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Upcoming Prenatal Yoga Series
July 11th - Aug 15th
Thursdays, 10am at Soma Vida - Work / Life Balance & Wellness Center
Create your babies birth adventure while you explore your special needs during pregnancy. Strengthen in preparation and learn to soften and go with the flow gently ushering in your bundles arrival.
Taught by Rhianna of Namaste Therapies
Registration info:

Massage and Yoga Therapy, Kinesthetic Assessment, Myofascial Release, Active Engagement stretching, As an integrative Yoga and Massage Therapist, Rhianna strives to bring a functional understanding of bodywork and somatics that fits the needs of the individual.

Based on your unique needs, she works closely with repatterning or unwinding the fascia and its restrictions. Opening up on a physical and energetic level can be accomplished when we accept that we have control over how we find our healing, becoming the healer that can perfectly meet our needs. This frees us from unproductive gimmicks that can take the focus off of Self. The belief that each indiv

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A trail run to remember. But no run would have quite the recovery without my Naboso compression socks. Seriously good!! Their textured insoles are inside the socks, making this the easiest post run shenanigans ever. My trail climbers couldn’t be happier.
And fyi, I might have just stocked my shelves with a case of Naboso compression insoles. Don’t be a stranger.

Book a massage with Namaste Therapies | West Lake Hills TX 78746 01/22/2022

Book a massage with Namaste Therapies | West Lake Hills TX 78746

When all we want is to be in line with our bodies capabilities, but something is holding us back, it's immensely helpful to get a fresh set of eyes on the problem. I love helping you find homeostasis again.

Book a massage with Namaste Therapies | West Lake Hills TX 78746 Namaste Therapies massage services in West Lake Hills, TX. Specializing in the inflexible!


Look at that toe splay!

showing off the benefit of the Naboso Splay.

From and to and many feet can benefit from toe spacers

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Why would anyone want perfectly round hickey marks? Because you’re weird…and also, cupping is amazing!!

Cupping is an ancient technique. It’s decompression therapy, as opposed to compression, which is what massage therapy is. Think, vacuum therapy. Cupping pulls apart obstructed, adhered, tense, or painful tissue, increasing blood flow, realigning muscle and tendon fibers, alleviating tension, and speeding recovery. When added to your massage you get the best of both worlds.

Cupping can be done to the whole body and is great to add to any session, or in your own home routine between sessions.


Are you ready to SPLAY!?! Namaste Therapies is stocked and ready to bring your feet back to life. So wiggle your little toesies into the office for your very own pair.


To all my pregnant mommies SATURDAY MASSAGES ARE FOR YOU!! And in honor and solidarity for choice in your journey through parenting, I’m celebrating my daughter’s 20th bday, and the fact that back then, when I found out I was pregnant , I got to choose whether I could take on this journey. I believe every woman, every family, has an inherent right to choose their bodies needs. I will continue to fight for choice for all. I love you ladies, all your baby bellies, and the community we build by supporting each other.

Book a massage with Namaste Therapies | West Lake Hills TX 78746 08/31/2021

Book a massage with Namaste Therapies | West Lake Hills TX 78746

I love to feel the enthusiasm for homework!! It really is where the magic happens.

Book a massage with Namaste Therapies | West Lake Hills TX 78746 Namaste Therapies massage services in West Lake Hills, TX. Specializing in the inflexible!

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There’s always plenty to do! But intentionally making space to receive I’d say is harder than conquering that list of to-do’s. Why is that? Why do you resist taking care of ourself? Is it because you don’t have time? Or because you don’t feel you deserve the rest and relaxation? Or because wearing a mask sucks!!??

It all comes down to knowing your worth and filling your cup. When you see yourself as the most important part of giving and receiving, it all makes sense. Fill my cup first, then I’ll have what’s needed to fill others. When you are healthy and well, you’re living your best quality life, and others get to experience your best too.

Investing in you is the first step in finding your success! So practice putting you on the schedule and make the world a better balanced place.

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One Interoception Performance Specialist, coming up!

Todays class was all about understanding emotions, because after all, fascia is emotions. “Say what”? Yes indeed! Fascia is an extension of the brain that allows our body to process emotions. It is how we perceive ourself, our interoception. Understanding that the core of the human condition is survival, allows us to understand the importance of regulating our perceptions of threats and fears, in order to minimize the effects of stress. In other words, mindfulness is what super powers are made of!

When we can own our emotions, we can own our body, and it’s accuracy and abilities. Mindfulness wins again!

Curious?! Ask me more. As a Massage and Yoga Therapist that specializes in structural bodywork at a somatic level, I’m all about nervous system regulation. I want to help you create awareness of safety in the moment, so that you can mediate the stress response and usher in homeostasis. So, let’s all take a deep breath.

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Decreased knee and foot pain!!!Increased sensation and balance!!!
💯 better mobility!!!!!!!!!

I started wearing Naboso inserts daily at work about a month ago because my feet hurt and felt tired constantly. I stand all day for work, run or walk often, and I love to heels. The odds are against me no matter what I do. My feet are always asking for more love. Ive also been battling right knee chondromalacia (fancy for overused and old) the past couple years since breaking my leg in a running accident. In addition to regular bodywork, daily yoga practice, and massage therapy, I still struggled to stay in front of discomfort. These inserts have been game changers!!!

Now I have two pair of inserts, one for daily standing use at work, the other for running and active workouts. My feet are so much happier! And what’s even better is my knee pain is almost non existent. I feel like my legs are recovering faster. Definitely challenging alignment and gait patterns! These aren’t pillows for your feet. They are activating your sensory awareness so expect to feel STIMULATION. My feet feel more sensitive to movement and this gives me more control. In other words, I feel lighter on my feet and more agile in motion.

For those of you that have any foot pathologies, dysfunctional movement patterns, or foot/leg/hip/back/spine pain, feed your curiosity. Pick my brain. Your body deserves to be fully aware, stable, and sensational every breath of the way.


The practice keeps evolving! While this mat here on the right has a piece of my heart, and a decade and a half of my imprints, my constant curiosity pushed me toward a seriously impactful upgrade. It was time to level up my interoception skills with this new Naboso mind body mat.

Naboso is this fascinating sensory material thats designed to give the brain feedback during movement. I’ve had two mornings on the Naboso mat and here’s what I’ve noticed so far. STIMULATION to the max!! I usually sweat a little in my 20-40min morning practice. But OMG, it’s not just my sweat glands we’re taking about here, it’s system wide activation! I feel it from my feet to my brain!!! Like acupuncture without needles. It’s like this subtle pricking of mechanoreceptors. It’s. AMAZING!!!

I’ve also got the therapy ball and insoles arriving soon, so I’ll for sure check in again soon.

Stay curious 🧐 🦶 💪

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The amazing PEANUT!
There are a few essential items that go with me everywhere. Leggings, chai, and my peanut. Rolling this guy up and down my spine after a night in an uncomfortable bnb bed is essential. Seriously, nothing refreshes my tired walking legs and feet better after miles of touring the big city than a session with my balls. Don’t forget your bodywork just because your routine is on vacation mode. It’s possible to be on break and not break yourself.


PSA: we still doing the thing folks.


Working on our splay! Major Tom and I are committed to foot health. It’s how the whole system stacks and the foundation of balance. Stretching works best when it’s functional and specific.

Photos from Namaste Therapies's post 02/25/2021

The nerve of this foot! Why does stretching the calf muscles NOT help with Plantar Fasciitis? I’ll give you a hint: fascia!!!!! And that’s just one reason. Rebuilding foot balance is the belly of this beast. Heel pain and fasciitis is a pathology that requires patience, which is often our biggest hurdle. Wanna know more? Hit me up!


Look at that pretty flat foot fix! Learning all about rigid vs flexible and how to identify foot types so that our work together can get you where you’re going.


Getting my brain and body calories in this evening for sure! Feeling privileged to be training in foot health and healing with these glorious minds, Dr. Emily Splichal and Dr. Courtney Conley in their 4part series, A Dual Perspective to Approach Foot Dysfunction. These ladies speak foot truth and build the most comprehensive bridge between medical and functional intervention. 🤓🦶🦵. Can’t wait to share this work with you all.

Photos from Namaste Therapies's post 01/28/2021

I just completed my second quarantine. The first one we can call a test run, also known as a false positive. But the truth is, two quarantines in a month taught me a lot about shifting my perspective.

I was on a roll heading into the New Year. Reconnecting with you all was exploding my little heart. Just being back at work was day and night better, even with all the extra cleaning, hand washing, and PPE. And then the positive test result came in. GUT PUNCH!! And there went the holiday, and all of the busyness with it. Instead of Massage and Yoga, the next several days were spent texting, emailing, and calling whomever I came into contact with, and of course crying. I'd be lying if I didn't admit the whole ordeal was upsetting and grueling. But as the quarantine crept on, something shifted within me. No one got sick. Everyone tested negative, including my test. And a couple even found they had antibodies. I was grateful that our diligence helped curb exposure and my pickiness about germs kept everyone safe.

The best of it all came when I decided to check off a bucket list adventure that I all of a sudden had time to pursue. I took my first solo backpacking trip! Of course my side kick, Mo, went with and fulfilled his doggy duties scaring away the wildlife and kept my butt warm at night under the hammock. We did see maybe a dozen people the first day. But after that is was just us. This was the first Christmas holiday in 20 years that I was completely alone. Just the nature, from sun up to sun down. It was simply amazing! Three nights in the forest, 24 miles of hiking, and campfires every night turned out to be the perfect remedy.

In all those miles of hiking, there was a constant theme: fallen trees. They were everywhere. We had to have been a comedy show getting over, and under, some of these giants. My time in the forest reminded me, that when the path is obscured, sometimes a good hard climb is what gets you back on track. The path doesn't disappear just because you can't see it. Maybe a temporary diversion is needed. But the path is still there in front of you.

I finally embraced the quarantine and made beauty out of the ruble. Resistance is necessary in someways for sure. Like resisting the direction of our nation's path, and collectively fighting for a better way for humanity. There is comfort knowing we have stayed strong in our resolve, spoken truthfully about our needs, and continue to choose peace over chaos. I'm proud of what we've accomplished in solidarity and encouraged about what is ahead. The only way forward is together.

After all of this shifting and growing, I was thrilled to get myself on the wait list for my Covid-19 vaccine as an essential healthcare worker, only to come down with the virus five days later. For real this time. Luckily, the sickness was only a couple days. Now I've successfully completed my second quarantine and am finally back at work. While I enjoy the next few months of immunity, my hopes are to keep bringing oneness through wellness, challenging habits and limiting beliefs, encouraging the changes, and believing that you are your best healer. When you're ready, I'm here for you.




Day 18 of the 21 day cleanse! Squeaky clean, rested, and ready to rebuild. There’s something profoundly empowering about sitting with the discomforts of food/drink cravings and what our thought patterns reveal. Habits are never easy to break! And they can greatly limit our ability to move forward in life. So instead of ignoring your crutches, which feeds their growth, build inner strength and abundance by cleansing what’s holding you back. I cleanse because I care about what I’m holding onto. And it’s a great way to purposefully move into the new year, freshly devoted to Self and all that goes into myself. Feeling the hope deeply these days and wishing for a hug from you all soon.


How divinely timed that my detox cleansing kit arrived on the final full moon 🌕 of 2020. I’m intentionally setting up the new year with a 21day reboot, inside and out. Many of you know I regularly cleanse, and often encourage you to do the same, as this allows our body the chance to balance, shedding the excess, the refuse, the habits, replacing with nurturing self-care, regeneration, and renewal. Some of the most important changes in my life have coincided with detoxing. Why is that you ask? Because detoxing on the inside often reveals the toxic habits surrounding the external world. If you’re curious and feel this would be a great way to begin the next season for you, reach out. I’d love to support you. Here’s a link to the group hosting this cleanse if you’d like to join me. We start Jan 8th, so there’s still time to join.


From one bodyworker to another, this movement specialist had some good things to say about our work together. It really is because they committed to a series of sessions, that the results were magnified, and so quickly. When you are ready and dedicated to the practice of self-care, the benefits are literally waiting there for you.


Commit to non-harm, and save a life! Ahimsa, a guiding principle of behavior, helps us recognize how our actions impact others, how our collective wellbeing is part of global consciousness. Mask up in honor of others.


Ready when you are!


How are you doing this Monday morning? Im needing to be reminded. Refreshing the stress protocol with a mindfulness classic. 12/06/2020

COVID-19 Testing Information |

Protect and respect this holiday season! With the holidays creating more risk of exposure and Covid rates higher than they've ever been, please consider getting yourself tested. Austin Public Heath has sites throughout our area, drive up and walk-in, for free Covid testing. Register, and then get your appointment scheduled today. Some locations even do walk-up appointments. Just a reminder, if you've air travelled or exposed yourself to groups, you will have to complete a 14day quarantine, or a full week of quarantine with a negative Covid test to be seen in my office. Don't spoil the relaxation or someones holiday by being careless or clueless. Austin Public Health Testing Sites Austin Public Health (APH) operates several COVID-19 testing sites throughout Austin. You can sign-up for a test through the Public Testing Enrollment Form or through the APH Nursing Hotline (512-972-5560). When calling the Hotline press 1 for English, 2 for Spanis...


This is becoming my favorite little corner on earth 🌍 ♥️ 🪴


Namaste Therapies Has a New Home
As we round the corner for the end of 2020... a lot of us need to be reminded to breathe...and get some bodywork! It's not a sigh because it's all behind us, but that we're ready to start moving forward, one safely masked breath at a time. It's been unsteady and precarious at best, but we've learned so much about our individual habits, and how collective cooperation creates a way forward. We have all gotten better at seeing the bigger picture and what role we play as a piece in the puzzle. We aren't out of the worst yet, so vigilance is necessary, and personal responsibility a must. But there is hope, and a brighter day in front of us.
This growth mindset, manifesting true needs, and believing that the process cannot be forced, has opened up a beautiful new space for us! I am immensely grateful to introduce you to our new home. I'll be taking a very slow and cautious pace opening back up. You'll notice some changes for sure. I won't be publishing my calendar online for new clients, so only my regulars will have access to schedule online. Referrals are always appreciated though. This allows me to ensure safe habits are being honored by all that walk through my doors. Please be patient while we all adjust. I'm also still homeschooling my children, probably for the remainder of the year, which has greatly sliced my availability as I manage their needs in conjunction with working away from home.
I realize some of you don't have the ability to get out just yet. No worries. We can Zoom! This has been a great platform for creating sessions in the comfort of your own home, and even allows me to record our sessions so that you can rewatch, at your convenience. I've worked with a handful of you already creating individual Yoga Therapy sessions and it's been great. Zoom is great for everything, from Yoga asana, pranayama/breathing exercises, self-care using bodywork techniques, foam rolling and myofascial release, meditation and Yoga Nidra, mudrasana, and much more. Managing our stress is vital during this marathon of a lock down. I'm here for you however is best.

It is only because of your support, when so many small businesses have closed, that I have been able to move forward with opening back up. Thank you for being humans worth surrounding myself with. You all make this process so rewarding. I am so glad to be back!!!

Hope to see you soon!


"Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people,
can transform the world.” - Howard Zinn

Our Story

Rhianna studied Massage and Bodywork at Lauterstein-Conway School of Massage where she earned her state license in 2004. She continued advancing her studies, completing her National Certification in Massage and Bodywork in 2006, finally receiving her Board Certification in Massage and Bodywork in 2013. She has also completed her BAS in Massage Therapy through Siena Heights University in 2018 graduating with honors. During her teens, Rhianna started practicing Yoga as a personal journey to wellness and healing, which grew into a comprehensive and therapeutic way of life. She completed her first yoga teacher training in 2003 and began teaching group yoga classes. In 2012 she began studying Yoga Therapy with Integrative Yoga Therapy (IYT), completing her Professional Yoga Therapy (PYT) accreditation that year, and is now certified through the International Association of Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) since 2017. She continues to advance her studies through the somatics of healing, kinesthetics, and integrative wellness techniques using the Yoga Therapy model within her Massage Therapy practice. Rhianna is a native Texan, raised in the hill country near Garner State Park, transplanting to Austin in 1998. She is a mother of three, and owns and operates her private practice, Namaste Therapies, in South Austin.

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Why do we need to work on our feet?
Here's what's new!
I’ve closed for this week, and possibly next as well, in an effort to make our collective health a priority. Be well and...
Massage and Yoga to the rescue!!
A quick THANK YOU 🙏 ♥️




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