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W końcu mogę pokazać ukończony Oshen Knits
Czekał cierpliwie na dostawę brakującej włóczki. Kardigan powstał z od We Are Knitters w cudnym kolorze Marshmallow 😍
Jeżeli jeszcze nie mieliście okazji wydziergać czegoś z tej włóczki to wyobraźcie sobie otulenie się mięciutkim kocykiem, świeżo po wypraniu, to właśnie to uczucie 😊


At last I can show the completed Oshen Knits
It waited patiently for the missing yarn to be delivered. The cardigan is made of by in a wonderful Marshmallow color 😍
If you haven't had the opportunity to knit something from this yarn yet, imagine wrapping yourself in a soft blanket, freshly washed, that's exactly what it feels like 😊
Drops Polaris never looked so good 🙌🏻
Pattern: Fisk Cardigan by Oshen Knits
Maker: The Wool Tiger

Knitwear created by marine biologist and generational knitter Vanessa Fleming on the ocean and by th

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Oshen Knits updated their shop.

Oshen Knits updated their shop.

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Oshen Knits updated their shop.

Oshen Knits updated their shop.

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Oshen Knits updated their shop.

Oshen Knits updated their shop.

Photos from Oshen Knits's post 03/29/2021

This was completely inspired by who is test knitting the for me atm. Her colorway choice was watermelon sugar and I freaked at the color combo idea.

Yes I did dye my own green yarn from Ivory White using food coloring! I also made the button lol

I might have had too much fun with this and I’ll definitely be adding a pattern on how to do this for all of the peeps who need a bit of help figuring it out.


Photos from Oshen Knits's post 03/28/2021

I’ve been super busy lately during the week and the weather has been too gloomy for photos of new projects in knitting studio so enjoy this oldie of me holding a fancy chicken.

Do you find it harder to go to bed early in the spring when the clocks go forward? I swear the hour change has messed up my whole routine and I’m not here for it!

Knit is in Lilac Powder ‘CrazySexyWool’

Photos from Oshen Knits's post 03/25/2021

June Buggy didn’t want to take photos until she found out there was a Woola and the Gang trend happening. She has been Woola’s #1 fan from day one and loves her sister so much even when Woola isn’t in the mood to hang out with her lil sister. But June is always lingering in the background waiting for the moment Woola let’s her hang out.

If you want to join Woola’s gang then take a photo of your furry baby with some yarn or knits and use


Photos from Oshen Knits's post 03/23/2021

Who wants to be part of Woola and the Gang? 😂

Take a photo of your pet with some yarn or knit and use these hashtags

I had no idea the talent my Woola Bear had but it’s about time she started pulling her weight around here 🤣

Photos from Oshen Knits's post 03/22/2021

So this rainbow mohair goodness design is on pause right now. I messed up the gauge big time and had Aslyn from .and.current try it on for me (she’s 5’10”) and was long on her 🥺 so back to the drawing board.

Would love your opinion on what I should do now that summer is coming up. Should I make this into a cardigan/cardigan vest instead? Or stick to the original design and just adjust it to be more fitted. I have enough yarn to do both just trying to decide which I should focus on first!

Also I’ve come up with a new name! Was originally my suggestion for new design but realised it’s perfect for mine too!

Yarn used is Take Care Mohair from
Lovely Lilac
Dusty Blue
Eucalyptus Green
Lemon Sorbet
Cinnamon Dust
Bubblegum Pink

Photos from Oshen Knits's post 03/20/2021

Applications are open!! Link in bio 🥰

I had this idea for making a cute cardigan vest when I saw the beautiful flower pressed buttons from .nyc last summer. I received 5 buttons so keep a look out for the designs using the other four!

I decided to name it lemonade bc lemonade can be any color! 🍓 lemonade 🍒 limade, 🫐 lemonade, 🥒 lemonade ect ect. You get the point! This one is yellow but I am so excited to see all the different color combos you come up with!

‘Crazy Sexy Wool’ in Chalk Yellow and Ivory White

Photos from Oshen Knits's post 03/19/2021

They can’t all be winners but these photos show the more colorful side of the

Actually 98% of my photos are not winners but it’s raining and I’m too busy to do a new photoshoot so enjoy 😉

Which is your favorite side? I go back and forth so I’m excited to make this design reversible but it’s definitely taking some time figuring out.

This design will be 1 of 6 (maybe 8 if I ever write up those patterns I made out at sea last summer) for spring with this one being a design that will have instructions for vest and sweater, making it a great all year round knit!


Photos from Oshen Knits's post 03/18/2021

Appreciation post for the

Pattern is live on Kara’s etsy and rumor has it there might be a cardigan version coming soon 🥰

With everything going on right now it’s even more important we check our privilege. The hate that has been displayed is nothing new. It’s always been there.

We need to speak out for our friends who are terrified for their well being. We need to listen to what racism is and educate ourselves. Don’t assume as a cis white person you know what discrimination is.

We as white women need to start questioning small actions and keeping men accountable for even the smallest act of harassment. When we let it sly, we create an environment that suits them and hurts us. And this is the start of the problem. It is not for our friends who are dealing w discrimination on top of sexual harassment to change things.

So let’s use our white privilege to create a better environment and no harassment is too small!

‘Crazy Sexy Yarn’ in Ivory White
Purple yarn (hand dyed)

Photos from Oshen Knits's post 03/17/2021

🌈 🐙

Struggling to make this reversible so any tips would be helpful with weaving in ends.

My goal with spring/summer designs right now is to create designs that can be adjusted into sweaters come fall/winter.

With good quality/ocean friendly yarn being so expensive I think it’s important for us designers to create versatile pieces that people can wear all year round by adjusting features like sleeves!

I’ll be looking for testers soon so keep an eye out!



When life gives you lemons make a lemonade inspired

I had a great weekend feeling inspired for new spring designs from my beautiful flower pressed buttons from .nyc

Any ideas on name for this cute lil sweater vest?

Btw I have jumped on the train of twisted rib so thank you to all who raved about it, I’m addicted!!

‘Crazy Sexy Wool’ in Chalk Yellow and Ivory White

Daisy Button by .nyc


Photos from Oshen Knits's post 03/15/2021

Does anyone else have a totally different knitting style from personal style?

I gravitate to pastel/rainbow colors because it makes me happy while I’m knitting but my own wardrobe is forest nymph meets cottage core. I’ve always loved vintage clothing and was obsessed when I made this cardigan by but the process wasn’t as fun for me then let’s say my mohair rainbow jumper.

So one of my goals for this summer is to incorporate my personal style in with the bright aesthetic of my brand that I’ll enjoy knitting!

Silk scarves
Earrings (store update tonight use vanessa10 for 10% off)
Cardigan made by me. Pattern by ‘Sunday Cardigan’

‘Crazy Sexy Wool’ Duckegg Blue, Chalk Yellow and Ivory
‘Take Care Mohair’ Dusty Blue and Eucalyptus Green
‘Ra-RaRaffia’ Tropez Tan

Flower Pressed Buttons .nyc

Photos from Oshen Knits's post 03/13/2021

is now available on my website and etsy (for those who prefer) and for those who have purchased the merrow design bundle (tysm!) I have forwarded the pattern to you all.

This is such a simple pattern that looks like a complicated knit to impress your moms or mom n laws! Perfect for anyone to make whatever level of knitting!!

This pattern was created for my mom n law when she expressed how much she loved the but wasn’t keen on the chunky sweater or cardigan. Since I had knitted her shawls in the past I decided to create one just for her!

Photos from Oshen Knits's post 03/12/2021

Let the begin for the

A big thank you to everyone who applied. I will have more designs needing to get test knit in the future so keep an eye out for those! Also if you would like to participate in making my brand more size inclusive please check the link in my bio and apply to test knit any of my designs!

To all my designers, whats your favorite part of a test knit? Mine is definitely seeing everyone’s twist on my pattern and helping create a design that feels more whole!

Photos from Oshen Knits's post 03/10/2021

Excuse the two posts today but this had to be shared immediately

Model: Woola Bear wearing silk
Prop: Crazy Sexy Yarn in Pink Lemonade and Lilac Powder


A sneak peak of the by the amazing

Appropriate that the month of March for me would be spent test knitting to show support to other female knit designers.

It’s important to step back from your own brand to show support to others around you and remember that it’s a community we have built here!

I throughly enjoyed this pattern and I plan on making way more! This one will be gifted to my beautiful friend as a congratulations prezzie for her new bio job in Brookings!

Silks by


Photos from Oshen Knits's post 03/09/2021

The cow is either super jelly of my lavender spots or judging my poses. Either way she looks real moo’dy

Beautiful pattern by .eng.knit


I say it everyday and I’ll say it again.

I’m proud to be living in a world where women are starting to unite and realizing the potential we have when we do.

I really want to tag all the women that inspire me but there are too many because ALL women inspire me. No one is perfect and that’s what makes us beautiful.

Photos from Oshen Knits's post 03/08/2021

Happy Women’s Day to all my chicks! I celebrate women everyday but it’s dope to have an official day.

Took a much needed long weekend unplugged from from my phone to reset myself. Thank you to everyone who tagged/shared and I am sorry to have missed it! 😘

Got sooo much done this weekend but was also relaxing to not be on my phone.

in Lilac Powder by

Photos from Oshen Knits's post 03/05/2021

Merrow Designs are released! Link in bio!

I’ll be adding the shawl soon to the Merrow bundle pattern pack and possibly the best too!

Look out next week for a giveaway of yarn to anyone who has purchased a pattern or test knitted for me!

May 30th is when the Merrow design journey began. It was in the middle of our two month trip at sea and I am forever grateful for that trip. It was right after I decided to start ōSHən Knits so I utilized the down time to focus on designing!

Can’t believe it’s been almost a year. I am so emotional it’s finally out to everyone and I hope you all enjoy it!

Huge thanks to my amazing test knitters for making this happen! Go check out the reel in honor of them and their Merrow Knits

Yarn: ‘Powdered Lilac’ crazy sexy wool

Photos from Oshen Knits's post 03/03/2021

Spring is in the air and I’m in the moo’d for warm weather!

I did a little dance while taking these photos because I did it!! This was harder then anything I’ve done in awhile and I couldn’t have done inertia with out the amazing pattern .knit.eng created!! I still suck at inertia but this really is a beginner friendly pattern! Kara includes so many photos of the process!

I used to hate seaming but this was so relaxing to seam. So satisfying too!

Pattern releases Sunday!!


Anyone else feel like their knitting speed can’t keep up with the designs or projects you want to complete??

I have a fun idea on how to use all my scraps from the and I’m extremely impatient to start on this one.

I have about a gazillion wips right now so opening commissions is going to have to wait but I’ll announce when I’m opening back up!

Photos from Oshen Knits's post 02/28/2021

The babies and I in our sweaters for our photoshoot
Mine is the sweater in that was a dye collab with my lys spring 2020
Girls are wearing their using left over yarn from mine for the fish scale edging and looking too cute!

Today is the last day to enter so if you have a creation then go do a fun photoshoot with your fur babies!

And peak my new bandana from

Photos from Oshen Knits's post 02/27/2021


Design still in the works and this one is definitely meant for someone much taller than my tiny 5’ self! Luckily I order more then enough of the rainbow colors from to make another version more fitted for my height! The yarn is so much fun to knit with! Im using two strands on US19 (15mm) for this design so it knits up fast

Colors used:
Purple : Lovely Lilac
Blue: Dusty Blue
Green: Eucalyptus
Yellow: Lemon Sorbet
Orange: Cinnamon Dust
Pink: Bubblegum Pink

Beautiful wall courtesy of

Photos from Oshen Knits's post 02/26/2021

I’m in such a moo’d 🐮


Honestly I suck at inertia colorwork and it’s made me frustrated with myself. But I need to be kinder, remember that I can’t be the best at everything and to learn and grow from my struggles instead of give up.
As much as I am loving this vest look I will finish this jumper and it will feel soo good! And then torture myself again when .knit.eng releases the 😬

Amazing pattern with a million photos and I am so excited to see everyone’s this spring! It’s going to be such a moo’d 🐄

Photos from Oshen Knits's post 02/26/2021

Late post because I was in a moo’d after some beach photos that were just impossible to take this morning.

Anyone else despise wind with a passion?

My lavender

Honestly I suck at inertia colorwork. It’s made me super frustrated and moo’dy but I’m also realising that I can’t be good at everything. So accepting that means growth. Am I going to give up? Nope, as much as I’m really feeling the vest I will finish this jumper and torture myself with another when the is released.

Overall amazing pattern by .knit.eng with a million photos of her cute self! So proud of her for pursuing this pattern and you will all be 🐄 out this summer!!



Meet Chroma! 🐙

Named after the color changing cells found in an octopus (thanks for the 🐙 idea )

I’ve had this idea in my head since I made the Fisk Cardigan. A reversible sweater in a colorful fisherman’s rib.

The color work was definitely inspired by beautiful super chunky impro sweater using the from

I decided to make things more difficult by grading a rainbow in the colorwork but I definitely plan on making a vest with .folk skein next! And when I say figuring out the decreases in this was seriously a pain it was really a pain!! But was all worth it in the end!

Using crazy sexy wool and ecru and hand dyed by me!!


Who’s excited for the release of this pattern!? Which are you knitting first, sweater or cardigan??

Thank you to everyone who has been hard at work editing this pattern. Feel so grateful that you all took the time to knit this and love every single version!

Both and will be released March 5th and I will be doing another pattern giveaway sometime next week so keep an eye out!

Photos from Oshen Knits's post 02/23/2021

✨ Calling all test knitters for the ✨

Apps will be open until March 15th or until I fill spots and test knit will end April 15th. Link in bio

This lil vest took me about a couple days to complete once designed and I love how versatile it’s going to be. Minimal seaming at shoulders and a beginner friendly mock neck. Front and back are the same so get crazy with one side and keep the other simple for a reversible vest.

Ill have directions for merrow stitch on the bottom or a simple rib and stockinette if you want to keep it super simple.

Looking for cotton knitters too for a fun summer version!

Photos from Oshen Knits's post 02/22/2021

Swipe to see how 99% of my photos turn out.

🎶 I like big sleeves and I can not lie, you other knitters can’t deny, that when a girl walks in with a cutie pututie knit and a wip knit in your face, you get strung 🎶

New hobby as a lyricist 😆😆

Happy Monday! May your week be filled with knitting, crocheting or whatever makes you feel happy!



Look at my babies!!!

Very excited for this upcoming collab with everyone who showed interest in helping with this pattern. look out for an email next week with pattern to everyone who replied!

The idea is to get a huge list of dog/cat sizes to create a fun and FREE pattern that will be available on my site for you to download because profit from this will be seeing all of the cute babies in their lil (or big) vest!!

Green is rasta yarn from and pink is a custom yarn dye by for

Photos from Oshen Knits's post 02/19/2021

How are there 3k of you already!!?? Im crying with joy over here. Hi 🖐🏽Im Vanessa the face behind the brand and I rarely smile in photos bc I look like a chonky toddler eyeing up cake but I swear I am really approachable! Swipe to see a NOAA headshot for proof!

When I first started this business I knew I needed to grow my page to get my brand out there. But I never thought in a million years I would ever have this amazing community of woman (and a few him&they) that support me on a daily basis. That support me in a genuine way. That ask questions or provide answers.

Just because you sell patterns or knits does not mean you should not share someone’s page bc they do the same. Community over competition. Competing with others or comparing yourself will only hurt your mind set not the person you aren’t supporting. Admire other’s beauty without questioning your own!

I have found that supporting others I have in turn have felt less imposter syndrome moments and have less anxiety or doubt about my own brand. Life would be boring if we were all the same or perfect.


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Make 1 Purl for the Shoal Sweater



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