Old Things and Objects

Old Things and Objects


Tucked into the historic downtown of Astoria are historic vintage finds! Shopping for someone who loves a story with a gift? Cargo of Astoria, Old Things and Objects, Reclamation Marketplace, and Vintage Hardware will certainly lead you to something special.

Two days left to Shop Plaid--to shop with your community and for your community. Be a part of our fabric.

Fill your punch card and get entered into a stunning raffle for over $200 to continue shopping Downtown Astoria!
Oh the treasures you'll find downtown...like these antique slot machines at Phog Bounders Antique Mall. Check out Old Things and Objects and Astoria Vintage Hardware Hardware too!

We are a curio shop that has many kinds of collectibles for every kind of interest. We range from th We range from the antique to the modern collectible and the price range is affordable to high end.

We offer nautical, art, records, books, souvenirs, jewelry, and more!

Photos from Old Things and Objects's post 07/09/2022

Thank you Pamela Goldsmith for entertaining us last month at the art walk! No music this time but the art walk is on again today so hope to see your smiling faces soon!

Photos from Old Things and Objects's post 05/19/2022

Can't believe it's been a month since the last post - my oh my how time does fly - The art walk was super cool and great craic! Ya great craic - Next month it'll be June 11th and we'll be having Pamela Goldsmith over from Portland for some classical guitar probably from 6-8pm in the store. Will confirm the time here asap. Hope to see ya. I'm posting pictures of a few new things in the store but this is just a small sampling of the new stuff.
Get your nostalgia here - 11-6 and closed Mon. Tue. Open til 8pm on Art Walk 2nd Saturday each Month.

Photos from Old Things and Objects's post 04/22/2022

Beautiful Sunny day here in Astoria and it's a busy weekend! Looking forward to the Art Walk May 14th. Old Things And Objects is featuring a wall full of vintage maritime paintings and prints by PNW artists. Have a brilliant weekend and hope to see you soon!


If this antique wheel could talk it could really spin a yarn...


Raymond Coriz Turquoise and Onyx Link Toggle Bracelet. Navajo Hand-Tooled Hallmarked Coriz Sterling - $325

We have a fine selection of similar items - all genuine and high quality stones and silversmith work.

Photos from Old Things and Objects's post 03/11/2022

Japanese glass float found on Agate Beach in Oregon in the 1940's, net was hand made by the father of the kid who found it - antique miner lamp - antique Swedish hand carved skate with iron cutter - antique pill machine - lots of old buttons and things - vintage clothes - old toys and children's books and records - lots of antique and used books - cool old rustic things - old section of The Alibi sign in Portland - Summer in Holland eglomise painting - vintage brass fire hose nozzles - Eastman child's roll top desk - 1930's batwing trike
Oh My!

Photos from Old Things and Objects's post 03/05/2022

This Chinese Ancestor painting and the ex voto are a couple of the more rare items available right now in the shop. The old Life magazines are very interesting reading in today’s world.

Photos from Old Things and Objects's post 02/23/2022

Old Things And Objects is happy to now offer high quality genuine Native American - Navajo and Zuni - Vintage and Old Pawn sterling silver turquoise and gemstone jewelry. These are individual handmade works of art. Many are signed by the artist. Come on down and have a look!

Photos from Old Things and Objects's post 02/18/2022

Just hangin around...that's my LIFE...Vintage Glen Adakai turquoise and silver...Silhouettes and paintings in reverse...

Photos from Old Things and Objects's post 01/29/2022

What a beautiful few days we've been having here in Astoria. Nothing but sunshine sunshine. Lots of new things in the store this week so here's a few of them: Eastlake Victorian fainting couch that folds out to a daybed; Carribean mahogany hand crafted statues and Tribal fertility figure; Vintage Vacationer make black and green steam trunk with original Vacationer sticker and with old H.M Wille postal addressed from himself at the Berlin American School in Brooklyn NY to himself at an address on North Missouri in Portland, OR that no longer exists. I checked to see if I could return it but now it's here on the store floor waiting for it's next mission in life.
Have a fantastic weekend everybody!

Photos from Old Things and Objects's post 01/21/2022

Here's some random new items for ya - Vintage high chair - a fine selection of sheet music, rock magazines and photo books, vintage pie crust top end table and doilies - C'mon, who doesn't like doilies?
Have a great weekend all and don't take any wooden nickles!


Bottoms Up Ganz can holder. Is it too early for this?


This Antiques sign has been brought back to it's former glory!


Well 2022 is off and running and this is what we have to offer you so far! Vintage 1940's Cambridge Chantilly sterling silver base pitcher and two weighted sterling silver base Cornucopia vases - Beautiful

Hope to see you soon!

Photos from Old Things and Objects's post 12/31/2021

Happy New Years Eve! Here's a few things in the store - vintage matchbox cars in original boxes and like new - agate slices for paperweights, bookends, art, - Lots of old abmbrotype photos, stereo view cards, and View-Master reels. Did you know that View-Master was a Portland, OR based company inspired by Victorian stereo view cards? Well ya do now!
Have a safe and happy new year celebration and make it a good one in 2022!

Photos from Old Things and Objects's post 12/26/2021

Happy Boxing Day everyone! It’s warm in here so come on in from the cold!

Photos from Old Things and Objects's post 12/10/2021

Ready for the "Winter Window Contest" Saturday Dec 11 & 18 !

Photos from Old Things and Objects's post 12/06/2021

Big things and little things at Old Things And Objects! Antique Portuguese communion wine urn. (Wine of the saints) Vintage jade and gold Billiken pendant (the god of how things ought to be)

Photos from Old Things and Objects's post 11/28/2021

Here's some newly arrived things! 1952 Monopoly game (houses and hotels are made of wood and the money feels more real than a dollar bill) - Rare Eames wire and wood chair - antique and vintage books first editions and printings and special editions - old leather case that arrived with an old photo of a bridge celebration from 1924 inside.
Have a good day and don't take any wooden nickels!

Photos from Old Things and Objects's post 11/17/2021

A few new old things in the store that I'd like to share - Vintage Cho-Kin Japanese hand carved metal gilded in gold cuff Links and tie clip - Art by Japanese school children during the American occupation of Japan 1945-1952 - "Sentry By The Sea" old photographic print from Marin County CA

Have a good day and don't take any wooden nickels!

Old Things and Objects updated their business hours. 11/11/2021

Old Things and Objects updated their business hours.

Old Things and Objects updated their business hours.

Photos from Old Things and Objects's post 11/11/2021

We have vinyl records...lots and lots of vinyl records and vintage plastic children's records, 33's, 45's 78's and CD's - sorry, no cassettes currently on hand!

THE BALALAIKA 03/27/2021


We have a balalaika at Old Things and Objects if you're interested in learning it or if you have the skills already! We had a Russian family come in and show us a video of a n**e man playing one by a bear. As I was unable to find that clip on youtube, I found this instead. The musicians within it are amazing, and it gives some facts about it as well.

THE BALALAIKA They do THAT with three strings?!The balalaika often amazes foreigners; listening to the instrument being played, they do not understand how with only three...

Photos from Old Things and Objects's post 02/14/2021

Happy ❤ day!!!!!

Photos from Old Things and Objects's post 10/30/2020

Time to dress up! Maybe as what you aspire to be! 🧙‍♀️ Look at this classic kid's lp. :D


We at OTAO hope you voted! We have many old political buttons and this humorous book to help get you in the spirit. 👻

Photos from Old Things and Objects's post 10/21/2020

Looks like this lovely hippo was carved out of a nice burlwood piece. Hippopotamus is the symbol of rebirth, healing, motherhood, love and protection by mothers, bravery and strength. They often go below the surface into water and so this symbolism was born in a few different cultures. She measures about 7" x by 4" and is a great deal for only $40. The artist's initials are carved at the bottom: looks like Z M.

Photos from Old Things and Objects's post 10/17/2020

This Stones book just came in- rare from 1973! Has discography and lyrics and interesting photos inside :o only $25!

Photos from Old Things and Objects's post 10/12/2020

Here is a unique antique pen holder that just came in! Looks like it could be Ali Baba. Materials brass and/or other metal and probably chalkware. All in good condition, pen holder moves back and forth with ease. Please come down to 1144 Commercial to check it out! Only $56!


OTAO wishes you a lovely and quirky surreal holiday season. Betty Boop likes things surreal and dramatic but only in a peaceful and artistic way. In a Max Fleischer mood now, how about you?

Photos from Old Things and Objects's post 10/07/2020

"I'm ready to go out with masks in place!" says Breezy. "Not me" replies Marny, " I think I'll just stick around here and finish this amazing Partridge Family adventure set in a haunted hall!" 🎃


We will be closed Tues, Oct. 6, 2020.

Photos from Old Things and Objects's post 10/05/2020

This beautiful old children's book from 1915 is a bit like Little Nemoy. Come check it out! I'll be here til 6 today. But tomorrow we'll be closed, as we need a break in this bizarre time we're living in. Hope you're well and keeping healthy.


Here's an original illustration by Phil Smith for The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde. Created sometime between the 1960's- 1980's. Only $200!

Photos from Old Things and Objects's post 10/03/2020

Check out this beautiful 3 stringed Russian folk instrument called a Balalaika. It is not easy to find these. All tuned up and ready to be played by you! You can find instruction on youtube or I can give you the number of a musician around here in Astoria that was able to pick it up and play it instantly and can teach you!

Photos from Old Things and Objects's post 10/03/2020

Do you remember sweet 6 yr old Ruby Bridges and that day she spent in a white school in 1960? Here is a signed copy of her documented experience. Wow.

Old Things and Objects COVID-19 Relief organized by Lisa Ackerman 05/17/2020

Old Things and Objects COVID-19 Relief organized by Lisa Ackerman

Thanks for any support you are able to give, but no pressure. Please share.❤️

Old Things and Objects COVID-19 Relief organized by Lisa Ackerman Old Things and Objects antique store and art gallery has been doing business in… Lisa Ackerman needs your support for Old Things and Objects COVID-19 Relief


Hello Dear Customer! Hope you are staying safe and healthy out there! If anything interests you in our downtown windows or on our FB page, please email or msg us! [email protected]
We can make arrangements to meet outside, at a distance with our masks on. We accept cash and payments to our PAYPAL account at the same email address. Thank you for your support! We love you!!


Hello everyone, hoping you are staying safe out there and adhering to the stay at home measure as much as possible. We aren't sure exactly when we'll be reopened but if you are interested in anything you see in our photos, please send us a message and we can arrange a time to meet at a distance with masks in place in front of our shop. Thank you so much for your support and we will make it through this challenging time. Love to you all. ❤



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