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Videos by North Coast FIX in Astoria. Dedicated to restoring and repairing fine homes and fine furnishings. We are specialists in older homes, antiques and fine interiors.

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HEIRLOOM OAK CHAIR. Replace press cane. Repairs. New finish. Photos show the restoration progression (Completed chair first)

ETHAN ALLEN style furniture. 1950s-1980s. Two customers with sets of dining room chairs. Requests for repairs, finish touch-up, cushions cleaned (or reupholstered) and cane on chair backs replaced and colored.

DOOR. Workers Tavern (Astoria, OR) exterior entry. Door hand built by customer in 1976. Viewed by thousands of passing vehicles every day - on Marine Dr. - *** Removed for full restoration. Door was warped and heavily worn/weathered. Cut edges and re-squared to opening. Metal work removed and conditioned with penetrating oil. Exterior wax finish applied in multiple coats and buffed on outside/inside to preserve color and patina. Kickplates fabricated. Stained glass removed and replaced. Holes and cuts filled and colored. Good for another 50 years. North Coast FIX Restoration experts. 503-836-3495

COMMODE. Antique oak. Lower drawer was missing and fabricated to match style and color of existing center drawer. All drawer veneer bottoms replaced with birch faced plywood. Frame stabilized - missing internal structure replaced or reglued. Casters added. Finish cleaned up. North Coast FIX (Astoria, OR) / Restoration Experts

CHAIR REPAIRS - This chair is likely of English origin. One of a set. Legs broken off from back and now all reglued. Stain and finish applied. Needlepoint cushion cleaned. Slideshow follows. North Coast FIX, Restoration experts. 503-836-3495

Radio fully restored. It was worn badly - and the cabinet was scratched/nicked. The electronics are now functional... the radio and record player are playing well. Record player plays 45s, Lp and 78s ! This is a Philco radio built 1952. Now 64 years young. Contact North Coast FIX for antique radio cabinet restoration as well as electronics repairs.