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Want better sleep? Here's a couple tips...
Work out vigorously during the daytime not right before sleep. Physical exercise can promote better sleep.
Limit or cut out caffeine. I only have 1 cup of coffee in the morning and I never have caffeine after 12pm in the afternoon.
Sleep hygiene-is your sleeping area cool, dark, and free from technology?
What are some of your favorite sleep tips?


Sometimes when talking to patients about antibiotic over prescription and incorrect use, I feel like a broken record.

A lot of times we need antibiotics to help our bodies heal.

However, a lot of time our bodies can also heal on their own with proper rest and immune support.

Inappropriate and frequent antibiotic use as well as not taking the medication as prescribed contributes to resistant bacterial infections.

That means that there is a risk that when you need an antibiotic treatment course to save your life it could fail.


If you or your partner are experiencing erectile dysfunction, you're not alone.
ED is a common condition that can be caused by a variety of factors, from stress and poor sleep to weight gain or other medical conditions.
But the good news is, it's treatable!
Our clinic offers medication that can help restore
your confidence and your love life.
Make an appointment and let us help you get back on track.


Did you know that hearing about your friend’s cancer diagnosis or reading about a new type of disease or searching for health information online can lead to a phenomenon called "cyberchondria," or "hyperchondriasis"?

This is when people start to believe they have a medical condition based on internet research, despite appropriate evaluation or reassurance.

This definitely happened to me in NP school when I was learning about all the different types of diseases and how to manage them. "Medical student syndrome" is a similar condition that affects students who study diseases and then develop symptoms of those diseases.

Both conditions can often be rooted in a fear of serious illness or death. It can be a form of anxiety.

To avoid falling into the trap of "Google's Disease," approach online health information with a critical eye and always consult a healthcare professional when needed.


What is Telemedicine or Telehealth?
It is an online visit with your healthcare provider.
They can evaluate you on the video visit, electronically send in prescriptions, and order diagnostic tests.


Happy Earth Day! 💚🌎♻️
Did you know that telemedicine can help reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change?
Research shows that remote healthcare consultations produce significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions than in-person visits.
By switching to virtual visits, we can save time, money, and the environment.
Let's prioritize our health and the planet.


If you're trying to track your weight loss or gains using a scale:
-Pick one day of the week to weight yourself on the scale.
-Do it first thing in the morning right when you wake up. After using the restroom and before eating or drinking.
-Wear the same clothes (or just underwear) each time.
-Track your progress by documenting it in your notebook, phone, or app.


Is it time for a vacation?
If you're feeling burned out or overly stressed it maybe time to plan a trip for some rest and relaxation.
What's your favorite place to vacation?


How do our online visits work?
Make an appointment by texting 512-764-5786.
Video chat with your healthcare provider.
Pick up your prescriptions from your pharmacy.
You can also self schedule appointments at www.terratelehealth.com


The world is evolving. Healthcare should too.
TERRA offers online telehealth visits.
Fast and easy same day prescriptions.


If we could bottle effects of exercise it would literally be like the limitless magic pill 💊
Research has shown that regular exercise can help reduce your risk of chronic disease, boost your mood, and improve your health overall. discover the power of exercise with TERRA Telehealth and take the first step towards a healthier you.


Spring is when life is alive in everything. -Christina Rossetti
New Season, New You.
What changes are you excited to bring into your life this Spring season?


What are 3 benefits of exercising outside? 🚴‍♂️
Fresh Air
Mental Reset
Even 15-20 minutes of exercise has significant health benefits.


Take time for self care 💚

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Let’s talk about prevention!!

If you have a suspicious lump or pain in an unfamiliar place->that is not normal.

Start by asking your healthcare provider about it.

Cancer doesn’t discriminate based on age.

I recently heard a celebrity share the story of how she noticed a lump on her breast but wasn’t able to get in to see her OBGYN for 4 months.
Luckily her primary provider was able to fit her in and schedule testing.
By the time she had an appointment and was evaluated several weeks later she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer.
She is currently undergoing therapy and treatment.
This woman had just turned 40 but there are many cases of cancer occurring in younger people.

This is not to scare anyone but to promote awareness. I believe knowledge is power and an early diagnosis can be lifesaving.

Obviously the best thing is to live a healthy lifestyle with exercise and stress management as well as maintaining a healthy diet with majority fruits/vegetables/whole foods.

But sometimes our genes or other environmental factors catch up to us.

You can schedule an appointment at www.terrratelehealth.com if you want to speak with a healthcare provider.

Screening recommendations:

*Breast cancer screening recommended beginning at age 45, with the option to begin at age 40.

*Cervical cancer screening recommended for people with a cervix (beginning at age 25).

*Colorectal cancer screening recommended for everyone beginning at age 45.

*People age 45+ who currently smoke or formerly smoked should discuss lung cancer screening with a doctor.

*After age 50, discussing prostate cancer screening with a doctor is recommended.

(screening recommendations from the American Cancer Society and the CDC)


Despite the forecast, live like it’s spring. 🌻
—Lilly Pulitzer


Allergies? Cold or Flu? Birth control? Weight loss?
If you need medication we've got it covered.
Text 512-764-5786 to make an appointment.


Welcome to the weekend Beautiful!
Remember you are perfect because you're YOU.
I'm not saying that we don't all have small things that we want to work on to become our best selves. But let's take a breath and pause to say thank you to our bodies for everything it is and everything that it does for us. Let's look back at where we were 6 months ago, 1 year ago, 5 years ago and appreciate the growth and accomplishments that we have achieved!
Show love to your body and prioritize your needs in all the areas-MENTAL, EMOTIONAL, PHYSICAL, SPIRITUAL. That looks a little bit different for each of us. I'd love to hear how you take care of yourself and show your body the love it deserves. 🤎


Men-Here are 3 Science Based Tips to


Take a break to refresh. Where's your dream vacation spot?


Health benefits from going to the beach? Tell me more! Haha I'm always happy to hear that my favorite place is also good for me. Vitamin D and reduced anxiety are definitely what I need more of in my life.
What's your favorite place to relax and unwind?


Feeling blah? Need a prescription?
We can help with that.
Text 512-764-5786 to make an appointment. You can also book on our website www.terratelehealth.com.


Is it beneficial for you? Is it causing you more anxiety or stress? This is your sign to cut that out or drastically limit it. This is where boundaries come into play. They are decisions you make about what you want to keep in your life or what you want to have less of based on how it makes you feel. One tip to help you know if you might need to put a boundary there is when you get mad or resentful. It can be a sign from your body trying to protect you. Why did you get mad? Was your mom trying to butt into your life and give you "advice"? Was your boyfriend or girlfriend trying to pressure you to do something that you didn't like or didn't want to do? Think about the scenario and decide what you want to do the next time a similar situation comes up. That way instead of reacting you are proactive. Instead of getting mad when your mom gives unsolicited advice you can calmly say "thank you for your advice. I really just wanted you to listen to me vent. I appreciate where you're coming from but I need the space to do this my way". Or when your boyfriend wants you to see this heavy metal band with him but you've already done that multiple other times you could say "thank you for inviting me but I already have plans for that day". One of my basic examples is that sometimes I am on social media way too long. It can effect my mood or productivity. I can feel jealous of someone else's perceived success or minimize my own accomplishements. One way to manage this is for me to set time limits. I also try to avoid sites or stories that are consistently negative because it can shift my mood and put me in a bad headspace. Your peace is vitally important. Your motivation and energetic space is essential to who you are. Protect it and see yourself uplevel. Isn't that what we're all after? To feel happy and fulfilled, to help others, to achieve our dreams, to make a difference. What are some boundaries that you've incorporated in your life? How has your life changed after doing that?


Green for St. Patrick's day! Remember to eat the rainbow, the more colorful your fruits and veggies are the better! Daily goal is at LEAST 2 servings of fruit and 2 servings of vegetables per day. 💚🍀


The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well. -Hippocrates


We make a LIVING by what we GET, but we make a LIFE by what we GIVE. -Winston Churchill


Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. Me personally, I have a hard time implementing this concept sometimes. Sounds easy but in reality I am the most harshly critical of myself. My inner critic is always looking for something to pick apart and reasons why I'm not good enough. But the truth is the things my inner voice says aren't always true. And even if they are true how does that help me by tearing myself down? So I've been working on giving myself grace. Grace to make mistakes and learn from them. Grace to not always be right. Grace to look dumb sometimes if it means that I am growing on my life journey. Because that's what being human is. Sometimes we learn the best lessions and have the most massive breakthoughs after the darkest pain and in our lowest valleys.


Rush rush rush. Most days I am so busy trying to keep up with everything that I "have" to do. Now I try to remind myself to pause and smell the roses (literally and figuratively). Take a deep slow breath. I check in with myself and ask what am I grateful for today? Then I try to do one thing each day that makes me happy 🥀


Sunday mood. Dream-Believe-Achieve. Close your eyes and imagine your future self a year from now. Where are you at? What are you doing? Who are you with? What do you look like? Now think about what you need to be doing now every day to get to the future you that you just imagined. I believe in you.


Cheers to the weekend! What's in your plans for the weekend?


The Circle of your Control. Basically that means only worry about what you have the power to change and influence (there's more to it but that's a quick overview). I find that when I look at it from that perspective it helps decrease my anxiety and reminds me that I can only fix my life. It's a great way for me to reframe and get the focus back on making my life how I want it. Chosing to be the best version of myself for ME. Life flows so much better that way. Happy 1st day of March!


I believe in you. Now get out there and take that step. Do the next thing that you know you need to do in order to make your dreams your reality.


Take time to get lost... Where's your favorite nature trail?


Itching, burning, or pain with urination? You may have a UTI. We can help fix it.


Hey guys!

Did you know there are approximately 45 million Americans suffering from headaches each year? That's about one in six people!

And get this - women are affected two to three times more often than men.

It's important to note that CDH is not a diagnosis itself, but rather a term used to refer to several specific headache diagnoses. These include chronic migraine, chronic tension-type headache, medication overuse headache, hemicrania continua, and new daily persistent headache.

There a many different options for medication management of headaches but let's discuss the lifestyle changes that you can incorporate to minimize your suffering.

If you're dealing with chronic headaches, there are several lifestyle changes that can help limit or prevent them.

These include making sure you're getting enough sleep, daily exercise, and balanced meals. Making sure your mental health is the best it can be with stress management, cognitive-behavioral therapy, relaxation techniques, and biofeedback.

Pay attention to your headache triggers and take steps to limit or avoid them.

Questions to identify headache triggers can look like: Did you get enough sleep? Did you eat something that you're sensitive to? When did you last exercise? How much caffeine have you been drinking? Or did you skip coffee and now you have a caffeine withdrawal headache?

Non-pharmacologic forms of therapy, like acupuncture and physical therapy, may also be helpful for chronic migraines.

If you're just dealing with an occasional headache, it's always worth checking for things like lack of sleep, dehydration, caffeine withdrawal, and constipation.

Let me know in the comments some of your headache triggers and what has helped you in the past?


Shine like the whole universe is yours-Rumi


Your phone could be causing your acne.

When you touch your phone and then touch your face, or hold the phone up to your cheek to talk, you're transferring any germs or bacteria that may be on your phone onto your skin.

And if you're not regularly cleaning your phone, those germs can build up over time and contribute to acne breakouts.

To help prevent acne caused by your phone, try the following tips:
• Clean your phone regularly with an alcohol wipe or other disinfectant.
• Avoid touching your phone and then your face. If you need to, make sure you've washed your hands first.
• Consider using a headset or speakerphone to keep the phone away from your skin.

In addition to these phone-specific precautions, there are a number of lifestyle changes you can make to help prevent acne:
• Follow a consistent skincare routine and use high-quality products. Make sure to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize with acne-friendly products.
• Drink plenty of water and use a water filter to improve the quality of the water you're using on your skin.
• Shower immediately after exercise workouts to remove sweat and bacteria from your skin.
• Wash towels and bed sheets frequently to remove oil and bacteria.
• Manage your stress levels and get plenty of restful sleep.
• Consider making changes to your diet, such as reducing your intake of junk food, dairy, sugar, and highly processed foods, alcohol, and sodas.

If you're struggling with acne, there are a variety of treatment options available, including topical medications, antibiotics, and hormonal management.

Talk to your healthcare provider to find the best course of treatment for you.


Have you ever struggled with insomnia?

If so, you're not alone.

Insomnia is a common sleep disorder that can take many forms, including difficulty falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep, and waking up too early.

But insomnia is more than just an inconvenience.

It can have significant side effects on your daily life and overall health.

Chronic insomnia has been shown to have an adverse impact on daytime function and quality of life, and has been associated with increased cardiovascular risk and mortality.

Patients with insomnia often report increased fatigue, sleepiness, confusion, tension, anxiety, and depression.

Poor sleep can negatively impact the ability to perform daily tasks.

Studies have shown deficiencies in episodic memory, problem solving, and working memory in people with insomnia.

Insomnia can also be linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular problems, including high blood pressure and heart attack.

Risk factors for insomnia include age, psychiatric disorders like depression or anxiety, a family history of sleep problems, and certain medical conditions like pulmonary disease, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, chronic pain, and heart failure.

But there are things you can do to improve your sleep hygiene and possibly reduce your risk of insomnia.

These include maintaining a regular sleep schedule with the same bedtime and wake time, avoiding naps, limiting or avoiding caffeine, alcohol, and ni****ne, exercising 4-6 hours before bedtime, creating a dark and quiet sleep environment, limiting electronics and blue light exposure before bed, and avoiding a large meal right before bed.

If you're struggling with insomnia, don't hesitate to seek professional help.

Make an appointment with a healthcare professional to discuss your options and find a solution that works for you.

Sweet dreams!

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