Nora Martin Swim School

Nora Martin Swim School


Hello! You came highly recommended from several parents and I would love to schedule group lessons with you for 4 toddlers. Do you still have availability this summer? Ideally we would start in June.
Swim Rain Makeup tomorrow Monday, September 23rd at usual class time.
We hit the pool today as it’s been awhile and Trip has discovered “snorkeling” but the fact that he’s staring to rotate his arms for freestyle (as a 4yo) I think is awesome considering he was only introduced to the concept by you all at his last day or two of his swim lessons back in July. We look forward to coming back next spring/summer to work on stroke skills?!? 🙂 Trip loves his lessons with you and your crew 🤗 Thank you!
Allie had an amazing week of swim lessons and is already asking for more. Any chance there are spots left in Session 6 (8/22-8/31)?
Hi there Miss Nora! Do you have any openings for private lessons during August? I have an 8-year old who loves water, can dive for hoops and such, and is starting to freestyle a wee bit. He needs stroke mastery and stamina -- can't yet breathe while doing the crawl. We did a class with you years ago but am wanting to get this boy a little stronger in the water. Thanks!

Swim Classes Infant thru adult swim classes. Private lessons and small group lessons. Ratio in group lessons 2-3 per teacher.

Operating as usual


2022 Swim Schedule & Information will be posted at the end of January.
Please stay safe.


2022 Swim Schedule will be posted at end of January ♥️


August private lessons are going forward as of today the entire month of August private lessons are on. September private lessons have not been determined as of yet will be announcing soon. Thank you all again!


No Group Swim Classes for the rest of 2021! Too Dangerous as Stage Five will not budge. August and September swim session families will have first dibs on early 2022 swim classes. Thank you one and all♥️


Just a reminder, AUGUST 3-12 Swim Session has been canceled due to Covid Stage 5 AGAIN!!!


August 3-12 Swim Session is canceled as we are in Stage 5 Covid Alert. Please check your email for this update. If you did not receive an email please let me know: [email protected]
Thank you dear frustrating that we are in this place AGAIN.


Make ups for yesterday’s rain out for today Friday 7/23. 5 o’clock class 530 class 6 o’clock class and 630 class will meet today. Thank you everyone!


Class is canceled it’s thundering over here. I will email everyone about make up’s for today! There’s lightning too!


This post is the same for today Thursday, July 22!


Yes for swim classes.
HOWEVER 6:00 and 6:30 classes are questionable.
Will be updating between 5:40 to 5:45 PM sorry I can’t do it earlier I’m teaching until 5:30.


Yes Swim Lessons Today - Wed. 7/21!


YES swim classes 6:00 and 6:30!


Yes for swimming this afternoon however 6 to 630 is questionable I will try to put some thing up at 5:35. But I’m teaching from 5 to 530 so I don’t know if I can get to my Facebook until 15 minutes till six! Which doesn’t help the 6 o’clock class very much anyway I’ll make an update about the six and 630 around 5:35- 5:45 this afternoon❤️


10 Years ago!


Rain, rain go away during the day......I will post rain updates here this far we swim Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. If we are rained out one of these days, our makeup will be Friday and/or Saturday if needed. Thank you all !


Makeup next Wednesday usual time.
Tues/Wed/Thur swim next week....


A big hug to all of our June swimmers and families. What a beautiful and successful 5 weeks of swim lessons!


YES FOR SWIM CLASSES TODAY.. I apologize in advance if we are rained out, especially 4:30 class, as it has the most chance of rain. We can swim in rain as long as there isn't thunder.


So far we ARE swimming today. I will post again here at 3:45 for final announcement regarding rain and proceeding.


Dear Parents,
I am full for the rest of the summer now. I will post here if I end up having any swim slots open up. Thank you. Love to all.


Yes for private swim lessons today!


No private lessons today
Rolling Thunder


Private lessons probably going to happen however there is a rain till right at 3:30 so we shall see I will announce on here later


Yes for Private Lessons today!


Private lessons today? I will be posting here at 3:20 or 3:25 about whether we will have swim lessons there is a rain so coming.


Rain make up will be Wednesday of next week at the same class times if we are rained out And additional day we will add another Wednesday the following week.


So we are canceling swim classes today. Even if it’s not storming or thundering the temperature is a bit chilly.


Pretty sure we won’t swim today.....rain make up will be next Wednesday. Then if rained out any day NEXT week, we will go to the following week for a rain makeup..


I think we will swim today/rain stay away till night time please. I will try to update here when rain is threatening throughout the summer. 40 m before class times. Thank you !


Parents, We are full for the summer. ONLY the following times are available email me [email protected] don't leave messages here please.
June 29,30,July 1,2 at 5:00 for ONE 8,9,10 year old advanced swimmer ready for freestyle, swim team drills.
June 29,30, July 1,2, at 6:30 ONE either 6,7, or 8 yr old /Ok underwater needs strengthening and breathing /rolling to back improvement
ONE - 4 or 5 year old BEGINNER
AUGUST 3 -12 4:30
ONE 4 or 5 year old underwater traveling and breathing swimmer
AUGUST 3-12 5:30
EITHER 7-9 year old BEGINNER OR 3 year old beginner
AUGUST 17-26 4:30
2 - 3 year old beginner spots
AUGUST 17-26 5:00
ONE - 3 or 4 year old beginner
SEPTEMBER 7 - 16 4:30
2 - 5 -8 year old beginners
SEPTEMBER 7 - 16 5:00
2 - 3-4 year old beginners
SEPTEMBER 7 - 16 5:30
2 - BABY / Buddy class 20 mo - 30 mo
SEPTEMBER 7 - 16 6:00
2 - 5-6 year old novice traveling thru water need strengthening skills
2 - beginners ages 4-6

Parents, remember to email me first, don't send $ or enrollment forms without being confirmed. [email protected]♥️


We are having to cancel Swim lessons today because of the Tornado Watch in effect until 9pm. Swim parent's please check your emails for make up time.


Swim spot 5:00 August 3-12 (tues/thurs 2 wk/$195)
6-8 year old underwater swimmer needing strengthening / practice getting air and rolling to back to rest.
Same time different teacher:
Any level any age time just opened
email me:
[email protected]


There is a spot for a swimmer ready for freestyle, other strokes, diving, at 5:00
June 29,30, July 1,2 / $195 tuition. Email me if interested:
[email protected]


Greetings parents!
We've got some availability for a few spots in our July mini session: July 6th/7/8
email: [email protected] to sign up!


Only available swim lesson sessions are:
July 6,7,8 mini session/$160/4:00 & 4:30 only.

Sessions below meet Tues/Thur 2 wks/$195:
August 3-12 4:30, 5:00
August 17-26 5:00, 5:30 baby class
September 7-16 4:30, 5:00,5:30 baby class, 6:00
Email first PLEASE do not send deposit and enrollment form before you confirm with me. Thank you so very much.
[email protected]

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Wild and Crazy Buddy/baby class!
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Nina's turn on this video.  You should see Nina's racing dive!
Jude and Nina both 3 years old popping up for air in the deep end.  Both were beginner swimmers a couple of sessions ago...
Medal Day last day of swim class for baby/buddy class!
Tuesday afternoon excitement at swim lessons!!



Mermaid tails for swimmers that relate to the Mermaid world.



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