Whole Child Developmental Services, LLC

Whole Child Developmental Services, LLC

Providing joyful support to children Birth-Age 6 to advance development across all domains.


Photos from Early Intervention DT's post 08/01/2022

Love this idea!!🍇🥦🥕🥝🍓🥨🍕🍗🍏




Timeline photos 06/06/2022

Timeline photos

Photos from Kids Eat in Color's post 05/17/2022

Photos from Kids Eat in Color's post

Timeline photos 05/02/2022

Some excellent tips on encouraging age-appropriate engagement during reading with kiddos!

Want to make storytime more engaging? Check out these tips for reading aloud to your child!



There is so much that people don't see, and I think that's what makes this harder to understand. Our lives consist of so much more than what we choose to post on social media.
There is a stigma about asking for help too, like you don't know what you're doing and your not cut out for motherhood, preemie moms already feel this way because of how their children came into this world. Also, a lot of people don't understand that we need to do some things differently because of that. Bottom line, don't judge a situation you haven't lived through.

Timeline photos 04/04/2022

Timeline photos 04/03/2022

It can be tough to know if your child is learning and growing appropriately!
Bring your kiddo in for a free screener with our Developmental Therapist. She'll talk with you about any concerns and send you home with individualized strategies and activity ideas for your child! 🎉🎉


Gross Motor Activity for a Rainy Day: Walking on Pillows 04/01/2022

Gross Motor Activity for a Rainy Day: Walking on Pillows

So simple, so fun, and SO beneficial!

Gross Motor Activity for a Rainy Day: Walking on Pillows I'm almost embarrassed to post this gross motor activity.... it seems too simple to warrant a post. But with that said, it was super duper fun and had

Photos from Early Intervention DT's post 03/16/2022

Visual timers can be such a game changer for you and your kiddo! ⏳⏲


One of my favorite topics is how to decrease power struggles with a child. Around age 2, children start growing more independent by wanting to do everything on their own. They are starting to see themselves as separate, capable people who are able to function freely with their own ideas and desires. Many call this period the “Terrible Twos”, but I like to call it the “Me do it!“ stage.

Children are naturally seeking power, which is why we need to shift our views that this is a healthy, positive sign for the child’s development- think of this as a time to EMpower the child. It is our job to create an atmosphere that encourages this independence. Giving a child a choice is one EASY way to implement this throughout the day. “Do you want your red or blue shirt?” “Would you like milk or water with your lunch?” “Will you hop like a bunny to the bathtub, or will you waddle like a penguin?”

As the adult, you ultimately get to narrow the choices down to 2, BUT, you are empowering your child by allowing them to make a choice, and in return they are fostering their autonomy. Boom! YOU decreased the power struggle by “dropping the rope” in that tug-of-war. It’s a win-win! What are some choices you can give your child?

Photos from Whole Child Developmental Services, LLC's post 02/28/2022

It's ! Sometimes when you hear hoofbeats, it's a zebra! 🦓💚❤💙🦓We love our rare, beautiful zebras! May you feel hopeful and supported today, you fantastic warriors! 🦓💚❤💙🦓

Watch this if you think autism is bad ('Good To Be Me' music video) 02/24/2022

Watch this if you think autism is bad ('Good To Be Me' music video)

❤️"Don't worry about being someone else's normal - be your normal"❤️

Watch this if you think autism is bad ('Good To Be Me' music video) Unfortunately, autistic people can struggle with their autism diagnosis, and we wanted to make a video about it... This video was created by Spectrum Gaming ...

Consultation — Whole Child Developmental Services 02/22/2022

Consultation — Whole Child Developmental Services

Accepting new clients for in-person or virtual sessions! www.wholechildDS.com

Consultation — Whole Child Developmental Services It's tough to know if your child is growing and learning appropriately! Give the search engines a break and get research-based strategies designed for your child. Schedule a free child development consultation to discuss your questions and concerns.


🥰🥰🥰Love to our miraculous Tubies and their families who go to the greatest, most complicated, exhausting lengths to make sure that those babes get fed!

Most preemies need a feeding tube to start their feeding journey, but what happens if they can't move past the tube?
Your preemie may need to be dependent on an NG tube, or more commonly, a g-tube.
It can be a scary decision to make, but this week is about highlighting how these tubes save lives, and being a, "tubie" is not the end of the world, just a different path in the one you already live in. Dannielle wrote this quote for me, her 25 weeker left the NICU on a gtube. A lot of therapy and hard work were done by mom, and daughter. Elexxi is 3 now and gtube free, finally!!


Why is it SO powerful to teach a child what a food does in their body? ⁠⁠
I find that kids want to know more about their bodies. They want to know how it works. They like finding out that a food does something in their body.⁠⁠
When they find out a food does something in their body, they are more likely to eat it. ⁠⁠
I also like teaching kids what food does in their bodies, because it begins to give them useful information. They are going into a world that will barf nutrition messages, diet messages, and "health" messages all over them... by the age of 3. ⁠⁠
I truly believe that if we can start with a foundation of basic information, we give them just a little bit of defense from the nutrition messages they may hear in the wider world. Of course they will hear unhelpful things...a lot...but we can still give them a foundation of helpful messages. ⁠⁠
What is your favorite food fact you want to pass on to your child?⁠⁠
⁠If you need help with picky eating, the free picky eater guide is in my bio - and if you don’t have a picky eater, but you want to include more veggies - my free shopping list is also in my bio ⁠.eat.in.color⁠. 😘⁠⁠

Photos from Whole Child Developmental Services, LLC's post 10/18/2021

🎃Trick-or-Treat! AAC printable cards/icons for non-verbal kiddos (or anyone!) 🎃❤️

Head to the link to download and print as many as you want for FREE! Let us know if you have more design ideas!


Happy Halloween! Have fun and stay safe! 👻👻🎃🎃

Photos from Whole Child Developmental Services, LLC's post 09/08/2021

Why String Beads? Ask a DT!

Stringing beads is a simple, fun activity that can be used for developing a variety of skills including fine motor, attention/focus, language (open, close, in, out, on, off, hands, fingers), imitation, sorting, following directions, and a big one -frustration tolerance!

Age 2-5(ish!)

⭐1. Materials (all sourced from the dollar store!)
*Pipe cleaner
*Container with easy lid
*Beads (or cheerios for the kiddo who must eat everything!)

I usually have 2 of these boxes. 1 for me to model and then to play in parallel -along with the kiddo. This creates natural opportunities for imitation on both parts!

For kids who are still learning this skill, I use a pipe cleaner instead of string, since it has some support. It definitely helps set them up for success to focus on learning the activity and some of the fine motor tasks. Once they've got it down, add a long string for an additional challenge.

⭐2. For younger kids, demonstrate opening the lid using 2 hands, then ask them to open with 2. Pretend like it is hard to open and tell them "it's tough! I've gotta keep trying!" -it's important to model how to deal with frustration and challenges in positive, productive ways!

⭐3. Spill the beads/cheerios! Then allow the kiddo to explore, sort, rake, or pick them up. Demonstrate picking up the beads 1 at a time using your thumb and index finger (pincer grasp). As you drop the beads in, you can make funny sounds for the child do imitate, count, say the colors, name them, whatever the child thinks is fun!

⭐4. Go fishing for beads with your pipe cleaner! Work up to putting 1+ beads on with your fingers. Then pull them off. This is a challenging task for some kiddos! Be sure to model and narrate. A sense of humor goes a long way! "Almost there bead! Ah! He got away! Silly bead, come back here. Phew! This is hard. Can you help me put that rascal bead on?"

⭐5. Practice closing the lid!
Once they figure it out, kids usually enjoy taking the lid off and on, and dumping out and putting in, and stringing Beads/cheerios over and over and over and over again. Let them have at it! 😂



Photos from Early Intervention DT's post 09/07/2021

The COOLEST costumes!! Nice work, Target! 🤩❤️🎃


Another review from a wonderful family! We are so grateful to the parents who worked so hard for this child. His therapy was fully virtual due to COVID-19. It's truly amazing how far some targeted support goes! Great work, Cayden! 😎❤️


A sweet parent review. Love this kiddo! She worked so very hard! ⭐️🌟⭐️🌟⭐️🌟⭐️


It's tough to know if your child is learning and growing appropriately!

Here's a helpful list of infant and toddler developmental milestones + things to be watching for. (2-6 year old list coming soon!)

If you have a concern about your kiddo, reach out and schedule a free consultation!



The brain is amazing!
We can teach strategies to help your kiddo regulate in order to access their "upstairs brain". This will help them to feel safe and sound + ready to learn and play with more intention and fewer melt downs. Win-win! 😎

My new infographic to help parents and teachers. Share away!

I first learned of the descriptors "the upstairs and downstairs brain" when I read the Whole-Brain Child (Siegel, Bryson, 2012). The premise is simple and brilliant. The downstairs of a traditional house is where all of our basic needs are met. There’s a bathroom, a kitchen and a living area. Similarly, the “downstairs brain” is responsible for basic functions like breathing and heart rate, as well as sensory processing and sensing threat.

The upstairs brain is our more sophisticated, "thinking" brain. It's not fully developed until our mid 20s! We must be able to access both our upstairs and downstairs brain. We need to be able to monitor the sensory input coming from our environment, think and problem-solve. When our kids are having a hard time, they’re in their “downstairs” brain. They can’t access their “thinking” brain, and no amount of yelling, threatening or punishment is going to get them there.

How do you help a child when they are in their downstairs brain? First, lower expectations. Help them get regulated. That could be as simple as a hug or just being present. Once regulated, only then they can head upstairs.

Next time your child is having hard time, say to yourself “downstairs brain”. It’s a great reminder in the heat of the moment to lead with empathy.

Photos from Cari Ebert Seminars's post 08/06/2021

Great words on the importance of play!

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