The Glam Tram

The Glam Tram


Hey. The three times I have been on the Glam Tram? Awesome! This opportunity for something fresh as to transportation? Too bad insurance companies stole this from Astoria. Will be missed very much so. Thank you for a very cool experience over the years!
Get on board the GlamTram! Thank you Jeff for a wonderful evening! We had a great time touring around Astoria with you.
What and where are you running
For festivals of the dark arts??
Thank you for supporting Candlelighters For Children With Cancer's annual Harvest of Hope Gala. This year was a record breaking success! Thank you for sharing our 40th Anniversary with us!

It's with great sadness that we announce the Glam Tram has been retired. The Glam Tram is latest addition to its fleet of "smile" mobiles.

It's life began as a one of a kind bus for the L.A. Zoo in the 1960's transporting people around the 60 acre facility. It was retired and reused as a people mover at a condo development until breaking down and abandoned for 40 years. Rescued just hours before being crunched in a junkyard and after a 8 month restoration, it's back on the road and is ready to party. Of course it's sought after for w

Operating as usual


The Glam Tram has left Astoria. As the faces are sad today check out all these smiles from the past 5 years. 06/27/2019

Glam Tram heads to Bigfoot country Jeff Daly’s Glam Tram, the colorful open-air taxi that since 2014 has shuttled people around downtown Astoria, is headed to Cougar, Washington, in search of Bigfoot.


Happy Trails...Glam Tram

The day has come for the Glam Tram to move to it's new home, Lone Fir Resort in Washington, home of the Bigfoot Tours. The owner grew up as a kid riding the Glam Tram at the LA Zoo in the 60's and appreciates the history of the "one and only". 01/02/2019

For the Glam Tram, the fun is over The Glam Tram, Jeff Daly’s open-air party shuttle that has whisked passengers around downtown Astoria since 2014, is no more.


Farewell old buddy.

This better not be your New Years Resolution!


Tell us when you are ready to go down under.....

What times/days would you like to see tours available?
Thanks for your input! ✨✨✨


Astoria Underground Tours

Time to Rock & Roll baby....Tickets on sale now.
If a whole bunch of people buy them we will add more times.
Every ticket includes a coupon from our friends in Astoria. Gimre's Shoes, Carrauthers, Workers Tavern, Rusty Cup, and more.
Here is the link to purchase tickets and book a time.


Astoria Underground Tours

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be underground and look up?

Astoria Underground Tours for tickets and more info on tour dates and times available. Also available for groups and events.


Astoria Underground Tours

Who remembers Jack the Cat? In the 60's he lived under ground Astoria, beneath Commercial Barber Shop where you could get your shoes shined while waiting for the next chair. It's all part of the stories you will experience with the Astoria Underground Tours...coming in a few weeks...


The JoyTrain...what a perfect place to say, "I Do" Congrats and Love to ya Kaye and Moira.


Yeah Hoo

What a Glamorous Day!


KAST 1370 AM

column man and The JoyTrain made an appearance at City Hall to the enjoyment of all celebrating National Historic Preservation month.

After mayor Arline LaMear proclaimed Historic Preservation Month in Astoria she got a surprise visit from an amazing Jeff Daly creation


Glam Tram Xmas Team 2017

The Glamorous elves are spreading the Christmas cheer. They have made Santa's "good" list.


Totally Glamorous.

Some crazy shenanigans happened today involving Astoria's very own The Glam Tram, an Inferno Lounge bartender and a bottle of Citron. We'll say nothing else except Happy Friendsgiving weekend folks!


All aboard the Turkey Tram. This group could meet again on Halloween with the same get-up.


Andy's Astoria Travels

Friday the 13th brought good luck to Astoria with Andy Carson doing his show live from the Glam Tram. He did 27 live shots and updates during the 4 hour telecast for Channel 12/Fox.


The Daily Astorian

Forty & Eight: New life for an old Astoria train


Rocks to be found?


The Glam Tram offered the stage for the "Benefit for Bex" event at Astoria Coffee House Bistro. Jimbo and all the employees gave the day's tally to Becky, the popular chef who is battling cervical cancer. T-shirts are available to show your support.


It's summer time and The Glam Tram is cooking. Our staff is waiting to entertain your party, class reunion, wedding or any other semi-legal idea you may have.


Birthday Parties are twice the fun when celebrating on the Glam Tram.


We like Smiles...


Glamorous Goonies. O my!


Party Down!

Do ya Love Birthday parties? Here are some tips from Allison to make it a success!


Here is a link to a video on the "travelastoria" web site showing off the Glam Tram.


Thanks to "Our Coast Magazine" and photographer/reporter Danny Miller for the nod to The Glam Tram in the yearly glossy magazine just released.


Thanks to all the Glam Tramers


Glam Tram Christmas Tour 2016

It's a toss up who enjoys the "Glam Tram Annual Christmas Tour" the most? Santa and his merry band of helpers, or the friends and family they meet spreading Christmas cheer at the local assisted living homes. Everybody shared the day with smiles.


Glam Tram Christmas Team

Starting to feel like winter and that gets the "Glam Tram Christmas Team" in full preparation for their annual tour as seen in this video from last years Christmas.


column man and Santa got a free ride on The Glam Tram to the annual PEO Christmas Party.


Glam Tram hats for sale at Maiden Astoria on 14th Street.


The Glam Tram has a new winter coat, removable side curtains thanks to Kurt and Susan from Four Winds Canvas Works. Toasty warm with the fireplace stoked. And new bling-bling lighting!


A bright and shiny night at the Saturday art walk with The Glam Tram showing that it is pet friendly. "column man" posing for pictures in the 11th Street District parklet and a moon rise on cue.


Bring on Winter....The Glam Tram has a NEW winter coat. Four Winds Canvas has installed new snap on panels and make the Glam Tram more glam than ever. And, more bling bling lights to add to the party. for booking.


"Packed Powder", Blind Pilot's latest release from their album, "And then like Lions" finds Israel, Kati, Luke, Ryan, Dave and Ian being filmed all around Astoria....Including on The Glam Tram. Here is a link to their video.

On Glam Tram Facebook look at the "Glam Tram Driver Training" video to find out how the band had to prep for their scene.

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Happy Trails...Glam Tram
Farewell old buddy.
Yeah Hoo
Glam Tram Xmas Team 2017
Andy's Astoria Travels
Party Down!
Glam Tram Christmas Tour 2016
Glam Tram Christmas Team
Going Back in Time
KGW-TV 2014   In Depth-Driving Back in Time
How about a flash back on a flash dance with the Glam Tram.
The Glam Tram's popularity is growing every day and has incorporated a driver training program for use in hiring Glam Tr...




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