Stay connected with AT&T in Aust in. We offer phones, tablets, smartwatches, a nd connected devices from all of yo ur favorite brands. We also offer wirele ss data plans in Austin for eve ry need.

Enjoy the flexibility of an Aust in prepaid phone plan—with no annual contra ct and no credit check. Get unlimit ed text and data with AT&T UNLIMIT ED ELITE, which includes HBO Max™. G et nationwide AT&T 5G service, which com es with all of our unlimited da ta plans for no extra cost. Wi th all of the time many of us spe nd online, we expect a lot fr om our Austin internet service. That's w hy you need fast,

Operating as usual


Ready to take your gami ng to the next level? Grab 3 frien ds and take turns steering a spa ce worm. Play Warp Speed Worm present ed by on Messenger today:


Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledo re

You are cordially invited back to t he magic. ✨ Fantastic Beasts: The Secre ts of Dumbledore is in theaters Apr il 15, 2022.


Today and every day, we a re grateful to our Veterans and the ir families. Thank you to our AT &T Veterans, and all those who ha ve served, for their bravery and sacrifi ce.


Dune Movie has officially landed in Theate rs and on HBO Max. ⌛️

Timeline photos 10/16/2021

Holy , Batman™! The epic glob al DC fan experience is live N OW on

Timeline Photos 10/14/2021

Help us, help you! 🛡️ Wh en you get a suspicious text, forwa rd it to 7726, so we c an work together and help stop futu re scams.

Timeline photos 09/29/2021

The shirt says it all. 💙

Tha nk you to our employee Daniel f or sharing this adorable picture of h is son, Logan. 


Who says you can’t have it a ll? ✨🌎

Everyone gets our be st deals on every iPhone, whether you’ re a new or existing customer.
Lea rn how you can get the iPho ne 13 Pro for $0 with trade- in on the Nation’s Best 5G Netwo rk here

Available today in stor es and online.


From meh to mesmerizing. It’s go ti me. Welcome back to school! ✨


Back to Hogwarts Global Fan Celebrati on

Going has us lit up li ke ✨lumos.✨

Timeline photos 08/30/2021

This pup is ready for h is first day of school! 🐾💙


Charlie the cat working hard on a .

Ta lk about dedi-CAT-ion!


We're proud to work with arti st Cordae to show how technology influenc es music while leveling playing fields. Lea rn more at

Timeline photos 08/13/2021

Journey into the past with Hu gh Jackman and Rebecca Ferguson in Reminiscen ce Film. See it in theaters a nd on HBO Max August 20.

*On ly available on the Ad-Free plan, streami ng in the US for 31 da ys from its theatrical release.

Photos from AT&T's post 08/10/2021

A few of our favorite corpora te sayings and what they REALLY me an. Which one is a regular in yo ur rotation?


Your mission is to see T he Su***de Squad, in theaters and on H BO Max August 6. A special previ ew begins at 7pm ET tonight on H BO Max. ***deSquad

*Only available on the Ad-Fr ee plan, streaming in the US f or 31 days from its theatrical relea se.


If your life was made in to a movie, who would you ca st to play you? 🤔

Timeline photos 08/02/2021

See Margot Robbie, Idris Elba, Jo hn Cena and more risk it a ll in The Su***de Squad, in theate rs and on HBO Max August 6. ***deSquad

*On ly available on the Ad-Free plan, streami ng in the US for 31 da ys from its theatrical release.

Timeline photos 07/28/2021

3...2...1...liftoff. 🚀

Gemini V launched in 1965 a nd spent almost eight days in spa ce, testing the effects of long perio ds of weightlessness. The two man cr ew used Bell System services to communica te with NASA back on Earth a nd monitor the flight progress.


Time to get animated! ✨

Get yo ur own cameo in the new @spacejammov ie. Try out the effect for yourse lf here:

Check out now in theate rs and streaming exclusively on !*

*Only availab le on the Ad-Free plan, streaming in t he US for 31 days from i ts theatrical release.

Timeline photos 07/13/2021

Travel with us to 1908 f or today’s look into the AT&T Archives.

Aft er inventing the telephone (NBD), Alexander Grah am Bell experimented in different fields, includi ng aviation. Here he is testing a multi-ce ll kite for possible human flight ne ar his summer home in Canada.


Game On! Join , , a nd the rest of the Tune Squ ad in Space Jam: A New Lega cy, in theaters and on HBO M ax July 16.

*Only available on t he Ad-Free plan, streaming in the US f or 31 days from its theatrical relea se.

Timeline photos 07/07/2021

Just gonna leave this here:

Timeline photos 06/30/2021

One district. Endless discovery.

Welcome to t he AT&T Discovery District, a new downto wn destination in Dallas where tech, cultu re, and entertainment combine to create uniq ue experiences. ✨

Come visit today!


is coming to theaters a nd HBO Max June 10. S ee you In The Heights!

*In The Heigh ts will be in theaters and on H BO Max June 10, streaming only on t he Ad-Free plan in the US f or 31 days from its theatrical relea se.


Your lifeline, your support system, yo ur right hand. Celebrate your BFF tod ay with a text, a call, or an o ld fashioned hug. 💘🤗

Photos from AT&T's post 06/07/2021

Anne Chow, our CEO of AT &T Business, dubbed this one "When architectu re meets cookie". 🍪💙 We love t he name, and the great shot of o ur building in Nashville.

Timeline Photos 05/27/2021

Let’s give it up to everyo ne who serves as “tech support” f or their families. Have you ever ask ed them if they use different passwor ds for their email and other onli ne accounts?

Timeline photos 05/26/2021

Here’s to a group of be st friends, a family. 💙 See t he tomorrow!


Every day is Customer Appreciation D ay to us—but especially today!
We’re sending a B IG thank you from AT&T THANKS to 10,0 00 lucky customers today.

Scratch for yo ur chance to win a $10 Vis Reward Card.

Timeline photos 05/14/2021

Don't miss Angelina Jolie in th is riveting role. See now playi ng in theaters and streaming exclusively on H BO Max.

*Available on HBO Max in t he US only at no extra co st to subscribers for a limited ti me.


Friends: The Reunion | Official Teas er

In the words of Janice, " Oh! My! Gaaawd!"

Timeline photos 05/12/2021

This one deserves a frame, 10 0%.
Luis’ daughter drew a picture f or him, and she couldn’t forget to inclu de the AT&T Globe! 🎨🖼

Timeline photos 05/08/2021

Surprise Mom with some quality ti me binging movies and series featuring migh ty moms this on HBO M ax.

Photos from AT&T's post 05/07/2021

Celebrate with series and movi es on HBO Max that showcase t he amazing talents of AAPI actors.

Timeline photos 05/05/2021

The time-shifting thriller is streami ng on HBO Max. Watch it n ow — no time travel required. TEN ET

Photos from AT&T's post 05/04/2021

Going deep into the AT&T Archiv es today to share just how mu ch has changed from 1900 to 20 21, including our buildings!

These buildings exist ed near today's AT&T HQ complex in downto wn Dallas. The General Office building in t he early 1900s, the Administration building in t he 1930s, and Whitacre Tower being us ed today are integral parts of o ur history.

Timeline photos 04/27/2021

From fire and log to t he smartphone, we’ve come a long w ay.

One question remains: What’s next? 🤔

Timeline photos 04/26/2021

One of the littlest members of o ur , here to make you smi le on this Monday morning. 👏💙

Timeline photos 04/22/2021

Hug it out with our precio us planet this !

It's our continued missi on to care for, respect, and prote ct our environment on Earth Day a nd every day. 🌎🏡

Timeline photos 04/21/2021

Come chill with Sub-Zero when @MortalKombatMov ie hits theaters and starts streaming exclusive ly on on Friday.

Who's ready to be transport ed to Outworld?

*Available on HBO M ax in the US only, for 31 da ys, at no extra cost to subscribe rs.

Timeline photos 04/20/2021

They Battle. You Play.

Catch these scen es and other major moments from , n ow playing in theaters and streaming exclusive ly on .

*Available on HBO Max in t he US only at no extra co st to subscribers for a limited ti me.

Timeline photos 04/14/2021

An epic battle deserves an ep ic jumble. Which word do you s ee first?

*Available on HBO M ax in the US only at no ext ra cost to subscribers for a limit ed time.

Timeline photos 04/13/2021

Welcome to the Jam! 👑🐰🏀🎯

Si gn up and get included at no ext ra cost with our best wireless, fib er, and TV plans.

*Available on H BO Max in the US only, f or 31 days, at no extra co st to subscribers.

Timeline photos 04/12/2021

Just us chatting it up wi th our extended fam. You can ta ke a peek at the DMs. 😉



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