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Good Morning!
🌟And Happy Thursday to you! After having my morning meditation and prayer time, the word that I read was KEEP STILL! “The Lord will fight for you,and you only have to keep still.” Exodus14:14 nsrv

✨How many times have I went ahead of God thinking I am taking care of something because I was to impatient, or felt pressured to do something. But not anymore, I have learn to rest in his word and keep still.
Allowing him (God) to fight my battles. Doing what only he can do anyway. 🙏🏽

🍁I hope this blesses someone today, like it did for me. KEEP STILL and rest in the peace of the Lord. And let him go into battle on you behalf.

Have an Amazing Day!
Peace & Blessings 💕💕


As long as you prioritize Character overall . It’s okay to be different and not follow the masses. Sometimes taking a singular path, is where you discover the hidden gems from within. 💎💎


Happy Monday Y’all!😘
Be YOU always!… 👌🏾💕


Looking into the New Year, with a spirit of expectancy! 🙏🏽💕

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This is what I am Grateful for FAMILY!🙏🏽💋

As I reflect back over 2021, I am so thankful that God kept my family Healthy from Illness and safe.

This is a picture of us together on Christmas Day. Just to spend time together with my nephew, niece, siblings and Great nephews and niece, is what it’s ALL about.

The only thing missing was my Parents and Grandparents. 🥲
But God is good!

As we sail into a New Year, I am committed to keep what’s important in life at the forefront.

And lastly, as I thank God for what he’s done for me. I am also thanking God for you and yours. I wish you nothing but Health and Happiness for the coming year.

Peace and Blessings!💕
And Happy New Year!🎉🎊🍾

Photos from VM Milner, LLC's post 12/24/2021

From my family to yours wishing you a Very Merry Christmas! 🎄🎁 Be safe and enjoy! 🙏🏽😘


Hey Y’all!😘
💄I just started a New You Tube channel. A space where I will have Candid conversations about Life, Self Love and All things Inspirational. 💋

🌟Check it out.

💫I would love for you to Subscribe
And turn on your notifications for future videos.

Peace and Blessings!💕

Photos from VM Milner, LLC's post 12/05/2021

Happy Sunday Y’all!😘
💄It’s Amazing how the more seasoned you are in life, the more clarity you have. What’s really important, becomes crystal clear!

Peace and Blessings!💕


Happy Wednesday Y’all!😘
I hope you are having an amazing day! Just out having lunch, reflecting and thanking God for my 55th Birthday. I am so blessed and grateful! ❤️❤️🙏🏽


Enjoying an Amazing afternoon and Dinner with my friend was the cherry 🍒 on top of my day!


Good Morning!😘
Rise. Stand. And walk in your Queendom! You can accomplish whatever you put your mind to. You were born for this Sis! 💪🏽 💋

Remember, you have the Power to Orchestrate and Own your destiny. When you intentionally set parameters by:

🔑 Deciding what makes you happy.
🔑 Deciding what you want.
🔑 Set your non-negotiables
🔑 Let go of what other people think.
🔑 Write down your plan.
🔑 Take one step in the direction that will elevate you.

By setting your parameters, you teach the outsiders when in your presence how to handle you.

Peace and Blessings!💕


Happy Sunday Y’all!😘
I enjoy the air, the turning of leaves on the trees. Those beautiful Red, Orange and Yellow trees are so picturesque to me.
So I will be getting out into the fresh fall air!💋

So what are your plans for this beautiful day that the lord has made?


Happy Monday Y’all!😘
I cannot believe we are officially in the last quarter of 2021. These last 2 years 20 & 21 have both been a roller coaster ride to say the least.

Especially since we were hoping to have the pandemic behind us this year. Later, coming to realize it’s still lingering to this day. Now, we are faced with a new change.

The delayed supply chain, longer lines and wait times at our favorite restaurants. This challenge is our new normal.

With all that being said; I am THANKFUL! 🙏🏽 I am an optimistic by nature and so excited about what’s in store! God is doing amazing things. And 1 of those things is that he’s gifted us with a new day.

Go and conquer! Be blessed!💕


Happy Sunday Y’all!😘
I hope your are having a wonderful start to another beautiful day.

Peace and Blessings!💕


Happy Friday Y’all!😘


Happy Monday Y’all!😘
Spending some time with my sissy, doing what I love. “Painting”.

What are some of your hobbies?


Happy Saturday Y’all!😘
Have an Amazing weekend!


Good Morning Y’all! 😘
Happy Hope day. Instead of calling it Hump Day, I thought it would be appropriate to say “HOPE” day. 🙂

Since we are embarking on a new season “Fall”…And the last quarter of the year. I am believing that everyone is well and thanking God for keeping us through all the uncertainty in our society.

What are you optimistic/hopeful for at this junction in the year?

Have an Amazing day!
Peace and Blessing!💕


Happy Saturday Y’all!😘
I was just thinking, a lot of times we are underestimated in life because of our up bringing, personality or just a preconceived notion.

I am here to say “ HUGE” mistake! Let’s try to make it a habit to not automatically judge.

We are human, so it can be a challenge depending on the circumstances. But let that not be our norm…

Food for thought.💋

Peace and Blessings!💕




Happy Monday Y’all!😘
No matter where we are in life, just know that Gods grace is sufficient.

Peace and Blessings!💕


Happy Saturday Y’all!😘
Wishing you all a Wonderful weekend. Be safe!

Peace and Blessings!💕


Happy Friday Y’all!😘
I have learned you don’t have to travel in packs to Grow, Elevate into your Queendom and master a Peaceful state of mind…

I have discovered it’s actually therapeutic and cleansing to travel lightly.

Try it, you just might like it!

Peace and Blessings!💕


Happy Saturday Y’all!😘
Wishing you an Amazing weekend!

Peace and Blessings!💕


Happy Hump Day Y’all!😘
It is Pure freedom when you can healed from your Trauma; and move forward in life free from:
✅ Bitterness
✅ Having a get back / get you told spirit. (Revenge)
✅ Depression
✅ Low Self Esteem
✅ Having an Aggressive countenance.; and
✅ Hating Men in general.
(all men are dogs syndrome)

It takes time to heal,but once you are there the reward is priceless!

Peace and Blessings! 💕



Happy Tuesday Y’all!😘

💫Do not allow yourself to be burden down with what others think. Unleash that chain and live your life according to your standards.

Peace and Blessings! 💕


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Happy Monday Y’all!😘
Working to improve ourselves, life in general and our physical occupations can be a heavy load from time to time…

Stopping to smell the roses 🌹 is needed to re-charge and bring balance.

I have shared my list of things to unwind and rejuvenate. ✅So, what do you enjoy doing to bring balance to this thing call life?
💎Drop a comment below…💋


Happy Sunday Y’all!😘
Wishing you all a wonderful day! And to my sisters, just know that when we work on ourselves, we will evolve into the best version of what God ordained for us.

I like to call it our Glow Up season; because we lead with our internal light.

G - Grown Tremendously
L - Love Yourself 💕
O - Omit Negativity
W - Worthiness
U - Uncommon character
P - Pray Often

What self improvement measures have you started?

Comment below what your G.L.O.W.U.P. season looks like…
💎Share if you got something from this.
💗 Save to reflect on.
Peace and Blessing!💕💕

Photos from VM Milner, LLC's post 07/29/2021

Happy Thursday Y’all!😘
💛Growing and becoming a better version of your authentic self is always the Best thing you can do for yourself!

Self Love hack:
💛Be willing to always improve on something. Anything that is not growing is stagnant (dead).💯

Peace and Blessing!💕


Happy Tuesday Y’all!😘
One of my favorite places to have lunch!

I hope you are having an Amazing day.

Peace and Blessing!💕


Happy Monday Y’all!😘
Just a little Monday Motivation. Wish you all a productive and blessed week.

Peace and Blessing!💕


Happy Saturday Y’all!😘
A day of Reflection… With a heart filled with gratitude. When God brings you through:

🙏🏽 Unemployment and the Pandemic.
🙏🏽 Bringing a family member back with complete recovery from a life threatening injury.
🙏🏽 Restores you from anxiety and worry from the uncertainty of it all.
🙏🏽 Grants favor on your life. And it’s clear it’s favor on more than one account because in the natural the events would not be possible.
🙏🏽 When the Holy Spirit downloads instructions for you to follow, in the still of the night. When you are not even conscious enough, to think of it on your own.

Lord I thank you! And I am Grateful!

💛Where I am today is a complete turnaround from this time last year. I am beyond excited of the things you have in store in this season of life.

Instagram Fam, what are you grateful for?

Peace and Blessings!💕



Happy Friday Y’all!😘
💛Well, we all know this is hard to do generally speaking… But how you handled this speaks volumes of your emotional maturity level.

💛And again, it takes growth to handle them in a noble fashion. However, I have found the following things to be useful in this situation:

⚡️Be Cordial.
⚡️Be yourself.
⚡️Don’t deliberately avoid them. If you organically run into them. Deal with the encounter head on…(You don’t have to seek them out though. This applies only to an organic encounter).
⚡️Say what’s applicable. Refrain from unnecessary verbiage.
⚡️DO NOT TARRY; and move on!

I have found that this helps when you find yourself in the space of someone that mistreated you. Remember it is a test! Your goal is to PASS it.

So, would you pass the test today?
(Just something to think about…)


Happy Thursday Y’all!😘
The look you have when you have surrendered EVERYTHING over to God.

✨ Your Life
✨ Your Will
✨ Your Purpose
✨ Your Dreams; and
✨ Plans

You cannot go wrong; when you put it all in his hands.🙏🏽

Peace and Blessing!💕

Photos from VM Milner, LLC's post 07/18/2021

Happy Sunday Y’all!😘
💎 I am a firm believer that life experiences is the greatest teacher of all times. Education, Mentorship, Counseling ,etc; has it place. But NOTHING will ever come close to life lessons.

💡If you could go back in time, what would you do or say to that younger version of yourself?

Think on that for a moment…🧐

❤️Now, this opportunity would not be to dictate, demand or coerce anything. Just to be an advisor if that younger you were seeking answers or direction.🙏🏽


Happy Saturday Y’all!😘
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! Be safe!

Peace and Blessings!💕💕

Photos from VM Milner, LLC's post 07/16/2021

Happy Friday Y’all!😘
No matter where you are on your growth journey, these are just a few things that can sometimes stifle us. And we all have some sort of doubt, insecurity or second guess ourselves regarding something.

But I believe the key is to discover what are your pain points and start to work from there.

In my growth I have come to realize that I can be my own stombling block. But not anymore, now I am my own cheerleader!😘🥰👍🏾

Growth takes time, but with the desire, honesty and the work we can become the very best version of ourselves. The way God intended for us to be.

Where do you fall on the Growth vs. Stagnation scale? No judgement here! 👌🏾Just pure forward momentum…

Peace and Blessings! 💕💕

Photos from VM Milner, LLC's post 07/14/2021

Happy Hump Day Y’all!😘
Out on a Sunday stroll. Taking sometime to enjoy the view…


Happy Tuesday Y’all!😘
💛 You know life can sometimes be challenging, with all the unexpected events and curve balls thrown at us from time to time.

🧡 That’s why it’s so important to stay in God’s word because it’s builds strength and keeps us alert to things we would not recognize otherwise.

💛 When we focus on Him, everything else will fall into place. We might have to navigate through something, but with Him we will come out victorious in the end.

💛 No matter what! Keep going and Keep growing.

Peace and Blessing! 💕💕


🧡 Growing and evolving reveals new things. And it allows you to see that you are no longer the same person. You become a new and improved version.

💛 These are a few things I have noticed about my transformation.

🧡 In your growing and evolving journey, what have you took note of about yourself? Feel free to share below how you have grown.


Happy Hump Day Y’all!😘
Regardless of the past and even what you might be experiencing in the now, YOU ARE WORTHY!

💛That’s why working to improve one’s self is so vital. There is always something we can improve on, or do better with.

🧡And working to be a better person is not to say you are not enough. But what it does say, is that I am humble enough to know that I must always strive to be of kingdom quality.

Remember, the focus is pleasing GOD!

Peace and Blessing!💕

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