Angel Hands Trauma Resolution Coaching

Angel Hands Trauma Resolution Coaching


Hi Sherry, So Glad to see you on facebook. I know you are an amazing healer. Thanks for being the gift yo are!

Angel Hands Trauma Resolution. Releasing old traumas, defragging and reprogramming the nervous system for a happier, hopeful and pain free life

Now in Austin ONLY
By appointments only Weekdays 9am-5:30pm

Each body is different and each session different as we have new experiences daily that respond to or can effect our body. New clients will be given an intake interview and have needs assessed prior to session to determine what your body is looking for. Many modalities to choose from as well as Somatic Experiencing and Trauma Resolution. Trauma Resolution assists your nervous system in becoming mo

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JUST WOW! I have been using an amazing product that has super charged my immune system, trimmed inches off my waist in just DAYS! given me more vibrant, sustained energy and clarity!! PM me for more info or check it out here to learn how to be 69 with no meds!

[02/06/21]   I am loving the new tools that have shown up synchronistically and are making such a difference in how quickly clients are able to move through things!
I so enjoy being a part of journeys of healing and expansion! Always in awe of our human spirits and will to heal. 09/09/2020

Healy – Frequenzen für dein Leben
What an amazing device ! I love my Healy and use it every day!! Welcome to Healy WorldThe Wearable for Health · Wellbeing · Balance This is the Healy! SHOP NOW The Digital Nutrition App - Nutrition for Life!The Digital Nutrition Application* creates lists of foods that naturally contain the substances your organism needs, according to a simple questionnaire an...

[04/25/20]   During this time of uncertainty and stress it is even more important to support your immune systems. Here are a few ways and supplements to assist in this. Stay healthy! Warmly, Sherry

Supplements to assist in supporting/enhancing your immune system
Vitamin C has long been the number one choice to support immune health.
Several media reports have highlighted the fact that some hospitals overseas and in the US are treating the virus with Vitamin C.
Note that every person has a different tolerance for Vitamin C. When you have had too much you will get loose bowel movements. So, it’s best to take an easy to absorb, timed release version (called liposomal C.) Vitamin A is involved in the development of the immune system and plays a regulatory role in cellular immune responses and processes. It’s demonstrated a therapeutic effect in the treatment of various infectious diseases.
Vitamin D deficiency can affect the immune system and create an increased susceptibility to infection. Vitamin D was used to treat infections such as tuberculosis before the advent of effective antibiotics. Cod liver oil, a rich source of vitamin D, has also been employed as a treatment for tuberculosis, as well as for increased protection from infections.
Vitamin C has long been the number one choice to support immune health. Several media reports have highlighted the fact that some hospitals overseas and in the US are treating the virus with
Vitamin C. Note that every person has a different tolerance for Vitamin C. When you have had too much you will get loose bowel movements. So, it’s best to take an easy to absorb, timed-release version (called liposomal C).
Vitamin A is involved in the development of the immune system and plays a regulatory role in cellular immune responses and processes. It’s demonstrated a therapeutic effect in the treatment of various infectious diseases. Vitamin D deficiency can affect the immune system and create an increased susceptibility to infection.
Vitamin D was used to treat infections such as tuberculosis before the advent of effective antibiotics. Cod liver oil, a rich source of vitamin D, has also been employed as a treatment for tuberculosis, as well as for increased protection from infections.
Probiotics are live microorganisms that can be found in fermented foods or taken in supplements. Probiotics may help give your immune system a boost and inhibit the growth of harmful gut bacteria.
Elderberry The berries and flowers of elderberry are high in antioxidants and vitamins that may strengthen and support your immune system. They can help reduce inflammation and lessen stress.
Echinacea has been traditionally used in herbal preparations to help enhance healthy immune system function, support upper respiratory tract health, and help relieve temporary mild throat discomfort associated with hoarseness, dry throat and irritants.
Zinc is an essential trace element that is crucial for growth, development, and the maintenance of immune function
Beta Glucans These supplements help the immune system to start producing white blood cells early, which adds to the immune system’s overall defense

The most effective way to strengthen your immune system is to embrace a healthy lifestyle:
1. Don’t smoke. If you are a smoker, now’s the time to quit!
2. Eat a diet of whole foods, rich in good protein, fruits and vegetables. Avoid fast foods, highly refined foods, and sugar.
3. Exercise regularly. Find a form of exercise that's easy and pleasant to do. Even though the gyms are closed you can still go for a walk or put on some upbeat music and dance for 20 minutes in your house. Not only will it boost your immune system, the music will give your mood a lift too!
4. Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum.
5. Get plenty of rest – aim for 8 hours sleep a night.
6. Increase personal hygiene – wash your hands after each visit to the bathroom and every time you handle food. Sanitize your phones and tablets.
7. Minimize stress – easier said than done in these challenging times, but there are many ways you can de-stress and relax. Deep breathing is one. Getting organized and planning for the future is another. ……borrowed and shared from Better Body Nutrition
Our routines being so unprecedentedly interrupted can cause emotional and energetic upset, throwing off our normally motivated ways of being.
Give me a call to assist in de-stressing, relieving anxiety and depression, lack of motivation or anything that is getting in your way of feeling relaxed and good inside! www.Angel Hands Trauma Resolution 04/24/2019

Unraveling Your Soul Journey As you travel on your soul journey, receive intuitive guidance and clarity through our weekly discussion and meditation. We invite you all to join us in warm vibrational energy in an environment which fosters connection and growth as you travel along on your path. Many have found invaluable insight....

[10/15/18]   JUST WOW! In researching to share with yet another loved one dealing with cancer and treatments, I found this SO amazing, informative and helpful in treatment and prevention and causes of cancer and other diseases ....along with the emotional causes.
On his tape entitled: "Dead Doctors don't lie", Dr. Wallach, BS, DVM, ND., a veterinarian doctor, says, "Every animal or human that died of natural causes died of a mineral deficiency".

Symptoms of mineral deficiency according to Dr. Wallach:

Calcium deficiency: Facial muscles are sagging, osteoporosis sets in. The following also develop, according to natural pre-dispositions: heel spurs, kidney stones, calcium deposits, cramps and twitches, PMS, lower back pain. Arthritis is osteoporosis of the joint ends of the bones (in 80% of all cases).

Chromium deficiency: Man develops 'Pica' an unnatural craving for chocolate, sweets and other substances such as pickles, dirt etc.

Bismuth deficiency: Heals ulcers (Helicobacter pilori) together with some tetracycline (antibiotic). You can also use Manuka honey.

Selenium deficiency: Together with Vitamin E, Beta-carotene and Selenium, more than 13% of all cancers can be cured according to a Chinese study. This also cures cardio-myopathy (heart attack) and 'liver' spots.

Boron deficiency: Kidney stones are symptoms of a raging calcium deficiency. This condition is quickly cured with addition of calcium (please, not calcium carbonate), magnesium and boron. Addition of this mineral also helps regulate testosterone and estrogen hormone production.

Copper deficiency: Ruptured aneurysms, a ballooning of blood vessels, a weakening of the fibers of arteries, strokes - can always be cured by the addition of copper. Gray hair also disappears then. So do vericose veins and sagging body parts.

Chromium and vanadium deficiency: Low blood sugar, diabetes.

Tin deficiency: Male baldness

Zinc deficiency: Loss of smell and taste. Loss of male libido.

Salt deficiency: Hypertension (high blood pressure) in conjunction with calcium supplementation.

Consider this: The addition of rare earth elements (lanthanides) doubles the life-span in animals.

Some of Dr. Wallach's observations include:

”Our genetic potential for longevity is at least 120 to 140 years. The present average life-span of humans is 75.3 years. The average life-span of medical doctors is 58 years.”

A rich and inexpensive source of all known minerals and trace minerals is seaweed. Organic food due to the way it is grown will also be a richer source and contain minerals and trace elements in a balanced ratio, in contrast to conventionally grown food. And wild herbs are not to be sneezed at either... 10/07/2018

Gut Branches of Vagus Nerve Essential Components of Brain's Reward and Motivation System Researchers report a gut-brain neural circuit establishes the vagus nerve as an essential component of the brain system that regulates reward and motivation.

[08/14/18]   A lot of people seem to be experiencing physical symptoms from all the energy shifting out there lately.

Our physical bodies can have difficulty at times keeping up with all the growth we have the opportunity to experience!
Not a bad thing, just creates the choice of being mired in it or seeing it does not have to be the truth of us and seeing the gift it affords with either putting energy toward the thought or feeling or NOT.

Connect if you would like to know more or be assisted in moving through all the stuff with more ease and grace and clarity! 09/13/2017

6 Sciatica Stretches to Prevent and Relieve Hip and Lower Back Pain Lower back pain is one of the most common problems that people have. It can range from slight stiffness or soreness to a painful sting or a “shocking” feeling. Regardless of what type of back pain you are experiencing, approximately 60-80% of Americans are suffering from some sort of back pain. Whet... 08/31/2017

If you are looking to donate...1122 E 51st clothing needed 08/14/2017

Massage these stress points to immediately relax a fussy or crying baby The feet are connected to various parts of the body. Massaging them can work wonders!

[08/13/17]   Childhood trauma leads to lifelong chronic illness — so why isn’t the medical community helping patients?
August 10, 2016
By Donna Jackson Nakazawa
in ACE Study, Adverse childhood experiences, Child trauma
ADonnaDadWhen I was twelve, I was coming home from swimming at my neighbor’s dock when I saw an ambulance’s flashing lights in our driveway. I still remember the asphalt burning my feet as I stood, paralyzed, and watched the paramedics take away my father. It was as if I knew those flashing lights were a harbinger that my childhood was over.

At the hospital, a surgeon performed “minor” elective bowel surgery on my young dad. The surgeon made an error, and instead of my father coming home to the “welcome home” banners we’d painted, he died.

The medical care system failed my father miserably. Then the medical care system began to fail me.

At fourteen, I started fainting. The doctors implied I was trying to garner attention. In college I began having full seizures. I kept them to myself, fearful of seeming a modern Camille. I’d awaken on the floor drenched in sweat, with strangers standing quizzically over me. Then, I had a seizure in front of my aunt, a nurse, and forty-eight hours later awoke in the hospital with a pacemaker in my chest.

In my early forties I developed Guillain Barre Syndrome, a neurological autoimmune disorder that causes paralysis from the neck down. I found myself in Johns Hopkins Hospital, on the exact anniversary of my father’s death, in the same hospital wing where he had died, unable to move. I was a few days shy of turning forty-two, the very age at which my dad had passed away.

I recovered, only to relapse, falling paralyzed again. Many of my children’s early memories revolve around my bed, where we played board games and read books.

It wasn’t until I was fifty-one-years old that a physician sat me down and asked me the most important question of my life – one that would lead me to better health than I’d had for decades: “Were there any childhood traumas or stressors that might have contributed to the extreme level of inflammation you’re experiencing as an adult?”

My physician explained that ongoing adversity in childhood leads to a chronic state of “fight, flight or freeze.” Researchers at Yale had recently shown that when inflammatory stress hormones flood a child’s body and brain, they alter the genes that oversee our stress reactivity, re-setting the stress response to “high” for life. This increases the risk of inflammation, which manifests later in cancer, heart disease, and autoimmune diseases like mine.

As a science reporter I was shocked to discover that research linking childhood stress to adult illness began in 1996 with the Kaiser Permanente-CDC Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACE Study). Since then, over 1500 peer-reviewed studies have replicated these findings.

The research was stunning. Two-thirds of Americans report experiencing Adverse Childhood Experiences. These include obvious sexual and physical abuse, but also stressors that many consider to be normal — growing up with divorced parents, living with a depressed or alcoholic mom or dad, having a parent who belittled or humiliated you – or simply not feeling as if your family had your back. People who’d experienced four such categories of childhood adversity were twice as likely to be diagnosed with cancer and depression as adults.

One statistic struck home with me: women who’d faced three types of childhood adversity had a sixty percent greater risk of being hospitalized with an autoimmune disease as an adult. Similar links existed between childhood stressors and adult heart disease, diabetes, migraines and irritable bowel disease. Suffering six categories of early life stress shortened one’s lifespan by twenty years.

However, one study of 125,000 patients showed that when physicians acknowledged and discussed patients’ childhood trauma openly, patients enjoyed a thirty-five percent reduction in doctor visits. Validating patient suffering invites patients to address it at last.

Yet, despite twenty years of research linking childhood stress to adult disease, the majority of the medical community acts as if these findings don’t exist.

This August, students will begin training in medical schools across the country. They will be expected to emerge with deep-rooted knowledge about how to help patients heal. But shockingly, only a few medical schools teach students about how childhood suffering influences adult disease. The majority of medical schools leave this science out. Perhaps they fear teaching it will open the door to bringing psychiatry into the exam room.

But shouldn’t physicians consider the whole patient – body and mind – so that they can suggest behavioral health tools that will alleviate both the root causes and the symptoms of disease? When physicians help patients come to the profound revelation that childhood adversity plays a role in the chronic illnesses they face now, they help them to heal physically and emotionally at last.

All disease is multifactorial. Past trauma is one of those factors. I can’t help but think of how my own story might have been different if the medical community had been trauma-aware. What if, after my father’s sudden death, the emotional cost of such a traumatic loss had been validated, and our medical system had offered therapeutic interventions?

It’s been two decades since the research linking childhood adversity to adult illness began. But think of how much money we might have saved in our health care system since then if we considered the role that past trauma plays in one’s current medical condition, instead of waiting a lifetime for it to show up in devastating and difficult to treat diseases that ruin lives for a second time.

According to the CDC, the annual health care cost of adult patients who have a history of early trauma is $124 billion a year. Validating patients’ past trauma isn’t only beneficial for their well being, it translates into fewer tests, procedures, and health care dollars spent.

Statistics tell us that two-thirds of Americans reading these words, including physicians, will recognize that experiences in their childhood still trail after them today, like small ghosts. Fortunately, medical science now recognizes many proven interventions for recovering from trauma, even decades after events have occurred.

We are long overdue for a national awareness campaign — similar to public health initiatives on how seat belts save lives, smoking causes cancer, and hand washing prevents flu — to educate physicians and families on how childhood trauma begets adult illness. Only then can we help those who feel paralyzed by their pasts to achieve the healthy lives they deserve.






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