Diablo Rojo - South Lamar

Diablo Rojo - South Lamar


Thank you all so much! When my daughter decided she was ready to pierce her ears (it's been on her mind for a few months), this was the only place I even considered. Thank you so much to your amazing staff and piercers! It made a world of difference to this excited, but nervous little girl!

South Austins Premier Body Piercing Studio We are "The Body Piercing Studio" in Austin. Each of our 5 piercers have between 9 to 13 years piercing experience.

All Piercers are Proud Members of the Association of Professional Piercers which can be verified at www.safepiercing.org. We Proudly buy American. We only pierce with the Highest Quality Made in the USA Professional Body Jewelry. We feature American Made brands such as Anatometal, Industrial Strength, Body Circle, Intrinsic, Body Vision L.A. and NeoMetal. We also manufacture our own unique organic body jewelry. We are proud to carry one of the largest body jewelry selections in Texas. When it comes to your body, we believe you deserve the best.

Operating as usual

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💥 Black Friday 20% off All Jewelry Entire Website 💥

💥 Black Friday 20% off All Jewelry Entire Website 💥 - https://mailchi.mp/37e9b08e35a8/black-friday-15-off-all-jewelry-entire-website-4218281



It's Friday the 13th and this year we're doing something a little different. Get pierced with GOLD jewelry and your piercing fee will only be $13! This will be happening at both our S. Lamar and Guadalupe locations today.
As always, we are NOT preforming any piercings under the mask, and only allowing 1 person at a time in the studio. Rules and instructions for paperwork are posted on our doors.


New Diablo Body Piercing South Lamar Studio Hours - https://mailchi.mp/0a198dfe65d1/new-diablo-body-piercing-south-lamar-studio-hours


To better meet the needs of our clients, we are extending the hours at our South Lamar location. Starting today we will be open 10a - 10p daily. The Guadalupe location will remain 11a - 7p daily.
Please also note: We still aren't performing any services that would require you to remove your face mask. It's the best way to keep you, us, and everyone in the studio after you, safe and healthy. We love what we do, and this is how we can continue to safely serve you 🖤 Thank you for your continued support and trust, Austin!


🚨🚨We are reopening May 22nd!!🚨🚨

We've waited, and waited, and waited some more, (and we would wait longer if we needed to!) But the time has now arrived for us to open our doors once again.

➡️PLEASE SWIPE TO SEE OUR NEW HOUSE RULES!!➡️ These are super important to read over, and will also be posted on our windows!

For now, both locations will be open daily from 11am - 7pm under a very strict one person at-a-time rule. Please call ahead for availability, as the door will remain locked.

Diablo Rojo has always upheld strict standards of cleanliness, and we will continue to do so. The studio will be properly disinfected between every client, so please note that wait times may be a little longer.

We really can't say it enough, but we'll try - we appreciate your patience and understanding while we're all adjusting to this new way of life! See y'all soon!!


Dear Austin,

Today bars and restaurants close, and social gathering are limited to 10 people. We have a social responsibility to everyone in our community, and we take that very seriously.

Today will be our last day open until further notice. If you have an appointment, we will reach out to you personally ASAP.

We love you all, and we will be back as soon as it's safe! Stay strong and wash your hands 🖤


AUSTIN! Things are certainly weird right now, and we're doing everything in our power to keep you (and us) safe. As many of you know, our studio lobbies are SMALL and while we take every precaution to clean every surface between clients, we need your help too. The following will be effective immediately at both locations:

1: Only one support person per service, additional friends may be asked to wait outside.

2: If you are coughing and sneezing, you may be asked to leave the studio.

3: We are still working on a walk-in basis during normal business hours, if too many people are waiting in the lobby, you may be asked to wait outside or in your car.


5: As always, please refrain from touching any piercing, healed or not, and please do not handle any jewelry in the studio!

🖤Thank you for understanding🖤

[01/04/19]   Hello Austin! We are currently experiencing some technical difficulties with our phone at our S. Lamar location 🙃 We are trying to get this fixed ad soon as possible but we are still open for business! You can walk into any of our three locations today or give one of our other two shops a call. Sorry for any inconvenience!!
Guadalupe: (512)476-7575
E. Cesar Chavez: (512)473-8737

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Tether : Diablo Body Jewelry, The Art of High Quality

We recently started caring Tether Jewelry. Their septum clickers and ear weights are cast in 316L Stainless Steel and Ion plated in Yellow and Rose Gold. They are also available with Black PVD coating or in high polish Stainless Steel. We have most of Tether's line in our piercing studios and all of it is available on our website https://www.diablobodyjewelry.com/index.php?main_page=index&manufacturers_id=26&zenid=1936dcab3ae9d562bc7024a7387319a0

diablobodyjewelry.com Diablo Body Jewelry : Tether - Gift Certificates Surgical Steel Titanium - Implant Grade Gold Silver Stone Glass By Size/Gauge By Piercing One of a Kind Exclusive Jewelry Diamonds Piercing Retainers Aftercare Dermal Anchors Ear Lobe Hanging Designs Threaded Ends and Extra Beads Tapers and Tools Ear....

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Diablo Rojo Piercing | American-Made & Implant-Grade

Hello all! Diablo Body Piercing in Austin, Texas is looking to hire a full time piercer. We have 3 locations and the piercers rotate shifts between each location. APP membership is a plus as well as working with Internally Threaded and Threadless jewelry. Please PM Philip Montoya if you are interested. Thank for looking.


diablorojopiercing.com | American-Made & Implant-Grade

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Why You Should Never Get Your Ears Pierced at the Mall

Great article on why it is a bad idea to get pierced at the mall or Walmart.


cosmopolitan.com It's a really, really bad idea.


BVLA Pear Faraway Hinge Ring, Great for Septums and Daith Piercings. 1.5mm VS Diamonds with Ruby Pear in Yellow Gold



Kingpin Tattoo Supply


Hey Texas. Kingpin Tattoo Supply started charging sales tax on orders to Texas customers, yet they apparently don't seem to have a Texas Sales Tax Permit from the Texas Comptroller of Public Account. To collect sales tax and not have a permit is fraud according to Texas Law. I called them and spoke to their operations manager and he was very defensive and hostile that I would be asking them about this. I told him to just give me the permit #, so I could verify it and we could move on and he refused to give it to me. Said it was not up for discussion. Go verify yourself at https://mycpa.cpa.state.tx.us/staxpayersearch/ and search for Kingpin or anything else and you won't find their permit. If they simply provide the permit #, I will remove this post.

Supporting the professional tattooer since 1996.


BVLA Yellow Gold Janesca Hinge Ring with 2 Rows of 1mm Prong Rubys Available in 14kt Yellow, White or Rose Gold and multiple gem color options. Great for Septum or Daith Piercings! Model: 36-0105



Industrial Strength


Industrial Strength Odyssey Titanium 5 Faceted Gem Septum Clicker - Gem Colors White CZ, Lavender CZ, and Salmon Pink CZ - These septum clickers are part of Industrial Strength's Odyssey line of fine jewelry. They feature 5 hand set faceted gems and are available in 16 gauge, 14 gauge and 12 gauge. These Odyssey septum clickers have wearable length of 1/4". You can also choose from 3 different wearable depths 1/4", 5/16" and 3/8". The wearable depth is the distance between the post and the bottom of the clicker



Triple Forward Helix done with NeoMetal Blue Opal Cabochons and Neometal Flatback Titanium Posts.


Deluxe Dichroic Teardrop Plugs - Color Shown Indigo Silver -Gauge shown - 7/8" (22mm)
The Deluxe Dichroic Teardrop plugs are carved from fused Soda Lime Glass and come in sizes 1/2" to 2". Using basic hand tools, master craftsmen in the Gorilla workshop in Oaxaca.



Intrinsic 16g 3/8" High Polish Titanium Septum or Daith Clicker with 7 Bezel Gems. Gem Colors: Alternating White Opal and Pink Opals



Anatometal Titanium Segment Ring Gem Cluster - This Anatometal Titanium Segment Ring features 5 faceted round gems and is available in 12ga. This Titanium Segment Ring is manufactured by Anatometal using ASTM F-136 certified implant grade titanium. Hand polished to a mirror shine, their surface finish is recognized as one of the best in the industry. The edges of the bezel setting are crimped over the edges of the gemstone, producing a secure fit. No glues used! Everything Anatometal produces is guaranteed for a lifetime. This Titanium Segment Ring with 5 gems is great for Septum, Nipples, Cartilage, Daith, Earlobes, etc! The gem sizes from left to right are 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 2mm, and 1.5mm.


BVLA 14kt Gold "Nanda Pear" Nose Nostril Fixed Bead Seam Ring 18g Body Vision Los Angeles

Proudly Made in the USA!

Proudly made by Body Vision Los Angeles (BVLA). Available in 14kt Yellow, White or Rose Gold. Black Gold plating (Black Rhodium) will have an added charge of $25. Hand polished to a mirror shine. These Nanda Pear seam rings are available in inner diameters of 5/16" and 3/8". The Nanda Pear is 6mm x 4mm with either a 1.75mm Prong set gem or a 2mm Prong set get gem depending on the stone.



Organic Mother of Pearl Spirals - These beautifully carved mother of pearl shell spirals are handmade by professional artisans. The material has a beautiful opalescent pearly shine. The color of these Mother of Pearl spirals may vary from white to a mixture of opalescent golden brown. You can use the photo above only as a reference to shape. The spirals you receive may be a different color.

These items are hand carved, so sizes will vary by +/-.5mm. We do our best to match up the jewelry by size and coloration, so you get the best matching pairs we have.



BVLA 14kt Gold Kolo Nose Nostril Septum Ring White Opal London Topaz - BVLA 14kt Gold Kolo nose ring features 2 rows of prong-set gems. The inner row contains 13 1.5mm White Opals and the outer row has 12 1mm London Topaz gems. This 16 gauge Kolo ring has a hinge closure, 5/16" inner diameter and is available in Yellow, White and Rose Gold.



Maya Jewelry - These ancient treasures feature a muted gold finish and a hand-forged body to create a flawless contrast for the royalty in all of us.
One Size: 2 1/2"L x 2 1/2"W
Must be at least 14g to wear
Weight: 32g
Hand forged
Rose Gold Plated


Little Seven​ Square Copper Teardrop Spirals (8g shown in photo)

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Diablo Rojo Piercing | American-Made & Implant-Grade

Diablo Body Piercing Holiday Sale. All Gift Cards get an extra 20%. Get something for yourself or add the 20% to the Gift Card for that special someone in your life. Offer Valid until December 25th, 2016. Offer good for all 3 locations in Austin. www.DiabloRojoPiercing.com.



Diablo Rojo Clothing


Buddha Jewelry Organics - Deity Teardrops in Rose Gold Plating (Buddha Jewelry goes above and beyond the strictest complience levels of plating, and does not use nickel to adhere the plating). Also available in Yellow Gold Plating
Sizing starts at 5/8" up to 1-5/8"


Diablo Rojo - South Lamar


BVLA Zara - The Zara is a handmade 14kt Solid Gold septum ring clicker with a hinged closure. It features two ascending stacked rings and beaded accents. This septum clicker ring is available in Yellow, White and Rose Gold Model: 36-0094



Body Vision Los Angeles (BVLA). The Starr Septum Ring features handmade filigree-inspired rays with a 16g hinge closure. This septum ring is available in Yellow, White and Rose Gold. BVLA is one of the world's leading manufacturers of custom made precious metal body jewelry.
Model: 36-0116



Body Vision Los Angeles (BVLA). The Starr Septum Ring features handmade filigree-inspired rays with a 16g hinge closure. This septum ring is available in Yellow, White and Rose Gold. BVLA is one of the world's leading manufacturers of custom made precious metal body jewelry.
Model: 36-0116


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Diablo Body Piercing Ad



2310 S Lamar Blvd, Ste 103
Austin, TX

General information

We don't offer $15 Sunday piercing specials because we don't pierce with cheap, low quality, 21 cent "Made in Korea" or "Made in China" amateur jewelry. If you really want cheap body jewelry come down and try your luck with our Gumball Machine. Inside the Gumball Machine, we have the same low quality amateur jewelry those $15 places use to pierce with for $1.00. We believe that cheap, foreign made steel and acrylic body jewelry can actually be dangerous to your health. Low quality steel can leach nickel into your skin, causing a rash or other reations. Acrylic can broken down by body heat and thus can also leach into the skin. Unfortunately, too many shops use this inferior jewelry because its cheap and they trick you into thinking that it is a quality product, even though they themselves know its not. Don't be fooled. Honestly, we are one of the most expensive piercing studios in town. Thats because we don't compromise quality and have the some of the most experienced and trained piercers in Austin. We only hire the best. Find us on twitter at DiabloRojoATX and check in on foursquare for specials! We also take GoLocal cards for a 10% discount

Opening Hours

Monday 11:00 - 19:00
Tuesday 11:00 - 19:00
Wednesday 11:00 - 19:00
Thursday 11:00 - 19:00
Friday 11:00 - 19:00
Saturday 11:00 - 19:00
Sunday 11:00 - 19:00
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