Happy Hyphae Yard Farm

Providing fresh veggies, herbs and flowers for Windsor Park neighbors


Waking up and smelling antique roses..


From my neighbor’s driveway. Lots of greens growing on and seeds sown before that marvelous rain. With cooler weather the germination should be good. Check it out if your ever walking Bristol drive.


As I was prepping the beds at the corner of Haney and Bristol I noticed this native milkweed (hierba de zizotes) covered in monarch caterpillars. How many can you count? Check it out if you’re ever walking by.


When I gave up on tomatoes this summer I threw them in with some wood chips. I need the space to start a new pile so now they’re mulch for the fall & winter.


A tale of two soils. It doesn’t have to be rocket science to be science. Maybe it can be planted like a palindrome?


So glad I got this space prepped before our recent rain, as well as every other square foot.over the past few weekends. Fall gardening starts at summer’s end.


Mexican sunflower. The swallowtail butterfly’s love it.

Photos from Happy Hyphae Yard Farm's post 08/13/2023

144 square feet of growing space amended with home made compost. I almost don’t need the broadfork anymore but it’s just too fun not to use. A nice layer of pine straw mulch to keep the sun off the soil and a decent watering should keep it alive and ready to grow just as soon as this heat breaks. In the meantime I’ll have some fun with math.

Photos from Happy Hyphae Yard Farm's post 08/13/2023

Got 9 wheelbarrows of screened compost and more where that came from. I like to move it over the hardware cloth with my bare hands; it’s a kind of wax on wax off thing. Although it’s quite the workout and not the most time efficient method, it allows for good meditation on seasons passed and the season to come.


More than likely this will be the last season of Happy Hyphae. Prepping beds with home made compost and dreaming of green. Fall gardening starts now. Soon we shall pass through the Gates of Hell into the land of double digit temperatures.


Every season I wish I had planted more purple hull peas. When the summer heat turns on they are lush as winter spinach. Get em off to a good start in late spring and they can thrive on once a week water. Edible leaves, shades soil, harvest dried pods for New Year’s Day meal, clip the plants and leave the roots for the nitrogen and you’re ready for fall planting.

Photos from Happy Hyphae Yard Farm's post 07/17/2023

Chocolate daisy and yes it does smell like chocolate.


Got the heirloom and cherry tomatoes pruned, fed and ready to grow before the rain. Chickens got a big salad and I got sweet peppers and cucumbers planted. Take a weekend stroll down Bristol drive and keep and eye out for those red and green fruit.


Our sweet Bantam Jolene has been broody since the coming of Spring and she finally laid this morning. So much personality for such a small creature.


Come visit Happy Hyphae Yard Farm this Saturday and Sunday. Meet the farmer on site from 1 - 4 and take a tour of what’s growing on where you can learn how to be a Happy Harvester.

Photos from Happy Hyphae Yard Farm's post 03/15/2023

Native gold columbine, native scarlet buckeye and native mimosa all putting on a fine display. Somehow it always kinda feels like you’re seeing them bloom for the first time.


Golden zucchini is our favorite, unfortunately it’s the vine borer’s as well. Gonna mass plant in different spots and trial some different efforts. Every year I say never again, but I can’t say that ever again unless I plant them. The masochism only some gardeners seek to enjoy.

Photos from Happy Hyphae Yard Farm's post 03/15/2023

This cool weather has me busting out the blankets for the tomatoes I already planted, but these broccoli are loving it. Come by this weekend and take one home for supper with some other greens to fit in a bag for $5.


There’s over a dozen broccoli’s sizing nicely at Happy Hyphae ready for harvest by next weekend. Cutting that stem and holding that green dense trophy in your hand gives you a feeling like I’m sure a fisherman feels holding their catch. Come on by for the food and the experience.

Photos from Happy Hyphae Yard Farm's post 03/09/2023

Lots of kale and lettuce that are hanging on. Stuff a bunch in a produce bag for $5. Lots of other goodies growing on. Tell a friend and check it out at Happy Hyphae Yard Farm on Bristol.


This collard plant survived both of our winter storms. The collards elsewhere are starting to get nibbled a good bit, but this one is untouched and blue green. I think I’ll let it flower and the peppers I plant on either side will have a nice companion pollinator. The western fenceline is also a nice source of evening shade.


This bloomsdale spinach is available for picking at 2208 Bristol and more at 2200. It’s great for freezing. Fill a shopping bag for $10. When it’s gone there’ll be bush beans to give back to the soil and keep giving food for us. Gonna mix purple, yellow and green for that curb appeal.

Photos from Happy Hyphae Yard Farm's post 03/02/2023

Managed to get these 2 cattle pane arbor trellises up in Afra’s garden at 2208 Bristol. Makes for easy picking of cucumbers, beans and butternut squash. Growing soon at Happy Hyphae Yard Farms!

Photos from Happy Hyphae Yard Farm's post 03/02/2023

These collards growing at 2202 Bristol survived the December freeze and need a really big pot, or take what you can hold in one hand for $5. I’m hoping the late lacinato kale planting won’t get caught in the coming heat. Volunteer parsley in the path and a cleavers for seasonal infusion to keep the lymphatic system clear and flowing.

Photos from Happy Hyphae Yard Farm's post 03/02/2023

More Kale and some nice lettuce at 2200 Bristol that should appreciate the cooler weekend. $5 for a full produce sized bag.

Photos from Happy Hyphae Yard Farm's post 03/02/2023

Corner of Haney and Bristol got a late planting of this here kale and between and the aphids brought on by the recent heat I don’t know how long they’ll hold on. Been spraying with insecticidal soap so if you stop by for a harvest, make sure you wash it good.


Salvaged these ash logs from a neighbor’s yard. The tree had been cut down years ago and these are the suckers that grew from the stump. I’ve been admiring them all this time and coveting them for use in a new yard farm. This is kinda where it starts sometimes.


Got this lovely long curved bed covered in hairy vetch. Gonna let it flower for the butterflies then get down and cut each and every one. I’ll leave the green on top for mulch and plant something tasty. Check it out if you stroll past 2008 Bristol.


Come pick your own bunch of carrots at Happy Hyphae at 2200 Bristol Drive. I’m asking $5 for what you can grab with one hand. I’ll be on site this Sunday afternoon if you’d like to meet and see what else is growing on. There are some collards and plenty of spinach with kale soon ready. If we don’t meet you can visit during daylight hours, get yer pick and leave some cash in the mailbox.

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