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Just picked up and ate a great veggie burger from you. So appreciate you! Be safe and good luck thru this challenging time!
I just saw a post from Kickbackavl promoting delivery for Sunny Point. Is this legitimate?
Special this morning?
I was stoked to see Buffalo Bites as a special, but is there any chance of getting them back as a regular menu item? My family likes eating at your restaurant, but I'm usually the instigator and without the bites the only thing I come for is the Huevos Fucheros so we don't come as often.
The food was delicious an the service was great well worth the wait an our Waiter Roy was more than helpful courteous wen it came down to ordering.Sunny point Cafe is my new favorite place to eat thanks again Roy for being so kind and providing excellent service to accommodate great food👌👌👌🤘✊👌👐🙌👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏
Amazing place!
great staff, good food, will be back.
Sunny Point is a treasure. Every dish delicious. Casual & friendly atmosphere. Servers (Miranda today) always refreshing. Bloody Mary’s are the best sure to add the bacon! My one WISH is that Sunny Point would RETURN TO THEIR MENU the CROQUE of the yummiest dishes I’ve had anywhere.
My husband is making shrimp & grits for Mother’s Day. Yours are amazing but my husband’s are better. You need to have a shrimp & grits cook-off challenge soon! It’s on!!! 😊😊😊 If you want pics, let me know.
The folks at Aurora Studio & Gallery would like to thank our friends at Sunny Point for helping to raise $1375 for our UNCA intern next semester! NICELY DONE (and with TASTE)!
Are you able to open today?

Open for outdoor and covered/heated patio dining. Order when you arrive. Pick up to go and local delivery available. Table service for dinner, Thurs-Sat, 4-8:30pm.

Please use social distancing guidelines and wear a mask when picking up orders. An Asheville favorite since 2003, Sunny Point Café serves award-winning upscale comfort food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Craft cocktails, beers and wines available. Sunny Point Café is a family-owned and operated West Asheville restaurant featuring a covered, outdoor dining area and an on-site production garden providing fresh produce just steps from the kitchen.

Delivery available; Pickup available


Hello from the greenhouse. I gave our banana shallot starts a trim since they were getting a bit lanky and falling over. They are now standing straight and ready to grow stronger before being planted out in the garden. - Alice #sunnypointgarden #sunnypointcafe #westasheville #onhaywood


The rhubarb plants seem to have suddenly doubled in size. They are loving the rain. It may be soggy today, but tomorrow will be sunny and warm. Come see us for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Outdoor seating includes spots in the garden such as the fun orange chairs near our rhubarb patch. A perfect place to enjoy a cocktail before or after your meal. - Alice #sunnypointgarden #sunnypointcafe #rhubarb #westasheville #onhaywood


The Avocado Toast is back for a limited time! Catch it as one of our daily specials this week, available until 2pm. If you haven’t had our version yet, it is an open face sandwich on housebread, stacked with Avocado, Arugula, tomato, a fried egg, bacon, pickled onions, topped with balsamic reduction and served with a choice of side (spuds, grits, salad, fries, fruit+$2). $15. Join us at our outdoor tables or order for pick up. #sunnypointcafe #avocadotoast #onhaywood #westasheville


Lunchtime view in the garden. It is so exciting to see how fast everything grows this time of year! Thank you to everyone who enjoyed their breakfast and lunch in the garden today and especially to those of you who sought me out to ask garden questions or say how much you enjoyed being in this space. We are glad the garden can bring you joy and provide a place to sit and relax with family and friends. Come back and see how the space changes throughout the summer. - Alice #sunnypointgarden #sunnypointcafe #lunchinthegarden #onhaywood #westasheville


What a glorious day to celebrate Vernal Equinox, the first day of Spring! Our daffodils are starting to bloom - Such a cheerful yellow! The recent rain followed by these sunny days and the garden is really taking off. Come dine at our outdoor tables by the cafe or down in the garden, and remember we’re also open evenings Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. - Alice #sunnypointgarden #sunnypointcafe #daffodils #westasheville #onhaywood


Are you a line cook looking for a great place to work? We’d love to talk to you! We have openings for evening shifts, 4-5 days a week. Drop off a resume or email one to us at [email protected] We’ve got a great team that needs more staff to support us as the weather warms and business grows. #linecook #sunnypointcafe #westasheville #onhaywood #nowhiring


Dinner Special Alert!!!! Chef Kris Edwards has put together a delicious Parmesan Crusted Sunburst Trout special - Seared grit cakes, bacon Brussels medley, sherry cream sauce, garden pea shoots $17. Come join us for dinner on our covered and heated patio. Friday we have $2 draft beers and Saturday half-off bottles of wine. #sunnypointcafe #westasheville #onhaywood


Hello Friday, we’ve got a great daytime special to welcome in the weekend. Southern Biscuit Bennie - Grilled freshly made biscuit stacked with country ham, collard greens, one egg cooked to order, a warm grit cake, and topped with blackened tomato gravy and chopped bacon $15. Available until 2pm for dining here or to go. Dining with us in person? Order at our outdoor counter and enjoy your meal on our covered patio, outdoor picnic tables, or down in the garden! (Yes, we grow collards in our garden. - Alice) #sunnypointcafe #breakfastspecial #westasheville #onhaywood


Today was day one of releasing ladybugs into the garden. One of my favorite things each year. They are so industrious right out of the container, often scurrying up my hand instead of onto a plant. I placed them on the mini broccoli as I’d noticed quite a few aphids on those plants. Over the next week I’ll release the rest of these garden helpers. - Alice #sunnypointgarden #sunnypointcafe #ladybug #wesrasheville #onhaywood


Dinner Specials created by our fabulous chef Kyle Hughes @xdkylehu !!!! Limited quantity, available this evening only. Italian Brisket - Balsamic and tomato braised brisket, creamy Parmesan polenta, garden kale, balsamic jus. $17 and Duck Confit Salad - Pulled confit duck leg, spring strawberries, garden lettuce mix, goat cheese, orange-ginger vinaigrette. $12 Available for dining here or to go. Bonus, the greens are all from our garden. - Alice #dinnerspecials #sunnypointcafe #westasheville #onhaywood


If you are a regular you, like us, look forward to when we start harvesting edible flowers to garnish drinks each spring. These violas, commonly called Johnny Jump Ups, are a member of the pansy family and can be found throughout our garden in both the raised beds and containers. Although they don’t have a strong flavor, they add a pop of color to drinks or tossed in salads. They do however have a lovely aroma which makes harvesting a basket even more enjoyable. - Alice #edibleflowers #sunnypointgarden #sunnypointcafe #onhaywood #westasheville


Time to start harvesting greens that overwintered in the garden. Today’s harvest included kale, arugula, collards, mustard greens, stir fry mix, and celtuce. Our night chefs will put these into specials for dinner! Keep an eye out for a post showcasing those dishes. - Alice #sunnypointgarden #sunnypointcafe #greens #kale #collards #westasheville #onhaywood


Today in the garden was focused on pruning and cutting back dead plants. The chocolate vine plants are looking good and didn’t need much pruning, just some retraining. Find them growing up the trellis immediately next to the patio. As they fill in over the summer, along with other vines growing here, they’ll provide a nice visual and sound buffer from the street. - Alice #sunnypointgarden #sunnypointcafe #westasheville #onhaywood

[03/09/21]   Spring is in the air and we are gearing up for more business. We’re hiring line cooks to work dinner shift, 2-9pm, 4 to 5 days a week. Send along your resume to [email protected] or drop it off in person.


The Dutch crocuses are spectacular right now. We have bright purple and lavender striped ones in abundance blooming in the landscape near our outdoor ordering stand. They are the largest of the crocus varieties planted around the cafe. - Alice #sunnypointgarden #sunnypointcafe #crocuses #springflowers


It’s Friday, that means $2 draft beers! And dinner specials... these delicious appetizers, plus meatloaf and veggie meatloaf. You can also get breakfast and lunch at dinner time!! Our heated patio is open or you can order to go, including cocktails! #sunnypointcafe #westasheville #onhaywood


After hearing how some of our amazing regulars had a hankering for a Nooner, I figured it was time for its triumphant return! Vodka, espresso cordial, orgeat and our house made cold brew $9 and the perfect start to your Friday! - Richard #sunnypointcafe #westasheville #onhaywood #afternoonerdelight


Today in the garden... planting of the leek starts, 122 to be exact. - Alice #sunnypointgarden #westasheville #onhaywood


New umbrellas over our outdoor picnic tables and new colorful patio floor! We’ve reopened today!! Come see us starting at 9am. We’re continuing counter service every day for breakfast and lunch, table service for dinner on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays. #sunnypointcafe #outdoordining #westasheville #onhaywood


Favorite blooms in the garden this week are the hellebores, also known as Lenten rose or winter rose. This winter and early spring blooming plant is a welcome source of pollen for early stirring pollinators. The plant is however toxic to humans and pets, so look, but don’t touch. See them near the top of the garden in the rhubarb bed. - Alice #sunnypointgarden #sunnypointcafe #westasheville #onhaywood


Sooooo one more closed day as our patio floor gets a facelift. We’re closed Wednesday, March 3. Looking forward to seeing you Thursday! #sunnypointcafe #westasheville #onhaywood


What a glorious day! As we head towards the end of February our crocuses are a lovely pop of color and promise of spring. Find them sprinkled in the landscaping by the State Street gate into the garden. - Alice #sunnypointgarden #sunnypointcafe #onhaywood #westasheville #crocuses


Hello everyone, we’re closed this week for some renovations and repairs so we’ll be ready for sunny spring days ahead. We can’t wait to see you again on February 28. #sunnypointcafe #westasheville #onhaywood


Cheers all. We’re closing at 7:30pm this evening. #sunnypointcafe #westasheville #onhaywood


Available today and tomorrow only... personal sized nutella cheesecake, $7. Delicious way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. #specialtycheesecake #sunnypointcafe #westasheville #onhaywood


Dinner special!! Pan-seared trout, with rice pilaf, fried brussels, lemon beurre blanc sauce. $17 Come join us for dinner on the heated patio or pick up to go. #sunnypointcafe #westasheville #onhaywood


Daytime Specials! Southern omelette, nod to the king, and chicken and dumplings soup. Mmmmmm. Come brighten up your day by dining with us. Specials are available until 2pm to enjoy on our heated patio or to go. #sunnypointcafe #westasheville #onhaywood


We’re back from our winter break! How are you all doing? Hope you are well. We’re looking forward to seeing your masked faces! We are still doing counter service during the day with heated patio seating, take out, and delivery through @kickbackavl Open at 9am, come see us. Dinner table service starts at 4pm. We’ve missed you. #sunnypointcafe #onhaywood #westasheville


Sunny Point Café's cover photo


Sunny Point Café's cover photo


Sunny Point Café's cover photo 01/30/2021

Western North Carolina Planting Calendar for Annual Vegetables, Fruits, and Herbs | NC State Extension Publications

Burton Street Community Peace Gardens shared this great resource for garden planning in our area. We’ve ordered new seeds, have sorted our existing and saved seeds, and are deep into planning this year’s garden. Can’t wait to share progress with you as the season begins anew. - Alice In western North Carolina, almost any type of vegetable or fruit can be successfully grown provided you choose appropriate varieties and plant at the right time. This publication covers climate, season, and potential pests that all affect the selection of what and when to plant. Includes a planting....


Hello Sunday morning. Although we are currently on a winter break (reopening February 4) you can still get our signature coffee, Bloody Mary mix, hot sauce, and jams shipped to you! Our friends and production partners over at @imladrisfarm are happy to box up and send out your order. Your orders are especially appreciated during this time. Be safe. Be kind. Wear your mask. Thank you! #sunnypointcafe #coffeebeans #bloodymarymix #westasheville #onhaywood


#tbt to a monarch butterfly on the marigolds in the garden last summer. These marigolds were so brilliantly orange that in the early evening they almost seemed to glow. I’m looking forward to planting them again this year and seeing all the butterflies that they attract. FYI, I collected seeds from these and will have them available soon. Stay tuned. - Alice #sunnypointgarden #sunnypointcafe #marigolds #westasheville #onhaywood


We're taking a winter break.
Sunny Point Café will be closed January 19 - February 3, 2021

With the increase of COVID-19 cases in our community and new limits on dining, we feel it is an appropriate time to take a break and close for a few weeks. This time away will provide our staff with a much needed break from their tireless contributions. It is our hope that during this time our community COVID-19 numbers will go down and many will receive the vaccine thus making it a safer spring for all.

We look forward to reopening February 4, invigorated for the new challenges that 2021 will bring. Until we see you again...Stay safe! Wear a mask! Be kind!

Welcome to Sunny Point Café

COVID-19 Hours: Open Wednesday-Saturday 9am-8pm, Sunday-Tuesday 9am-2pm for To Go, delivery, and picnic seating. No table service. See website for menu and ordering details. Curbside pick up and local delivery available.

We are not providing any table service at this time. Please honor CDC social distancing guidelines and wear a mask when picking up your To Go order.


An Asheville favorite since opening in 2003, Sunny Point Café serves award-winning upscale comfort food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our café serves a selection of craft beers on tap, wines and specialty cocktails including brunch favorites, our famous Sunny Point Mega-Mosa and award-winning Spicy Bloody Mary. We also have on tap a seasonal selection of housemade sodas which are great on their own or mixed in a cocktail.

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General Manager

Michelle Alexander

Culinary Team

April Moon Harper (Chef, Owner); Belinda Raab (Pastry Chef, Owner); Michelle (Betty) Alexander (General Manager)




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626 Haywood Rd
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Monday 09:00 - 14:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 14:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 14:00
Thursday 09:00 - 20:30
Friday 09:00 - 20:30
Saturday 09:00 - 20:30
Sunday 09:00 - 14:00
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