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Living Out Loud Fitness
A Mama Chasing Down Fitness, Health and two crazy toddlers Hello There! My name is Katie Loud and I am the founder of Living Out Loud Fitness

I began my journey in December of 2014 after having my 2nd child in 2 1/2 years.

I work full time as a Paralegal and the thought of swinging paying our bills, daycare and having anything leftover to save for our future was grim. I have done it all-I have been fit and athletic; I have been overweight. And I found that diet and exercise are the only way to maintain my health in a natural way. Being a wife, mom, employee and Spinning Instructor, with two little ones, life gets pr

Operating as usual



Couples (married/dating/co-worker/friends)
Single (I’ll match you with a partner)

💪🏼Requirements: $25 entry for cash pot (per couple)

💪🏼Weekly weigh in.

💪🏼Biggest % weight loss wins cash

💪🏼If you and your partner lose 5% weight each you win a prize.

Who’s in??

Comment below ASAP!!

We start Monday, February 4th!


I mean...this is everything!


The Holderness Family

Yay or Nay? Are you into all things pumpkin spice?

If yay, what is your favorite pumpkin product?

I am in to "most" things pumpkin-but my favorite is pumpkin coffee!

Even more so if it is from Marylou's Coffee back home!

Katie Ann

We are a house divided. Penn is staunchly anti-pumpkin spice, Kim is well.... just see for yourself.
#TheGreatPumpkinDebate #TwentyOnePilotsParody

[02/01/18]   Join us for this fun free fitness party!

Right from your own home-through your smart phone or laptop--from beginners to experts, we are going to host a 30 minute fun workout and would love for you to join us!

Click the link below, set up a Zoom (free) account to join us and make sure you click the "accept button" for our legal disclaimer!

We're giving away a prize to this event-so come one come all, and invite a friend, a spouse or even your kiddos and pets! Heaven knows mine like to jump in from time to time!

Katie Lewis

beachbodyondemand.com 01/14/2018

Peanut Butter Cookie Shakeology | The Beachbody Blog

Today is the day after my 3 Day Refresh and I am down 4 lbs. Feeling less bloated, less sluggish and ready to rock the next 80 days during my next program, where i am in the test group with Autumn Calabrese herself!

Timed nutrition, daily workouts that change all the time to keep your body and metabolism cranked up and a new way of looking at fitness.

Today though-I am enjoying a couple of treats as I kick off tomorrow.

One of which was my favorite-apple cinnamon rice cakes...and a few graham crackers in my Shakeology.

Tonight I will enjoy a Sunday dinner of a baked ham and roasted potatoes then kicking off tomorrow...

But...as I mentioned my delicious pb-flavored lunch....If you like peanut butter, then you have to try this recipe


beachbodyondemand.com This Peanut Butter Cookie Shakeology puts all of the flavor of decadent, nutty cookies into your smoothie so you can indulge without guilt.

beachbodyondemand.com 01/05/2018

Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwiches | The Beachbody Blog

Are you someone who can drink cold beverages or eat cold snacks when the weather outside is frightful?

I love a good hot cup of coffee, but if I had to choose my favorite dessert, I think ice cream would be in the top 3 (next to mud pie and strawberry shortcake)

Check out these fun ice cream sandwiches that are sweet, chocolate-y and deliver a tasty flavor of peanut butter in every bite!

(and shhhhh they're good for you too!)

Katie Lewis


beachbodyondemand.com We've created a recipe for Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwiches that replaces the usual ingredients with healthier alternatives. Get the recipe!

spoonfulofflavor.com 01/04/2018

Banana Berry Crunch Baked Oatmeal

For my friends and family looking to stay warm this weekend as the "Snow-Mageddon" strikes the east coast, try this delicious and filling breakfast treat!

Just the thing to fill you up, and warm your tummy after all that shoveling!

Stay warm everyone!

Katie Lewis


spoonfulofflavor.com Banana Berry Crunch Baked Oatmeal is a simple, healthy and delicious way to start your day! This easy recipe is made with coconut milk, rolled oats, fresh bananas, berries and maple syrup.


12 Days of Fitmas!

Join us for a free 12 day series focused on small moves that can add up to big changes in your fitness

Katie Lewis



If you are like me and sometimes get bored with the same old dinners look for these in your local grocery store.

They are so delicious and go great with a low-carb bun and some yellow mustard. I’m sure you could find other ways to eat them as well but that’s how I eat them!

What say you? Are you a veggie burger fan? My husband ordered a black bean burger once while we were out and I was impressed. I thought oh good maybe he’s branching out and may enjoy it.

Well-he ordered it thinking it was a beef burger with black beans on it 😂 and has again said he won’t eat my hippie food lol

Katie Lewis



Looking for some lighter choices this Thanksgiving?

Check out some of these delicious ways to cut the calories so you can enjoy a treat or two without needing those elastic waist Thanksgiving pants!

Katie Lewis

This Thanksgiving, we're grateful for all of these tips for making the holiday healthier!

youtube.com 11/09/2017

Keith Urban "Female" Lyrics

As a woman. As a daughter. A sister. A cousin. A mother. A wife. A friend. A Christian. A student. A human being-I implore you

Please listen to the words of this song released by Keith Urban yesterday in the wake of breaking the silence about abuse, gender bias, harassment and discrimination.

We MUST stop predatory behavior. We MUST raise our children, and guide the generations toward empowering ALL genders. ALL people. It is 2017...the fact that I someday will have to teach my children about what NO means, or listen to my daughter as she expresses frustration over the glass ceiling or man-splaining. Enough is enough!

We are here for such a short time and have so much to offer each other.

While we all have fallen short of perfection; we have all made poor decisions; we have all kept quiet about injustices at times.

Let us stand taller, speak louder and act more. Katie Lewis


youtube.com Keith Urban "Female" Lyrics / female lyrics / keith urban female / keith urban female lyrics / female keith urban lyrics

wholenewmom.com 11/06/2017

Egg Roll in a Bowl - paleo, low-carb, AIP, Whole30


So if you are here, you most likely saw my post over on my personal page Katie Lewis

I made this for dinner tonight--

I subbed in ground chicken, added some zucchini and some celery...along with the beef broth.

I plan on serving it over tri-colored quinoa...here's hoping it becomes a staple in our meal rotation. It smells amazing!

wholenewmom.com This Egg Roll in a Bowl has all of the great flavor of an Egg Roll, but without the fuss or carbs of the wrappers!

teambeachbody.com 10/24/2017

13 Healthy Halloween Treats - The Team Beachbody Blog

Are you more of a sweet or salty fan? Looking for some spooky Halloween treats?

Check out these recipes below! Both healthy, and kid friendly!


Katie Lewis

teambeachbody.com Candy corn, chocolate bars, caramel apples and so many other sugary treats are front-and-center at Halloween. Get into the holiday spirit in a healthier way with these easy-to-make Halloween snacks we found that kids (and grown-up kids) will love.


Which kind of person are you?

Indulge in your favorite Halloween treats?

>Do you buy your favorites to hand out so you can partake in a few pieces too? (and by few I mean a bag for you, a bag for them, a bag for you, etc)

>Do you give out "non-treats" like toys?

>Do you give out non-candy treats like granola bars or pretzels?

> Do you buy the type of candy you do not like, so you won't have any temptations? That's what I do! I give out fruit snacks, or Warheads or Airheads. Those have zero appeal to me.

Well-if the last one sounds like you, I have found the solution! Healthy and delicious, feel free to enjoy a few on Halloween, and heck-all the way til Christmas! You may even get crazy and carry it into the new year :)

But if you are looking for some delicious alternatives to all that Halloween candy, or want to enjoy a few pieces, and stay focused on your goals, join me over at https://www.facebook.com/groups/365daysofhealth/ our free group where we share fun recipes, cartoons, health tips and more!

Trick-or-Treat...give me something good (and healthy) to eat!
Katie Lewis


So if you saw my post over on Katie Lewis, you are looking for my favorite Ultimate Reset recipe of Pinto Beans and Rice.

While it is super easy, it's spicy and filling and oh so delicious! I love to make it when I am not following a #vegan nutrition plan because it is just THAT good.

Check it out below. Let me know what you think if you make it!


1 cup cooked brown rice
1/2 cup canned pinto beans (with liquid)
1 teaspoon smoked paprika
1/8 tsp. cumin
1/4 tsp coriander
1 tsp. extra virgin olive oil
1 tsp. Bragg liquid aminos
Himalayan salt to taste

Heat beans gently in saucepan over medium high heat until simmering. Drain and return to pan. Add oil, spices, aminos, and salt. Stir well. Gently fold cooked rice into beans. Serves 1.

#UR #vegan #beansandrice #riceandbeans #yum #recipes

runningonrealfood.com 10/08/2017

The Best Vegan Tortilla Soup

For some reason, when it's super warm out, I crave chicken tortilla soup. It's pretty much the most delicious thing ever.

Since I am on the Ultimate Reset, and eating a vegan meal plan, I found this delicious-sounding recipe and am looking forward to making it in the future


runningonrealfood.com The flavour of this simple vegan soup is simply outstanding. It might just be the best vegan tortilla soup out there! Bonus: it's ready in about 20 minutes.

buzzfeed.com 10/06/2017

20 Better-For-You Versions Of Classic Comfort Foods

Ooooh sweet potato pizza crust? I bet that would awesome with chipotle seasoned grilled chicken and peppers/onions!


buzzfeed.com Go ahead and indulge.


Joyce Meyer Ministries

A message from Joyce to celebrate all the amazing moms out there!

teambeachbody.com 10/02/2017

Pumpkin Protein Muffins - The Team Beachbody Blog

Need a pumpkin-y treat that's good for you?

Check out the recipe that popped into my news feed from a few years ago. I remember making them and they were so delicious!


teambeachbody.com One of our Social Media Strategists, Amanda Meixner, came up with this delicious, high-protein recipe for healthy pumpkin protein muffins that are just per


Homemade Pad Thai with chicken...

Let me just tell you-keeping to the 1 cup serving was incredibly difficult!

So delicious!

I used this recipe and added a few other ingredients and winged it a bit but this was a good guide to get started!



#thaifood #homemade #fridaynighttakeout #takeoutfakeout

Katie Lewis

[09/20/17]   Wow this really resonated with me. Last night I tried to get some "alone" down time between episodes of tantrums that lasted well toward midnight.

If I don't get some responsibility-less time, I often get cranky. I live and die by the time clock. Our kids have had a routine with coming and going since they were 6 weeks old.

Even my schedule has a schedule-and we have 5 of them. Each of ours....and our family's group schedule.

No matter how hard I say no to events, and things, we still seem to be running here and there.

But two things I do for me-I get a long run or two in a week. With grownups other than my spouse. With others who just want to chat mindlessly as we plod along, or speed-depending on our schedules (again).

I also make time for me-to turn on my DVR. Watch a travel show or a cooking show or something relatable on Bravo like #oddmomout. God I love that Show. If you haven't seen it-my god go home and binge watch it right now!

But as parents-our "us" time is sacred and should be worked toward. The other 20-23 hours of the day are spent working, commuting, schlepping, cooking, cleaning, loving, playing, and planning.

Take care of you-and make time to love yourself. You deserve it as do the little people and partners in our lives.


For all my followers who love a sweet treat-

Check out these delicious chocolate chip cookies!

3 mashed bananas (ripe),
1/3 cup apple sauce,
2 cups oats,
1/4 cup almond milk,
1/2 cup raisins or chocolate chips,
1 tsp vanilla,
1 tsp cinnamon

preheat oven to 350 degrees and bake for 15-20 minutes.

You can even omit the chocolate chips and go for cranberries and walnuts, or almonds!

If you make them, let me know! They're a favorite in our house!
Share with someone you think may enjoy them too!

Katie Lewis

running-advice.com 09/09/2017

5 Tips for Easing the Transition into Fall Running #Running #Run #Fitness | Running Advice and News

Do I have any runners who follow my page?

Got that first brisk air run in this am! Perfect running weather for me-shorts and a long sleeve shirt is my favorite attire.

How about you? Here's a great article that provides a few tips for moving into the fall training season!

What are your "go-to" seasonal change methods?

running-advice.com With the summer quickly coming to an end, runners will start to see the sun is coming up a little later and setting earlier. Outdoor workouts are suddenly


James Smith

Very interesting discussion on male vs female hormones and health/nutrition.

The Unspoken Elements of Female Fat Loss


Can anyone else appreciate the irony of this?

My son is in Kindergarten and each night we have "homework" to do. Granted it is a small amount, and some reading which we do anyways-

But I am NOT looking forward to math! We'll be calling in my siblings who are the numbers people-mama is languages, spelling and social studies!

dammit. (via Julie Burton / Writer)


Teachers! Parents! Children!

The bus is coming!

If you're struggling with the end of summer and getting back on routine

If you over indulged this summer and don't fit into your work clothes or getting ready for try-outs

If your snooze button is killing your plans of getting up early "to get things done"

If your kids take FOREVER to eat their breakfast, or skip breakfast entirely;

If you're dashing out the door to the bus and grabbing a toaster pastry;

And lastly if you planned on working out more than you did

Then consider a Back to School pack!

Let's work together to find a solution for your entire family!

Kids-Daily Sunshine will fuel you and get you out the door quick, and is pediatrician approved

Parents-check out a 3 Day Refresh, Shakeology and our Performance Line!

Blast the junk food cravings naturally; accelerate your results and recovery with Energize and Recover. Get your daily dose of fast, dense and delicious nutrition with Shakeology.

Grab some travel packs for those on the road games, late study groups, and meetings!

Make this fall your healthiest and don't fall victim to the time clock! Everyone had time for health and wellness!

Message me for details, and mention the back to school special for a special gift for enrolling before August 28th (my son's 1st day of Kindergarten)

Join our family as we go back to school with Beachbody!


Autumn Calabrese

Your chapter one doesn't look like someone's chapter 5! Comparison is the thief of joy!

Start and progress on your own journey instead of focusing on others

Comparing & judging


Autumn Calabrese

I'm going to let you in on a little secret!

Coming this January---

80 Day Obsession yo! Autumn is back! Who is excited?!

I sure am! Autumn's 21 Day Fix Extreme program, nutrition plan and Shakeology helped me lose and keep off 40 lbs of baby weight.

I know what's on my list for Santa this year!!!!

Katie Lewis

We couldn't keep the secret any longer!!!!! New program coming January 2018!!!!


How beautiful and summertime perfection is my breakfast from this AM?

Greek yogurt, a cup of sliced peaches and 8 walnuts chopped. Got that fat, protein, fiber and natural sugars from the fruit. Just sweet enough to start this day off fueled with something fun.


It's Friday and you bet I had an adult beverage with dinner. But there's a "focused way" and a not so on track way to go out to dinner.

Order something tasty but modify as you need to. Grilled zucchini and roasted chicken with basmati rice.


Plan ahead and get your gallon + of water and workout in and enjoy your meal out 😁


Quote Of the day-if I came to your house right now and pinched your booty it would be tight. I didn't think it was possible to love ShaunT anymore even more but this totally made me laugh out loud


3 day refresh is done!

That's what I'm talking about! Feeling much better and toned, but mentally strong too!

Now to push through T25 til Monday when Shaun Week Starts and we start the nutritional part of the Shift!

Who hasn't RSVP'd yet? 4 spots are left!

Katie Lewis

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Happy anniversary to my partner in crime! Here's to the next 5 years!
Getting the guns ready for when the sun comes out  #StartTheDayOffRight
Get up early and start the day off right.


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