Town of Bennington, NY

Town of Bennington, NY


election results? THE 2019-2020 NYS Budget eliminates $65 MM from the CHIPS Program. Thank you Governor Cuomo.
Thanks for “repairing the roads” and leaving me stranded on the side of the road with my kids in the vehicle.
A casual drive down Tooley yesterday and it's very . Dangerous ! It's sinking. The crown is gone moreso than ever and the " road" it's rapidly eroding. Beware! as it is treacherous for two vehicles on it side by side as it's sandy underneath with no stable layers of road.
When the leaves start to peep and cover the "ravine " up on Tooley in the spring an unknowing out of town driver could be in major trouble ! Which is not only scary in itself but emergency vehicles even getting down that road might not even make it to help. Seconds count in an emergency! We can't just wish this / these road issues away or turn a blind eye to this. It's about human beings safety and the situation has gotten out of control. I fear the day I hear a mercy flight or sirens because of these horrible road conditions. I don't want to say the word ignorant but if we do nothing about this , we are! and we will all be responsible in some way. I don't want that weighing on my conscience ! Tooley is not fit for more than a dirt bike at best. Be careful people and please tell your kids , family , friends to drive safe there or just stay away.
For now we need a hazard sign on Tooley or something asap. The spring rains too I'm worried for the people who live on that road just driving on it. 🙏 The environmentalists would have a field day studying the erosion but Tooley Road should not be a science project !
I have replaced a front end on a new vehicle and 5 plus new tires damaged from Burrough Road boulders of rocks too. I'm working full time plus just to pay car repairs on a new car ..and so are about 150 other people on these dirt path roads. It's absolutely unacceptable and I feel like I'm taking my money, wadding it up and just throwing it in the garbage paying taxes.. as there is no return or investment I clearly see for services rendered besides snow plowing . And even best at that as the plow drivers can't help it ( thank you guys for your hard work btw)) but the boulders that are just lying on top of dirt on Burrough road are insane! Everytime the road is plowed of snow, the rocks are spewed out too onto everyone's lawns.. So my tax money has paid for the snow plows thank you but now I have rocks that were not doing anything except jamming up beautiful new tires now lying all over my front yard ! And the rocks extend at least 5 feet in off the road and the width of my property line. So now in the summer I mow rocks not grass, and this is after raking up 14 piles of rocks in the spring last year. Approx 3 wheelbarrows full of rocks and throw in a splash of a herniated disc waiting to happen. So I'm paying taxes for rocks essentially is what it all boils down to.

A drive in Amish country a few hours away upstate which is more remote than Bennington .. even the roads are tarred and stoned at a minimum ! there.

Let's put more than a band-aid, borrow the funds and get some goals/ plans, please ! It's not like the townspeople are asking for anything more than what should be a standard in 2019, a driveable road . The town needs a makeover and different ideas as these roads are not driveable! and an eyesore to say the least. Problems are meant to be solved and this is not insurmountable or inconceivable let's move forward and act now. Please and thank you a taxpayer and a concerned citizen let's work together and just plan a reality of at least safe conditions at the very least ! Let's do this the right way for the safety of our children and teenagers as they are at risk and depend on us adults to act responsibly and to advocate for them . Thank you for reading all this and taking the time. Feel free to post pictures of any hazards on the roads so people are aware in this town.
Heard there is an emergency meeting about the roads. When is it please?
Are plows working today ? Haven't seen one yet today on Blood or Sinn Road .
Anyone know him? He was trespassing on my parents property!
Question about a zombie house 1165 Sierk Road. Previous owner abandoned the house after a few years living there, bank put it up for foreclosure auction in the spring. Surveyors marked the property lines and someone hauled a pile of tires up to the roadside and left them there. I assume there were no offers due to the condition after sitting vacant for several years and the $250K or so mortgage& interest arrears. So what happens now?

The official page for the Town of Bennington, NY.

Operating as usual


Please see the link above to the County website for more information regarding the coming changes to Garbage and Recycling pickup. As you will see in the picture below, recycling will be different weeks depending on which half of the Town you live in. Regular Trash pickup will be EVERY week for all residences on Friday's. There is a larger picture on the website for reference.

Waste Management will begin delivering new totes starting next week.

All questions related to Garbage and Recycling should be directed to the County Planning Department. 585-786-8820


Town of Bennington
March 28, 2022
Special Session

Meeting Opened at 6:33pm with Councilman Frounick, Domes & Bryman; Town Clerk Busch and Supervisor Grant present.

Prior to the opening of bids at 9:30 a.m. on March 26th, several Board members met with the Highway Superintendent and Deputy Highway Superintendent to review the site work done for the proposed cold storage addition to the Highway Garage. Following said review, it was determined that the addition, as proposed and bid on, would not be in the best interests of the Town, but that the design and specifications would need to be modified due to slope and drainage issues and that such modifications would be significant enough to require re-bidding the project.

Resolution #2022-3-5 Cold Storage Addition to Highway Garage

Be it Resolved, that the Town Board hereby declines to accept and award a construction bid for a cold storage addition to the Bennington Town Highway Garage.

Motion by: Bryman second by: Frounick
Ayes: 4 Noes: Abstain: Absent: 1

Resolution #2022-3-6 Accept letter of resignation from Highway Superintendent and appoint Deputy Highway Superintendent

Be it Resolved, that the Town Board hereby regretfully accepts the resignation of Highway Superintendent Andrew Koch effective March 25, 2022; and
Be it Further Resolved, that the Town Board hereby appoints Paul Schroeder, 3 Clinton Street, Alden NY to the position of Deputy Highway Superintendent at a rate of pay established in the current Collective Bargaining Agreement, said appointment for the period March 26, 2022 through June 10, 2022.

Motion by: Domes second by: Frounick
Ayes: 4 Noes: Abstain: Absent: 1

Town Clerk Busch addressed the Board to ask that they accept her resignation effective April 30, 2022. Since taking on her full-time job in June of 2021, the pressures and travel requirements of that job have taken time away from her responsibilities at the Town. She deeply regrets having to step away from this job as she enjoyed working in the Community where she grew up and has lived for many years.

Resolution #3022-3-7 Accept letter of resignation from Town Clerk

Be it Resolved, that the Town Board hereby regretfully accepts the letter of resignation of Town Clerk/Collector Carolyn Busch, effective close of business April 30, 2022.

Motion by: Domes; second by: Bryman
Ayes: 4 Noes: Abstain: Absent: 1

Motion by Frounick, seconded by Domes to adjourn at 7:15pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Carolyn Busch
Town Clerk


The Easter Egg Hunt is back for Town of Bennington residents! Hope you can hop on over!


Last week, on 3/15 the Tax Collector sent out reminders to property owners in the Town of Bennington who had not yet sent in their payment for 2022 property taxes. I would like to share a couple of reminders.
- Last day to pay taxes in the Town of Bennington is 3/31. I will be here in person on 3/23, 3/28, 3/30 from 5-7:30pm as well as this Saturday 3/26 from 9 to noon. If not paid here, they go on to the County and they will be in touch to collect.
- Taxes must be paid in full with the correct amount of late fees where applicable. The Tax Collector does not accept partial payments, they are either paid in full or they are not paid at all. The Town is also not a bank, therefore does not hold onto partial payments. Partial payments will be sent back to property owners.
- Five Star Bank is not authorized to accept payment of taxes for the Town of Bennington and has not been for many years. If taken to the Bank, it is only delaying the process and could result in additional late fee penalties.
- Email with any additional questions.

Photos from John Kucko Digital's post 03/17/2022

Photos from John Kucko Digital's post

HOME | bennington 03/12/2022

HOME | bennington

The Town of Bennington is soliciting bids for a cold storage addition to their highway garage. Specs are available from the Highway Superintendent, Town Clerk or on the Town Website at Bids are due to the Town Clerk, 905 Old Alleghany Rd. Attica NY 14011 by March 26, 2022 at 9:20am and will be awarded on March 28th 2022 at a special meeting to be held at 6:30pm at the Town Hall. The Board reserves the right to reject and all bids.

HOME | bennington NOTICE - the Transfer Station is closed and not accepting any materials.  Papers can be recycled weekly with your trash to Waste Management.  Waste oil is not accepted - it can be returned to the store that you purchased it from.  Home Depot also accepts waste oil, old fluorescent bulbs (the smal...


For residents of the Cowlesville water district.


Wyoming county residents; Please take notice of the FREE anti-rabies vaccination clinics for dogs, cats and ferrets for 2022.

Photos from John Kucko Digital's post 02/17/2022

Photos from John Kucko Digital's post


Just a reminder…all dogs that are harbored (you feed and shelter) in a residents home.

💥 DID YOU KNOW....New York State requires all dogs over four months of age to be licensed.💥

To obtain this license, owners must provide proof of current rabies vaccination as well as proof of the dog being spayed or neutered (if applicable). Though not required, if spayed or neutered the license is significantly cheaper, close to a $10 savings!! Each township varies of fees, but all are required to give a discount on dogs that are spayed/neutered.

🐾Dogs must be registered to help on the loss, theft, or ownership transfer of dogs, and can also help cut down on the risk of dangerous dog encounters.

*Photo courtesy from Jamie Pankow Photography of dog from Wyoming County Dog Shelter📸


Good news Bennington residents!
Waste Management will be automating pickup this spring. They will be providing garbage and recycling cans to all residents as the trucks will be using an arm to gather the totes. All garbage and recycling must be put into these receptacles. Postcards were sent, but putting here for additional reference. Please contact the COUNTY with questions as the Town is not assisting with the disbursement. More information will be forthcoming on timing for the changeover.


Bennington trash pickup will take place on Thursday this week due to todays inclement weather.


The Town offices, including Town Court will be closed Monday, January 17th in Observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.


Reminder for residents - The Town of Bennington has a local law that there is no overnight parking on Town Roads through April 1st. This includes Cowlesville! Please give the snowplow drivers courtesy, and do not park on the streets.


Town of Bennington Tax Collector’s Notice:
All 2022 Tax bills have been mailed at this time.
Please Take Notice That, the Tax Collector’s Office, for the Town of Bennington will be collecting taxes at 905 Old Alleghany Rd. Attica, New York from January 1st–March 31st 2022 from 5pm until 7:30 P.M. Mondays and Wednesdays as well as 9am till noon on Saturdays.
Payments by mail send to:
Town of Bennington Tax Collector
905 Old Alleghany Rd. Attica, New York 14011
• Please make all check, cashier’s check or money order payments out to Town of Bennington Collector.
• Please check the accuracy of your check to ensure it is filled out correctly.
• The Collector will return your payment if the check is not filled in correctly. This could delay the posting of your check to your bill and cause late fees if mailed at the end of the month.
• I will deposit your check as soon as it is received, please do not date the check for a future date as it will be sent back to you. The Town is not a bank and does not hold checks.
• In person cash payments are accepted, but it must be for the exact amount.
• Payments can be made by credit card, for an additional fee. Percentage based on total.

Payments made during the month of February:
a 1% penalty will be added.
Payments made during the month of March:
a 2% penalty will be added.
Payments made after March 15th, will also be charged an additional $2 fee for the late notice.
Last day for acceptance of payment of taxes will be March 31, 2022.

Carolyn Busch
Bennington Town Clerk/Tax Collector
[email protected]


The Bennington Fire Department just shared this Important announcement.
Rt 77 will be closing on Monday November 29th , between Rt 354 and Rt 20a , for approximately 10 days.
Please plan accordingly.


Attention Bennington Residents: The State will be doing a culvert replacement on Rt. 77 and the company doing the work anticipates having 40 loads of fill. If anyone is interested in this fill, they should contact Villager Construction at 585-223-7697.


The Town Clerk’s office will be closed on Saturday, November 6th due to unforeseen circumstances. I will be in this evening, Friday November 5th from 5:30 to 6:30pm.


Notice to Bennington and Cowlesville Residents:
Notice is hereby given that the “No Parking Ban” will be enforced during the period: November 1, 2021 to April 30, 2022 as per Local Law #1 of 1978. There shall be no vehicle parking or standing on the streets/roads in the Town of Bennington and Cowlesville between the hours of 2am to 7am.

Notice is hereby given that certain roads within the Town of Bennington are designated seasonal minimal maintenance during the months of November 1 through April 1 as posted. (Geise Rd. between Clinton and Stedman, Hodge Road and Graff Road between Poland Hill and Hodge)

By Order of the Bennington Town Board


The Town Clerk will be in the office Monday evening, Nov. 1st from 5-7:30pm to issue remaining DMP permits for the noted areas.

DEC today announced that remaining Deer Management Permits (DMPs) in several Wildlife Management Units (WMUs) will be available to hunters beginning November 1, 2021.

For more info:

DMPs allow hunters to harvest antlerless deer and are issued for specific WMUs to help control deer populations. In some WMUs, all applicants received permits during the initial application process, and the DMP target has not been reached.

In these units, DEC will re-open the DMP application process starting Nov. 1, on a first-come, first-served basis. Hunters may apply for up to two additional DMPs in these WMUs at any DEC license sales outlet beginning Nov. 1.


Trick or Treating in the Town of Bennington will be from
5pm to 8pm
October 31, 2021.


The Town Clerk's office will be closed Monday, Oct. 11 as well as Wednesday, Oct. 13th.

Photos from Town of Bennington, NY's post 10/02/2021

Please take these important internet and broadband surveys that the State is conducting. They are looking to service those areas in greatest need of access.


There is still time to get DMP's before October 1st.
Office Hours:
Monday & Wednesday 5-7:30pm
Saturday 9am to noon.

Attention Hunters: Hunting licenses will go on sale Monday, August 2nd. I will be open from 5-7:30 that evening. I will be closed that Wednesday and back in the office Saturday morning from 9-noon.
Deer Management Permits will be available via instant lottery from August 2nd through close of business October 1st.
Please note that the DMP's have been reduced for the 9H area. The probability of a second 9H DMP is now only a Medium probability, where in year's past it has been High. (See image below)
(Medium = Between 1/3 -2/3 of applicants will receive a DMP.)
Landownership for DMP preference must be verified annually. Please let the Clerk know prior to issuance if you have 50 or more contiguous acres when requesting DMP's.
Thank you,
Carolyn Busch
Bennington Town Clerk

Photos from John Kucko Digital's post 09/16/2021

Great post about an exciting project in our Town!


Just a reminder...Town-wide Garbage pickup in Bennington will be Thursday this week due to the Labor Day Holiday.


Pursuant to Local Law of December 2016 of the Town of Bennington Zoning Law, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Town of Bennington Town Board shall hold a Public Hearing on Wednesday, September 8, 2021 at 7:30 p.m. at the Bennington Town Hall, 905 Alleghany Rd, Attica, NY 14011, to consider the following:
A Special Use Permit application made by New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC to construct a Telecommunication Tower at 1374 Clinton Street Road, Attica, NY 14011, SBL No.: 16.-1-39.2; owner of property is Billie Jo’s Enterprise, Inc.
Persons wishing to offer arguments for or against the proposal may appear at the hearing or write to the Town of Bennington, 905 Alleghany Rd, Attica, New York 14011, prior to the scheduled date.
A copy of the application for Special Use Permit is available for review by contacting the Town Clerk at (585) 591-2157.
Dated: August 23, 2021
By Order of the Town of Bennington Town Board,
Carolyn Busch, Town Clerk


On August 4th our Highway crew repaired Getman Rd. They oiled and stoned the road that day getting the road back in good condition. That evening while the oil was still wet, a driver and their vehicle made the decision to do donuts, spin outs and tore up the freshly fixed road.
As the Town Clerk, the #1 complaint that I receive from residents are the conditions of our roads. I am very upset, as I am sure that you all are, that someone made this poor decision. The crew had to go up and spend additional labor hours, and materials to fix it back up. More than likely this will create a pot hole situation in the area where the road was roughed up.
As residents, we must be vigilant and report to the authorities if we witness this kind of activity.


Sporting licenses and Deer Management Permits for the 2021-22 season are available for purchase today! Licenses and permits can be purchased online, by phone, or in person at any one of DEC's license-issuing agents.


Attention Hunters: Hunting licenses will go on sale Monday, August 2nd. I will be open from 5-7:30 that evening. I will be closed that Wednesday and back in the office Saturday morning from 9-noon.
Deer Management Permits will be available via instant lottery from August 2nd through close of business October 1st.
Please note that the DMP's have been reduced for the 9H area. The probability of a second 9H DMP is now only a Medium probability, where in year's past it has been High. (See image below)
(Medium = Between 1/3 -2/3 of applicants will receive a DMP.)
Landownership for DMP preference must be verified annually. Please let the Clerk know prior to issuance if you have 50 or more contiguous acres when requesting DMP's.
Thank you,
Carolyn Busch
Bennington Town Clerk

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