Transformation Light Center

Transformation Light Center

Spiritual Healing on the Cellular Level. Celebrates metaphysical ideas & their practical applications, to radically change our concept of the world, and lead to the creation of a new paradigm.

All things are energy and vibrate at prescribed frequency. It is possible to know the frequency of any thing. To change the frequency of a thing will change the state of the thing. Transformative is based on the aforementioned philosophy that modulating frequencies of the subtle human energy system will change the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual state of an individual. This i

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[03/18/20]   This page is no Longer Supported please go to of FB transformative science. Thank you.


Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth 1967

Sizie said it best:
The best of times and the worst of times...1967 was full of questions that no one had dared to ask.
Our generation broke traditions of war, civil rights, women's rights, Native rights...human rights !! We learned to question everything, not to do as you are told, but to do what is right for all people, not just the chosen few. We are the Counter Culture !!! suzie koechling

There's something happening here What it is ain't exactly clear There's a man with a gun over there Telling me I got to beware I think it's time we stop, chi...


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[04/13/13]   Congratulations to LUIS IGLESIAS, winner of the free ENERGY CHELATION session at the Spirit of ALL There Is Holistic Fair. on Sunday April 14th at Nature's Treasures.


My new friend thanked me for sharing from my heart.

"When we are in and speak from our heart our words have a song within that we ourselves do not hear. So thank you for hearing the song I sang." ---- SaSu

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[04/09/13]   Had two great sessions back to back!! Finished early enough to play in the soon to be flower garden.
What a glorious day. 04/08/2013

If You Think Old People Aren't Nearly As Cool As Young People, Then You Haven't Seen This Yet

Don't let anyone tell you you can't do what you want to do when you want to do it! @ 5.06 This woman is living proof that you should never give up on your dreams. 04/05/2013

Meditation and Ultimate Truth, My questions & God’s Answers, Prosperity and Peace, Worry and Worry-

I meant to add the reference for that great statement below. Its from The Path to Anandam Team... Path to Anandam - Anandam, Soul, OM, Bhagavad Gita, Death, Ultimate Truth, Harmony and Happiness, Liberation, Oneness, Self-Realization, Meditation and Ultimate Truth, My questions & God’s Answers, Prosperity and Peace, Worry and Worry-Free, Yoga and Karma Yoga, stress and Stress-Free,God-LORD KRIS...


Spiritually Empowered Woman
The spiritually empowered woman, she is enriched with inner strength and c.
As she has rediscovered herself though awakening consciousness,
she knows how to move through the world with power and grace.
She knows now her worth; she is the planet of faith.
She knows how much to give and how much to take by choice NOT by force.
As her life is her own creation, she lives with self-confidence and self-initiation.
She has power to speak the truth with courage and strength.
As she has realized the Divine Power of the Goddess within,
she knows how to face the challenges of life without fear.
She knows now she is the wisdom of mankind and powerhouse to enrich the world.
She, like a Universal Mother, is chosen by God to bring forth new life
because she is loving, caring and sharing.
As she is Divine Shakti herself, she knows what she wants,
she lives by choices Not by chances.
The spiritually empowered woman is no longer a poor woman;
she is full of Love, Peace and Anandam ready to share with the world.
“The Spiritually Empowered Woman Creates Global Empowerment”

[04/04/13]   Just finished reorganizing my Office and Healing room. Admiring all my hand work while eating raw creamy ginger carrot soup. Yummy!

A big thank you to Craig Catapano for moving the bookcases and bolting them to the wall.

Soon I'll be getting ready to teach a Rain Drop Therapy class tonight. Are you attending? ; }

[04/03/13]   Just finished shooting a video explaining one aspect of the Quantum Akashic Alignments.

Barbara Bailey was great. She's absolutely great to work with, she helped me refine my message and put me at ease during the tapping of it. She gently kept me focused on my message.

When the fabulous Barbara edits it, it will be posted here, on my Youtube channel and of course my web site. I am stoked. 04/01/2013

iDoctor Could a smartphone be the future of medicine

Here's one doctor who cuts the cost of medicine without sacrificing the effectiveness of traditional medicine all while enhancing the relationships with his clients. Kudos to him. Good to see some positive thinking outside the square in the medical field, rather than like eveyone else trying to fleece the consumer out of as much as they can, usually with less than average results.


Spirit of All That Is Holistic Healing Fair

The magic number of 30 likes is fast approaching. The next 15 people who like Transformation Light Center page, their names will be put in a drawing for a complimentary Energy Chelation session. Wahoo!! That session wil be given at the The Spirit Of All There Is Holistic Healing fair April 14.

Holistic Healing Arts events.

[03/30/13]   When we retain only that which is loveable, fear ceases to exist.


Our Story In 2 Minutes

If a picture is worth a 1000 words, this photo essay speaks volumes.

Thanks for the feedback, I tried to fit a lot in but I know I missed a bit My final project I made for my video productions class "Cutaway Productions" (Sear...


Our Story In 2 Minutes

If a picture is worth a 1000 words, this photo essay speaks volumes.

Thanks for the feedback, I tried to fit a lot in but I know I missed a bit My final project I made for my video productions class "Cutaway Productions" (Sear...

[03/28/13]   Yesterday was a day of great completion. Today not so much. Seemed like the phone never stopped ringing. Some were important some not. I need to learn to keep those 'not' to a few minute calls.
How do you deal with interruptions?

[03/26/13]   Thank you all who have liked my page. While most people do not see having a face book page as a big step, for me it is. It has been for me a big step out of the metaphysical closet.

[03/25/13]   Well I've finally taken the plunge and started the business fan page. Thank you all for your support here, and at the Transformation Light Center or TLC .





Austin, TX

Opening Hours

Tuesday 10am - 6pm
Wednesday 10am - 6pm
Thursday 9am - 5pm
Friday 10am - 5pm
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Beautiful nails and great service ! Something special for holiday season ! Welcome to Q Nails ! Nice to see you guys !

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Nuestra Experiencia hace la gran diferencia !!

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Facials, Micoderm, Dermaplaning, Waxing, Sugaring, Eye & Lash Tinting, Tanning, Body exfoliate scrubbing, Back facials

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Master colorist

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