier in the hour. #dynamax #fitness #fitchicks #bootcamp #atxfit #keepaustinfit #morningmotivation


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I am excited to announce that with the new year comes a NEW LOCATION for Iron Bell FIT bootcamp! All classes now meet at RIZE Mind + Body indoor cycling studio. The studio is located at North Mopac and Steck Avenue, and our indoor bootcamp space is not only beautiful and spacious, but we have access to the bikes for a quick warm-up or sprint intervals. If you live in Central or North Austin, check us out! Classes are meet Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 6:15 am, and last just short of an hour.

3301 Steck Ave
Austin, TX 78757

Classes integrate high intensity interval training, and focus on improving strength and power along with improving stamina. Kettlebells, sandbells, med-balls, battle ropes and resistance bands are utilized, and you can expect a few surprises thrown in! A small class size (capped at 10) allows for personal attention and feedback from Coach Natalie. Expect to be challenged, have fun, and get your sweat on with a dedicated and hardworking group. All levels of fitness are welcome! New clients get their first class free!

Photo credit- Steve Moakley Photography

#keepaustinfit #atxfit #photoshoot #strongwomen #ironbellfit #bootcamp #fitness #kettlebells #girlswholift #fitchicks #austinfitness 01/23/2016

36 Pictures To See Which Muscle You’re Stretching - Be Young Be Green

As athletes, we need to make time for mobility and stretching just as frequently as we get a workout in. Very informative photos below- check them out! Whether you’re a chronic sitter, a daily exerciser, or a weekend warrior, you probably know stretching is a critical habit. By sending blood flow to your muscles and helping your joints move through their full range of motion, stretching improves your posture and athletic performance while lowering…

[12/22/15]   Looking for a fun Christmas workout that you can do on your own over the holiday break? Try this one out and report back with your time! All you need is a kettlebell.

12 Days of Christmas Workout

The workout involves going through the 12 exercises listed below, just as the song goes. Every new exercise you do is then followed by all preceding exercises until you have gone from 12 to 1.

1. Curtis P (Clean KB up to chest, Lunge R, Lunge L, Overhead Press, set KB on ground)
2. 25m Shuttle Run (count out ~25 large strides)
3. Burpees
4. Good Mornings
5. Push-ups
6. Goblet Squats
7. KB Swings
8. Glute Bridges
9. Sit-ups
10. Mountain climbers (each side)
11. Overhead Press with KB
12. Alternating Lunge Jumps (each leg)

#holidayworkout #ironbell #kettlebell #keepaustinfit #12daysofChristmas #stayfit


Here's your chance to try an Iron Bell class if you can't make our regular early morning sessions! This Saturday at 9 AM, come on out to RIZE Mind + Body for a total body burner. We will get to play with the battle ropes this time, and will stay nice and dry if it rains as the space is indoors. Reach out if you'd like to join!


Nice form today on the kettlebell swings, Iron Bell women! This movement is a hinge at the hip, NOT a squat like so many mistakenly do. BIG hip thrust is the key. If it looks dirty, you're doing it right. ;) #kettlebell #swingers #properform #getonnit #bootcamp #atx Yvonne Edington Delia Huang


How To Be More Confident - Molly Galbraith and Erin Brown

LADIES: You are enough. Right here, right now; wherever you are in your fitness journey or life journey. It's fine to have goals, but WHILE you are in pursuit of those big, beautiful goals, you have your SELF, and you damn sure better appreciate that self. Why is something so simple and fundamental at times so difficult for us as women? Watch this video and be inspired to LOVE yourself.

In this video, Molly Galbraith and Erin Brown give advice on how you can start quieting the negative voices in your mind, and start feeling more confident --...


THIS SATURDAY October 10th at 9 am: Iron Bell FIT is teaming up with RIZE Urban Cycling for another Iron Bell Challenge class!

The Iron Bell Challenge involves kettlebells and sandbells and cycling, oh my! Reach out if you want to be CHALLENGED and I will provide you with a sweet discount code. All fitness levels are welcome.

[09/25/15]   Tomorrow: join us for the Iron Bell Challenge at RIZE Urban Cycling on Saturday from 9-10AM!

Kettlebell and cycling interval training, oh my!

[09/15/15]   The early bird crew worked through a lower body circuit this morning: stair runs, banded glute walks, med ball slam sit-ups against a wall, and plyo squats. The squat station was the "timekeeper" - when that person was done with 40 squats, everyone switched stations. We completed 5 rounds: a leg burner for sure!


The Iron Bell FIT crew crushed this Tuesday morning! Weighted stair climbs with both a kettlebell AND a sandbag coupled with sit-ups kept the heart rate up and the legs burnin. What are we training for? Life! #urbanfitness #longcenter #hyperwear #atxfit


Good morning, Austin! The Iron Bell FIT crew took on a killer ab workout this morning that you can do anywhere. The movements: sit-ups and leg raises (lying on your back). The rep scheme: 10 to 1. It looks like this: 10 sit-ups, 10 leg raises; 9 sit-ups, 9 leg raises; 8 sit-ups, 8 leg raises, until you're at 1 and 1. Rest as needed- you will need it!

#atx #bootcamp #ironbellfit #urbanfitness #keepaustinFIT 08/16/2015

Fix Your Kettlebell Swing

The kettlebell swing is a complex move to master, but its benefits are worth the effort. Great tips here from Thrive as the Fittest's Jen Sinkler: If you suspect your kettebell swing is shoddy, follow these simple, dirty-sounding cues from Reese Witherspoon to fix it right up. Bend...and snap!

[08/15/15]   Looking to join a new fitness crew? How about one entirely composted of strong, bad ass women? (Men are welcome as well; consider this your challenge, fellas.) Iron Bell FIT bootcamp is an hour long high intensity interval training session that will test your limits! If you want to improve strength and power while burning fat and improving stamina, come check out a class with us on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Kettlebells, sandbells, med-balls, and battle ropes are used to keep things dynamic and interesting. I've got all the equipment you need, just show up with a yoga mat and be ready to WORK! All fitness levels are welcome.

Iron Bell FIT Crew 08/15/2015

Year One: October 2014- August 2015

Year One: October 2014- August 2015



3301 Steck Ave, # 104
Austin, TX

Opening Hours

Tuesday 06:15 - 07:15
Thursday 06:15 - 07:15
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