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Town Hall is now preparing Welcome Kits for new families that are moving into our community.

Our Welcome Kits feature and direct these new families to a small number of local businesses for the goods, services & professionals that they need to find.

Since our Welcome Kits are exclusive, and we can only accommodate one Hair Salon, I would ask you to kindly let me know if you are interested in being the featured Hair Salon in our local Welcome Kits.

It is worthy to note that, according to Dr. Cathy Goodwin in her book “Making the Big Move”, 55% of new residents and families seek out a new Hair Salon shortly after their relocation. As such, more than one-half of our Welcome Kit recipients are actively looking for a new Hair Salon.

I would like to schedule a time when you are expecting me so that I may drop off a sample of our "Welcome Kit" and explain the program in greater detail.

Please with your availability or call me at your earliest convenience.

For a faster response, or if you prefer, feel free to text me on my cell which is listed in my signature.

Pam Dugdale
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• bridal specialist • balayage + styling • cuts + color INSTAGRAM // @ariel_beautyco

Photos from Ariel Beauty Co.'s post 11/28/2022

I love when you can see the updo peek out from underneath the veil 🖤

We did a combo of clean at the front + a bit of texture in the bun. Andie wanted to leave her front pieces out too. Such a perfect way to make your updo easy to wear!



this airbnb had the best wall to capture some pictures 🌸🤍

Photos from Ariel Beauty Co.'s post 11/03/2022

still can’t get over the fact that this is all her hair, no extensions!!

for this look specifically, I always recommend extensions to help hold the curl and give it more fullness.

Kelly and I hadn’t met before her wedding day, but I sent her instructions on how to prep and her doing her part was HUGE🫶🏼

She came with her hair clean and dry, smoothed out with no product in it.

It also didn’t hurt that the weather was PERFECT that day as well- we curled everything away from her face, kept her middle part and tucked the front back for the signature + wedding day look✨

y’all, this bridal party was everything and was exactly what I needed in this busy season- the best hype girls you could ask for for the bride and for me 😜🙈 so glad I got to be a part of your day Kelly, congratulations 🥂


It’s oneshot season ✨

about to bombard y’all with some of my favs- this one seemed to get a lot of attention a while back, so here we go with my first entry 🙃

Photos from Ariel Beauty Co.'s post 10/11/2022

recent faves ✨

what hairstyle would you pick for your next event?? for those of you asking what’s in and what’s the style to ask for now— anything goes, but if I had to pick the next BIG hairstyle moment I’d go with the high bun ^ … there I said it - it’s coming y’all.

Anyone else think so? 🙋🏼‍♀️

Photos from Ariel Beauty Co.'s post 08/31/2022

Hey babes! If I’ve done your hair, please send me your pics 🤩🤩 this is my official request that you create my content for me. I wanna see what y’all got 😉😘

.menefee went first! How cute is her puppy!?

Photos from Ariel Beauty Co.'s post 08/07/2022

this morning’s glam sesh with ✨

we had so much fun chatting it up with you while getting you ready for - one of the sweetest souls I’ve had the pleasure of doing hair for - thank you so much for having us!

prepped + blow dried with sea spray, No.7, dry volume burst

curled with 1’ iron + finished with strong hairspray, volume spray (non-aerosol), and beach club

Photos from Ariel Beauty Co.'s post 08/06/2022

sending y’all some good hair day vibes ✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼

swipe for her before (not done by me) >>


pearls are trending and I couldn’t be more obsessed that they are, especially when I get to add then into my bride’s hair 🤍 your bridal hairstyle should represent your personal taste and I want to uncover what makes you feel the most beautiful.

We used a combination of pins and stickers she got off Amazon. What do you think?

Photos from Ariel Beauty Co.'s post 06/30/2022

before + afters on my beautiful friend ✨

today was filled with lots of good conversations- all about finding things to do that are outside of your comfort zone - things that aren’t geared towards your job or bettering yourself, things that you just do for fun for or for no reason at all - here’s to living a little and chasing after things with no expectations and finding meaning where you least expect it ✨

so thankful for friends that come see me for all their hair needs + for all the clients that have turned into friends - y’all the best!!

Photos from Ariel Beauty Co.'s post 06/14/2022

this beautiful bride and groom🤍
… and bridal party —>

we had done two different looks at her trial - halfsies + this sleek updo with just a tad of volume and I’m so glad we decided to do it up🤩 WOWWWW with this dress, seriously it’s perfection🤌🏼

I can’t wait to see the rest of what captured from her beautiful day

hair by me for

Photos from Ariel Beauty Co.'s post 06/13/2022

Virginia destination, wedding weekend dump ✨

It was cute, quaint and much enjoyed with the best of friends + beautiful bridal party 🤍

thankful for opportunities like this one ☝️

Photos from Ariel Beauty Co.'s post 06/07/2022

when Sierra first came in for her trial back in October I remember her saying she didn’t have any inspo and wasn’t sure what she wanted to do with her hair (totally OKAY). We talked it through and figured out all down was the way to go and after talking with her, picking up on her vibe, seeing pictures of the dress I knew glam waves needed to happen✨

since October she grew her hair out another 3 inches or so and decided to get clip-in extensions just like we had talked about doing. and WOW we’re obsessed- hiiii Kim K👋🏻

I’m so thankful for you trusting the process and trusting me . congratulations again you beautiful beautiful bride🤍

check out the back —>
extensions are the classic set in 21’ from

hair by me for
makeup for

Photos from Ariel Beauty Co.'s post 06/01/2022

still obsessing over this transformation 🤩

check out the before —>

Photos from Ariel Beauty Co.'s post 05/31/2022

forever crushing on cali ✨🤍


Funky bridesmaid bun inspired by ✨

hair by me for
makeup for


Bronde Girl Summer 🤎🤎🤎

Check out this before and after! I am seriously LIVING for .stiles_ in this color - she’s GLOWING ✨

Photos from Ariel Beauty Co.'s post 05/25/2022

Mommy makeover coming in hot🔥🔥🔥

Check out this before and after! She’s bright, blonde, and buttery and who doesn’t love butter!? Lol

Full head of teasylights, root smudge + gloss


root 6n/6t/7m
gloss 9aa/9gi/9vg/8v


Hollywood waves inspo for my dark haired girlies 🖤

Her haircut truly made this look come to life. She had lots and lots of layers cut like a 90s s**g on top of a lot of hair which made for a most dramatic wave and I am LIVING for it!

hair by me for LoLa Beauty]
makeup for LoLa Beauty]


Buttery soft waves on this beauty ✨

You were such a stunning bride, ! 🤍

makeup for LoLa Beauty]
hair by me for LoLa Beauty]

Photos from Ariel Beauty Co.'s post 05/19/2022

dnvr pt. 3

Photos from Ariel Beauty Co.'s post 05/19/2022

dnvr pt. 3

Photos from Ariel Beauty Co.'s post 05/19/2022

dnvr pt. 2

Photos from Ariel Beauty Co.'s post 05/19/2022

dnvr pt. 2

Photos from Ariel Beauty Co.'s post 05/19/2022

best weekend away celebrating the loml - cheers to 27 🎉

5.14.22 - dnvr pt. 1


Photos from Ariel Beauty Co.'s post 05/02/2022

Giving these waves the MOMENT they deserve ✨

hair for

Photos from Ariel Beauty Co.'s post 04/27/2022

this was quite the challenge yesterday, but we love how it turned out ✨

it had been over a year since her last color + she had a harsher grow out from some previous highlights

GOAL: be as blonde as possible in one sitting with maintenance looking like 2-3x / year (for blonding)

I mapped out the placement in some of the pictures above- it took me just under 2 hours for the application. This placement really helped make for the biggest impact - thanks to .blonde.chronicles for teaching me how to work smarter🤓now she’s the prettiest lived-in blonde!!

Photos from Ariel Beauty Co.'s post 04/27/2022

bridesmaid ready 👏🏻

we had a lot of ground to cover - i knew she wanted to be blonde, but blonde can mean so many different things. I showed her this inspo pic —> and we went for it. It looks so similar I could cry 🤩

- thanks for the inspo!!


today’s transformation ✨

we had been working towards getting her really light for her wedding, but now that she’s back from her honeymoon we wanted less maintenance and more depth🤩

This was all achieved with lowlights only- don’t let them scare you!!

What do you think of the results!?

Root melted w. 8gi/7n/6n
Glossed w. 8vg/8n/8gi


We are excited to introduce - an all natural, gluten-free, sugar free, health & eco-conscious drink that bridges the gap between beauty and nutrition!

is leading the industry with a groundbreaking formula geared towards maximizing the growth and overall health of your hair, skin & nails. This full-spectrum beauty product is loaded with the perfect set of ingredients your body needs to flourish as designed.

Therapeutic dosages in a liquid form offer optimal absorption of micro-cellular nutrients straight into the bloodstream for maximum results.

Naturally flavored for great taste, is setting trends within the beauty and nutrition industries. Marine Collagen, Biotin, Hyaluronic Acid, and Astaxanthin are just a few of the nutrients included to enhance your beauty.

Stay tuned over the next 10 posts for in-depth look into the importance of each key ingredient included in the formulation of this product.

Check us out and try it today at!


and that’s a wrap✌🏼

was so fun. I met so many amazing people, ate wayyy too much pizza, and left feeling so inspired.

We received such great feedback on and I can’t wait to see where this journey take us! Thank you to everyone that stopped by our booth. I hope you enjoy this ✨collagen✨it as much as we do.

Start pouring shots and mixing up some collagen cocktails for your clients and tag we can’t wait to see this come to life for you!!🥂


too blissed to be stressed 💕

Day 2 was a success!! It still hasn’t hit me that this is real life. We’re more than exhausted, but so ready for what tomorrow will bring. Let’s go kill it!!

Who else is here?? Come see us at Booth 924!!


so crazy that after being a part of so many brides’ weddings, we’re going to be doing the whole wedding ourselves!!

We picked a place + a date and can’t wait to be back at one of our favorite spots on earth - Lake Tahoe 💙

422 days to go🎉🍾

thank you for all the insight I received on my stories, head over there to check it out if you’re curious about our day, are a future bride that needs answers, or just love love

Photos from Ariel Beauty Co.'s post 03/31/2022

my favorite time of year —> when it’s 7 pm and it’s still light outside🙌🏼

This was our results after round✌🏼

full head of teasylights + babylights
root tapped with 3n/4n
glossed 8n/9nb

swipe through to see where we started and where we got after the first session, getting to your goal takes time ✨

Photos from Ariel Beauty Co.'s post 03/25/2022

chin up vs. chin down —> 🤎

Sometimes it’s just all about how you take the picture — same placement, same pony, just a different angle.

has the best hair🙌🏼 thanks again for being my model for my one-on-one class!


this pony was my most liked and most saved post of the year on my fav , so it’s only natural that it’s in my top picks for - it’s the last day to enter, may be posting a few more tonight. Wish me luck!


You’re going to want to save this post! ⁣

Dropping all my secrets on how to grow your hair + keep it healthy below: ⁣

•drink water ⁣

•eat a balanced diet - what you put in your body plays such a big role⁣

•supplements -✨COLLAGEN ✨⁣

•regular trims at least 4x a year⁣

•quality shampoo + conditioner⁣

•heat protectant is a MUST ⁣

•low / minimal heat ⁣

•over processing it ⁣

•scalp treatments ⁣

•leave in treatments like every 3-5 washes ⁣

•Oil on mids- ends 2x a day No.7 is my favorite and acts as a heat protectant too ⁣

•gentle brushing from ends up ⁣

•invest in ⁣

•silk pillowcase ⁣

•silk srunchies ⁣

•claw clips ⁣

•don’t sleep with your hair wet ⁣

•sleep with it in a braid ⁣

•don’t twist your wet hair up in a towel or put it in a pony - it’s in its most fragile state when it’s wet ⁣

•wash 2-3x a week ⁣

•no tight messy buns, low loose styles for the win🙌🏼⁣

SO many factors go into healthy hair. It’s baby steps back to hair health, but very possible with consistency. Did I list anything you can switch up? Comment if so👇Anything you’re doing that I didn’t list? Let’s hear it! ⁣

Photos from Ariel Beauty Co.'s post 03/17/2022

She said blonde, so I gave it to her💁🏼‍♀️

We had been working towards getting her light + bright before her wedding day and this was the time we got her to her goal🙌🏼

Depending on where you’re starting out and where you want to be it can take a couple appointments to get you there. Good hair takes time - give yourself a year to really see those results, whether it be blonde, length, less breakage- you got this babe 👏🏻


… if you zoom in close enough you’ll find a crumb on my face I was saving for later😂

I’ve been getting lots of request to share more about our wedding planning process but would really like to know what YOU would like to see- this or that polls on florals, wedding venue ideas, outfits, trending hairstyles?? Tell me 🤍

One thing new I’ve added into my hair care routine since our engagement is ✨collagen✨ it can help with hair growth and I’m doing everything I can to grow my hair and keep it strong, now more than ever!

I’ll share more on that later on!



Where are all my fine-haired girls at?🙋🏼‍♀️

When it comes to choosing a hairstyle for your wedding day, event, whatever it might be, finding a realistic inspo pic can be hard to find.

I guarantee you everything you come across more than likely has extensions added in.

She was a bridesmaid in a wedding (in the picture above) I did last weekend and she was thinking about possibly wearing her hair like this for her own wedding, but after seeing it she was like “ohhhh yeah, extensions would be nice.” 🤔

It still looks so pretty, but extensions would add that extra volume + fullness she felt like she was missing and give it that extra special wow factor for her big day!

When searching for your perfect hairstyle keep that in mind 👆🏼

Try to find pictures that are similar to your hair color, type, and texture ✨

AND when looking for an artist look out for whether or not their pictures are HIGHLY edited and if they’re only posting pictures of styles shoots- they may not have wedding experience yet - make sure they know products and techniques for longevity.

Okay that’s all. Hope you learned something new + gained some new perspective from the inside beauty world ✌🏼

makeup // LoLa Beauty]
hair by me // LoLa Beauty]

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