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Happy Saturday
Heidi came home from Westlake Animal Hospital this morning with evidence of Caryn kisses!!!

"Helping Pets Live Longer" We use the latest in veterinary techniques and equipment to provide your Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

Westlake Animal Hospital, located in Austin, Texas, provides comprehensive veterinary care for dogs and cats. We are committed to providing the latest in veterinary services to promote the health and safety of your pet. Our modern facility and skilled veterinary team are focused on providing the best veterinary care possible, which includes wellness exams, pet dental care, emergency care, nutritio


Did you know that incessant itching in dogs and cats can often point to an underlying health issue? Delaying a vet visit for your itchy pet can lead to severe skin problems, like infections—which can be painful and often more difficult to treat.

By learning the indicators that it’s time to meet with a vet, we can work together to catch dermatological conditions before they worsen - and help your pet ditch the itch.

If your pet’s been scratching more than usual, book a dermatology appointment with us today. We can assess your pet’s symptoms and come up with a personalized treatment plan to get them the relief they need!

To learn what to expect at a pet dermatology visit and how we can help, visit our website: https://www.thrivepetcare.com/thrive-guide/what-happens-when-i-bring-my-itchy-dog-to-the-vet


Allergies in people often cause sneezing and congestion, but did you know our pets can experience allergies differently?

Licking, scratching, hair loss and other symptoms can be signs of allergic reactions or skin disease. Sometimes mild changes can signal a growing problem; we can help find the cause and curb the symptoms before they worsen. Our team can develop a personalized treatment plan for your pet to help them ditch the itch!

If your pet’s been itching, don’t delay - book a visit with us today. To learn more about why pets get itchy, check out our article here: https://www.thrivepetcare.com/thrive-guide/vet-tips-for-itchy-pets

Photos from Westlake Animal Hospital's post 06/29/2023

SNAKE AWARENESS!! Coral snakes are very active in the central texas region this time of year; though they are not the only snakes to fear. PLEASE DO NOT PANIC OR TRY AND KILL THE SNAKE. With an increase of encounters we want to spread the word. The first picture are the most common snakes in this area. The second are some signs you made see if your pet has been bitten or exposed to the venom. These signs appear pretty quickly. Though it can take hours before any sign may appear. If your pet has been exposed to venom (catching the snake and bringing it to you or actually getting bit) please seek medical assistance immediately even if it is just monitoring.


Your pet has a special place in your heart, so don’t risk parasites worming their way into your pet’s! Heartworm leads to serious health complications, and can even be fatal. Luckily, prevention has never been easier, so talk to your vet today about what program is best for your dog or cat. 🐶💚🐱

Learn more about the symptoms, treatment, and prevention of heartworm in cats here: https://www.thrivepetcare.com/thrive-guide/heartworm-in-cats and in dogs here: https://www.thrivepetcare.com/thrive-guide/heartworm-in-dogs


Don’t wait - time’s running out to save on a FREE month* of Thrive Plus! Sign up before June 30 to start saving on wellness exams, everyday services, nail trims, and more. While this special offer is only available in June, parasites are in season 365
days a year - so make caring for them even easier with a Thrive Plus Membership.

Take advantage of unlimited FREE exams and book a visit to discuss your parasite prevention options today! Click here for pricing and to find a participating clinic near you: https://www.thrivepetcare.com/membership

*Offer valid 6/1/23-6/30/23. Offer valid for new members only. Cannot be combined with other offers and promotions. Membership savings are an annual average for members and vary by usage and location. Savings do not take into account
monthly membership fees. Benefits limited to select locations. Terms apply, see Membership Term & Agreements.


Please don’t wait until July 3rd for anxiety medication refills. Refill requests take 24-48 hours to complete. To ensure we have the medication in stock and in your hand, please request refills by 6/30.


Did these flea and tick facts surprise you? It’s hard for your pet to thrive while suffering from a parasite infestation.
In addition to causing itchy skin, fleas can infect humans and pets with diseases like tapeworm, cat-scratch fever, and the plague (yes, it’s still a thing and on the rise!). Ticks carry several diseases that can cause serious health problems for your
pet, such as Lyme Disease, Ehrlichiosis, and more.

Luckily, prevention has never been easier - your primary care veterinarian can recommend a variety of preventive flea and tick medications, depending on your pet’s unique needs and your family’s lifestyle. Talk to your veterinarian about your
pet's options and get them the protection they need today.


Please remember your furry friends 🐶🐱


It’s getting to be that time of year.. summer time is a great time to bring our pets with us outside but it can be harmful in high temps. Please be cautious and monitor for these signs of heat stroke.


Have you heard about our Thrive Plus Membership program? Thrive Plus aims to empower you to provide the best
possible care for your pet, so you can ensure they stay pest-free. Members get free exams and save 10% on pre-prescription diagnostics and services, including ones that may be required for parasite treatment.
Plus, during the month of June, you can save even more when you sign up for a yearlong Thrive Plus Membership by
receiving one month FREE*!

Click here to see pricing and find a participating clinic near you: https://www.thrivepetcare.com/membership

PS - Already a Thrive Plus member? Stop in for a wellness visit during June and receive a free month of DogTV™ to keep
your pet entertained for hours! 📺

*Offer valid 6/1/23-6/30/23. Offer valid for new members only. Cannot be combined with other offers and
promotions. Membership savings are an annual average for members and vary by usage and location. Savings do not
take into account monthly membership fees. Wellness Exam fee covered by membership, additional fees may still apply. Benefits limited to select locations. Terms apply, see Membership Term & Agreements.


ICYMI, parasites AREN’T picky! 📣 No matter your pet’s lifestyle, location, or species - parasites like ticks, fleas,
mosquitoes and heart worm present a myriad of health risks that can impact their quality of life.
Don’t forget to save 10%* on preventatives by booking a visit before May 31st: https://www.thrivepetcare.com/location

*Offer valid 5/9/23 - 5/31/23 or while supplies last. 10% discount is automatically applied to eligible purchases. Offer available at select locations. One redemption per client only. Cannot be combined with additional offers. Savings apply to Simparica, Simparica TRIO, Revolution PLUS, & ProHeart 12 products only.


The Toxic blue-green algae is back in Lady Bird Lake and Lake Austin. Ingestion of the algae is toxic to both humans and dogs. Unfortunately, most dogs don’t make it to the vet in time to get assessed. The toxicity takes over their bodies extremely quickly. Here are some symptoms if you suspect your dog has ingested the toxic algae: “For dogs, blue-green algae can be deadly within a matter of hours or days after exposure. Symptoms can include excessive salivation, vomiting, fatigue, staggered walking, difficulty breathing, convulsions and liver failure.” -sourced from Austin American Statesman.

Parasites Are NOT a Wait and See Problem 05/18/2023

Pesky parasites like fleas, ticks and mosquitoes that carry heartworm are found all over the U.S. and can pose serious health risks to your pets AND your family. This is why it's important to ensure your dog or cat is on parasite protection year-round.

Unsure which treatment is best for your pet? Book a visit with your vet to explore your options, and watch to learn more on how you can help keep your pet thriving and safe from parasites: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sh2Mr5yyvA8

Parasites Are NOT a Wait and See Problem Parasites are found almost everywhere. It is important to take proactive steps to help keep your pets and other members of your household safe from the issue...


If you’re anything like us, you’re picky when it comes to your pet’s food, toys, and care - but parasites AREN’T picky when it comes to targeting a host. You can treat your pet to a life free from the dangers of parasites with prescription preventatives. From itchy flea bites to life-threatening Lyme disease, your vet is here to partner with you to protect your dog or cat with consistent, effective treatment options. PLUS we’re making prevention even more accessible with exclusive, limited time offers!

Bring your pet in for a visit before May 31st and save 10%* on:
Six month supply of Simparica™
Six month supply of Simparica TRIO™
Six month supply of Revolution™ PLUS for cats
ProHeart™ 12 once-yearly injection for dogs

Don’t wait for parasites to pick on your pet - book a visit today and save: https://www.thrivepetcare.com/location

*Offer valid 5/9/23 - 5/31/23 or while supplies last. 10% discount is automatically applied to eligible
purchases. Offer available at select locations. One redemption per client only. Cannot be combined with
additional offers. Savings apply to Simparica, Simparica TRIO, Revolution PLUS and ProHeart 12 products only.


How CUTE is Roomba 😍. Just a little pug snuggles for our team 💕


We love hearing from our clients. Our team works hard to provide the best care possible. You may see some new faces around, we have multiple team members stepping into new roles who want to continue growing within Westlake!

Photos from Westlake Animal Hospital's post 04/19/2023

Please see the FDA link for information regarding grain-free diets. We encourage our clients to transition slowly from grain-free to foods with grain. We have seen a couple of DCM cases recently that were on a grain-free diet.



Sargent Pepper is just a scruffy daily dose of adorable! 😍😍 *permission to post*


Staff pet, Angel, is getting acupuncture done by Dr. Thomason. Angel had hemilaminectomy (surgery for IVDD) in March 2022. Acupuncture has helped her heal and return to her normal self 😍😍

Photos from Westlake Animal Hospital's post 02/21/2023

Ziva, Marla, Stanley, and Mr. Bean all came to visit us last week. We are so grateful to our clients that give us permission to share these sweet faces with everyone! 😍😍

Photos from Westlake Animal Hospital's post 02/07/2023

Wow, have we been busy! We appreciate you’re patience and understanding through last week! We were missing our patients and pet parents! 💕Here are some lovely pictures of Aaro, Lola, Delphine, Rayvin, and Nori (in order of pictures). Some braved the icy conditions and some waited it out and came to see us this week! *permission to post from owners* 😍



Power has returned to the hospital and we will be OPEN normal hours today.

Thank you for your patience through this process!!



Please keep an eye on our socials in case circumstances improve!


As of right now we plan to open at 10am tomorrow, 2/2.

Thank you all for your understanding during this time!



Our staff will be calling scheduled appointments to make appropriate changes.

In case of emergency please contact Pet Specialists of Austin at 737-241-5756



Because of inclement weather the hospital will be closing today at 4pm. We urge everyone to stay inside and off the roads if issues are not emergent.

Hours for tomorrow will be determined by severity of weather and whether or not a doctor will be present in the building.

As of now we will have a DELAYED OPENING tomorrow, 2/1, and open at 10am.

Again, this may change depending on severity so please keep an eye on our social media for updates as well as call before heading in to any appointments. The receptionists are currently calling to reschedule appointments for tomorrow.

We appreciate your cooperation while we prioritize the safety of our staff, pet parents, and patients. ❤️


We will be having a delayed opening tomorrow! Please referred to the listed emergency clinics if you need immediate assistance. Thank you for your patience and understanding! Stay warm 💕💕🥶



Because of unpredictable weather, Westlake AH will be having a delayed opening tomorrow, Tuesday 1/31. Our opening time is set for 9:30am instead of our normal 7am.

Westlake staff will be calling and rescheduling appointments and drop offs set prior to 9:30am.

Stay safe and warm!

Photos from Westlake Animal Hospital's post 01/27/2023

“Margot and Ollie” (frenchies) we’re so excited to visit Dr. Asbury for their health certificate appointment! “Bear” and dad came to visit Dr Hayes for his puppy boosters! How adorable are these precious pups! 💕💕

Photos from Westlake Animal Hospital's post 01/25/2023

FEBRUARY IS DENTAL MONTH! We are offering $50 off dentals, this is good through end of March! We have opening up more slots for routine dental cleanings. Give us a call to inquire! 512-327-1703

Cammie thinks advanced periodontal disease is yucky..
*please note: availability is limited and subject to change*


Benito is adorable! We love our brachycephalic breeds 😍😍 *permission to post from owner*


Mister Bean came for a tech appointment and he had all the ladies give him attention by sitting pretty 😍😍 such an adorable baby!! *permission to post from owner*


Sweet little “PJ” had to get Kenlee cuddles!! Kenlee is one of our beloved hospital assistants. All animals LOVE Kenlee. “PJ” was in to establish care with us. We love our new clients and new patients!! 💕🐶🐱


“Tex” is a very good boy while he gets his nails trimmed. No restraint needed 💕 . (Posted with owners consent)

Photos from Westlake Animal Hospital's post 11/24/2022

Happy Thanksgiving from our families to yours!! Please keep your pets safe today and until the leftovers are finished. 🍗🍽️💕


WE WILL BE CLOSING AT 5pm on November 23rd and CLOSED on November 24th.

We will resume regular business hours November 25th.

During the time we will be closed please contact the nearest emergency clinic to you for immediate assistance if an emergency does arise.

Our furry friends can’t have all our thanksgiving foods, please keep in mind some foods may be toxic or contain toxic ingredients.

We anticipate a high call volume on 11/25, please be patient with us while we how to best help all our clients and patients!

We are so thankful for all of you. Have a safe and happy thanksgiving 🐶🐱🍗🍽️


Velvet is letting us know how she feels 😛. She’s the cutest 😍 *posted with owner permission*


Juliet loves her furry feline boarding friends! Isabel loves to talk all day with our CSRs. 😍 📸photo cred: Amber, CSR


Staff pet, Cammie, donated blood to the clinic today. 💕💕


Our pug-loving Vet Tech, Signe has turned into a Pug this Halloween. 🫣

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Allergies in people often cause sneezing and congestion, but did you know our pets can experience allergies differently?...
Oftentimes an itch is just an itch, but for many pets, itching is caused by a deeper issue that requires treatment. Book...
A quick video of Armando on the way to his annual exam in his new whip 🚗🐈‍⬛ #catstroller #felinefriends



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