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Reveille Ciderworks


Welcome back! Great way to spend a Saturday! Missed you guys!
Tuesdays are for... tea? Cider infused tea that is! What do you think?

Serious Black from Reveille Ciderworks was part of the first club box (they’ve got a new one coming out soon!) and is a farmhouse style apricot and black tea cider. At 5.7% ABV this pours slightly hazy with a large head and a sour, ye**ty nose. It’s on the sour side with tart, juicy apricot and plenty of tannins and astringency from the tea. Quite bright and crisp. I love the QR code on the side of the bottle so you can see which apples went into the particular small batch you’re enjoying. Cheers 🍻
Astoria-made farmhouse ciders nestled in the produce department among organic fall apples. At 4.99/bottle you won’t find a better deal on Reveille Ciderworks anywhere!
Incredible new ciders breaking into The ‘Couve from Reveille Ciderworks in Astoria! Drop us DM or call for FREE delivery in Vancouver!
Today’s takeover is from Reveille Ciderworks, makers of farmhouse and pub-style ciders in downtown Astoria.

We also know Jeremy from his tireless work for the Astoria High School Band Boosters. This nonprofit works to support and improve music education in the Astoria School District by providing financial and logistical support for music education in the schools. Bravo!
Thanks for our latest delivery !! ❤️
06/21/19 oops, we never got to share this with our friend, so tonight I drink it. Can still taste the Cherry and ginger!
You are so kind to bottle this for us.
I'm sorry we took so long to drink it
It is still tasty
Our neighbors over at Reveille Ciderworks have a new release called Jam Session, made with Northwest strawberries and fresh lemon zest. You can place your orders for cider (AND Fort George beer!) with contact-less local delivery at
In addition to your favorite Wood-Fired Pizza & Beer to-go, we’ve also got wine and cider! Grab a $10 Finn River Black Currant Crowler or a bottle of Reveille Ciderworks. We’ve even got canned, bottled AND boxed wine! You’ll never go thirsty again!
Order now on (Order by 1pm for same day pick-up!)
Loved the new Victoria!!! Thanks Brut Wine Bar for introducing me to it!! 😋
Missing you, but thankful we can still get some cider from Brut Wine Bar or the Astoria Co+op!!! 💕🎉
Good things happen when Astorians work together - Kudos to Reveille Ciderworks and Fort George Brewery!

Reveille, the first commercial hard cider maker in Astoria, Oregon, produces a wide array of pre-prohibition style apple and fruit-blended hard ciders.

Hard cider manufacturer with outdoor patio featuring limited release, English pub-style and farmhouse-inspired small-batch ciders on tap and pre-packaged 500ml bottles to go.


Today we literally closed the doors on a wonderful chapter. We extracted more joy and adventure from this tiny little space than we ever thought possible. While we can’t wait to welcome you all to our new place one block over, today we reflect warmly on memories made in the space that we outgrew. So many hands helped us off the ground (and stay in the air). We are forever indebted to our many friends past and present on the patio at Astoria Station. As we outline the next chapter, we tip our glass to friends, family, partners, colleagues, and loyal customers for helping us realize this dream. We can’t wait to see you at our new cidery very soon. Clean those spectacles, because the next chapter is going to be a doozy. Cheers.


Change is on the way…. more tanks; more cider; a year-round cider house; spirit-free cocktails; Fort George pizza; you. To all those who have helped us reach new heights, thank you. We do this because of you. Without you, there’s simply no Reveille. Check this link for details on our move and expansion:


Friday couldn’t come soon enough! We just tapped new kegs of Hyde Park (pomegranate + citrus) and Blue Monday (blueberry + lemon) to bring in the sunny weekend. Pop down and celebrate tonight!


A serious weather day deserves a Serious Black apricot + black tea farmhouse cider. We’ll keep the patio open as long as the weather (sort of) allows.


Summer is slipping away… no better time to enjoy Astoria’s premier hard cider. Pints, flights and bottles to go, available today from 12-5pm.


Pints, flights and bottles to go, from 12-8pm on Labor Day. Cheers!


Grab your vaccine card and head down to Carruthers to enjoy some of Astoria’s most inventive cuisine and cocktails in a gorgeous, inviting space. Reveille proudly supports our friends at Carruthers, doing their best to ensure the well-being of their employees, customers and their families. Cheers!


It’s another perfect day to relax at the Reveille patio. Drop by and sample a wide array of ciders, including our latest small batch, Tangerine Dream —our most beer-inspired cider yet, featuring a huge, tart ale finish. Offering pints, flights and bottles to go, 12-9pm today.


King’s Cross semi-dry apple pub cider is back in bottles and on draught! Not to be outshined, we also just packaged a limited run of Tangerine Dream, our Fall citrus + cranberry hit from 2020. This beauty delivers a knock-out punch of cran tartness with a smooth citrus edge thanks to a healthy dose of fresh orange zest. Each sip finishes like a big country ale, delivering on Reveille’s commitment to early American utility ciders. Available in bottles now and soon on draught!


Fantastic weather… crisp and delicious northwest cider… awesome stickers featuring Astoria ‘historic structures and piratical themes’ 😉. This is Astoria… this is Reveille Ciderworks.

Astoria: North Coast Food Trail 08/18/2021

Astoria: North Coast Food Trail

We're honored to be a part of the North Coast Food Trail !

Astoria: North Coast Food Trail Oregon's North Coast Food Trail extends from Astoria to Neskowin. Astoria was built on the fishing and fish processing industry, made successful by an immigr...


Capt. Jeremy Smith, Commander of the United States Coast Guard Sector Columbia River, retires today after serving more than 29 years with the United States Coast Guard (Go Coast Guard). This video shows Capt. Smith’s final flight behind the controls of a USCG helicopter. Capt. Smith joined our sector in 2018, taking the helm of a unit comprised of more than 1,000 active duty and nonactive personnel. Sector Columbia River is charged with protecting coastal Oregon and southwest Washington --from the Pacific Ocean down the Columbia, Willamette and Snake rivers up to Idaho —a $23 billion-per-year shipping highway. The USCG is a vital part of Astoria's culture and we're honored to have these fantastic service members as part of our community. Like so many of our Coast Guard friends, Capt. Smith and his family have been tremendous assets to Astoria and we'll miss them terribly as they embark on a new adventure. To celebrate, we issued a special batch of custom-labeled Reveille ciders for Capt. Smith's retirement sendoff. Capt. Smith, a big thanks from the Reveille family for your commitment to the greater good --and your investment in the biggest little city on the upper left edge. Cheers!


In Astoria, sunny Sundays mean a lot of things to a lot of people; at Reveille, sunny Sundays are a reason to celebrate three fantastic elements: cider pints, flights and bottles to go! Pop in today and sample Northwest craft cider like no other... this is Reveille hard cider —the taste of Astoria.


A funny thing happened when bottling Kokomo, our new tropical summer sipper…. We ended up with a bunch of partially filled bottles (12-16oz each)! Fortunately, the delightful elixir inside each bottle remains absolutely delicious, so we’re offering these partials at a discount while supplies last!

Also available on tap, Kokomo delivers a complex and fruity profile reminiscent of early North Country ales and Scandinavian pilsners. Leveraging a special batch of dry English-style cider, we add a blend of passion fruit, pineapple and mango, rounding out the entire batch with dried botanicals, including lemongrass, licorice root, hibiscus, rose hips and chicory. Try it today!


RIP Richard Donner, who helped forge so many positive theatrical memories. Donner helped introduce much of the world to Astoria, through the eyes of a ragtag group of kids on a mission to save their home. From Superman and Ladyhawke, to Lethal Weapon, Scrooged and The Goonies, Donner delivered box office successes and many popcorn-fueled grins. Thanks so much, Richard, for inspiring every kid that ever felt just a bit on the outside. Goonies never say die!


Jam Session is back for a limited engagement —only on tap at Reveille! Northwest apples meet late season Oregon strawberries + fresh lemon zest and dried botanicals (including pomegranate flowers). Pop in and experience the Jam, today!


Astoria’s hosting a big fireworks display over the mighty Columbia —one of the few official displays within 100 miles! Come downtown early and enjoy a crisp Reveille cider on our patio before heading over to the riverwalk to enjoy the show. Pints, flights and bottles to go, 12-8pm today!


We’re open 12-9 today (July 3) and 12-8 on July 4! Pop in for pints, flights and bottles to go —for wherever the celebration takes you.


Whether you’re heading to the beach or staying in town to enjoy all the awesomeness that is Astoria, we’ve got your cider needs covered this July 4th weekend. Pints, flights and bottles to go!


We’re pouring pints, flights and bottles to stay (or go), from 12-8pm today. Finally, the perfect temps matched with glorious sunshine and a cool breeze. Pop over to the Reveille patio, today!


Just in time for the heat of summer, Blue Monday (our signature blueberry + lemon + botanical cider) is back! Available only in bottles —for carryout or enjoyment on our patio— grab a four-pack today!


Escape the heat and head out to the North Coast this weekend. It’ll be warm in Astoria, but nothing a quick trip to the beach and a crisp, cold Reveille cider can’t cure. The Reveille patio is open Thursday through Monday for pints, flights and bottles to go. Go West!


To celebrate the start of summer, today (6/21) and Thursday (6/24) we’re taking 20% off all bottles and pours of I’m Peach! —our quintessential summer farmhouse cider. Just pass the discount code PEACHY to your Reveille tapster. I’m Peach! features a light, beautiful floral bouquet punctuating a smooth peach flavor surrounding our signature, big-bodied farmhouse apple cider. Get it today!


To celebrate Juneteenth (6/19), Breakfast in America (our semi-sweet apple + pear + grapefruit + botanical delight) is now on tap at the Reveille patio. Drop in for pints, flights and bottles to go. Cheers to a better America, one step at a time.


Happy Pride weekend, Astoria. Cheers to love, inclusion and goodwill towards all. Stop by Reveille today and grab your rainbow Astoria stickers!


Weather be damned, we’re serving pints, flights and bottles to go. Stop by, sample new and familiar hits, say hello to new and familiar faces. Cheers!


New stickers arrived and just in time for Pride, including a new run of our ‘Astoria Historical Structures & Piratical Themes’ stickers —just in time for Goonies Day! Drop by the patio and get yours, today.


We're excited to welcome back Hyde Park —a past fan favorite —based on our latest blend of crisp Washington apples. This tropical beauty delivers a delightful, citrusy bouquet and fruit-forward taste thanks to a generous blend of South American pomegranate juice washed over fresh Valencia orange zest. The resulting blend is then punctuated by a light botanical finish thanks to a healthy shot of Yakima Citra hops. At 5.7% ABV, Hyde Park is perfect for the sunny days of summer.


Reveille is a proud sponsor of Astoria Pride and will be flying the progress variant rainbow flag in our taproom throughout the summer. Graphic designer Daniel Quasar created this variant of the iconic rainbow flag by incorporating a left-pointing five-colored chevron to the traditional LGBT rainbow flag to place a greater emphasis on inclusion and progression. Quasar's progress variant adds a chevron of five additional colors, overlapping the original six. The chevron includes black and brown stripes to represent marginalised LGBT communities of color, along with pink, light blue and white stripes, which are used on the transgender pride flag. When the flag is flying, the chevron points to the right to show forward movement while pointing from the left edge, showing that progress still needs to be made.


Reveille’s patio is back open! To celebrate we’re introducing a soon-to-be summer hit: Sublime. Available exclusively at Reveille this weekend (hitting retail shelves next week), this smooth-sipping delight blends our big-bodied pub cider with fresh lime zest and a delicate touch of organic ginger root. At 7.2% ABV, Sublime is a sneaky beast, so we recommend a hammock —or some time with friends on our patio! Food trucks are open all day, so drop in for lunch, dinner, pints, flights and bottles to go. Welcome back. We’ve missed you.


That’s right, we’re reopening our summer patio this Saturday, May 29, just in time for the Memorial Day holiday weekend! Visit our profile for a link to details. It might not be summer yet, but it sure feels like it! The forecast for Astoria this weekend is beautiful, beautiful and more beautiful, so grab your mask (required on our patio) and set your GPS to the biggest little city on the upper left edge. We’ve missed you.


Check out this opportunity to get your hands on fantastic, free beer! A huge thanks to our friends at Fort George Brewery for providing this awesome vaccine bonus. True, the vaccine 'is' the incentive, but delicious, free beer is an amazing take-home prize!

While supplies last, stop by the Pub, show the beer tender your vaccine card, and receive a 6-pack of Tender Loving Empire on us!

If Oregon can get at least 70% of our 16+ plus population vaccinated, or partially vaccinated, the entire state can move away from the Risk Status System altogether. We can do this! You. Us. Beer. Together. (Must be 21+ to redeem!)

Need help finding a vaccine clinic? Visit for Oregon vaccine resources!


You simply cannot pass up this sweet deal on no fewer than four varieties of Reveille cider at the ! The Astoria Co-op has been a huge Reveille supporter from our earliest days of distribution. We’re so thankful for our fantastic retail partners for making sure that customers have ready access to our ciders. Thank you!

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Hard cider manufacturer and tap room featuring limited release, English pub-style, Belgian and French farmhouse-inspired, small-batch ciders on tap, in addition to an array of hand-curated northwest guest ciders.

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1343 Duane St, Suite B
Astoria, OR

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