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The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School and Clinic has been training Massage Therapists and providing

Hands-On Massage Therapy School
Continuing Education for LMTs
Discount Student Massage Appts - $50

Photos from The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School's post 09/16/2023

Summer 🌞 is over and we are cooling it down 🧊 here at The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School. Last week one of our classes experienced and practiced ice therapy along with other spa techniques.

Ready to finally make your dreams a reality? It doesn't get any better than reaching your goals while making life-long memories and bonding with your classmates.

Visit for more information. Fill out our application today and we can help guide you through the process!

Photos from The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School's post 09/14/2023

Scrub, scrub, scrub! Last week one of our classes had the pleasure of pampering each other with a dry scrub! Students got to make a custom scrub to use on each other while they were learning dry brushing, cold water washing, and foot washing. These skills can be used in an LMT’s private practice and are also great for working at luxury spas!

What could you accomplish as we put your career in your hands here at TLC?

Visit for more information and to schedule your tour today!


Keep your career moving forward with Austin's finest Massage Therapy Continuing Education Workshops!

Pre- and Perinatal Massage Therapy Specialization
with Body Therapy Education

Move beyond basic adaptations of general massage with condition-specific techniques, applicable research and evidence, ethics discussions, marketing and practice management tips, and guidance for communicating and collaborating with other healthcare providers.

Learn more at


Keep your career moving forward with Austin's finest Massage Therapy Continuing Education Workshops!

Pre- and Perinatal Massage Therapy Specialization
with Body Therapy Education

Move beyond basic adaptations of general massage with condition-specific techniques, applicable research and evidence, ethics discussions, marketing and practice management tips, and guidance for communicating and collaborating with other healthcare providers.

Learn more about this workshop at:

Photos from The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School's post 09/02/2023

We’ve had a fun week here at The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School (TLC)! Students from our August class are doing great and getting to use their creative side while learning important structures in the human body.

To provide the best education for our future Licensed Massage Therapists (LMTs), it is important to us to accommodate all learning styles with an integrative approach in the classroom.

We look forward to seeing these students grow! Ask yourself, what growth could you experience as a student at TLC? We’d love to show you!

You can book a tour from our website to meet with one of our admissions advisors who are here to help answer your questions about the school and a career in massage.

Imagine the possibility of a brand new path for yourself while providing outstanding care for others because you received the best LMT education around!

Book your TLC tour today:


Fully Booked August Course Is off to a great start!

28 students ready to change their lives and the lives of others through the healing art of massage.

Enroll before September 8th, 2023 and receive the essentials package including everything you will need day-one!

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Join us either in person or through Live Stream for our FREE Intro to massage 1-hour Workshop. Either pre- Register by scanning the QR code below or by visiting our website but walk-ins are always welcome.

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The Sports Massage for Runners with Mark Frazier will prepare therapists to more effectively know how best to massage clients who run consistently–including competitive athletes.

Register Below-


Excited to officially be teaching another round of Cupping for LMTs Fri Jan 26th 9-5 at ! Visit the link in TLCs bio to register (also in the comments). Earn 6 CE hours and add some fantastic tools to your toolkits! 🙌🏽


May, 2023 Internship Class Photo!

Students practice their therapeutic, communication, and business skills and receive extensive practice while working on a wide variety of clients from the community.

Learn More at:


Mark your calendars and spread the word because getting started on the path to a new career in helping others physically and mentally has never been more attainable.

Enroll in any upcoming classes between August 14th, 2023 and September 8th, 2023 and receive the largest enrollment special TLC Massage School has ever offered!

From required textbooks and muscle charts to advanced therapy lotion, you will have all of the essentials on your first day of class for FREE.

With course schedules tailored for all needs we offer morning, evening, and even Saturday programs.

Next Start Dates:
• September 2nd - 12 months
• October 2nd – 6 months
• November 1st – 6 months
• January 15th - 6 months

Visit our website for more info:

*This promotion is valid for new enrollments only for any start date at The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School until September 8th, 2023.

The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School and Clinic has been training Massage Therapists and providing Massage Therapy Services in Austin since 1989.


🎓 CONGRATULATIONS 🎓to the February 2023 Massage Therapy Class on completing their 6 month journey to becoming Licensed Massage Therapists! 🎉

We are incredibly impressed and proud of each of these graduates as they move onward and upward towards the career of their dreams! 💆‍♂️💆‍♀️

With courses to fit all schedules, invest in your future by becoming an experienced Massage Therapist with the #1 premier massage school in Austin. A rewarding and life changing career opportunity may be much closer than you think.

Learn more at:


Have you taken Lomi Lomi?? Well, Lomi Lomi II is coming soon to TLC!!!! You shouldnt miss it! Just click the link for more info and registration


CONGRATULATIONS to the April 2023 Massage Therapy Class! 🎉

🎓👐 They've reached a major milestone in their education and are now well on their way to becoming Licensed Massage Therapists (LMTs)!

To celebrate their progress and show your support, join us at the TLC Student Massage Clinic for an AMAZING 60-minute relaxing and therapeutic massage!

📅 Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to experience the healing benefits of massage from these talented !

🔜 Book your appointment NOW at

Let's support these future LMTs as they embark on their journey to bring wellness and relaxation to the world! 🌎🌿💆‍♂️💆‍♀️


One of the BEST parts of our program is that students get the chance to both give AND receive massages in almost every class! 🤗 💆‍♂️

We believe in a holistic learning experience where core subjects like Anatomy and Kinesiology are beautifully interwoven with Massage Therapy techniques. 💆‍♀️

🌟👐 Our hands-on program is unlike anything you've seen before.

Next Program Start Dates:
•August 3, 2023 – (6 mo) Mon–Thurs 8:15am to 12:45pm - ONLY 2 SPOTS LEFT!
• September 2, 2023 - (12 mo) Saturdays 8:00am to 5:45pm
• October 2, 2023 – (6 mo) Mon–Thurs 1:10pm to 5:40pm
• November 01, 2023 – (6 mo) Mon–Thurs 8:15am to 12:45pm
• January 15, 2024 – (12 mo) Mon & Weds 6:00pm to 10:30pm


Over the last decade TLC has participated in Community Service related events including, Austin AIDS Walk, March Of Dimes Baby Walk, Cap 10k, X Games, Any Baby Can, Caritas of Austin & so many more. Students get the opportunity to give back to the community as well as learn how to market their own practice once they graduate. We had a great time this past weekend at the Q***r Empowerment Pride Festival in Cedar Park.


Right on the heels of the introductory course LOMI LOMI Advanced is coming to TLC. Just click the link for more info and registration.


Hey everyone! Please join me in giving a warm and enthusiastic welcome to the newest class at TLC! We couldn't be more excited to have these incredible individuals join us for the June evening class.

We're thrilled to have you on board, and we can't wait to witness the remarkable transformations you will undergo during your time with us. Get ready to make a positive impact on the lives of others through the healing power of touch!

Tom Myers Discusses Anatomy Trains Fans of the Hip Course 07/07/2023

Anatomy Trains Structural Essentials: Fans of the Hip
with Thadd Dudrey

August 18 -20, 2023
Fri 5pm - 9pm
Sat & Sun 9am - 5pm
18 CEs - $450*

For more info or to register:

Tom Myers Discusses Anatomy Trains Fans of the Hip Course Part of the Structural Essential series, a set of intensive soft-tissue technique courses divided into functional regions, Fans of the Hip sheds light on the...


Love these colorful masterpieces from the Feb 2023 Massage Class! 😍🎨 Why stop at studying textbooks when we can bring the beauty of anatomy to life through art? Share your thoughts and artistic anatomy creations below!


Cadaver Class for LMTs at TXST Forensic Anthropology Facility
with Marc Frazier
Sunday, July 16 or July 23, 2023
9:00am - 2:00pm
6 CEs - $225

Get a better understanding of how the Cadaver Class can have a profound effect on your bodywork as Marc Frazier shares his insight into the class experience.


Let us help you get started on the right foot on your path to becoming an LMT! Get a complete set of textbooks for FREE if you enroll in any 2023 class by July 28, 2023!

What is included:

📚 Trail Guide to the Body Textbook (6th Edition): Explore the human body in intricate detail and develop a comprehensive understanding of anatomy, aiding you in providing effective therapeutic treatments.

📚 Massage Therapist Guide to Pathology (7th Edition): Equip yourself with the knowledge of various pathological conditions and learn how to adapt your Massage techniques to cater to clients' specific needs.

📚 Massage Therapy Principles and Practices (6th Edition): Master the fundamental principles and best practices of massage therapy, ensuring a strong foundation for your professional journey.

📚 Deep Massage Book: Dive into the world of Deep Massage and learn techniques that will enable you to provide profound healing and relief to your future clients.

📚 Business Mastery (5th Edition): Discover the secrets of running a successful Massage Therapy practice and gain the skills to excel in the business aspect of your career.

Please share with someone you think would enjoy being a Massage Therapist!

Next Start Dates:

• August 3rd – Mon–Thurs 8:15am to 12:45pm (6 mo)

• September 2nd - Saturdays 8:00am to 5:45pm (12 mo)

• October 2nd – Mon–Thurs 1:10pm to 5:40pm (6 mo)

• November 1st – Mon–Thurs 8:15am to 12:45pm (6 mo)

Visit our website for more info:

*This promotion is valid for new enrollments only for any start date at The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School until July 28th, 2023.


Many thanks to Instructor Jason Bratcher and assistant instructor Nicole Vreeland for delivering an amazing class in Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Temple Bodywork this past weekend. We are looking forward to the Advanced class coming September 9, 2023 right here at TLC.
Click the link below for more info...


When its 103 degrees outside Cold Water Treading can be a welcome part of Hydro-therapy in the Massage program here at TLC!!! Surf's UP! LOL!!!


Did you know that business classes could actually be fun and interesting?

I’ve always thought that going over business information was boring, but when my class reached the day that we talked about differences between self-employment and being an employee as well as the income potential we have as Massage Therapists - that was a great class! It was more of a group discussion, exploring, all that we knew and learning more together. It blew me away to find out that as a LMT employee I could be making at least $25/hour - $60/hour plus tips, commission, and possibly benefits. We also went over that being self-employed you could be making $70/hour - $100+/hour plus tips while paying for your own insurance and expenses.

All of this was confirmed and the excitement was amplified by our Meet The Employer Class, where real employers came to speak with us, answer questions and have discussions on what it’s like to work for them, and in the industry as a whole. This is such a valuable and tangible way to really learn what it will be like when we graduate and start practicing. Some students were even contacted by some of the employers, and we haven’t even graduated! It’s amazing just how many opportunities there are out there and how much of a demand there is for Massage Therapists!
- Liesl Farrell, Admissions Advisor & Current Student

If you’d like to learn more about our school or program please call (512) 374-9222 ext. 14 or text (512) 806-6438!


Join us for an extraordinary hand-saving workshop led by Lomilomi expert, Jason Bratcher. Embark on a transformative journey of healing, rejuvenation, and spiritual connection.

Discover the ancient art of Lomilomi, a sacred Hawaiian bodywork tradition that harmonizes the body, mind, and spirit, promoting deep relaxation and holistic well-being.

Lomilomi is characterized by its continuous, flowing movements that mimic the rhythms of nature. This rhythmic approach allows the therapist to maintain a smooth and continuous motion without exerting unnecessary force. By emphasizing fluidity and grace, Lomilomi minimizes the need for excessive hand and wrist strength, reducing the risk of strain and fatigue.

Experience the spirit of aloha and embrace the teachings that have been passed down through generations, fostering a sense of connection and respect for this sacred practice.

This workshop is designed to provide ample opportunities for hands-on practice and experiential learning. Work closely with fellow participants, receive personalized feedback from the instructor, and refine your techniques in a supportive and nurturing environment.

LomiLomi 'Hawaiian Temple Bodywork'
with Jason Bratcher, LMT, MTI
Fri, Sat & Sun, June 23-25, 2023


Have you evert tried giving a massage while blindfolded? I'm always blown away by how our instructors incorporate unique learning techniques in the classroom and how our students excel and rise to the challenge. Watch as our students take their hands-on sensory experience to the next level by practicing their palpation skills while being completely blindfolded!

By incorporating blindfolded massage into their training, they refine their skills and develop a heightened sense of touch. These valuable skills ultimately translate into becoming better massage therapists as they cultivate a more intuitive and empathetic approach to massage therapy.

Discover the power of touch at The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School! Visit our website for more information and to join this extraordinary program.

Let's elevate your massage therapy skills together!

Next Start Dates:

August 3, 2023 – (6 mo) Mon–Thurs 8:15am to 12:45pm - Morning Schedule
September 2, 2023 - (12 mo) Saturdays 8:00am to 5:45pm - Weekend Schedule
October 2, 2023 – (6 mo) Mon–Thurs 1:10pm to 5:40pm - Afternoon Schedule

Ep. 20: Master the Art of Lomi Lomi with Massage Therapy Instructor Jason Bratcher 06/06/2023

Expanding your techniques? Thinking about saving your hands? Explore Lomi Lomi coming to TLC. Check out this Interesting Interview with Jason Bratcher instructor for the course... and to link to the course go to-

Ep. 20: Master the Art of Lomi Lomi with Massage Therapy Instructor Jason Bratcher Are you ready to revolutionize your massage practice? Discover the power of Lomi Lomi massage and elevate your technique to the next level. In this episode J...



…You can lift your arm parallel to the ground – but no higher!!!“

What!?” you may say and then show me that you can raise your arm over your head.

But you’re not lifting your arm!

Wait a minute! What are you doing?

Here’s what happens. Your shoulder blade tilts its lower edge up and to the side – it slides forward and up the ribcage. So from 90 degrees on up, your arm and shoulder blade don’t change their relationship – it’s your whole shoulder girdle whose outer edge goes up and sideways and so you’re able to reach over your head. This is called elevation of the shoulder girdle.
Who done it?


This mysterious muscle starts at the inside front of the shoulder blade, so it begins its life running between your shoulder blade and ribcage. Then its fibers continue to the side of the ribcage and – here’s where it gets its name meaning “notched” or “saw-like” – the serratus anterior has 8-9 slips of muscle attaching to each of the upper 8 or 9 ribs.So when a knowledgeable therapist frees the side of the ribs, “melting” into serratus anterior, it will facilitate a smoother excursion of the whole shoulder girdle.

Another benefit: Chronic tension in serratus anterior will restrict movement in the side of the ribcage. Therefore, close attention paid to the serrated fibers of this muscle will give the person’s breathing a whole new dimension for enhanced movement and amplified energy.

For you anatomically adventuresome, get this: When people are “round shouldered”, that may be due to chronic shortening of the serratus anterior which pulls the shoulders forward, yet pulls the ribs back! The chronically tightened serratus, like hands with fingers coming from the back and going to the sides of the ribs, will pull the ribs back, jamming them up against the vertebrae.

(Another way of putting it - If the scapula is overly "fixed" to the ribcage, then the usual "origin" and "insertion" of serratus are reversed. The antero-medial scapula will act as the origin and the ribs as the insertion - thus the action of the serrated fingers pulling the ribs back toward the spine.)

So melting into the serratus will also free the costo-vertebral joints in turn allowing for freer movement of your thoracic vertebrae!

Next time you explore the ribcage, gently work on and between the ribs along the side of the body (it can be ticklish!). Coax the client’s nervous system and breath to help relax things from inside out; gently encourage freer movement of the ribs; and visualize the joints in the back between the ribs and the vertebrae having more freedom as we breath and move about.

It will add a whole new dimension to your work, to their ribcage and the wingedness of the shoulders!


Congratulations to the Feb 2023 Massage Therapy Class for achieving another major step in their education. Come support these soon-to-be LMTs at the TLC Student Massage Clinic and get a relaxing and therapeutic 60 min massage.

To book an appt:


Join us in welcoming the May 2023 Massage Therapy Class! Starting Massage School is a life-changing experience for sure. Any word of advice from our grads would be greatly appreciated 100%!


Congratulations November 2022 class! What an amazing journey these beautiful souls have had. We are so proud of all of the energy and effort you have contributed to your growth and ours. We will continue to support and cherish you. We wish you the best!


"I was very excited to be able to volunteer to do chair massage for the Any Baby Can charity. Not only to support their wonderful cause but also to be able to get hands-on massage experience with the public! It was rewarding to see what just 15 minutes of chair massage could do to help someone else." - Liesl Farrell

Eight Reasons Why I love Being a Massage Therapist 04/28/2023

Being part of a community of massage professionals who are supportive of each other (at least, in my experience) and who share a common goal of genuinely wanting to help and care for others is top on my list.

My initial desire to become a massage therapist was based on wanting to bring the powerful feeling of relief to others. I had experienced the magnitude of massage’s benefits firsthand from the initial (and, as it turns out, highly significant) massage I received in my early 20s. Because I had been suffering from chronic headaches, my mom gifted me with my first session. I walked in with a headache and walked out with no headache. And then I sat in my car and sobbed my eyes out! The release that occurred simply from being under the care of skilled and loving hands was deeply impactful. This brings me to . . .

Massage therapy makes people feel good and enhances their quality of life. Sometimes, it goes as far as transforming some aspect of the client’s life experience. I get to feel tissues melt under my hands. I get to see the color of blood flow returning to a client’s face and skin. I get to hold space for tears and laughter. I get to observe the effects of consistent attention to body areas in need of healing. I get to celebrate clients’ progress. What this ultimately means is I have a skill that contributes to making the world a better place.

Another part of making the world a better place is holding space for others. I love creating a safe space for clients to feel deeply listened to and cared for. I give clients my full attention and presence in each and every session. I take notes on what they tell me so I can refer and recall later, making that client feel significant. Often, clients want to tell me about what stresses them (because it does affect their body). Without offering any advice, I simply listen and reflect. This alone can facilitate healing on every level: body, mind, and spirit. Plus, it builds trust and connection.

Amazingly enough, the nervous system always responds. The more I study the nervous system and become keen on its signals, the better I’m able to read its activity, respond, and also become an intentional stimulus. Since it is the master of all things, well, it makes sense to have a chat and get to know it. Trust me, it’s a fascinating relationship to be in!

I love identifying patterns and illuminating them to the client. Nine times out of 10, it results in an “a-ha” moment when I identify a pattern and explain what types of activities might contribute to the pattern. Clients often say, “Oh my, I know what I’m doing that’s making this happen” (or making an existing pattern worse). The more I understand how the entire body and its systems are interwoven and continuously interacting, the more I see patterns. This enables me to effectively determine possible solutions.

In all these years, I have yet to receive a complaint from an unhappy client. There are never fires to put out or emergencies to manage. Occasionally I get an SOS message from a client asking something like, “What do I do about this stiff neck I just woke up with?” But that’s as hard as my “customer satisfaction management” ever gets. As long as I keep my business organized and my communication skills at a high level (and, of course, give a great massage), everyone remains happy.

Every body is different, so my approach is always different. My sequence is always different. The massage techniques I use vary. And, if nothing I try works, I watch some continuing education videos online, refer to one of the many bodywork education resources in my library, ask a colleague, and review new field research that might shed some light on the situation.

I never tire of refreshing my knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and energetic anatomy. There is always something I forget (because there is so much to know!) It seems the right information tends to reveal itself at just the right time for me to use it in service of a client.

Add to that, staying on top of my “study game” keeps me attentive to what is happening in my own body. I find that clients love a practitioner who actually lives what they espouse. They are much more likely to heed your advice. The best way to be a health leader is to keep learning and experimenting with new information in the leadership of your own life. I never stop learning and growing! This leads me to my final reason why I love being a massage therapist . . .

Getting to show up and care about people every day keeps me humble. Having to leave my own life stresses at the door so I can be fully present for another keeps me grounded. It also shifts my perspective. When I work with clients who are in chronic pain or dis-ease, I find myself being more grateful for my own health. Presence, compassion, and empathy make people better people.

Support, care, life-enhancing benefits, presence, connection, understanding, healing, happiness, learning, growing, grounding, and gratitude . . . what’s not to love about being a massage therapist?

Eight Reasons Why I love Being a Massage Therapist Taking inspiration from a recent ABMP Facebook thread on the subject, freelance writer and LMT Cindy Williams put together a list of her top eight things she loves about being a massage therapist.


The theory and practice of what I've called Deep Massage since 1982 (not "deep tissue" as it consciously engages much more than just "tissues") -

When we get a Deep Massage, we go to a place that is not bounded by the limits of our everyday life and that place then rejuvenates us.
The demands of everyday life require that we adapt to reality. But deep massage liberates us from the fatigue and redundancy of the reality function. We all need to regularly to get out of the cages we put ourselves in. We need to access the irreality function – in order to open up to new possibilities - imagination rejuvenating our real lives.

Deep Massage then situates us in a wider world, not just in a culture or our particular historical moment. This wide world has a kind of stability and tranquility. It helps us escape time. It is a soul-full place.

Effective Deep Massage bears witness to a soul which is discovering its world, the world where it would like to live and where it deserves to live.

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Our Story

The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School and Clinic has been training Massage Therapists and providing Massage Therapy Services in Austin since 1989. John Conway and David Lauterstein have both been therapists and teachers for over 30 years. They have trained a superb group of teachers who are all committed to helping students enjoy their studies, grow into a profession in which they can be happy, and truly help their clients deal with pain, stress and injury to enhance their wellness.

At The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School and Clinic we care about our students. We endeavor in every way to assure that students are professionally successful, therapeutically masterful, and personally fulfilled. We are committed to running our school in a manner as healing as the subjects we teach.

Our pass rate on the national Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam (MBLEx) exceeds both the national and state average. The Lauterstein-Conway reputation enhances your success, whether you are looking for a job or to be your own boss.

David Lauterstein & John Conway

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Structural Bodywork: A Functional Approach
💀Oh ma goodness! Job Fair at 2pm today 👍 Don’t miss it! Oh ma goodness!! 😄
Heel and Sole - Heal and Soul with David Lauterstein
Marc Frazier
Delighted to welcome the founder of the Muscular Therapy Institute, Dr. Ben E. Benjamin, who will be teaching Active Ass...




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