Ann Marie Skin and Reiki

Ann Marie Skin and Reiki


Best. Facials. Ever.
And the reiki work is awesome! Thank you Ann M Dypwick!
Sonata getting some tuning fork work. Working the Qi flow back through the cranial can help with allergies, headaches, TMJ as well as assisting in boosting the immune system. Ann Marie Skin and Reiki

If your looking for an amazing facial and Reiki work look no further! Ann Marie does FABULOUS work with both. Always come out with my skin feeling awesome and my mind relaxed. Ann M Dypwick goes above and beyond with her COVID protocol and even uses a UV light to kill any germ, bacteria, and virus! I felt completely safe and worry free! ❤️🙌🏻
Had an amazing session with Ann Marie today. Her facials are phenomenal and the reiki work leaves me so balanced and calm afterward. She goes above and beyond with her cleaning regiment and even has a full on UV light that is used to kill any and all bacteria and viruses. Felt totally safe and stress free!

Organic skincare, Reiki energy work, Healing facials, brazilian waxing and other waxing services off


Another full day of clients! Grateful for you all!


Me all day!! 🤣 It is crazy right now!! I’m currently booking 2-3 weeks out and evening appointments 3-4 weeks out!! 😳 yes that’s right! I’m just reflecting on a year ago when my business was completely shut down and no one knew what was going to happen to our industry or anyone’s for that matter. I’m forever grateful for all of the clients that came to see me this year and remained faithful to their own well-being during this crazy year!! Thank you♥️♥️♥️ if I haven’t seen you since the pandemic let’s get you on the books! Thank you for the perfect branding photos and the beautiful for your loveliness 😘


Some of the amazing essential oils I use during my reiki sessions! Reiki light energy helps balance the body and align the chakras. ♥️


Fresh flowers on my office make me smile! Pretty festive holiday tulips sitting next to my organite brings positive energy and light into my space! A few last minute appointments available Thurs and Friday! Who needs it???

Timeline photos 12/11/2020

Pretty brows on this gal this afternoon! A little tint helps fill in the blonde hairs and lengthens the ends! Thank you for coming in today! 😍

Timeline photos 12/11/2020

Who needs the perfect gift this holiday season? New Gift Certificates are in! I love this design so much! ♥️

Timeline photos 12/09/2020

You know you want it! This room is my sanctuary and all good things happen here! I offer facials, reiki energy work and waxing! Come see me! There are a few openings this week and next ♥️

Timeline photos 12/09/2020

How are you all doing out there? I hope you all are taking care of yourselves, protecting your energy and keeping your vibration high! I have had a few cancellations this week so let me know if i can get you in for some reiki and help guide you through these next few weeks! Sending love and light to you all! Love you! ♥️

Timeline photos 12/04/2020

New business cards, door sign and gift certifs! New logo done by . LOVE ♥️♥️♥️♥️


Timeline photos 11/16/2020

This is how I reenergize and renew my spirit! This time off helps me be able to help you! This week is booked with one opening on Friday afternoon but I do have a few appointments available next week if you need any self care! ♥️

Timeline photos 11/12/2020

I’m blessed to be able to help my clients navigate this wild ride through reiki energy healing. It’s not surprising that I have been booked solid for weeks helping clients lift their vibration with this amazing work. Reiki and self care is so very important right now so please go easy on yourself! Sending love and light to who ever needs it! ♥️

Timeline photos 11/06/2020

Beautiful! Brows and a healing facial for this new client! Thank you .pgf for letting me work on you last night! Last minute appointment was meant to be! ♥️

Timeline photos 11/03/2020

Opening up my heart Chakra and meditating with rose quartz and rose oil keeping my vibration high! Sending love and light to everyone that needs it today! ♥️

Timeline photos 10/23/2020

Look what a little shaping and tint does to this gals brows! Wow!! 😃 thank you for letting me work on you today! They look fab!! ♥️

Timeline photos 10/20/2020

Tint always does the trick! Working with brows that haven’t been touched since COVID always allows for a clean slate and a new shape. Thank you for allowing me to treat you to a healing facial and new brows! ♥️

Timeline photos 10/17/2020

It’s all about restoration and balance! This is the years closest new moon and is appropriately in the justice seeking sign of Libra. October’s astrology has one mission- to expose, shed light,and destroy and dismantle toxic systems and old structures. Add in the retrograde and theres absolutely no room for old paradigms that aren’t in vibrational alignment with the collectives consciousness. A number of revelations are about to come into the light, pay attention. ♥️

Timeline photos 10/16/2020

Let’s fill in those brows!! A nice shape and tint makes these beautiful brows pop! Thank you for letting me work on you today! 😃


The new gemstone collection! So fun and totally up my crystal alley🤩
Charcoal exfoliating gel with Malachite
Turmeric energizing scrub with Citrine
Camellia glow face oil with Pink Tourmaline!


Beautiful brows!

Photos from Ann Marie Skin and Reiki's post 08/28/2020

Who’s ready for a brow shaping? I’ve been transforming so many beautiful brows lately!


Who needs a little extra care after their bikini wax?? NEW! Complementary bikini line treatment with every bikini wax appointment! How cool is that! ♥️


Third eye opening! Clairvoyance, telepathy, emotions, thought control, inner vision, inspiration and spiritual awakening! Reiki treatment of the third eye helps to alleviate headaches, eye problems, tension, hyperactivity and anxiety. Indigo is the color. We had a wonderful facial/ reiki session this morning! I love seeing my clients transformation. Love and light to anyone that needs it today ♥️


It’s back!! Earthworth is a Texas based company that provides organic CBD from ethically grown full spectrum organic h**p! 300, 750 and 1000 mg available along with their amazing topical salve!!


Right up my alley! The new Gemstone collection from Eminence! Coming in September!


As always! My clients safety is my top priority! UV room sanitizing at the end of each day for your continued protection. ♥️

If your looking for an amazing facial and Reiki work look no further! Ann Marie does FABULOUS work with both. Always come out with my skin feeling awesome and my mind relaxed. Ann M Dypwick goes above and beyond with her COVID protocol and even uses a UV light to kill any germ, bacteria, and virus! I felt completely safe and worry free! ❤️🙌🏻

Timeline photos 07/29/2020

Hey gang! I’m seeing this a lot. Mask wearing is causing a real problem for some of you and Eminence organic skincare Acne Advanced system and the Clear Skin line are excellent choices for this! Message me with any of your questions.
Book an appt! or ORDER HERE!

Protective face masks can cause acne (hello, maskne!).😷 Discover our Acne Advanced Treatment System here: .
And let us know if you've been struggling with maskne in the comments below! 👇🏿


Ready for a full day of clients! 😍 working some Saturdays now so let me know if I can get ya on the schedule! Facials, waxing and healing Reiki energy work available in the heart of East Austin TX


Let’s make some changes to your skincare regimen! Start by paying attention to the Ingredients in your store bought products. Do you like what you see? Are they words you recognize? Most likely not! It’s time to love your skincare products! Message me with questions or make an appointment!
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Everyone needs a little self care even when we think we don’t. Self care is giving the world the best of you instead of giving what’s left of you! It’s not selfish it’s necessary ♥️


Looking to reset? Let’s do some energy work!! Reiki is an amazing technique that helps balance the body, reduce stress and promotes deep relaxation which triggers the bodies natural healing abilities. ♥️


It’s that time of year!! Let’s wax y’all! Brazilian waxing is my specialty. I use an amazing hard wax that does not stick to the skin and is perfect for those sensitive areas! 18 years of experience!


Got my beautiful peacock feathers hung in my skincare studio! I love watching them move in the breeze. It’s so peaceful ♥️


Loving my new eucalyptus wall hanging in my skincare studio waiting area! It smells amazing!! Thank you Etsy seller


A little clean up and tint makes these brow pop! Who needs a brow fix?


Beautiful brows y’all!! This is what everyone is seeing these days! ♥️♥️♥️

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Another full day of clients!  Grateful for you all! ♥️♥️♥️



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