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Pretty insane, right? ONE pound?

In.. two months? But she looks like THIS?

As we jokingly say in our big HBAthletics & Wellness LLC] groupchat; I’m no witch, but the girls don’t call me “Dumbbell-dore” for nothing 🧝🏻‍♀️🪄

This is Rachael and we’ve been a team for two months.

Rachael is a really beautiful example of a client who just puts her head down and does her BEST; even if that’s not “perfect”, perfect doesn’t allow for life. Therefore, I never ask for it. Just for their pure honest intentional efforts, and that’s what we see here.

A lot of Rachaels progress in the midsection is due to an INSANE improvement in her gut health. Focusing on proper micro biome flora, as well as nutrient partitioning has made a massive difference in her appearance while not sacrificing muscle and very obviously reducing body fat and bloat/fluid retention.

Since we as a group of coaches ethically believe in whole human wellness; knowing Rachaels primary goal was to recomp and lose body fat, it’s my duty as her chosen coach to optimize her health as well. This is what happens when focused goal achievement and appropriate health practices (plus trust!) create in a coach and client relationship.


All HBAthletics & Wellness LLC] coaches are accepting clients at this time! Head over to:

To apply and set up a chat with any one of our amazing women!


Photos from HBAthletics & Wellness's post 07/15/2021

I am thrilled to announce our NEW ASSISTANT COACH at .athletics - Hannah Miller!

It was only a matter of time with this bright and talented young woman.
(Also.. yes, I know - another HANNAH? Look, I promise it's just a weird coincidence. We're not a cult, I swear😉)

Hannah and I have been working together as coach and client for nearly two years, & she was one of my first PT hires as our mailing list contributor. You know all those FREE workouts you get in your inbox & on our members portal, plus all those $5 Training PDF's? Yep, that's Coach Miller curating for you!

At our Team Meetup a few weeks ago, during our formal Staff dinner & meeting, I chatted about the fact that my bandwidth for coaching clients while also running, scaling and managing a (very quickly growing) business was hitting the brim.

I glanced at Han and asked if she'd want to take the role, with the 'mom' in me saying, 'I know you're in school for your LITERAL Masters so please, no pressure at all, totally up to you--" and before I could finish the sentence she replied with an enthusiastic, "I'd LOVE to do that", and I knew I had chosen the right woman for the role.

I had mentioned a Coaching position with HM earlier in the year, but with the current stage of the business at that time as well as her schedule, it wasn't quite the time - but now it has come!!

I am so, SO excited to bring Hannah deeper into staff and have her talent and expertise as an Ex. Physiologist as an asset to her clients as well as everyone else as well.

[email protected]
Or via the services + staff page on our website, HBATHLETICSANDWELLNESS.COM!

CONGRATS Hannah!! Let's chaaange liiiives 😎😎

‎The Coaches Academy on Apple Podcasts 06/30/2021

‎The Coaches Academy on Apple Podcasts



“The Coaches Academy” Podcast is now available for its debut on APPLE PODCASTS, Buzzsprout, & the ‘Podcast’ page on my website.

SWIPE ▶️ to read more about the pod itself & the specifics on this first episode. I had so much fun making this and I cannot wait to continue to provide audio content to help YOU online coaches diving deeper into their business or industry, become their best selves, & help elevate their clients to do so as well ❤️‍🔥

I would ✨love you forever✨ if you left a 5 ⭐️ review & shared this podcast with your friends or fellow new coaches ♥️

ENJOY! Email me, or comment below with topics YOU want to hear!



‎The Coaches Academy on Apple Podcasts ‎Health & Fitness · 2021



I am about to take you through the HBAthletics & Wellness Coaching Process of creating an effective program for a client & how working w/ clients has a positive affect on us as coaches 🤓

1️⃣ You've signed up, & sent along your evaluation. Over the next day or 2, we analyze and dive into your eval & assess where to begin. Usually with nutrition!

2️⃣ We base your nutrition off of your prior diet history, your goals, your body comp, your expenditure, your health, & preferred structure of protocol.. math equations get involved as well as something as small as the amount of steps you take in a day. Your nutrition is based off of YOU. Not JUST a calculation, not JUST your current diet.. you, as a human, as a whole.

3️⃣ If applicable, peri workout nutrition is generally based off of your current macros & training.

4️⃣ Cardio is determined via almost every bit mentioned above in nutrition, but taking current cardio & other elements of CNS tax + goals.

5️⃣ Training is built off of prior split, everything about your nutr, your activity & occupation, daily steps, prior cardio, sleep... and again, more. Training is set in a way that works decent with your schedule but is still quite challenging!

6️⃣ Supps? Water? Vitamins? These are ALL so individual I don’t even think I can list everything that is considered. ALL THE THINGS are analyzed!

▶️▶️▶️What do YOU, as a client, do for US?

⏺Y’all give us PROFESSIONAL PURPOSE. You give us the best job in the world. Day in & out we get to watch & influence the changing of your lives for the better. We get to play a role in improved health, fat loss or muscular gains, getting ready for a first show, or a 15th.. y’all bring us more joy in this career than anything.

It’s life changing to change lives. We are humbled every day by your hard work and we in turn are inspired to work harder.

We ARE working harder in 2021. More studying, more resources, more content, more upgrades, more savage results, more FOOD!

We love watching y’all grow. We rarely feel like we’re working”, changing lives is a task, but never a chore 🙏🏻

HBAthletics&Wellness Life Coaches Q&A 06/26/2021

HBAthletics&Wellness Life Coaches Q&A

Life Coach Myra Shannon-Fuller & Erika Lundgren as well as HBAthleticsAndWellness are proud to present to you our FIRST ever public event based in personal development!

25% of donated ticket proceeds will go to the Loveland Therapy Fund to better assist diverse ethnic groups gain access to mental healthcare assistance.

We will also be offering a 50% off discount to all attendees post meeting for our HBAthletics & Wellness Self Development Prompt Journals!

Boundaries are what we use to communicate to others [and ourselves!] what we are willing to tolerate.

You don’t like the way someone at work treats you?
✋🏻Set a boundary.

You’re frustrated with yourself for spending hours mindlessly scrolling social media?
✋🏻Set a boundary.

When we set boundaries with ourselves or others, we harness our power to draw a proverbial line in the sand. We say, “enough is enough” while taking one step closer to fully embracing our authentic self.

But it’s not that easy, right? There’s a lot that gets in the way and stops us from effectively setting boundaries. Our emotions, the fear of hurting others, or a desire to keep the peace are all things that can keep us from standing up for ourselves, expressing our needs, and setting our limits.

We’ll use real-life examples that you will relate to, and you’ll walk away from this workshop feeling empowered, with concrete ideas for what to say & how to say it. We all need boundaries, and understanding that you are not alone in setting and maintaining yours can make a huge difference! Join us as we connect on this important topic and build your confidence to prioritize yourself!
Join these ladies on ZOOM for a time-limit-free seminar, workshop and Q&A happening July 18th!

Can't make it live? Don't worry! The call will be recorded and sent to you after so you can have access to it forever!


HBAthletics&Wellness Life Coaches Q&A In this interactive Zoom workshop, you will get a crash course on boundaries; what they are, and how to set them.. click me and read more!


I want to promote you & help you gain some traction in your business 🍾♥️

At .athletics , our motto is “ ”, and it’s my personal ethical responsibility to represent & stand for that mantra in any way I possibly can.

As we hire staff and expand the business, I almost always (if possible) offer new positions in coaching, marketing, content development & the like to folks on the team already, who choose to apply for the available position.

That being said, HBA is not a “huge” team, with a total of 130 or so clients. We don’t like to bite off more than we can chew and prioritize servicing the clients we do have at a top tier level vs simply growing the roster itself. We like to grow deep.

Therefore, when we onboard new staff; there’s a limited selection of apps from w/in the team, and although it’s “easier” (since team members already understand & represent the mission we have so well), it makes representing minorities, the LGBTQ+ community, and otherwise a little tricky; since the application pool isn’t massive & diverse very often.

So I want to do something about that.

Although I cannot employ “lots” of humans (quite yet.. as much as I wish I could), I want to promote, support and help market for those brands who support & align w/ the HBA mantra, who are minority/LGBTQ+/women owned!


I’m creating a page on our website to list business all over the world as a form of promotion for them.

I know most of my favorite brands are black owned, women owned, or the like; and as part of the HBA mission, it’s my duty & desire to provide a helping hand & amplify our motto.

If you’re a..
1️⃣ Women owned/black owned/minority owned/LGBTQ+ owned OR are in the business of providing and selling as well as supporting these communities,
2️⃣ Have a desire to expand your reach,
3️⃣ Want to be promoted to our massive email list on “Small Biz Saturday” each week,

Please DM ME for the type form to fill out the details for the page‼️

The page will be listed at HBAthleticsAndWellness.com on its own tab, and will circulate through highlighted businesses each week.

So message me! Let’s grow together 🌸


On January 16th I registered .athletics as an LLC in TX,

In February I hired my first three PT Staff Members, & in March through now I hired four more.

I started planning this meetup in January, and since then, we’ve gone from lil ole me running the show w/ just my clients,

To adding on clients with Asst Coach Hannah Holmes,

Then more clients & new market and expansion with Life Coaches Erika Lundgren & Myra Shannon-Fuller,

We added hundreds of people into our brand new mailing list spearheaded by Alisa Fong , Ally Mackenzie & Hope Ryan ,

I promoted Alisa to Head of Marketing & Content,

We launched apparel & accessories,

We offered multiple services to our current roster that they never had access to before; for free,

I moved into my own office space,

We created and manufactured our HBAthletics & Wellness 90 Day Self Development Prompt Journals,

We launched a membership portal,

And we’re on track to blow the financial goals I had for us absolutely out of the water.

I’m not one to brag but.. damn, I’m proud.

We’re pretty cool 🥳✨🥂 cheers to us, ladies!

Photos from HBAthletics & Wellness's post 06/16/2021

I poured so much love into making my first ever major product; our HBAthletics & Wellness ‘90 Day Self Development Prompt Journal’ 🥳🥰✨

500 of these are currently in production to be shipped mid July. PRE ORDER is happening NOW; the link is IN THIS PAGE:


^^ you can see some teasers from inside the journal there too!

HBA's overarching theme is total human wellness both mentally and physically, and that , no matter your age, sexuality, ethnicity or religion. This journal is an embodiment of that message.

The HBA 90 Day Self Development Prompt Journal takes you, the user, through 90 straight days of personal growth and self love practices. In the photos above, you'll notice that each page is different; and no two pages will ever be the same in this journal. The quotes, prompts, and motivational messages evolve and change as time carries on through this 3 month journey, with lots of blank space for you to include all the details you could want to add. We also left day's 21+ "blank", so if you miss a day, you won't be "thrown off" in the 90 day schedule itself - you just pick right back up where you left off.

The journal focuses around practices that I implement myself, that we have our nutrition and life coaching clients utilize, and the goal of the journal is to make these rituals a habit long before you've filled all the pages; creating a life's worth of resources and personal growth that you can keep forever! Some examples include multiple water intake and nutrition trackers, goal lists, decluttering programs, sleep records, medication reminders, affirmation log, gratefullness prompts, task lists, mood tracker, and both short and long term achievement logging! That's only 10% or so of the journal itself, so you'll have to grab it before it's gone to get the full range of benefits we offer in this product.

We also included a page of QR codes in the back of the journal; that carries you away to secret pages on our website with even MORE informative, helpful and motivational content that ONLY journal owners get to access. A special little treat that we feel is incredibly unique and beneficial.♥️

So HOP ON THE FREE SHIPPING PRE ORDER! & be on the lookout for fun sales & giveaways! ✨


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Can you even think about it clearly?

What you & your life would be like if you could just find the recipe to solves all those problems.

Big ones, small ones, personal, career, body image, health, etc..

Can you think of it clearly, or when you try to, does it feel 'too good to be true'?

It most likely does. & I know that, because 5 years ago, I was there.. and in there deep.

More body fat & less muscle than I wanted,
Unassessed mental struggles & a limited mindset,
Undereducated, minimal resources,
Making $400 every 2wks working I job I disliked,
Barely making my $300 rent for my room,
Driving a f*c*ed 2002 Volvo S60 w/ no working A/C, no speedometer, no radio,
With little legitimate support, no real idea where my life was going,
In an environment that fostered complacency, not growth,
& absolutely NO idea how I'd EVER accomplish the physique, business & personal dreams I had... let alone compete & do well, or run a company w/ my own staff.
..y'all, I had all the problems. Been there, done that - & this doesn't even cover birth to 20. Trust me, it hasn't been smooth. & ALSO trust me, when I say I don't have it all figured out.

But what DO I have figured out?

I KNOW and EXCEL at coaching people & hiring staff who coach people to eliminate these problems for clients so that they don't have to go through what I did.

I know that if I had "me" now, when I was 19, things would have gone way differently for me.

Less pain, less confusion, less loss, and a cubic f*ckton more happiness & success far earlier.

Our Mission .athletics is whole human wellness, meaning physical success as well as mental success & skills & lessons that flow over into & apply to ALL parts of your life.

We're (Staff) all ready to help you learn, grow & reach goals through educating & coaching, instead of suffering and avoidable excess pain.

Myra Shannon-Fuller Erika Lundgren Hannah Miller Alisa Fong Hope Ryan



& all served me well, taught me many things and helped me learn that my power & brilliance did not rely on my body fat %.

& neither does yours.

So if you haven’t been very kind in your self talk lately, I want you to look yourself in the mirror right now and just appreciate, even vocally express, how much you appreciate what your body can DO,

Instead of how it looks.


Photos from HBAthletics & Wellness's post 06/05/2021


is jumping onto her second NPC stage today, and although I usually save competitor posts until after results; Katherine probably won’t be onstage for prej for another.. 3 hours 😅 so I’ll brag about her badassery now 😤

Katherine came to me in January and we started Feb 1st! That’s only about 16 weeks of time. I prefer to work with athletes for a whole off season before competing, but Katherine was in a great place to dial in for a show. So we dove in head first!

Katherine is completely natural.
What’s really cool? Is on the left, she was 122lbs. On the right; 119lbs. That’s only THREE pounds of loss; aka, Katherine SLAPPED on some tissue with our HBA training in those 16 weeks and will hands down be bringing her tightest and fullest package yet!

Her food only dropped by a few hundred calories all prep, & we utilized higher days as needed.

Her cardio increased pretty significantly, at 5x per week MISS fasted 40min, & she didn’t complain once.

Katherine is so fun to coach; she is always.. well, pretty much perfect. I don’t have to “baby” her per se, she just takes what I tell her to do and runs.

Very proud of this one, I can’t wait for you to see her old stage shots vs the ones we’ll see today 😎😎


athletics proudly and loudly will always stand behind and support as well as coach members of the LGBTQIA+ Community. Rest assured that HBA is never a place for hate, bigotry, or discrimination. We do not stand for it, nor allow it. Never have and never will!

Although not a part of the community myself, I will remain an eternally firm supporter and educated ally for those who are.

I always feel humbled & honored when those whom identify as LGBTQIA+ join our roster. I am so glad you trust us, our strategies and moral compass.

There’s a reason is our motto, because it’s true to everyone.

It’s not, “join us; do what we say.”
It’s, “join us; we are here to HELP.”

All people, all kinds.


Myra Shannon-Fuller Erika LundgrenAlisa Fong Hope Ryan Hannah Miller

Photos from HBAthletics & Wellness's post 05/31/2021


Often times, clients will say, “Coach, I’m so sorry, I binged this weekend.” & that’s when it’s my job to dig deeper with probing questions.

“Did you eat thousands of calories or heaping amounts? Did you just have a few untracked snacks or second servings? Did you feel guilt or intense shame?” & similar other inquiries to get to the bottom of the struggle.

I would say 95% of the time it’s just over eating; and it’s NOT the end of the world!

But.. when we potentially identify a binging habit, we need to find someone to help in a more professional field.

Swipe to read about this very undereducated on topic! ♥️

Alisa Fong Myra Shannon-Fuller Erika Lundgren Hope Ryan Hannah Miller

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