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Northcross Fitness is a clean, safe and comfortable training studio for one-on-one personal training and small group workouts. We use basic, easy-to-learn exercises and combine them into high-intensity, functional circuits.

These circuits build strength, boost stamina, increase flexibility and improve balance and coordination in our clients. We work with men and women with high stress lives that may be coping with nagging physical issues and cannot subject themselves to overly aggressive exercise routines. Our clients achieve systematic weight loss, muscle gain and body fat reduction while learning to move and feel better.

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Dream stupid. - Northcross Fitness 01/19/2021

Dream stupid. - Northcross Fitness

Dream stupid. - Northcross Fitness The large and extremely colorful artwork featured on the walls of our downtown studio tells you everything that you need to know about me and my vision for Mindful Barbell. I chose to go with Lloyd and Harry, the lovable knuckleheads from one of my favorite comedy movies, Dumb and Dumber .

The warm-up: You’ve come a long way, baby. - Northcross Fitness 09/28/2020

The warm-up: You’ve come a long way, baby. - Northcross Fitness

The warm-up: You’ve come a long way, baby. - Northcross Fitness I don’t know when it became the status quo for personal trainers to put out-of-shape middle-aged people on a treadmill for 15 minutes and call it a legitimate warm-up. From my fifteen years of professional experience and hundreds of personal observations in a multitude of gym settings, the time de...

I thought IG was a total time suck until I met Josh. - Northcross Fitness 09/16/2020

I thought IG was a total time suck until I met Josh. - Northcross Fitness

I thought IG was a total time suck until I met Josh. - Northcross Fitness I always thought Instagram (IG) was created just to give young millennials an outlet for their self-absorbed parade of thoughts, activities and interests. (Personally, I like to check out the cute puppy posts and watch the crazy things those dogs will do just for a treat)! Yesterday, I was scrollin


We can’t believe that it’s already the end of summer. Have a fun and relaxing weekend! 08/26/2020

The long road back. - Northcross Fitness I recently suffered a herniated disc in my lower lumbar spine. This injury caused me to lose feeling on the left side of my shin and in a couple of my toes on my left foot. I couldn’t flex my foot very high off the floor and it would always come back to the ground with a loud thud. 08/18/2020

The Universe tells me to go take a seat. - Northcross Fitness The alarm on my iPhone went off at 5 AM as it always did. I woke up, slowly got out of bed and walked into the kitchen to get some coffee before I headed out to the gym. It was Tuesday morning. As I stood next to the stove and waited patiently for the water to boil, I started to feel an intense burn


Northcross Fitness' CoVid-19 Challenge

The CoVid-19 pandemic has disrupted all our lives, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dream to get into better shape this summer.

Northcross Fitness is a safe alternative to working out at bigger gyms that just can’t protect you from airborne diseases that come from more densely populated spaces.

Our personal training studio is consistently cleaned and disinfected to prevent the spread of unwanted pathogens. More importantly, we limit the number of clients that can work out at any one time in our space, which protects you from the possible spread of the virus.

We want to encourage you to start back on your goal to get stronger this summer by offering a 6-week CoVid-19 Challenge for new clients.

Check out our video for more details about the challenge or just click on the link below to sign up today! 08/06/2020

Fresh-made pasta. Loaded with carbs. Spikes your blood sugar. Makes you fat. Tastes so damn good! - Northcross Fitness Making fresh pasta takes time. There is no rushing to get food on the table. For that reason, it gives everybody involved in the process a chance to talk, sip on a glass of wine, learn a little more about each other and decompress from a stressful day. 07/31/2020

3 simple stretches that will save your life. - Northcross Fitness We sit way too much these days. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) believes that it’s the main reason why Americans are so fat and unhealthy. We play a never-ending game of musical chairs with ourselves. All day long, we move from one chair to another, one location to another. Unfortunately, t 07/22/2020

Two drinks, two dogs and other miscues in the bedroom. - Northcross Fitness Sleep is really important to me. As well-educated fitness professional, I know some of the nasty side effects of too little sleep: obesity, high blood pressure/stroke, depression and memory loss. 07/15/2020

5 Exercises to Keep You Out of a Nursing Home - Northcross Fitness Getting older isn’t much fun. Workouts seem harder. I can’t seem to lift as much weight. The aches and pains seem to last longer. Makes you wonder why anyone would go to the gym everyday, doesn’t it? The reason is simple. I don’t want to end up in a nursing home where some stranger feeds me,... 07/08/2020

Skip the gazpacho. Try this fast and healthy cold soup recipe for another hot summer! - Northcross Fitness I needed to find a substitute for this incredible summer soup that was easier to make, but still just as healthy and refreshing. I did it when I found this Avocado and Cucumber soup recipe. I can make this soup - from start to finish - in about 10 minutes. That fact alone puts it on my Top-10 list o 07/05/2020

Fireworks are all around you. Take a minute to enjoy them. - Northcross Fitness I realized that if I took the time to really take in what was all around me, I could still enjoy an incredible display of color and beauty that could rival any fireworks display. I just needed to open up my eyes and really look.


Foam rolling is just like planning for retirement. We all know that we should be doing it, but for one reason or another, we’d just prefer to do something else. Funny thing, it’s the best warm-up you should be doing on a regular basis.

Check out our latest blog post on foam rolling at

Give this quick and easy roller routine a try before you start your next workout:


Have a safe and relaxing July 4th!


Forward Lunge

The bodyweight forward lunge looks easy to do, but it is a pretty challenging lower body exercise - especially if you do it slowly and correctly.

Here are few things to remember when trying the lunge:

1) keep your upper body tall by keeping shoulders back and looking straight ahead,

2) don't let your front knee drift past the toes of your front foot as you lunge and

3) get good depth with each lunge by lightly touching your back knee to the floor.

If you keep in mind these three things, your lunges will look amazing and you'll start to build some good muscle in the front of your legs.

Check out this video that I did on the Bodyweight Forward Lunge:


It looks like there will be no blockbuster super hero movie this summer. CoVid has managed to screw us out of baseball, amusement parks, firework displays and now, the summer super hero blockbuster movie.

With all this extra time on our hands, we should start a new summer tradition: unleashing the super hero in each of us. Gal Gadot (she played Wonder Woman) and Chris Hemsworth (he played Thor) don’t have a monopoly on getting into incredible shape and transforming themselves into super heroes. We all have that ability inside of us, even if we weren’t born on Paradise Island or Asgard.

Here’s a summer workout that will help you start this journey to becoming your own super hero.

Don't want to work out on by yourself. Come try a free Super Hero workout at Northcross Fitness!


As long as I can remember, there has always been a ton of confusion about what we should eat and when we should eat. For example:

Are eggs healthy this week or are they still too high in saturated fat?

Should we eat three square meals a day, “graze” throughout the day or just fast for 16 hours and hope we don’t eat everything in sight when it’s finally over?

I believe that the fitness industry and the media are working together to keep us in this constant state of confusion. As long as we are scratching our heads, we will buy yet another diet book that promises us the secret to real long-term weight loss success.

I felt it was time for me to weigh in on the diet question and offer my three easy tricks to help you keep your weight under control forever.

Please check them out, leave and comment and let me know what you think. For more healthy blog posts, head over to


Northcross Fitness


Back to Basics: Single-arm Dumbbell Row

The dumbell row should be the cornerstone of any good workout for your back. Learn how to do it or make sure you're doing it right by checking out this video.


Seven Exercises You Need to Get Strong for Summer - Northcross Fitness

This workout is an incredible total body strength workout that mixes in some elements of high intensity interval training. You don’t need a lot of equipment and you can do it outside. 05/05/2020

Why waste your time on a stupid warm-up?

Why Waste Your Time on a Stupid Warm-up?

Over the past six weeks, I have worked out on the "down low" at my local Santa Barbara fitness studio. While working out, I have washed my hands after the successful completion of each exercise using Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day hand soap and followed strict social distancing protocols according to the CDC's controversial new handbook "Six Feet Apart or Six Feet Under."

The global pandemic gives me the unique opportunity to spend more quality time at the gym reevaluating the effectiveness of my own workouts. It also gave me time to listen to random music on Spotify that I never would have listened to before the pandemic (thank you Lil Mosey!). This forced hiatus away from all typical gym distractions helped me glean some bits of workout insight that might help you guys as you spend some time trying to improve your level of fitness.

Let's start at the beginning with the most important part of your workout - the warm-up.

Why should I waste my valuable time on the stupid warm-up? Time is money and I'm paying you by the hour.

1. The warm-up lets you slowly increase blood flow throughout the body and increase internal body temperature before you run over to the bench press. You'll need to make sure the blood is flowing into those huge muscles when you decide to load up the bar on that first rep out of the gate.

2. Gives you a chance to stretch out any muscles that may feel tight or restricted. You'll be less likely to pull something when you start lifting heavier weights. A loose and flexible body won't give you as many back and hip problems when you end up sitting at your desk for 8 hours straight.

3. Allows you to work on improving the mobility in all your joints. I've seen plenty of you guys in the gym and we all have our issues with mobility. With me, it's my extremely tight hips, which leads to my lousy-looking squat. With other people, it could be limited shoulder mobility caused by hours and hours of computer work and crappy posture. Doesn't really matter where your problem area is, the warm-up is your time to work on improving things.

4. Gets your mind in the game. The warm-up is a safe way to slowly get your focus off your kids, spouse, job, car problems or family pet before your start having to pay attention to lifting with proper form. Don't waste this opportunity to really connect with your body and feel what's going on.

Take your time. A solid warm-up will take 20-30 minutes.

Don't fall into the trap of skimping on your warm-up. Walking aimlessly on a treadmill or pedaling on a recumbent bicycle for 5 to 10 minutes is not an effective warm-up. The job of the warm-up is to get your entire body ready to work, but it's also your opportunity to work on improving the flexibility of tight muscles and mobility of your joints. Here's what I've been doing for my warm-up over the past 6 weeks. You'll need a straight bar and a yoga brick:

The Standing Series: Obviously, these exercises are all done while standing. These are good exercises to get your heart rate elevated, your muscles warmed up and your joints loosened up. You will eventually transition down to your hands and knees for the second half of the warm-up.

Toe touch to back bend. Start with the toe touch to stretch the hamstrings. Slowly work yourself up from the bent-over position to standing. You may get light-headed if you rush back up. Keep your arms in line with your ears before you start that backbend. Feel the stretch in your stomach and continue to breathe through the bend. Hold for a 3-count. 4 complete repetitions.

Shoulder rotations. Using a straight bar (a PVC pipe or broomstick), start with the bar in front of you and slowly bring it over head and then behind you. Keep your arms straight by allowing your grip to widen as much as possible as you go over your head with the bar. Take your time. You want the motion to be slow and smooth. Feel the stretch in the front of your shoulders as you bring the bar behind you. 8 complete rotations.

Standing side bends. Keeping the bar over your head with your arms straight, slowly bend sideways from your waist until you feel a stretch through the opposite side of your body. Hold for a two-count. Slowly rise back up to the overhead position and repeat on the opposite side. Try not to rotate during the bend. 4 repetitions per side.

Bent-over upper body rotations. Start in a bent-over position with your back straight and eyes slightly looking forward. Keep the bar against both shoulder blades as you rotate the upper body from floor to ceiling. Hold for a two-count. Allow the back knee to bend, which will give you more rotation. 4 repetitions per side.

Single-leg deadlifts. Stand on both feet with the bar in both hands, shoulder-width apart, in front of you. Slowly raise one foot off the floor toward the ceiling while balancing on the opposite leg. Let the planted leg's knee bend for better balance. Try to keep the back leg straight and the hips squared to the floor. Slowly rise back to standing. Feel how hard your ankle's are working to keep you balanced. 4 repetitions per side.

Knee-to-wall ankle mobility. We all squat and move better with ankles that are mobile. Place your yoga brick against the wall. Put one toe against the front of the block. Slowly try to bring the same knee to touch the wall in front of you while keeping your heel flat against the floor. Your knee may not make it to the wall. That's okay. Pause and feel the stretch in your achilles tendon before returning to the starting position. 8 repetitions per side.

Standing quadricep stretch. Find something to hold on to. Bring one foot behind you toward you butt and grab it with the same hand. Push your hips forward, which should increase the stretch in the front of your leg. Pause for a 3-count. Lower your foot back to the floor and repeat on the opposite side. 4 repetitions per side.

Overhead squat. Place the bar over your head. Your hands should be wider than a shoulder-widths distance. Keep your shoulder blades retracted. From this position, try to sit back into your heels and lower your hips toward the floor until they are as close to parallel as possible. Keep the bar over your head, not out in front of you. Hold for a two-count. Slowly rise back up to the starting position. 8 repetitions.

Lateral lunge. Start with your hands in prayer position in front of your chest. Take one big step out sideways, keep your lead foot pointed straight out in front of you and allow your trailing leg to straighten and slightly rotate open. Lower you lead hip as close to the floor as possible. Pause and feel that stretch in the trailing leg. Push back up to the starting position. 8 repetitions per side.

Standing walk-outs. Start in a standing position and slowly bend forward so that your fingers or fingertips can touch the tops of your feet (if you can't touch your toes, then bend down and allow your knees to bend until you can touch your toes). Keeping your legs as straight as possible, slowly walk your body forward until you get to a full push-up position with you butt tight and hips in line with your upper body. Pause. Walk yourself back up to standing position one hand step at a time. Try to drive the heels into the floor and keep your legs straight as you walk yourself back up.

This is just the first part of my warm-up routine. Start with and master the Standing Series first, then I'll add the Floor Series to it. The Standing Series should take you a good 10-15 minutes to complete. This warm-up is a great way to 1) start your morning after you've had some coffee, 2) prepare for your kick-ass workout or 3) end your day to release some stress. Solid warm-up routines can do so much more than just get us ready for working out. We can really use them everyday just to get us functioning better as human beings. Click here for an update from NORTHCROSS FITNESS!

We train the athletes of everyday life.

We are all athletes. Whether we compete in the heavy dual grocery bag carry to the house, the overhead ceramic multi-plate overhead press to the cupboard or the half-kneeling child lift from the floor to standing; we all performing acts of incredible athleticism each and everyday. Most of the time, we don’t even think about it.

We don’t think about it until that day comes when we can no longer do it (at least, not as easily as we did in the past).

Northcross Fitness is a clean, safe and comfortable training studio for one-on-one personal training and small group workouts. We work with men and women between the ages of 35 and 65 to help them get strong and stay strong well into their eighties and beyond. Most of our “athletes” have busy, high stress lives and may be coping with nagging physical issues and cannot subject themselves to overly aggressive exercise routines.

We use basic, easy-to-learn exercises and combine them into high-intensity, functional circuits. These circuits build strength, boost stamina, increase flexibility and improve balance and coordination in our clients without subjecting them to unnecessary injuries. Our clients achieve systematic weight loss, muscle gain and body fat reduction while learning to move and feel better.

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Northcross Fitness' CoVid-19 Challenge
Forward Lunge
Back to Basics: Single-arm Dumbbell Row
Tennis champs do more than just hit fuzzy yellow balls.
Is it time to finally throw your ci******es in the dumpster?


We offer one-on-one personal training, small group workouts and nutrition coaching for men and women.



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