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Tea For Two. ☕️
Optical delusion #3
Artist Serge N Kozintsev


Artist Randy Ortiz


loosely inspired by M.C Escher's "Bond of Union" and a drawing I did when I was a bright-eyed freshman in high school (last slide.) the mood may have shifted a bit since then..

Art from @ochreface


Did you ever wonder where you came from?

A star exploded by the quick and violent implosion and released an enormous amount of energy. This is what is called a supernova.

The exploded remains from a supernova travel throughout the universe only to someday clump together with other stardust and give birth to a new star. This is the life of our universe.

The human body is about 60% water, and hydrogen only accounts for 11% of that water mass. Even though water consists of two hydrogen atoms for every oxygen, hydrogen has much less mass. 93% of the mass in our body is stardust.

Long ago, someone may have wished upon a star that you are made of.

Art & caption from


📷 @marcel_van_luit

Photos from Chateau le Muse's post 03/09/2022

"And I shall seek you endlessly, for
I am a moth, and you’re my flame

Knowing that I’ll burn at your touch
I return, for you’re a fire; untamed
- Zubair Ahsan

Image chosen separately…

"Moth Girl" series
Photography and Retouching by Laura Sheridan
📷 @studio.sheridansart


🌈🧚🏻‍♀️🍎‘The Nymph in Suburbs’, Mixed Media on Paper, 30x40 cm
By @dolce_paganne

This is the very beginning of a new serie: “Urban Myths”
#painting #illustration #drawing #popsurrealism #lowbrow #artoftheday #instaart #artsy #instaartist #artwork #whimsicalart #darkart #darkartists #vintageart #surrealart #wip #fairytale #coloredpencil #occultart #artshow


Hades and Persephone by Pandora Young


Wear your heart on your skin in this life.
- Sylvia Plath
📸 @bgxgrim & @tattoo_ham


Astrolabe 3 • 2021 • 20x16cm • Aquarelle, Encre de Chine et encre blanche sur papier 300gsm à bords frangés.

Art by @steevensalvat

#astrolabe #newcontemporary #astrology #swallow #originalart #watercolor #stopwatch #ticktockticktock #imlate #sparrow #birdartwork


Vitiligo x Sphynx ✨
What do you think?

Photographer @jovanarikalo
Model @je.othe
Cat @fifty_thecat


“Frozen soul, frozen down to the core
Break the ice, I can't take anymore”
📷 Ripley
Model- Candi B. Shaw

Photos from Chateau le Muse's post 12/08/2021

“Escapism, in art and beyond, is rampant in times when the world seems to be going mad. It is the theme that connects these photos -the longing for another world, an escape from reality. It is there to take me by the hand to places where I can trade reality and time for a moment of calmness and reassurance. These worlds, tinted in soft hues, unequivocally have been a place where I could find home in myself over and over.

If you are going through times of hardship, yearning for moments of escapism and comfort in unknown places, know that these worlds are always here to welcome you. I hope they bring you as much solace and joy as they do for me.”

from @nonalimmen


It has been proven that when someone is gazing at you, the person’s body produces a chemical called phenylethylamine, which is associated with the fight-or-flight response. It can make strangers fall in love.
Art Credits from @fndesignart

OP By @Pixabay / @Pexels / @unsplash / @DeviantArt 🔶🔷🔶🔷🔶🔷🔶🔷🔷🔶🔷🔶


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“Red", I write "is the color of life. It's blood, passion, rage. It's menstrual flow and after birth. Beginnings and violent end. Red is the color of love. Beating hearts and hungry lips. Roses, Valentines, cherries. Red is the color of shame. Crimson cheeks and spilled blood. Broken hearts, opened veins. A burning desire to return to white.” - Mary Hogan, Pretty Face
📕Book Link ⏰👉

Art by ?


Featured artist: @geokurgan
#wicked #ghostly #victorian #hauntedhouse #blackandwhitephoto #spookyhouse


Have a happy Halloween and a blessed Samhain🎃🍁

Doll Art from @anamasque


"Leafy Sea Dragon"⠀
🖼 🧜‍♀️ 🌊
Art from @sylvia_strijk_art
Experimenting with mermaid inspired by different sea creatures is just really fun.


Stephen Colbrook, ‘Man in the Fog’


Jake Baddeley's Zodiac Series.


Fly to the light 🌙
📷 from @kot___ko


“Wouldn’t I love.. love to explore the shore up above?!
Out of the sea! I wish I could be a part of your world..” little mermaid said.
Art of @cookienamnam 🧜🏻‍♀️❤️


“Broomstick” /// Some broomsticks are made to work in the dirt, while others are born of more wicked intentions.
Art 🖼 from @cwehrle


by: Semih İĞCİ
📷 👉 @selftasy


"All comes to an end" by Artem Demura


By Alexis Rakun


Witch costume inspiration for Halloween
👻 🧙 🎃
📷 by Makar Vinogradov


artist ?

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