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Do you take Insurance? were on my mind literally YESTERDAY and your FB ad popped up in my feed today! Just wanted to say HEY GIRL HEY!! I'm still getting great feedback from your interview on The FITz & Healthy Podcast for the record!!
I just watched the first free video. What wisdom! We overeat and overdrink at the holidays because we're telling ourselves a story of scarcity. Just knowing that enables me to remind myself, "There's always more." Can't wait to watch more :-) Thanks, Carly!
Toni Tillis. Check out the recipes at

Austin holistic nutrition practice focusing on whole body health, not just symptoms. We are a holistic nutrition private practice focusing on whole body health, not just it's symptoms.

Operating as usual


What if "self-care" was as easy as knowing 5 simple pillars...

Well Carly and Mary are here to breakdown the big myths and simple solutions to feeling and looking better....

"One of my favorite people and podcasters, check out my latest installment (part 3/5) with Mary Baird-Wilcock from The Simplifiers!

In this episode, we breakdown:

- 🧘‍♀️the difference is between meditating and sitting in silence

- 🏋️‍♀️ the biggest limiting beliefs that keep people from carving out more meditation time or moments of silence in their lives… (and how to squash that!)

- 📦 favorite ways to incorporate more pockets of breathing room and silence into the work day

- 👣 and on how to adopt a “consistency over perfection” mentality when it comes to this aspect of self-care

* Let me know you favorite moments or big takeaways in the comments below, and what you might want to hear in the next podcast!


We are continuing on with our 5-part series, simplifying how to make self-care a “non-negotiable” in our lives. And this week’s topic might be a bit surprising… sure, you need good sleep and eating well is a given, but have you considered how important getting still might be for your overall wellness?
My special guest today is author and nutritionist, Carly Pollack of Nutritional Wisdom and she’s simplifying how to make self-care ‘non-negotiable’ through meditation and silence. In a crazy-busy life full of noise and distractions, it’s no wonder we are a society riddled with anxiety and high stress.
Carly shares her very best remedies (for the busiest amongst us) to slow things down and carve out some breathing room for inner reflection and peace. Even if it’s just 5 minutes.
Here’s how.
Listen on...
GOOGLE PLAY (for Android):


Who's ready for a crazy night of #mealprep 😅?


Best of luck with your salmon tonight, ladies 😬🤣



Oh hello, dip trio at High Note - can’t remember the last time everything on a menu looked this amazing.

Fire-roasted salsa + edamole + *cashew* queso + Siete Family Foods grain-free chips
#vegan #glutenfree #brunch


😜🍋 Why you gotta call us out, El Arroyo?!


Nutritional Wisdom's cover photo 06/21/2019

We are hiring!

We are hiring an Administrative Assistant! Is it you? Someone you know? Please forward, share and help us spread the word. We're looking for the best of the best! 🙌🏼 Do you know of anyone?


Thank you @hiveaustin for such a fun event! ❤️🐝 Amazing to talk about healthy foods with so many families supporting little eaters! 🥰 Keep scrolling to see my nephew holding 5 lbs of pure fat (relax, it’s just a model!).


We will be at The Hive Austin tomorrow at 10 AM sponsoring a kids concert by Staci Gray! 🎶

Bring the kiddos, come say hi, check out this awesome family-friendly coworking space! We may even cheers you with some $3 mimosas! 🤫🥂😜

The Hive Austin
Saturday May 18
10am 🐝🍋


This week's blog is one we've been wanting to share for almost a year... Carly finally shares her birth story!

My Sweet Tillie Rose turned one year old this week and I know what you think I’m going to say… “and where did the time go?!”
But I’m not going to say that because I know where it went. It went to endless hours of tummy time, breastfeeding, rocking, clapping, talking in a high pitched voice, and singing Itsy Bitsy Spider on repeat. All (ok most) of which I cherished.
If you’ve been following me for a while, you may have heard me talk about my midwife, GB Khalsa, because I am completely in love with her and so grateful for the home birth experience I had.


I decided to give birth at home for a few reasons:
I wanted to have the most natural birth possible, and I loved the idea of being in the comfort of my own home.
I learned about many of the conventional methods hospitals still use during the birthing process and my ideal birth aligned much more with home birthing.
Hospitals are probably my least favorite place other than water parks (gross).
I didn’t want to have the option of drugs because I’m a wuss and would have begged for them if there were available.
I have friends and family who have birthed every different type of way and am thankful to say all have healthy babies, so it is truly up to you and what makes you feel most safe and supported!

Tillie turning one has made me nostalgic, and I’m sharing my birth story in case you are wondering about home birth, or simply want to know what it’s like to push a watermelon out of a kiwi. 😅😬
Head to to read my experience!
#carlypollack #tillieparker


Austin Woman Magazine

#tbt to last week's Woman's Way Awards.

It was such an uplifting and inspiring evening, and we can't wait to head back next year!

Thanks you again for an incredible event, Austin Woman Magazine!

We're counting down the hours until #WomansWay2019 TONIGHT 🎉

Meet one of our finalists, Carly Pollack:


Carly Pollack

"eating for points, not for nourishment..." - Today's podcast drop with Dr. Holly Lucille is a bite sized breakdown of our core principles and the speedbumps facing our approach to a balanced relationship with food!

I loved getting the chance to talk with Dr. Holly Lucille!

We dug deep into the psychology of the inner work when it comes to weight loss and our relationship with food.


Carly Pollack

Catch Carly's latest podcast drop w/ Jessica Valor: Everything from buddhist like quotes by John Mayer, & colon-hydrotherapist, to the foods who aren't really your friend.

I love when I can get REAL on a podcast, and Jessica Valor: Master Healer & Mentor - The Healer's Academy and I dropped some truth bombs in this power-hour session🔥.
Tune in and let me know what you thought!🎧🤳


Carly Pollack

Another treat for that commute home, Carly Pollack joins Aditya on the My Seven Chakras podcast to talk all things Food Karam & Food Freedom!

My latest podcast appearance dropped today, and it's jam packed with nuggets of wisdom!

My Seven Chakras and I want to know what your biggest takeaways are: leave a note in the comments below!


Carly Pollack

For our friends who loved CliffsNotes, you'll love this breakdown of Carly Pollack's Feed Your Soul!

The geniuses at Mind Mastery Lab made this amazing breakdown of my book, Feed Your Soul...


Grabbing happiness by the horns! Love this quote by Cy Wakeman.

#Repost @cywakeman
We can all choose happiness every day.
What do you choose today?
✔️ Joy
✔️ misery

I know what I’m choosing!

#livehappy #happiness #cywakeman #mindset #motivation #quotestoliveby


Dust the cobwebs and open the blinds, it’s Spring time!
We hope everyone uses this chance of new seasons to shake off the cold stale winter habits and move towards more light and growth!
Happy Spring, fam!
Xo 😘

#springishere #springcleaning #mariekondo #konmari #konmarimethod


Catch @nutritionalwisdom founder and new author @carlypollack at @sxsw TOMORROW! Details below:

#Repost @carlypollack
In one more day, we’re taking “Feed Your Soul” to the biggest conference on earth... @sxsw!
I’m so excited and thankful for the opportunity to spread my message at an Official Session. If you’re attending the festival, I’d love to see you there, and if not, keep tabs here on IG for BTH and more!
3/12/19 • 9:30-10:30am at @accdtx
A huge shoutout to @kelljokrause for being a rockstar, and to @newworldlibrary for helping me birth my book baby into the world!

#carlypollack #feedyoursoulbook #TOWANDA! #titsup


New World Library

A practical guide to "Why You're Not Losing Weight".

Is your scale refusing to budge? Here are some practical reasons why you you might be having a hard time shedding those extra pounds from FEED YOUR SOUL author Carly Pollack. #NWLBlog


Who rule the world?


We’re full swing into March, and for some of us, spring feels like it’s years away.
When we #trust in the movement of life, and #surrender to change, we don’t have to #suffer in the coldest darkest hours, knowing that morning does come, that winter does fade.
What’s something keeping you bundled up right now? What light can you focus on to guide you through?
#nutritionalwisdom #surrenderexperiment


Thank you for our *amazing* work from home lunches, @gastro.monique 🙌🏼🏆 you need to connect with Monique if you need custom, healthy, delicious batch cooked meals delivered to your home! She’s perfect for individuals, families, people who need support adjusting to a new diet — or *our clients* who want the best nutritionist and personal chef duo. 🍴❤️


Be well.
How are you going to honor your wellness this week?

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There are obstacles that we must climb in life, but some of the most important mountains we climb lie within.


Root > Surface, every time.

I’m in no way anti diet.
I believe we need boundaries around food based on what our bodies need or react to at any given time.
That being said, dieting without a deeper spiritual practice around food will never produce long term results.
If we look at our food behaviors beyond the diet rules, we will learn so much more deeply about ourselves than we ever imagined.
#carlypollack #feedyoursoulbook @ Austin, Texas


Finally, someone brought some style into the sustainable wrap game 💁‍♀️. We see you @earth_kind_creations 👌🏽
Anyone try these out yet? We did a great blog a few weeks back about making the move to more sustainable/healthy products in the kitchen and might have to do a follow up. Wdyt?

#kitchenhack #sustainableliving


Taking a moment for clarity w/ Carly Pollack...

Ever notice how the days happen to us instead of us choosing how we spend our days?
Before you know it, you are sitting on the couch watching tv, wondering why you didn’t do the things that were important to you.
Take the first 5 minutes of your day (and if you’ve already started, take 5 to get back on track!) to decide how you are going to spend it, and schedule the most important things first!
For me, if they don’t happen in the morning, they just don’t happen.
#carlypollack #feedyoursoulbook


Carly Pollack

If you're not following Carly Pollack, you're missing some serious 🔥

With the start of the new year, we're all ready to focus on the things that make us feel alive. More meditation, more yoga, more everything. 🙌

But the only thing we don't have more of, is time. 😳

Work gets busier, we start to get overwhelmed, and if we're not using the right tools to stay aligned, we can get caught up in the "I don't have enough time" trap. 😧

So how do Beyonce, Michelle Obama, JLo, and *insert annoyingly successful friend* get it all done? 🦸‍♀️

I dive deeper into the causes and solutions in this week's blog:


When you’re inline with your health goals, you align with your higher-self goals.🌟
How are you going to ensure this weekend aligns with what you truly want most, not just with what you want right now?
Let us know in the comments below 🥰


Find your fears, face the challenge, and grow 🌱🌟

#Repost @wegrow 01/11/2019

Why You Need a Coach, Even If You Aren't Stuck

The six reasons why having a coach is more important than you think. Read the latest posts from Carly Pollack on to how to create permanent, meaningful change in your life and ultimate health & wellness.


Sound too familiar? Who’s been there? 👋🏽😅
If this hits too close to home, stay tuned for our weekly newsletter coming at you tomorrow! 01/09/2019

Befriending Food

We're so excited about Carly Pollack's recent feature in Natural Awakenings Magazine! 🔥

“The black-and-white mentality of needing to be perfect or counting calories leads us into a rabbit hole of bingeing, dieting and stuck in a love/hate relationship with food,” The way we think about the food on our plate can impact our body’s ability to absorb nutrients from a meal.


Some of you may not have known, but we closed up 2018 with our 5th consecutive Austin's Best Nutritionist!

Let our team of experts help you with your 2019 goals!


Just because you’ve already had a pint of queso in search of a hangover cure, doesn’t mean you have to give up until next year!
Remember, we get to start over after every meal. Here’s to making all of 2018 count 🙌🏽

Rp @thefatjewish

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Some of you may not have known, but we closed up 2018 with our 5th consecutive Austin's Best Nutritionist! Let our team ...
🙌🏼 Super easy! Use Tessemae's Hot Buffalo Sauce to save time...1️⃣ 4 cups cauliflower florets2️⃣ 1 cup superfine almond ...
Self Care... When You Don't Have Time
Do you guys know this trick?
I know, it sounds completely gross to drink #mushrooms (or it sounds like a really good time, but these aren’t those kin...
Do you catch yourself being consumed by negative thoughts when it comes to your #health, your job, your #relationship, a...
You're welcome, #WisdomSeekers - I present you Carly eating an #or****ic #milkshake 😂 Love, Lauren ❤️
Paid a poet on South Congress to write an Ode to the #FrenchFry - why write about anything else? #HappySaturday #poems #...
Forgot your #lunch? No time to prepare? NO EXCUSES - time to get #creative and stay on track. ❤️ #wisdomseekers




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