Merry Time Bar & Grill

Merry Time Bar & Grill


We tried the Enchorito for dinn er lastnight and it was amazing!!!! So b ig we shared it! Definately cannot wa it to go back for another o ne!
Hello Merry Timers! Got cabin fev er? Come down to the Merry Ti me and watch the Grammy's tonight wi th me your host Heidie, bartending u so me killer cocktails. Happy hour is 3 -7. Come down and let the fashi on bashing begin! :)

Neighborhood bar with 14 taps, pinba ll loft, pool table, awesome food, li ve music and great local vi 21+ only all hours(yes, even for outsi de seating).

Friendly neighborhood bar with great burge rs, tacos, and daily specials. 14 ta ps featuring mostly local breweries, the large st pinball selection on the North coa st, lottery, pool, big screen tvs f or games, pinball loft, Locally owned a nd operated, eclectic and welcoming to a ll. Indoor and outdoor seating and ta ke out available with pick up at o ur walk-up window on 10th. Open at 11 am Saturday and Sundays. Open at no on weekdays. Full menu available until 9 pm 7 days a week.

Operating as usual

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Tuesday! Dad tacos 3 for 6 buc ks while they last(no to go at a ll today)

We are a bit short on linecoo ks, so today we're running our la te night menu all day and a ta co special!
Plus, well drinks and beers a re 50 cents off all day!

Come che ck out the progress on our swe et new awnings on 10th while you' re here.


Helloooo friendly and understanding humans w ho we like so very much:
Due to shorta ge of cooks, we are mixing up o ur hours this week as follows:
Tuesday: op en 12-11. Bar menu only. (sor ry, none of our burgers or su ch today!) to make up for it, we're giving you a deal on drin ks all day! Kto and Mariah duri ng the day and Kaylie and And re after 5.
Wednesday: open at 3 pm. Full menu 3-9pm
Thursday: open at 3 pm. Full menu 3-9 pm.
Friday: op en at noon. Regular hours throu gh Monday.

Hang in there, y'all! We apprecia te your support and your patience.


Game day!
Sundays with KTo a re *always* fabulous, but today we al so have the one and only Jea ny Birdeno making a guest star bartendi ng appearance just for the game! G et ready for some fun football, fol ks!

Open today 11-5 pm
(Closing early d ue to staffing..sorry guys! )



A young Sand Dollar. This is wh at they they look while living, cover ed with tiny spines and tube fe et that make them appear furry. T he white, shell-like structure we’re accustomed to findi ng on the beach is the Sa nd Dollar’s exoskeleton.

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Hello friends! a few minor adjustmen ts in things for the next f ew days.

Sat 9/17: full menu until 7pm.
Sund ay 9/18: we close at 5pm

Tuesday 9/ 20: we are doing a soecial "hap py hour" day 12-11 pm. All drin ks 50 cents off all day. B ar menu and "Dad" tacos all d ay.

We are working hard to a dd more kitchen staff to get ba ck to our normal routine! Until th en, thank you for your support a nd realization that all humans are hum an and we are all doing t he best we can.

Peace/love/ tacos.
Merry Ti me Pals


Sorry folks, we are only doi ng limited bar menu for the re st of tonight!


We've been looking forward to th is day for a year or mo re! Today, we are getting new awnin gs installed on 10th! It'll ta ke a couple days, so our outsi de seating will be closed on 10 th today and tomorrow until 5pm. A nd the sidewalk outside our building wi ll be closed off same days. Wahooo oo! .


The yellow days of fire season ... stay safe out there, friends!


****Update**** 9/12/2022

The state has removed t he burn ban for our area. We a re returning to our normal burning regulatio ns. In the City of Astoria limi ts recreational fires are allowed and burni ng in burn barrels is permitted fr om 7-10 AM daily with an approv ed burn barrel permit. If you ha ve any questions please feel free to ca ll us.

The Oregon Department of Forestry Astor ia District has declared an Extreme Fi re Danger for the entire North Oreg on Coast, including all of Clatsop Coun ty, effective 1 AM Friday September 9, 2022. Und er this declaration all fires within t he county are prohibited. This includes bu rn barrels and recreational fires (including campfire s).

The public is urged to u se caution and observe the restrictions unt il the fire danger level is lower ed.


Thursday: we will be opening at 5 pm today!!

Join us for football tonight!


Thirsday after football : we a re Gettin' Groovy.


Classic Blt with our house sal ad! A perfect lunch.

Today's soup is spl it pea with ham.
Live music!
Saturday: Oregon Duc ks at 12:30
OREGON beavers at 5:30
Game d ay special: 6 classic Buffalo wings wi th veggies just $7 while they la st.


Live music tonight!
Rumor is there'll be a surpri se ukelele artist doing ome chill, isla nd vibes.


Your friendly neighborood bar....with cake.

TRIVIA Wednesda ys at 7pm
TRIVIA-BINGO Wednesdays at 9pm.


You deserve a break today!

Live loc al music tonight.


Ooh baby! 10h Street is t he dream street! Enjoy sangria on t he pier with hilarious Rebecca at @Winekra ft, outdoor seating / pinball/ po ol/ music @merrytime_astoria_ sip wine in a co ol parklett with the lovely Lisa @brutwineastor ia and grab delicious Italian sandwich es and pastas from @gaetanosmarketanddeli


Open at noon Monday through Frid ay. Tacos, burgers, vegan options. Duck in f or lunch or order takeout online at www.merrytimebar,c om to puck up at our wind ow on 10th. 100% of tips fr om all online irders goes to t he person cooking your food!

15 ta ps, full bar, best pinball room arou nd, pool, outside seating, luve music a nd djs on the weekend and Triv ia every Wednesday! Oh yeah..we are local ly owned and operated by regular peop le who live in Astoria, (not so me big company) and we apprecia te each and every customer. Than ks for your support!!

# astori a


Hello! We will be opening at 5 pm Wednesday and Thursday this week.

S ee ya Wednesday for Trivia at 7pm(signu ps 6:30)
See ya Thursday night f or LIVE MUSIC!



Hey friends!
I just wanted to ta ke a moment to update y'all on a f ew fun things at the Merry Ti me.

We will be introducing our n ew event, "TRIVIA BINGO" at 9pm on Wednesd ay August 17th. It will follow o ur regular weekly Wednesday night trivia. It' ll be silly and fun and fa st with Stephen Culbreath as our fir st host. Our event calender is updat ed through October 29! We have a f ew more pending items to plug in, but check out all the f un stuff ahead. You can acce ss this any time via our websi te at More detailed information is on facebo ok.

Football is just around t he corner! We are adding several new/larg er TVS around the bar for th is season! Exciting!

Awnings: in a couple wee ks you'll see some activity out fro nt. We are getting some cool n ew awnings so we can have d ry spots to sit outside and provi de better lighting on the street f or the long, dark winter ahead.

Hiri ng: We will be hiring in Septemb er for a full-time linecook and we a re always looking for bartenders who c an get in as a fill-in a nd pick up shifts. If y ou are a morning person: please rea ch out to us about open spo ts at the Labor Temple!

Thanks so mu ch to you all for all yo ur continued support, business and friendship! We ha ve the very best staff and custome rs and are thankful every day.


LIve Music in August at T he Merry Time Bar.
10th and Mari ne in lovely dowtown Astoria.


Trivia tonight!!
Signup now to pl ay at 7pm


Dj: regular gig First Saturday of month.
Dan ce/ 90s etc
9:30-12:30 am
Pays $100 + food/b ev credit.
House PA.
Message Terry here or ema il to [email protected]
With related experience a nd interest.


It'll be hot in Portland a nd the Valley this week! Astoria h as moderate temps, fresh breezes rolling in o ff the mighty Columbia and the Mer ry Time is your locally owned neighborho od bar home away from home! N ow with AC! 10th and Marine in love ly downtown Astoria. Outdoor seating. Raini er on draft.


Last chance this summer to par ty with Dj Nes! Saturday night.


The Flying 15 came to vis it!


Dance to 90s hip hop, o ld school funk and hood tunes. 9pm.Wi th Special guest bartender @jeanybirdeno


July 15 at The Merry Ti me! 5 celebrities walk into a bar. .


Sending out one thousand three hundr ed and sixty six bucks to T he Lower Columbia Q***r Center! That's 462 jel lo shots sold @$3 a piece! Wah oo! Shout out to Katie who loving ly made each one.




The Merry Time Bar will be clos ed all day July 4.
Happy Independen ce Day.

Go make some memories!


Handydandy reference for all the thin gs at the Merry Time!


Thursday night Live music! Jamadeus a nd Fish. 21+ only.
Pinball! Outdoor seating! Tac os!

Merry Time Bar Astoria Oregon 06/27/2022

Merry Time Bar Astoria Oregon

LIVE MUSIC dates in July at t he Merry Time.

Merry Time Bar Astoria Oregon full bar, local beer, live mus ic, pinball, pool table, sports and triv ia with great burgers, tacos, and vegetari an bar snacks and late night fo od. 21 and over. Outside seating wi th river view.


Monday we are getting new a ir conditioning installed(a 2 day process becau se they have to bring in a cra ne to put the unit on t he roof!)
Yes, we know that won "t help today, but when the tem ps creep up again soon enough, we' ll be ready with cold air a nd cold beer!


Dance party tonight!

DJ Kryptic t he Sound Rebel out of PDX spinni ng 80s and 90s hip hop, dan ce and pop. 9:30pm.

And we have a danci ng pirate. ARGHHH.


Hey sunshine, Seize the summer! Halib ut Fish and chips with slaw, tart ar and fries! Cold beer, fre sh strawberry lemonade and vodka as t he drink specials and OUTDOOR seating!


Chef Kota taking a picture of today 's special: Teriyaki Chicken sammy with lettu ce, tomato, onion and pineapple with fri es or tots. 14 bucks at t he Merry Time.
$2 Rainiers a ll day. Live music Thurs and Frid ay night. See y'all soon!


We are donating 100% of a ll Jello Shots sales during the mon th of June to the Lower Columb ia Q***r Center, Astoria's resource center a nd safe space for our LGBTQ frien ds and family. To date, we ha ve sold a whopping 340 Jello sho ts and that means over a $1,0 00 will go to the LCQC! Speci al shout out with much love to K TO for single-handedly making all these tas ty treats(she puts a lot of lo ve and creativity into these Jello sho ts; they aren't your usual "green flavo r' you might get elsewhere)). At $3 ea ch, the sales add up. Be su re to grab a couple the ne xt time your in for lunch or pinba ll or a show.


Tonight after 6pm
Enjoy classic tropical ti ki cocktails, chill vibes, marinated teriyaki chick en with grilled zucchini and pineapple or cocon ut shrimp with lime creme dipping sau ce.


Wednesday! I can personally vouch f or this Halibut po' boy. It's da mn tasty! A spicy remoulade adds ju st the right kick and the fi sh is fresh and lighty dusted in flo ur before frying. $14 with fries.

Tonig ht: Drag Bingo! 7pm win cash/prizes.
Wi th host Ariel View

(Trivia with Piper retur ns next week)

Merry Time Bar
21+ only
Outside seati ng/ full bar/ pinball
Kitchen with full me nu open until 9pm
Bar open until 11 pm tonight
10th and Marine

(We are hiri ng FOH!!! See us asap!)


To all our friends at Bu oy are all in our though ts today.


Hiring now!!!!
Saturday night and oth er lucrative bt shifts now available f or e expienced, mature bartender.
Send resu me asap to [email protected] or messa ge us here.

Our Story

Astoria's Living Room! Spend so me time with the nice people of Astor ia. 11 local beers on t ap, hearty burgers like our signature Mer ry Monster, shrimp and calamari baskets, fri ed chicken, several vegetarian options, burritos, gia nt nachos. Most everything made fr om scratch! Happy Hour 7 da ys a week 4-7 featuring 5 fo od items for just $5, a ll the games on multiple tvs, pinba ll, board games, Buck Hunter, Cribbage, com fy booths, big stone fireplace, Trivia on Wednesda ys. Live music on occasion. Ju st an overall friendly spot to ha ng out/ 21+ only.

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Dance party tonight! DJ Kryptic t he Sound Rebel out of PDX spinni ng 80s and 90s hip hop, dan ce and pop. 9:30pm.And we...
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How about that halftime show!!! F un!
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995 Marine Dr
Astoria, OR

Opening Hours

Monday 12pm - 10pm
Tuesday 12pm - 10pm
Wednesday 12pm - 10pm
Thursday 12pm - 10pm
Friday 12pm - 10pm
Saturday 11am - 12am
Sunday 11am - 12am

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