Spicewood Springs Animal Hospital

Spicewood Springs Animal Hospital


We've been taking our furbabies to the Spicewood Springs Animal Hospital for over 20 years. Dr B & team are pawsdown the best caring and medically astute team in town, in Texas in the USA! The new Cat Hospital, totally separate building from the barking dogs next door is genius. Sofie our kitty was actually purring during her last visit. So if you're new to Austin & seeking a vet this team will not disappoint!

Meet Stella and Gigi!

They were referred by Spicewood Springs Animal Hospital and recently visited us for a recheck with Katie Meier, DVM, DACVIM (Cardiology).

Not only do they have the same household in common, but the same heart disease.
Degenerative valve disease most often affects older small breed dogs of all varieties.
But it can also affect large breed dogs and even cats. Although they develop this condition less often, it can sometimes be better tolerated in large breed dogs.

Dr. Meier has been seeing Gigi since 2018 and Stella since 2020. We will continue to closely monitor Stella and Gigi's heart disease and begin therapy if significant progression is noted.

To learn more about CVCA and degenerative valve disease, visit https://hubs.li/Q013WWzg0

CVCA Austin Shoal Creek is located inside VCA Capital Area Veterinary Specialists.
Found wandering hwy 71. Female bull mastiff. Please message if owners known or found.
Someone needs to call me when the office opens, 512-888-6961. Boarded my animals with you guys and now my cats have RINGWORM.
Lenny and Rocky stayed warm this morning with their SSAH shirts! ❤️🖤
This happy boy was so excited for his first visit at Spicewood Springs Animal Hospital.... and he strolled out with an extra pep in his step. Sending lots of love and appreciation to the team and everyone there for the attention and care... thank you for making this such a special visit. (Rocky loves his new red tank top)
Thank you to the whole vet care team today. Highly impressed with entire process.
Wasn’t able to get names of the wonderful techs and it’s hard to tell who is who with masks on. But they were very friendly and made my pets and myself feel relaxed (our male tech had magnificent hair! And Dasy dog loved him). Dr. Crawford was very professional and friendly. Not always an easy combination to achieve. Front desk staff was efficient and also friendly. Thank you to the entire team. We highly recommend this clinic.
(Ma**er and Dasy a little bit safer on their hikes now that they have their rattlesnake vaccine).
Update on Archie:
Archie got his neuter and cyst removal done today at Spicewood Springs Animal Hospital, and he will need to go back in 2 weeks to get his dental (with planned extractions). We intended to do all medical work today but his body temperature dropped at the one hour mark and we needed to get him woken up to recover safely. He’s doing well so far! Thank you to his caring foster home Marina Zee. 😍
Thank you, everyone at SSAH. Ya’ll are the very best.
Sonny Boy and Shug send love and gratitude to all the great staff of Spicewood Animal Hospital that keep us healthy all year long!

Spicewood Springs Animal Hospital offers high-quality medical care and boarding services to your fur We understand that your pet is a part of your family.

At Spicewood Springs Animal Hospital, we treat your pet as if they’re one of our own. Offering exceptional service and high-quality medical care, our expert staff stays committed to finding the best solution that fits your needs. Being AAHA accredited, we strive to maintain a stress-free environment and always focus on what’s best for your pet. We also offer boarding and play-day options for both

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Happy spooky season!!!! 🎃 👻 🕷️🧡from the fabulous Fern and SSAH

The Vet Off-Leash 09/28/2023

Dr. Benaryeh has been very busy! Have a listen to the first 3 episodes of his new podcast "The Vet Off- leash."

Sarah Wheeler, our head technician, is with him on all 3. Hope you enjoy and learn something in the process. Soon there will be more. We would be happy to hear your feedback!

Follow the The Vet Off-Leash to get updates!

Link to Spotify (if you hit "follow" it'll show you all 3 episodes.)

The Vet Off-Leash Listen to The Vet Off-Leash on Spotify. Secrets of the Veterinary profession: Informationally Entertaining

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Monkey says a missing leg won't stop her from being the cutest and sweetest girl around! So much love for this beautiful lady! 💕💕💕

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Cody looking as cute as a button in his SSAH hoodie! We love to see our precious patients in their Spicewood gear - tag us in your pets photos with their SSAH bandanas, shirts, or hoodies 💙🥹

Photos from Spicewood Springs Animal Hospital's post 09/01/2023

Happy Friyay!!! Treat yourself!! 🥰🥰

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Happy International Dog Day!!! Dogs truly are man's best friend, and we love to take care of your best friends. Kiss your doggies for us today and everyday. Xo


Tonight, Thursday, August 24th, we will be closing early at 6 p.m. as we celebrate our incredible staff at our end-of-summer staff party! Thank you for being so understanding. We will resume hours as usual tomorrow, Friday, August 25th.


Roxie made herself at home at her visit and we never wanted her to leave! 115 pounds of pure love bug ❤️🐞 Get well soon, Roxie! ❤️‍🩹

Photos from Spicewood Springs Animal Hospital's post 08/16/2023

Only love here at Spicewood Springs Animal Hospital. ❤️❣️❤️‍🩹 Maverick was such a brave boy for his neuter. Post procedure cuddles and kisses included in all surgeries. 😘😘😘


Today is National Check the Chip Day!
5 reasons we recommend microchipping your pet
1. Microchips are permanent
2. Microchip registries prove you're the pet parent
3. Microchips increase the odds of a pet's homecoming
4. Many microchip manufacturers offer lost pet alerts
5. A microchip is forever
Is your pet microchipped? If you're not sure, your veterinarian will be able to check for you. If your pet is microchipped, is your pet's microchip registered? Contact the microchip company to register and/or update any new contact information.


Zoey is here to brighten up our Monday 💖✨ Have a great week!!


Kelsea, the miniature but mighty Dachshund. 😍
Did you know that "Dachshund" is German for "badger dog"? Dachshunds' short legs keep them low to the ground to track scents, and their narrow bodies allow them to crawl into burrows, looking for badgers. Despite their small size, Dachshunds are known for their bravery and fierceness. While Kelsea may not be hunting badgers, she sure did find her way into our hearts. 💞


Happy National Dog Photography Day! Today is the day to shamelessly post all your dog photos!! 🙂 Comment with your favorite pet pictures below. Justine volunteered to go first. ❤

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Thank you all for voting us one of your 2023 Neighborhood Faves on Nextdoor! 💚 We are proud to serve you and your pets. 💚


We all really, REALLY enjoyed hanging out with Zaza today 💜💟💜💟💜


Trooper says, 🎤 "Wooahhh, we're half way there!" 🎶 Happy Hump Day!

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Swipe ➡️ for your Monday Motivation aka Draco's BIG, b e a u t i f u l smile 😀

Photos from Spicewood Springs Animal Hospital's post 07/15/2023

Te amo, Tia!! 🐶💖

Photos from Spicewood Springs Animal Hospital's post 07/13/2023

Darcy's first visit went swimmingly!! She really made a splash 💦 (OK the heat must be getting to us) ☀️💧

Photos from Spicewood Springs Animal Hospital's post 07/12/2023

Olive us love olive you 🫒🥰🫒


***In observance of the 4th of July, we will be closing early today, Monday, July 3rd, at 6 pm, and we will be closed on Tuesday, July 4th***
Be safe this 4th of July, and keep your pets safe too!
- Keep pets indoors, with exits secure, including windows
- Walk and exercise your pets earlier in the day to avoid excessive heat and fireworks scares
- Give your pets somewhere safe to hideout, such as their crate or a closed room with blinds shut and comfortable bedding
- Provide distractions, such as favorite treats or toys, and turn up some calming music or television to drown out the noise
- Check that your pets' collars are secure and ID tags and microchips and up-to-date
- Administer anxiety medications and/or calming aids within the recommended time frame before fireworks displays have begun


Adi is absolutely adorable 💞 Now, say that three times fast! 😉


❕🔹Happy Memorial Day Weekend🔹 ❕
Please note that we have adjusted boarding pick up hours this weekend as we will be closed on Monday 5/29.

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Maple is here to brighten your day 🌟 and remind you to be silly and have fun!!! 🤩

Photos from Spicewood Springs Animal Hospital's post 05/24/2023

Meet the ultimate BESTIES! Millie and Goldie are sisters and their new mom's are best friends, which makes them truly Best Friends Furrever!!! 💕

Photos from Spicewood Springs Animal Hospital's post 05/22/2023

Hey! You made it through another M o n d a y, and these little super stars are here to congratulate you! 🎉


TGIF 🎉 Annie is ready for the weekend! Are you? Tell us what you and your pups will be up to this weekend 🥳

Photos from Spicewood Springs Animal Hospital's post 05/19/2023

Birdie made her big debut and stole our hearts 💕 We love a confident and courageous pupper 😍💓


We absolutely adore Buster! Looking for a small friend? Look no further - Small Chance Rescue has got you covered. Buster wants to be your best friend forever!!

Sweet little Buster is ready for a family to call his very own forever. His bio is long but accurate 😃.

Do you need a self esteem boost or someone to love you 100% of the time with his entire heart? If so, Buster may be the guy for you.

Buster came into the group from the shelter where he and 9 others were surrendered from the same home. He was filthy, had a little hair loss due to fleas, and was a little underweight. Despite maybe not having been in the best of circumstances previously, this guy is only on this earth to love his humans.

If you’re not looking for devotion, then keep on scrolling. Buster wants to be where his people are, sitting on the couch with you, sleeping on you, or tossing a toy in your vicinity. He’s playful and affectionate. He likes all people and is fostered in a home with mom, dad, 3 kids and other dogs. He is happy as can be with all the commotion of a busy household, but he’s also content just relaxing when the kids are at school and mom’s working from home. He also enjoys ALL the doggie toys, and he’ll bring them up in the couch and hang out in the pile of toys.

He is crate-trained at night time and when the family leaves the house. He wasn’t a fan at first, but he’s quiet now. When he’s kept on schedule, his housetraining is perfect. He doesn’t quite know cues of going to the door or signaling just yet, so you just have to let him in the backyard periodically and tell him to go potty. The other dogs don’t play with him too often, but one of the resident pups recently started to engage, and they’ll run circles around the backyard together. While he’d probably love another playful pup, he also seems like he’d be happy as can be with people who love him as much as he loves them. Did I mention this guy likes to snuggle, cuddle, spoon or be a dog scarf around your shoulders?


Carmel is here to remind us that nothing compares to the unconditional love and loyalty of our furry friends. 💚🐾 As if we needed reminding 😉

Hug and kiss your fur babies and let us know how you show them your love in the comments below!


Goodnight and sweet dreams 💤

Timeline photos 04/29/2023

Happy World Veterinary Day! And as Veterinary Receptionist Week comes to a close, we want to thank our hard working team for all that they do!

World Veterinary Day is an opportunity to celebrate the contributions of veterinarians to the health of animals, people and the environment! Thank you to ALL veterinary professionals for everything you do!


Interested in having your pets medications delivered to your door? Order from our online pharmacy! We've made it as easy a 1, 2, 3.
1. Create an account by visiting https://spicewoodanimalhospital.vetsfirstchoice.com/ and use the email on file at SSAH.
2. Find your pet's medications and/or preventions, many of which you can choose from different flavors and forms.
3. Place order, then sit back and relax while we take care of the rest.


Three days until National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day!!!

We’re waiving adoption fees for ALL onsite dogs and cats Sunday, April 30 in honor of National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day! Stop by our Cesar Chavez location between 12-6PM to meet your paw-fect match. Beat Saber and Marsala can't wait to meet you!

This adoption special is only valid Sunday, April 30. Set your reminders now – you don’t want to miss it!

*Refundable spay/neuter surgery deposit still applies.

Photos from Spicewood Springs Animal Hospital's post 04/26/2023

Some of our patients don't shy away from the camera. All of our patients are superstars! 🌟 🌟 🌟


Leo the Lion 🦁 wishes you all a very happy Sunday Funday 🩵


Edit: Congratulations to Anais Purfey and thank you all for your participation!!!

In celebration of National Lookalike Day, we are having another fun little competition! Post a photo of you and your pet lookalike in the comments and the photo with the most likes by noon tomorrow wins! Winner will receive a $50 credit for any service of your choice at SSAH. Let the games begin!!


It's National Heartworm Awareness Month, so we are here to spread news about the importance of year-round, monthly heartworm prevention. Did you know that heartworm disease is spread by infected mosquitoes? Here in Texas that means our pets are at risk all year long. Monthly heartworm prevention and yearly heartworm testing is the best way to keep your pet safe from heartworm disease. ♥️ Share for


Congratulations to Gemma for winning the bluebonnet competition! She had fierce competitors! Thanks to everyone for playing along!

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We hope your weekend is filled with this kind of love! Dr. Tobiansky and Bobby showing us the way! 💕🥰💞  #goals #bobbydid...
Hamley says slooooowwww dowwnnnn and enjoy this beautiful day! 🍁 🌬 💚 🐕
The Cat Hospital Countdown is On! 7 days until the Grand Opening of Spicewood Springs Cat Hospital. Until then, enjoy a ...
Happy Dental Month




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