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📣📣📣Limited edition #AmplifyAustin snack pack collab w/ Asahi Imports starts today until sold out at both locations! Get your fav snacks, movie recs, stickers & a A24 zine for $25. Proceeds benefit AAAFF! You can also directly support AAAFF for Amplify Austin by donating at

Japanese market Asahi Imports' second store is officially open. Located on South Lamar, the new location features tens of thousands of Japanese products. A Grand Opening Celebration is slated for January.
Very excited about the south location!
Feeling celebratory tonight. Lots of good things happening in Phase 2 of the Plan. Thanks, Universe!

Thought about ordering out, but there’s just too much in my fridge, gotta #eatlocal and nothing is more local than your fridge.

Playing with some “post click” tools on the photo, after a very educational talk with @idontlikechocolatebrownies

Another new skill set to practice and revel in.

Salmon from Asahi Imports, green beans leftover from meal service gig today, almonds for a little crunch. All while preparing for tomorrow’s gig.

#thisismydesign #lovemyjob #faithfultomyfridge #nofoodwaste #fridgetetris #nofoodwaste
There’s a lot of prep that goes into a sushi party! Luckily, I have Asahi Imports on my side.
Thanks for the help this week!
Oh, you know how excited I am when I sign a sushi dinner event! Going to be showing some techniques before dinner and filling the table with delicious rolls of all kinds!

Asahi Imports - you know I’ll be seeing you soon to stock up on all my #sushi needs (and who doesn’t have #sushineeds!)

I’ll help you build an event meal to remember and some #ConfidenceInTheKitchen in the Austin area or in a virtual #cookingclass

Teaching is the best thing of my job and I #LoveMyJob

Looking forward to a #sushiclass with Curved to Cuffed TorahCents next weekend!

Want to learn a little #ConfidenceInTheKitchen- call for personalized in-home #cookingclass in the Austin area


Plus, this means a shopping trip to Asahi Imports this week!
Thanks to @departuresmag for the opportunity to learn from #Chef @ericripert of @lebernadinny who taught about #japanese food products - Eric Ripert you are a great teacher and thanks to Minamoto Foods #scallops and Japanese cucumbers and plums from Asahi Imports we were able to have a special dinner.
おかげさまで美味しいお節をいただきました。今年もよろしくお願いします。(Food supplied by Asahi Imports)
Oh, oh, OH! I am teaching a sushi class this weekend, which is just about my FAVORITE-IST thing to do. Already doing some shopping... starting at Asahi Imports of course!

Do you want to give the gift of #ConfidenceInTheKitchen with a virtual or in-home (Austin area) #cookingclass ? Or go on a #KitchenAdventure together for a holiday dinner party?

408-515-5820 to grab a Breakfast, Life, and Dinner gift certificate now!

- 60 min virtual class - $20
- 90 min in-home kids class for 4 - $180
- 2hr+ Sushi rolling for 4 adults - $300
- Meal service for a family of 4 - about $250
- 3 course dinner party for 8 - about $600

Details in my FAQ:
Next, for small business Saturday feature is one of our favorite places to visit, Asahi Imports!
Asahi Imports is a family-owned and operated business that was founded in 1967, here in Austin, TX! They are an amazing business who have also supported Okashicon as a sponsor. We highly recommend visiting them.
I ate out TWICE this past week. I’d almost forgotten that you can hand people money and they will give you delicious, ready-to-eat food. What a revelation!

Shout outs to Tacos Don Chuy for the chicken and cactus, beef and potato, and bean and egg deliciousness and to Asahi Imports for the tempura shrimp and roasted fish onigiri. Both were SO GOOD!

Specializing in Japanese Groceries & Gifts Since 1967

Operating as usual


Summer is approaching….. which means ume will be in season soon! 😍☀️ This tiny fruit packs a punch and can be used for making umeshu or umeboshi at home! 😋

We are now accepting PREORDERS for bulk purchases over 5lbs. Please text our hotline @ 512-953-7423 for our Burnet location or @ 707-722-7423 for our South Lamar location with your name and qty requested! Ume season is short and fast so we recommend ordering soon! 😌🙌

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Asahi Imports & @bentopicnic are having a summer cold ramen pa-pa-party! 🎉 NEXT Saturday, May 21st from 12PM to 3PM we’ll be at Bento Picnic located at 2600 E Cesar Chavez for a pop up store. Make sure you RSVP down in the comments below to get a raffle ticket for entry to win some amazing prizes! Can’t wait to see you there! 🍜 ☀️ 🤤


Happy Kodomo no Hi, or Children’s Day, everyone! 👦🏻 ♥️ 🪁
Today is an important holiday in Japan that celebrates the health and lives of all kids. Remember to give your little ones some Kashiwa Mochi today! 🍡 ♥️ This tasty traditional snack brings happiness to those who eat it.

Also, we hope you’re having a great Cinco de Mayo! 🇲🇽 🇯🇵 Fun fact: Japan and Mexico have a rich history in America and Japan. Language, culture, and traditions have been shared for hundreds of years between both countries! Feliz Cinco de Mayo! 😊🇲🇽

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BB-8 you’re not an onigiri! Get back in the ship!! 🍙 😠

May the Fourth be with you! 😊 ✨
Here at Asahi, we’ve got some pretty big Star Wars fans! Both staff and customers. Got your own Star Wars watch party or get together planned today? Stop by for bento boxes, onigiri, snacks, and more! May all the munchy forces be with you on your next visit 🌍


It’s time to embrace your wild side with our newest KitKat flavor: Choco Banana! 🍫 🍌 Choco Banana KitKats come in tiny bite size pieces, even a baby monkey could hold one! 🙊These chocolates pack a delicious banana flavored punch. Stop by and go ape for our Choco Banana KitKats 🤘🏻 🍌


📢 🎏 Pre-orders are now open for our special Kodomi no Hi Kashiwa Mochi!
❤️ 👦🏻
This mochi has a sweet red bean filling then wrapped in a fragrant oak leaf. Children and their families eat this special treat on a holiday known as Kodomo No Hi (Children’s Day) which falls on May 5th. Eat this to help celebrate your child’s individual strengths, growth, and happiness!
We are accepting a LIMITED number of preorders, open now. Please place your orders via text @ 512-953-RICE (7423) for Asahi Main or 707-722-7423 with the following information:

👧🏻Email Address
🧒🏻Requested Pick-Up Time
🎏Asahi Main or South

Pick-up times available between 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM on Thursday, May 5th. We will be sending invoices for pre-payment via email, $6 per set of 2. Order soon before we sell out! 🎏


📢 🎏 Pre-orders are now open for our special Kodomi no Hi Kashiwa Mochi!
❤️ 👦🏻
This mochi has a sweet red bean filling then wrapped in a fragrant oak leaf. Children and their families eat this special treat on a holiday known as Kodomo No Hi (Children’s Day) which falls on May 5th. Eat this to help celebrate your child’s individual strengths, growth, and happiness! 💪🏽

We are accepting a LIMITED number of preorders, open now. Please place your orders via text @ 512-953-RICE (7423) for Asahi Main or 707-722-7423 for Asahi South with the following information:

👧🏻Email Address
🧒🏻Requested Pick-Up Time
🎏Asahi Main or South

Pick-up times available between 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM on Thursday, May 5th. We will be sending invoices for pre-payment via email, $6 per set of 2. Order soon before we sell out! 🎏


Pikachu, what the heck are you doing in the snack aisle?! 👀 🌱

What is your favorite snack? Have you ever tried Aerial series? 😮 🌽 This one in particular is the Corn Potage flavor! Corn Potage is a super creamy corn soup made with fresh/canned/frozen corn, onion, milk, and heavy cream. It’s ridiculously simple. 😍
Now put that into a chip form on the go and voila! Even Pikachu can’t keep his hands off of it 🐭 ⚡️ 💨 🌽


Happy Easter, everyone! ☀️ 🐰 🍙
We are open today and we hope you’re having a wonderful holiday with family and friends. ♥️ If you haven’t yet, stop by for some tasty candy for your Easter egg hunt! 🍬 🍙 🧺
Not in the mood for sweets? We’ve got you covered with onigiri for a fun Easter picnic~


Bento lovers…this one's for you! 😋 🍱 Here’s how you can participate in this fun giveaway: In the comments, tell us your favorite Asahi bento memory for a chance to win a FREE bento! 👀
Reposting, sharing, and commenting all count as one extra entry each! 😈

The lucky winner will be picked at the end of the week. Can’t wait to hear the joy bento has brought into everyone's lives! :)

📸: @austin.munchies

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Demon Slayer fans, we gotta look and feel our best when we’re out slaying demons! ✨ 🗡 💅🏻
Thankfully, our new Demon Slayer x K-Palette beauty products will help you look and feel your best 👀
We've got a wonderful Sugar Scrub Lip Cream combo that will help exfoliate and remove dead and dry skin cells on your lips and then keep them moisturized all day! We also have the long lasting eyeliner that is smudge proof and moisture resistant.

Don’t miss out on this limited edition Demon Slayer collab! 👀 👹

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If you’re in the Austin area and looking for a job why not try out the best grocery store for all things Japanese!

Learn all about the Land of the Rising Sun as you join our team and take on new knowledge every day! :)
☀️ 🇯🇵 🏔 🍱 🍙 👀 ❤️

We are hiring for Asahi MAIN on Burnet Rd, not our south Lamar location for the time being! We have positions available now! Please send your resume and a little 自己紹介 ( Jikoushoukai / Self introduction ) about yourself! Can’t wait to meet you 😊😊

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Thank you so much @austin_monthly for awarding us the title of “Best Asian Market”! ❤️ 💪🏽
This year we’re celebrating 55 years of business in this great city and we’re so grateful and honored to be recognized with this award.
A tremendous THANK YOU to everyone for their love and support during our three (and counting!) generations of doing business. There are a lot of ethnic markets throughout our city and we hope we can be a segue for Austinites to explore more of the city’s global offerings. We feel the love, thank you!! ❤️ ❤️


What is the best facial cleanser…..?
‼️‼️🍙 ONIGIRI 🍙 ‼️‼️
Tuna is great for clear skin, and the karaage helps lock in moisture! 💦 The nori is also a great exfoliator! Here is how to use onigiri exfoliation in 3 easy steps! 👀

Step 1: Lay outside in sunshine ☀️
Step 2: Apply onigiri to face 🍙 👨🏽
Step 3: April Fools! Have a great day ❤️

Photos from Asahi Imports's post 03/31/2022

As Women’s History Month draws to a close we’d like to celebrate the women that make Team Asahi. 👩🏽❤️ We’re so proud to have a diverse team led by amazing, innovative, talented and fierce women.

In 1967, Shigeko Burnie was a pioneer when she opened Austin’s first imported food store. (Old timers will remember us back then when we were known as Shigeko’s Imports)😳
We want to recognize the woman that founded our company and acknowledge the contributions of all of the women that have built our brand and continue to drive our business. Thank you to the wonderful women that make up our team! ❤️


We wanted to highlight an amazing staff member: Gabi! 😍
Gabi’s from Austin and has brought lots of joy and creativity to the team! 💪🏽
Her Asahi snack favs are Choco Melon bread and karaage onigiri. Her favorite Japanese word is “Bakeneko,” or Monster Cat. Next time you see Gabi, be sure and say thanks for working hard 😎 ❤️

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A HUGE thank you to @austinfoodadventures and @eats_n_noods along with everyone who stopped by during the Dine with Ukraine ATX charity event! To those who helped fundraise for @aaafilmfest for Amplify Austin, we also thank you! Two GREAT causes and we couldn’t have done it without you! ❤️ 🍙 🇺🇦
All of the proceeds from the events went directly towards the @wckitchen and @amplifyatx 😌World Central Kitchen provides meals to communities affected by disasters. Thank you all for supporting those displaced in the Ukraine! We appreciate all the love and support from the community!
❤️ ❤️ ❤️


🎸 Foo Fighters fans 🎸
We’ve got great news for you! The limited edition Foo Fighters “Hansho”/”Midnight” sake is back by popular demand! 👀
We have VERY LIMITED bottles of this extremely popular sake left. To reserve yours, please DM or text our north or south location, or simply come in! 🤘🏻 FCFS!


Sushi deserves only the highest quality ingredients. 👀 Fukuoka Ariake nori is on another level of perfection! 🇯🇵
Found only in Fukuoka’s Ariake sea, this seaweed is grown using innovative aquafarming. The end result is flavorful, melt in your mouth seaweed! 🤤
Sent directly from Fukuoka to Asahi, we’re the ONLY store in TEXAS that has it! 😏
Grab some and enjoy the taste of premium sushi! 🍣 🍱

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Hello all!
We wanted to inform those who live in Allandale, Brentwood, Crestview, and our fellow businesses along Burnet Road to keep an eye out for people during the night. We had an attempted break in on Tuesday (3/15) evening and we are glad that there wasn’t any further damage. 🫠😫

This person was caught on camera in front of our store with a crowbar when this incident occurred!
They also hit Still in Style at 7437 Burnet Road immediately after hitting our business and did significant damage and theft there. 😪

If you have any information that could help with these cases please let us know. Please be careful, and safe! 🫰🏻


We’re so excited to hear that SXSW has returned for Spring 2022! 😎 SXSW is more than the Music, Film, and Interactive shows. It’s also a festival full of yummy snacks and street food! 🍙 ❤️ 🎵

Also, Japan Nite ( @japannite ) at SXSW is going virtual this year! 🎸
Before SXSW and Japan Nite starts, stop by for all your favorite Japanese snacks 🍙 If you’re going in person, then please be safe and stay healthy! 😊


O-O-O-Orion~!! 🎶 😃
Beer lovers, Orion is one of the best beers to come from Okinawa, Japan 🇯🇵 Mugi Shokunin is a beautiful amber colored beer with a crisp, hoppy refreshing taste, a more full bodied experience than a normal Orion 🍺 🤤
Get yourself a can or two on your next visit! Spring time = beer time 🍺


Spring is in the air and strawberries are back in season! ☀️ 🍓 ❤️
Which means lots of yummy strawberry snacks from Japan are here for you to try! These limited edition strawberry snacks only come once a year… what are you waiting for?! 🍓 🏃‍♂️ 💨

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Thank you @megbonacorsi and @spectrumnewsatx for speaking with us about our experience as an essential business!
Thank you @austinchronicle and writer @bethcsullivan for the informative article! We love our customers and all of the s...
And don't forget to say hello to kaonashi! #spiritedaway #noface #asahiimports



6105 Burnet Rd
Austin, TX

Opening Hours

Tuesday 10am - 5pm
Wednesday 10am - 7pm
Thursday 10am - 7pm
Friday 10am - 7pm
Saturday 10am - 7pm
Sunday 10am - 6pm

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