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Some tips for email marketing in 2022 📧


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Everything you need to know about Lead Magnets 🧲

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According to, a well-rounded approach to corporate sustainability should account for the four pillars of sustainability:

• Social
• Human
• Economic
• Environmental

Each of these pillars represents an area where businesses should strive for sustainable operations.


The end of the year is when people ask us what our word is for next year. But we want to know something different…

What is your animal for 2022?

Ours is the woodpecker.

The woodpecker symbolizes new opportunities, creativity, and resourcefulness.

These birds are hard-working, and great communicators through the tap-tap-tapping sounds they make.

They are determined, resilient, and tough—what other bird can bore thousands of holes in a tree just with their little beak?

The tapping sounds they make are also in a rhythm, reminding us to dance to the beat of our own drum.

What’s your animal for 2022?

Saguaro Media updated their phone number. 12/10/2021

Saguaro Media updated their phone number.

Saguaro Media updated their phone number.

Saguaro Media updated their address. 12/10/2021

Saguaro Media updated their address.

Saguaro Media updated their address.

Now it's easier to contact Saguaro Media. 11/10/2021

Now it's easier to contact Saguaro Media.

Now it's easier to contact Saguaro Media.

Saguaro Media updated their website address. 11/10/2021

Saguaro Media updated their website address.

Saguaro Media updated their website address.

Saguaro Media updated their business hours. 11/09/2021

Saguaro Media updated their business hours.

Saguaro Media updated their business hours.

Now it's easier to contact Saguaro Media. 11/09/2021

Now it's easier to contact Saguaro Media.

Now it's easier to contact Saguaro Media.

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A study done by @globalwebindex in January 2021 asked over 4000 subjects in the US & UK about the barriers to purchasing eco-friendly products.

They say “barriers”, I say “opportunities”...

The US & UK combined is almost 400 million people.

So, basic math (not my strong suit, but I think I got this)...

If 10% of people in the US & UK don't think their impact makes a difference, that's 40 million people!

14% of people are still unclear of the benefits, that's about 56 million people.

240 million people find eco-friendly products too costly...

To me, this sounds like a huge opportunity!

You can become more of a thought-leader by educating new audiences on benefits for their health, their families' health, the environment, the long term impact that we don't immediately see, the difference between "clean" and "too clean", the fact that "traditional" products are generally more toxic and have many unnecessary ingredients... I could go on...

Look at the possibility of making your products more affordable, using a subscription model, or designing a new "budget-friendly" product line.

Think outside the box!

What do you think? Are there some other opportunities you can think of here?

Let us know in the comments 👇🏽


“You’re 22, what are you doing with your future?”

“Figure it out!”

“You’re almost 30!”

“Why haven’t you worked it out, yet?”

“You’re 40 and all of your friends have awesome careers except you…”

“Just choose something already!”

Aaaaaahhhh 😩 ……..

And, breathe.

Whenever you’re feeling pushed, or under pressure to “figure out” your life, or “make a decision” on your career, do you ever just feel….


It’s like writer’s block. I get it. I’ve been there.

I’ve studied 4 different courses, I’ve worked in 8 different industries. I’m possibly the most experienced person in the most random of industries.

I could be ashamed that I didn’t figure it out sooner, but then again, I wouldn’t have learnt the things I did, or met the people I know, or be the person I am.

Our “why” is also known as Ikigai. I saw this venn diagram a few years ago. I liked what it explained. But I wasn’t ready to listen to it. So I let it go.

It wasn’t until recently when I saw the diagram again & it was like the penny had finally dropped.

“Our “Ikigai” is hidden deep within each of us, and finding it requires a patient search.”

Ikigai - Hector Garcia & Francesc Miralles


Are you a Sustainable Brand?

Jump on over to @SustainableBrandNetwork and join our free community where you’ll learn ways to improve and grow your brand from industry specialists.

Each month we focus on a specific topic to teach. Last month we covered websites, this month is all about your blog.

So check it out, it’s free to join @SustainableBrandNetwork - click the link in the bio to sign up!

Emma Jade updated their website address. 02/26/2021

Emma Jade updated their website address.

Emma Jade updated their website address.


Are you a Sustainable Brand?

Jump on over to @SustainableBrandNetwork and join our free community where you’ll learn ways to improve and grow your brand from industry specialists.

Each month we focus on a specific topic to teach. Lsgt month we covered websites, this month is all about your blog.

So check it out, it’s free to join @SustainableBrandNetwork - click the link in the bio to sign up!

Photos from Emma Jade's post 11/07/2020

Spent the morning at @roamranch in Fredericksburg, Texas, learning all about regenerative farming. It was an amazing experience, eye opening, and so educational!

Absolutely love what they are working so hard to do.

You need to check them out if you’re interested in living a healthier & happier life 💛


They say life is short, and it is somewhat true.

But if we're talking career and your life's purpose, life is not short. It's bloody long.

You have time to try things.

You have time to figure it out.

Don't ever allow anybody to rush you.

They don't know what you've been through or what you're going through.

Sometimes, in order to keep others happy, we make decisions before we're ready to make them.

So I'm here to tell you that it's ok to take your time.

Find your purpose - that thing that you love to do from start to finish.

You have time.

Life is long.


🦙 It doesn’t matter who you are, we have all experienced anxiety before. It’s called “being human”.

But, do you have days where you are so overwhelmed by it, and can’t focus? ☹️

These are a few of my favourite musicians to listen to when I need to calm my nerves.

Copy this link to get my playlist on Spotify:

Combine this with an hour of yoga and meditation and you should have it under control.

Having anxiety is not a badge of honour & it doesn’t need to exist in our life everyday. Self-care should be your number one priority!


Sometimes we just need a second pair of eyes on something we have created/designed.

🗯I have given advice on things like lead magnet design; pitch deck layout; and many other projects and products.

💬For unbiased & professional advice, send me a DM or email [email protected] to arrange a design consult today.


How to organize your content each week:

Trello: $0 - $17.50 per month
CoSchedule: $14 $29 per month
TeamUp: $0 - $80 per month
ContentCory: $29 per year
Asana: $0 - $24.99 per month
Dubsado: $0 - $35 per month
Google Slides: - FREE

To get started, grab yourself a copy of our free content calendar template!

The link is in our bio 👉🏽


Emma Jade's cover photo


Emma Jade


🐥Tuesday Tweeters

Every month on Tuesday, I’ll feature some of the funniest tweets from women.

(thanks Huffpost)

💬 be honest, which one made you LOL??


8 Design basics for your Instagram Feed.

Need some help with your social media branding?

🤗 I got you, boo.

DM me to schedule a call and we can discuss your options.


I’ve been challenged. I was about to post my B&W photo earlier when a friend reminded me the real reason this challenge was started.
It is a sickening and barbaric thing that is happening to women in Turkey. So let’s shed some light, show support, and get educated.
If you’re doing Social Media challenges make sure you know the context behind them before you jump on the bandwagon.
If you want to know the original meaning behind this challenge, read the post here @beelzeboobz and Google “Challenge Accepted Turkey” for further details.


Timeline Photos


Win a Custom-Designed Instagram Grid for your brand 🤩
For your chance to win, all you gotta do is:
✔️FOLLOW both @EmJadeDesign and my social media agency @Pepperjack_Media
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That’s all 🙋🏻‍♀️
Tag as many friends as you like - the more you tag, the better your chances.
Winner will be announced on World Humanitarian Day, August 19th.
Get tagging, friends 🕺🏻


My friends know that I am a big fan of memes. They lighten the mood, the communicate a feeling, and they make people happy.

Especially if your business is mostly serious, you may need to spice things up.

Serious can = boring, which nobody really wants to see in their feed.

So make it entertaining to follow you. Spice it up with some memes or some humor!

🦸🏻‍♀️ EJ


Happy Monday to you...



Have you got clear branding for your social media presence?

When designing your social brand, it should be memorable & it should speak to your target audience.

Your brand should stand for something, especially on social media - it’s what social media is all about!

Get crystal clear on your social brand BEFORE you create your content.

Otherwise you’ll create content with no one in particular in mind... so all those hours spent is practically wasted.

What a shame ☹️

Get in touch if you need some help with your branding.

📧 [email protected]


Us: “Is your content strategy a mess?”
You: “Yep.”
Us: “Are you finding it hard to set aside time every week to plan your content for the following week?”
You: “Uh, yup!”
Us: “Well, would you like a free cloud-based content calendar template that you can use every week with ease to plan your content ahead of time?”
You: “YES!!”
Us: “Great! Click the link in the bio 👉🏽 and we’ll send it to you! 📧”

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