Rejuvenate IV Bar

Rejuvenate IV Bar

Premium IV Infusion and Vitamin Shots, centrally located in McKinney near Frisco and Prosper. Come v


Hey McKinney! Get ready to elevate your wellness game with the all-new Rejuvenate IV Bar Say goodbye to feeling sluggish and hello to a revitalized you🌿💧. Whether you're in need of a pick-me-up, an immunity boost, or just some good ol' relaxation, they've got your back!

Go check them out at: and book your appointment today!


Craving a mid-week pick me up? Stop by and treat yourself to wellness before the weekend. 💉


B-complex vitamins help prevent infections and help support cell health, red blood cell production, energy levels, eye sight, brain function, digestion, & nerve function. Need we say more? Supplementation is so important for a wide range of cellular functions.

Add it to your bag, or get it as a shot - come get your daily dose of B-complex today.💚


Happy Friday! Drop your favorite weekend self care activities in the comments below.🤍


achieved with our weekly Biotin injections. Stop in this week for yours.💉


A important reminder to set the tone of your week, from us to you.💚


Let’s talk vitamin infused IV therapy versus oral supplementation —

IV therapy delivers 100% of each vitamin infused into your bloodstream, completely bypassing the digestive system. Therefor, you get a much higher concentration of vitamins than you could receive via oral intake. Immediately after a treatment is furnished, you begin to benefit from increased hydration, then the effects of the vitamins kick in shortly after.

Whether it’s a staple in your regular wellness routine, or just an occasional pick me up when you’re needing a boost, IV therapy is a sure way to provide a palpable uptick in your physical, mental, & emotional well-being. 🤍


: food is fuel.💚 A diet lacking proper nutrients can be the cause of many unpleasant symptoms.

92% of the US population suffers from one or more vitamin deficiencies, and our IV therapy or IM shots are a great way to keep up with your daily vitamin requirements!

Call us to see how we can help YOU achieve your health & wellness goals, while also tackling any concerns.


Whether you’re a professional athlete, or just someone who prioritizes movement in their day - how you support your body on recovery days is an important, and yet often disregarded, aspect of fitness.

Our Athletic Performance bag contains B-12, B-Complex, Magnesium, & L-Carnitine all work to accelerate muscle recovery, support a healthy metabolism, & replenish vital nutrients.

Because showing your body a little TLC is never a bad idea. ❤️‍🔥

Book yours today:
📞: 469-473-2314


Having a hard time getting out of bed in the morning? Sometimes no matter how many cups of coffee you have, do you still feel depleted?💤

B-12 shots are a fast acting, simple solution to combating fatigue. As an added bonus to the energy promotion, these shots will also help fight brain-fog, prevent anemia, balance or increase your metabolism, promote hair skin & nail health, and elevate your mood.

Call, text, or book online today. & as always, walk-ins accepted. 💉


Put food in, get good out. Keep your skin looking fresh, hydrated, & youthful with us.💧

Our Anti-Aging infusion is loaded with antioxidants and essential nutrients - it helps fortify your skin and hair, while also boosting brain and heart health, and promoting detoxification and longevity.

Ingredients: Biotin, B-Complex, Glutathione, Vitamin C, Magnesium, & Zinc

The perfect pick me up for everyone wanting to look & feel their best. Book yours today, link in bio.


Come to us, or we come to you.✨

With no travel fees or taxes, you can book your IV service for either in store or from the comfort of wherever you are! At home, the office, a friends - you name it, we’re there.

Photos from Rejuvenate IV Bar's post 08/31/2022

We are so excited to now offer Vitamin D shots!

Swipe to read just a few of our highlighted benefits associated with supplementation. 💉


You might be thinking that it seems a lot more complicated to get an IV drip than swallow a capsule, so why would anyone do that?

Our answer is simple: when it comes to hydrating your body and delivering specialized nutrition, IV therapy is flat-out more effective than traditional oral supplementation. The nutrition is delivered faster and your body absorbs a lot more of it.

Whether it’s part of your regular wellness routine or an occasional pick-me-up when you’re under the weather and need a boost, IV therapy provides a palpable uptick in your wellbeing.⚡️


| Did you know that the majority of Americans live chronically dehydrated?

IV hydration goes directly to your bloodstream so that your body can deliver nutrients to where they are most needed. In this fast, effective method of rehydration, your body is able to recover more quickly, relieve mental fog, and flush toxins out of your system. 💧

Come get hydrated with us this week!
Monday - Friday: 9 AM - 5 PM
Saturday - Sunday: 10 AM - 6 PM

Call us, or book online today!
📞: 469-473-2314


BOOK YOURS TODAY! Link in our bio💻


Mentally on vacation.💭

Anyone traveling this coming week? Come get our specialty Super Immunity Drip before your travels!

VITAMINS: C, B-complex, B-12, Magnesium, Zinc, Glutathione
—> strengthen your immune system, increase energy, decrease mental fog, and eliminate free-radicals & toxins in your system.

We are SURE our infusions will set you up to feel amazing, to insure you can fully enjoy your travels.💚💉

📞: 469-473-2314


Loved treating this girl to our Immunity Boost Drip! 💚💧

has been getting regular IV infusions for the last year, and we loved getting to hear her personal experience with them, and how IV therapy has been an amazing benefit to her health & wellness.

Curious about IV therapy? Come try it out for yourself & see how it can be tailored to your personal needs. All of our staff are Registered Nurses, and here to help educate you on all of the vitamins and different customizable infusions to help you choose what’s best fit for you.

Call us, or book online today!✨
📞: 469-473-2314



Our most exciting & best kept secret the last few months! We will be serving the DFW metroplex, & be offering our Immunity, Hangover, & Myer’s Cocktail drips via mobile IV therapy!

Let us make your life a little easier - we come to you! At home, a friend’s, the office - WHEREVER! Visit our website, and click on the “Mobile IV” tab to book your infusion today!💚

📞: (469)473-2314


POV: you’re sitting in our IV therapy oasis, dripping with your favorite infusion.💧

Comment below what your infusion of choice is!


True holistic wellness begins with how we fuel & nourish our bodies. Start your week off in the best way, by putting good in, here with us at Rejuvenate.💚

Whether you are targeting energy boosting, athletic recovery, immunity defense, beauty, weight loss, or just overall wellness - our vitamin infusions are a promised step in the right direction.

📞: (469) 473-2314



For the next 4 weeks, we will be offering all of our IV’s (excluding NAD therapy) for just $100!

Explore our 15+ infusion types through our website - then call us, or book online to reserve your spot!

Have you been thinking about trying out IV therapy? This is the perfect excuse to come & experience the limitless benefits of vitamin infused IV hydration. You don’t want to miss out on this!💚


Depleted from the long holiday weekend?😴

We know holiday weekends can be taxing - come give yourself a pick me up with one of our curated IV infusions this week. With our menu of over 15+ customizable vitamin infusions, we will have you feeling back to yourself in no time.💚


Happy Fourth of July weekend, everyone! 🤍 we will be closed on Monday, but make sure to book your infusion today to get hydrated before the weekend’s festivities!💥

We hope everyone has a fun, safe weekend!


We’ve said it before & we will say it again — IV therapy doesn’t have to just be for when you feel under the weather, or hungover!

Our IV infusions are the perfect blend of vitamins, minerals, & electrolytes to incorporate into your regular wellness routine. We typically recommend coming in once per week, or biweekly, for the infusion of your choice based on your personal wellness goals.

One of our customer favorites is our Anti-Aging & Beauty Infusion! This infusion contains Biotin, B-Complex, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Zinc, & finished with a Glutathione IV push! Loaded with antioxidants & essential nutrients, this infusion helps fortify your skin, hair, boost brain and heart health, & promote detoxification + longevity.💚

Book yours today:
📞: (469)473-2314


We make you feel like you’re alive again.💚👏


Looking for a immunity boost?🥬

Our Summer Immunity Boost Infusion is curated with Vitamins B-12, B-Complex, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Glutathione, & Zinc. Boost immunity, metabolism, energy, mental function, skin & hair health, & more! 100% vitamin absorption, straight from the source.

P.S — we always recommend a Glutathione booster as an add on, for extra toxin elimination, detoxification, immunity boosting, & for slowing the aging process!👏

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for our new & improved menu!😍 Book your infusion today!


Come rejuvenate yourself for your weekend festivities, & this upcoming week - true hydration, 100% vitamin absorption. Try it for yourself, and thank us later.💚


| OUR HOURS HAVE CHANGED!💥 We are now open 7 days a week for your convenience, and to allow more flexibility for you to be able to incorporate our IV therapy into your wellness routine.

Our new hours are as followed:

Monday - Friday: 9 AM - 5 PM
Saturday - Sunday: 10 AM - 5 PM

Call, or visit our website to book your next appointment today. We hope to see you you in our chair soon! 💚


You glow different when you’re hydrated.✨

Photos from Rejuvenate IV Bar's post 06/21/2022

Swipe for our 5 reasons why YOU should add IV therapy to your wellness routine.💥


Give us alllll the Vitamin C.🥝

Did you know that Vitamin C promotes cardiovascular health, increases energy, improves mental function, fights fatigue, repairs muscles, and boosts your immunity? Give yourself a boost by booking a Vitamin C injection, or create your own custom IV Vitamin C infusion! Call us, or visit our website, to book your IV infusion today.


Still recovering from the weekend?🍸
Come see us for a Banana Bag, and cure your looming hangover in just 30 minutes.

Photos from Rejuvenate IV Bar's post 06/16/2022

We had such an amazing time today at the Golden Tee Wellness Club Event, hosted at Northwood Country Club! Thank you to our amazing team, & all who attended - IV hydration was a hit among these golfers.💉

Interested in having us at your next event? Bachelor/bachelorette parties, athletic events, corporate events, concerts - you name it! We are available & able to travel, TO YOU!

Call or contact us through our website for more details.💻



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