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Das Keyboard
Bay of Islands Animal Rescue - Never Ending Story
Great British Memes
Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeastern Michigan
FaZe Jarvis
Nick Eh 30
Jessica Blevins
Helms World
How do you deal with work stress? ☕ 3 more hrs left to comment for a chance to win prizes from Das Keyboard & iodé

We'll answer your FAQ on our panel tonight with myself & :
✨ SoldierKnowsBest
🎉 Dom Esposito
✨ Geek Therapeutics

Details - http://ow.ly/GrP950HV0BL
Thanks to Das Keyboard for offering three (3) lucky winners, who register to GeekBeacon Fest a chance to win a free keyboard of their choice. Contest is US only though.

Details - https://gbfest.org/schedule/

Do you have a keyboard that is bluetooth and with a switch to go from computer to computer? Like my mouse has. I need to be able to this daily.
Is it possible to set up my keyboard so I can adjust volume/brightness/etc without pressing the function button?

Purchased the Cherry Brown and can't wait to get it out of the box. Weird birthday gift to buy one self.
DUMB question...WHAT is the function I have circled towards the upper right on the picture below? Brain Freeze!!, and I cannot resolve it on the website. Sorry and Thanks!!
Your macOS Monterey questions are starting to trickle in, and your two favorite geeks have your answers. That's not all, though! This episode's got Quick Tips about webpage screenshots, Safari 15 tabs, Internet Recovery, and making your music sound better for YOUR ears. Plus, John F. Braun and Dave Hamilton answer your questions about all kinds of things...and they share your recommendations for new keyboards, too! Press play and enjoy learning at least five new things.


Chapters/Timestamps/Stuff mentioned:
00:00:00 Mac Geek Gab 894 for Monday, October 11, 2021
00:01:55 Dave’s Napping Shortcut
Help us...and help yourself! MGG Listener Survey!

Quick Tips
00:04:06 Lucas-QT-Use Firefox's Take Screenshot Command to Capture a Full Web Page
00:07:39 Stephen-QT-Use Terminal to Reset Bluetooth in Monterey
sudo pkill bluetoothd

00:10:17 Gruber-QT-Hold down Command to delete tabs in Safari 15
00:12:35 Laura-QT-893-Use Option-Command-R for Internet Recovery to Latest Version of macOS
00:13:16 Donna-893-You can cancel AppleCare+ and Sell to Private Party
00:14:20 Dave Wiskus-Create and Upload an AudioGram to Make Music Sound Better
Mimi Hearing Test for iOS

00:19:16 Bill-QT-iOS 15 Wallet Adds "Expired Passes" (#4)

Cool Stuff Found
00:24:38 Which are your favorite MagSafe accessories?
00:25:31 Lee-CSF- Tripp Lite USB Wall Chargers
00:27:11 Richie-CSF-Apple's USB-C to Headphone Adapter
00:28:54 Andrew-CSF- RØDE Microphones NT Mini USB Microphone

00:32:21 SPONSOR: Zocdoc, the easiest way to find a great doctor and instantly book an appointment. Sign up for FREE at Zocdoc.com/MGG and download the app today.
00:34:06 SPONSOR: NAPJITSU. If you love a good midday nap, check out Napjitsu’s natural supplements. Visit Napjitsu.com/MGG and save 30% off your first purchase today.
00:35:52 SPONSOR: BBEdit, the power tool for text from Bare Bones Software is now ready for Big Sur and M1-powered Macs!
Keyboard Time!
00:37:59 Jeremy-CSF- Das Keyboard Mechanical Keyboards
00:39:30 Scott-CSF-892- Logitech MX Keys and MX Ergo Keyboard and Trackball
00:42:38 Logitech Solar Keyboard
00:43:49 John-CSF-Logitech MX Keys Advanced Illuminated Wireless Keyboard for Mac
00:44:32 Tim-CSF-892-Open Source Launch Keyboard by System76
00:45:45 CSF-Matias Keyboards, including Tactile Pro (and Dvorak!)
00:46:39 Elle-QT-Pro Tips for using a Touch ID Keyboard
00:50:19 Bill-Keyboard Adding Spaces Unnecessarily

Your Questions Answered and Tips Shared!
00:55:34 Tom-Upgrading an Unsupported Mac to Monterey
01:03:42 Mark-How to Prevent Excel from Auto-Formatting Input
01:06:55 Todd-892-AirTag Cases
Hard Shell Mount for AirTags by Moment
TagVault: Keychain from Evolutionlab
TagVault: Pet
iFixit AirTag Teardown

01:11:20 Allison-893-Fixing Apple Watch Battery Drain – another way
01:14:09 Ben-Don't Forget Apple Watch SE

01:16:13 MGG 894 Outtro
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Does the Das Keyboard for Mac come with a usb C connection?
Got questions? We're giving away Das Keyboard bundles, so ask away here: http://bit.ly/winDASkeyboard 🤓 I'll answer your questions and announce the winners with my video next week!

Is there a Das Keyboard with Cherry MX Blue switches? I would like to purchase in the next few days.
No doubt, the pros from TechRadar get to the point!
Das Keyboard ❤️

The official page of Das Keyboard. Read our blog at www.daskeyboard.com/blog
Support questions? www.daskeyboard.com/support Das Keyboard has been making high-end mechanical keyboards with an awesome feel and built with care for 15 years.

Based in Austin Texas with global distribution.


Congratulations to Scott from Tacoma, Washington, who won our August keyboard giveaway! Scott selected the Prime 13 with backlit CHERRY MX brown switches. If you are a US resident enter the September giveaway here: https://www.daskeyboard.com/giveaway/


The September keyboard giveaway away is live. Enter today. www.daskeyboard.com/giveaway


Sign up to win the Das Keyboard of your choice! August's winner has been selected, so check your inbox, and you may already be a winner. Only open to US residents. Enter here: https://www.daskeyboard.com/giveaway/


MacTigr has it all: a 100% metal body, low profile MX red switches with low profile PBT keycaps, a built-in USB-C hub with two ports, and, of course, the Das Keyboard must-have dedicated sleep button and volume wheel. We invite you to try one. Our 30-day money-back guarantee makes trying it easy. Link in profile.


Das Keyboard MacTigr has many of the features Mac loyalists would expect, plus a few extras: 100% unibody, 2-port USB-C hub, Mac modifier keys, low profile CHERRY MX switches, and low profile double shot PBT keycaps. Explore MacTigr: daskeyboard.com/mactigr


Das Keyboard MacTigr is 100% metal with an aluminum unibody and stainless steel top. MacTigr is built to last. How does the keyboard feel? Solid as a rock… link in profile or go to MacTigr: daskeyboard.com/mactigr

Photos from Das Keyboard's post 08/11/2022

New product alert! Get 20% off for 24 hours during our early bird sale! Visit bit.ly/dk-touch-sale


Congratulations to Christopher from Missouri who was selected as our July keyboard giveaway winner & selected an X50Q! If you are a US resident, sign up to be entered to win the Das Keyboard of your choice: http://daskeyboard.com/giveaway


Overnight ITPro UK rated a Das Keyboard model with ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. See which mechanical keyboard earned five stars, reviewed as the "Best for perfectionists"


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Our Prime Day sale is here, featuring the biggest deals of the summer! Save $20 on the 5QS, 4Q, and Prime 13. Today and tomorrow only! Visit:


Today is the last day to get $15 off a keyboard + Palm Rest One bundle (plus free shipping within the continental US). Pictured is the 4Q with the Palm Rest One. https://shop.daskeyboard.com/collections/15-off-palm-rest-one-new-keyboard-free-shipping


Congratulations to Glen from Florida who won May's keyboard giveaway & chose a 5QS as his prize! US residents can enter the June keyboard giveaway here: daskeyboard.com/giveaway/


June's monthly keyboard giveaway is now open for US residents! Start summer off with the Das Keyboard of your choice by entering here: https://www.daskeyboard.com/giveaway/


Get 50% off BLANK Cherry mx keycaps now! Visit shop.daskeyboard.com


Have you ever wondered what's inside that beautiful mechanical keyboard you type on every day? If so, check out out latest blog post at daskeyboard.com/blog where we break down all of the common parts of a



Dennis Wang was selected as the winner of our April keyboard giveaway and selected the 4C TKL with CHERRY MX brown switches! https://daskeyboard.com/daskeyboard-4C-tkl/

To enter the May keyboard giveaway you must be a resident of the US and enter at http://daskeyboard.com/giveaway

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Das Keyboard - Awesome feel. Built with care. Probably the best keyboard in the world.



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