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Check out this great new program from our friends at Child Neurology Consultants of Austin
Is COVID-19 exacerbating everyday challenges for kids with #ADHD? Verywell recently spoke with our Michael Reardon, M.D., pediatric neurologist at Child Neurology Consultants of Austin.

"The symptoms of ADHD make pandemic life more challenging, thereby increasing the stress and the risk for mental health problems—a vicious cycle," said Dr. Reardon. Read more of his interview below ⤵️
Happy Valentines Day Dr. Labiner!! Thank you for everything and always listening to any and all our concerns. See you soon!
Happy Valentines Day. Thank you Mary Snitkin Harrison for everything. We are truly going to miss you and it just won’t be the same coming to his Infusions and not seeing you. We love you❤️
Thank you Amanda for everything these past few years. We wouldn’t have been able to get through it without your love and support.
We just wanted to share with everyone this amazing progress! Thank you Dr.Keough for doing everything you to do for Emma and Thank you for always fighting for her!! You and your staff have truly been a blessing to us!
Dr.Keough did what every doctor we seen said couldn't be done.
Thank you for the costume. Someone saw Jace in his Cop costume and sent this one to dress up in as well. We love the doctors, nurses and fellow patients. It’s the little things like this that help make his appointments easier.
About a third of cheerleading injuries are concussions, caused by hitting the ground or another cheerleader. Often it's the flyer, the person in the air, but sometimes it's the base, the person supporting the flyer, who can get hit in the head by the flyer. The tumblers, those cheerleaders who do gymnastic passes, also can run into each other or fall.

However, athletes don't have to hit something with their heads to have a concussion, our Katherine Labiner, M.D., of Child Neurology Consultants of Austin told the Austin American-Statesman. A head moving back and forth quickly--similar to whiplash--can also cause a concussion.

📰 Read more below 📰
Special thanks goes to Child Neurology Consultants of Austin for being a Local Fighter Sponsor for the IM OK Walk to END EPILEPSY - Austin! Join us on October 16th, sign up on our website:

#epilepsy #epilepsyfoundation #epilepsyawareness #seizureawareness #W2EE #Wallk2EndEpilepsy #austin #atx
In an interview with Healthgrades, our Kate Labiner, M.D., pediatric neurologist at Child Neurology Consultants of Austin, explains that there are more than 30 medications clinicians can use to treat epilepsy.

“There are a variety of medications used to treat epilepsy aimed at decreasing neuronal excitation or increasing neuronal inhibition,” Dr. Labiner said.

Read more ⬇️⬇️⬇️
On this #ThankfulThursday we want to highlight our friends at the Child Neurology Consultants of Austin who are bronze sponsors at our upcoming pediatric brain injury conference, #MakingConnections on Oct. 23.

They shared a heartfelt article about the impact the conference has on families dealing with the aftermath of a brain injury. The article includes an interview with a Team Luke Hope for Minds family, the Finchers.

“Having a child with a brain injury is very isolating. This conference brings us all together and we can easily talk about what we are going through with other families that understand,” said the Fincher family. “We feel like we are in a safe place and that we all fit in.”

“All of the speakers are wonderful and the doctors are all motivated to help give us a glimmer of hope. That is what this conference is all about, hope!”

Read the full article here:

We are halfway through our 303 Scholarship Campaign. Thanks to all who have donated so far. Please help us reach our $10,000 goal by donating $33 at
Dr. Karen Keough, with our client Child Neurology Consultants of Austin, joined the Becker's Hospital Review Women’s Leadership Podcast to talk all things pediatric neurology. Listen here:

At Child Neurology Consultants of Austin, our focus is your kids. We have built a team of highly trained, board-certified pediatric specialists focused on providing top quality neurological care for children.

Child Neurology Consultants of Austin will update our patients, family and friends about important news about our practice, medical news about child neurology and fun happenings around Central Texas

Timeline photos 03/25/2022

Did you know that March is ? We’re proud to support organizations, like Team Luke Hope For Minds, that work hard to enrich the lives of children and families who experience a brain injury.


National Athletic Training Month is held every March to spread awareness about the important work of athletic trainers. We love athletics trainers! Through our partnerships with The University of Texas at Austin, Texas State University, Austin FC, Austin FC Academy, and area high school and sports clubs, we've met so many amazing athletic trainers. Thank you for all that you do!

Timeline photos 03/18/2022

A fun night for a great cause. Epilepsy Foundation Central & South Texas

Join us on April 2nd for our annual Cheers For A Cause gala in Austin! Tickets are going fast, so make sure to RSVP! Can't make it? You can still donate! To RSVP and donate go to

Timeline photos 03/07/2022

Dr. Elton recently spoke with Discover Magazine about abdominal migraines. If you’re wondering what an abdominal migraine is, you’re not alone! It means that someone feels the symptoms of a regular migraine but in their abdomen. Read more about them in our blog:

Timeline photos 03/03/2022

We’re thrilled to announce our new patient education webinar series: Doc Talks! Our Doc Talk webinars will provide an opportunity to learn about your child’s condition from one of our expert pediatric neurologists and to ask questions that are on your mind.

Interested in learning more about pediatric neurological conditions? Don’t miss our first webinar on March 23, hosted by Dr. Karen Keough! She’ll be giving a presentation on epilepsy, followed by a question-and-answer session. Learn more and register here:

Timeline photos 02/28/2022

New research is finding that children and teenagers with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) may have been experiencing a harder time than others stemming from challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Read our blog to learn more and see some of Dr. Reardon’s recommendations on how to ease the anxieties and challenges of the pandemic for those with ADHD:

Timeline photos 02/25/2022

Did you know that Dr. Reardon is a faculty member for Texas A&M University College of Medicine or that he plays the harmonica and writes his own original pieces? Get to know more about Dr. Reardon in our latest spotlight:

Timeline photos 02/23/2022

We LOVE hearing from our patient families! ❤️ Thank you for entrusting us with your child’s care!


We believe kids come first. Compassion never runs short here — every patient is greeted with open arms and a smile!


We love watching the Green Machines Power Soccer Team take on their San Antonio Rivals. To learn more about Power Soccer, a team sport designed for power wheelchairs, check out CPATHtexas.

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Join us in celebrating our incredible female physicians on this ! We’re so proud to honor them and their dedication to providing great care for each of our patients. ❤️🎉


All appointments on Thursday and Friday will be virtual. Please contact our clinic at 512-494-4000 with any questions or email your provider via the patient portal.

Be safe.

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What is an abdominal migraine? Is it a tummy ache in your head, or vice-versa (a migraine in your tummy)? Read our latest blog to see how Dr. Elton explains this unique type of migraine, featured in an article by SingleCare!

Timeline photos 01/21/2022

Did you know that ADHD is one of the most common conditions our pediatric neurologists diagnose and treat here at Child Neurology Consultants of Austin? When it comes to treatment options, what works for some children may not be as effective for others. Learn more about effectively treating ADHD in children and teenagers in our blog:

Have another question for us? Let us know in the comments!

Timeline photos 01/15/2022

Want to know more about our services, team, or have a question about one of the conditions we work with? Let us know in the comments!

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To start off 2022, we are once again honored to have several of our board-certified pediatric neurologists named as “Top Doctors” in Austin Monthly. Please join us in congratulating Dr. Elton, Dr. Kane and Dr. Keough! You can learn more about this recognition here:

Timeline photos 12/20/2021

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Child Neurology Consultants of Austin! As a reminder, we’ll be closed on December 24 and 31. We’re wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday celebration! ❄

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Did you know that CBD oil helps control seizures and can also ease the side effects of autism, spasticity and MS (multiple sclerosis)?

We are the only pediatric neurology group in Austin to offer a CBD Resource Clinic, established to help educate families about treatment with CBD and offer close monitoring and support by a certified clinician if they are using it therapeutically. Check out our latest blog to learn more about our clinic from nurse practitioner Liz Cross:

Timeline photos 12/08/2021

We are THRILLED to share that several of our amazing physicians have been recognized as Texas Monthly’s 2021 Super Doctors! Please join us in sending them a huge congratulations for their incredible work this year ❤️🌟

Photos from Child Neurology Consultants of Austin's post 12/07/2021

Dr. Lindsay Elton and Madison Gonzales, APRN, FNP-C, our expert headache & migraine team, attended the American Headache Society's annual symposium last week, THE event for headache/migraine management...and the first in-person event in two years.


Dr. Kate Labiner recently traveled to Chicago to celebrate her father's Distinguished Service honor from the American Epilepsy Society. Congrats, Dr. David Labiner! Epilepsy care excellence is clearly a family passion.

Photos from Child Neurology Consultants of Austin's post 12/03/2021

to last Friday, when Purple was the color of the day in honor of !

The PLAY Project | Autism Treatment | Autism Intervention Program 11/30/2021

The PLAY Project | Autism Treatment | Autism Intervention Program

Care Options for Kids just launched a new autism-based intervention program called the PLAY Project in Austin/Cedar Park! PLAY Project provides families with principles, methods, techniques and activities to help their child’s development. Learn more about the PLAY Project:

The PLAY Project | Autism Treatment | Autism Intervention Program The PLAY Project is a parent implemented, intensive early intervention autism treatment program for young children that is evidence-based.

Photos from Child Neurology Consultants of Austin's post 11/24/2021

This , learn about our amazing patient Arabella! Arabella has a complicated form of epilepsy that has been difficult to treat. Medicines weren't effective. Her family visited doctors all around Texas and read everything they could find on epilepsy. During the National Epilepsy conference in California, her mother first learned about CBD oil and was recommended to visit Dr. Karen Keough.

“Not every child responds to CBD. We see it as another tool in our toolbox of options for treating epilepsy. When it does work, like in Arabella’s case who was once a refractory epilepsy patient and now is controlled, that is the best possible outcome. I have several patients who have had this level of response, and I am looking for more like them,” said Dr. Keough.

Arabella’s mother says that until recently, her daughter couldn’t talk, walk without stumbling, or do most things that kids her age were doing. And now — Arabella is like any “typical” five-year-old. She runs around, loves playing princesses and never stops talking. Read more about Arabella's story here:

Timeline photos 11/22/2021

Epilepsy is one of the most common neurological disorders in the United States, yet many people don’t know much about it. This , we’re sharing information to help you learn more about the condition.

Timeline photos 11/19/2021

While most people know that epilepsy causes seizures, many don’t really understand much about the condition. This , learn more about the neurological condition that affects nearly 65 million people worldwide. We’ve debunked a few myths about epilepsy that can help you get started!

Seizure First Aid Training: Live Webinar Nov. 23 11/16/2021

Seizure First Aid Training: Live Webinar Nov. 23

Don’t miss out on Epilepsy Foundation of America’s upcoming Seizure First Aid Certification! The webinar will be held on November 23 at 4:00 p.m. ET and will teach you about recognizing and responding to seizures. Sign up now:

Seizure First Aid Training: Live Webinar Nov. 23 Seizure First Aid Certification: Live Webinar November 23, 2021 at 4:00 p.m. ET Sign up now. Seizure First Aid Certification is offered by the Epilepsy Foundation as the only certification program for recognizing and responding to seizures. This 90-minute live webinar will teach participants: How to...

Photos from Child Neurology Consultants of Austin's post 11/05/2021

- We’re still thinking about the fun we had last week for Halloween! Our staff had a great time dressing up.

How did your family celebrate Halloween this year?

Timeline photos 11/02/2021

Did you know that one third of all cheer injuries are concussions, in addition to the many serious orthopedic ones that cheerleaders often suffer? Dr. Labiner recently spoke with Austin American-Statesman about the risk and frequency of concussions in the sport. Read about it in our latest blog!

Photos from Child Neurology Consultants of Austin's post 10/29/2021

We are in the spirit...the Halloween spirit. Can you pick out the CNCA staff behind these fun costumes? Have a fun and safe holiday. 😊

Photos from Child Neurology Consultants of Austin's post 10/27/2021

We had a great time showing our purple at this year’s Walk to End Epilepsy! It’s one of our favorite events of the year.

Timeline photos 10/26/2021

How is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) treated? This ADHD Awareness Month, learn about the different treatment options available to successfully manage symptoms and improve your child or teenager’s functionality in his or her daily life!

Timeline photos 10/22/2021

As more and more kids and teenagers return to playing sports, there is likely to be a rise in youth concussions. In this blog, Dr. Labiner shares information and advice for preventing and treating head injuries. Take a look:

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