12 Baskets Cafe: a program of Asheville Poverty Initiative, Asheville, NC Video August 21, 2018, 12:03am

Videos by 12 Baskets Cafe: a program of Asheville Poverty Initiative in Asheville. Eradicating Poverty through Relationships

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Physical distancing without social isolation. Community, people! And delicious food! Come and get some. Tuesdays and Fridays 11-1

Grace & Peace, Y'all! With so much info overload...meet Neisha and enjoy:

Meet Beth! Come and have lunch with her. We are NOT a soup kitchen. Join us and grow your hope in our neighborhood!

There Is Enough
A short documentary made at 12 Baskets Cafe by Jennifer Fofano. Learn more by coming in and sharing a meal with us. Meet folks you otherwise might never have spoken to and enjoy the conversations. Realize there is enough- we just need to share! And, of course, you can always help out by donating at www.ashevillepovertyinitiative.org

A 12 Baskets Christmas, 2018.

Yes indeed, we are open on this snowy Monday morning, and the coffee is flowing!

Things that might happen if you stop by 12 Baskets: a demonstration and discussion of the finer points of hopscotch.

Shannon has many talents!

We always gots the food, but sometimes we gots the music too. Thank you, Merl!

All are welcome!

More fun from the Cafe

Fiddle music and free haircuts at 12 baskets today!

Shannon's Opening
Our Thanksgiving was all that we could ask for and more; a terrific event for the entire 12 Baskets family. As always, our leader and resident rock star, Reverend Shannon, delivered an opening that likely registered on the Richter scale. Every day at 12 Baskets is a day for giving thanks. Shannon’s remarks are an excellent introduction to what we are all about. And a big THANK YOU to the gentleman whose recitation served as the meal’s blessing. Please check out the video.

Why do what we do?
Thoughts on 12 Baskets Cafe - at Pisgah View Apts!... and a little sermon by Queen Mother :)