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Hello Friends! I need a new yoga mat, strap and blocks. What are your favorites?! ☺️💕
This is why I am SO IN LOVE with floral essences! The life force and wisdom of the plants help us to heal our emotions, some buried so deep within our psyche they begin to define who we think we are and prevent us from becoming who we are meant to be. 💚🌱 There is so much to be learned from Mother Nature!

💕Greetings all!
Just by a show of hands, who is interesting in participating in an 11 day Maha Mriyunjaya Mantra Meditation starting this week?

“Mantras can be invoked for healing, energizing, and strengthening the body, mind, and subtle bodies. Depending on one’s need or purpose, a mantra or set of mantras can guide a student through fear, illness, doubts, karmic bo***ge and self-limitations. Mantras are alive and are divine. Like fire they illumine and transform the practitioner and their surroundings.”- Brookieji
Little messages with afternoon tea. 🥰
OMIGOSH!!! Plants Drop Wisdom starts on Monday!! Am I the only one totally freaking out with excitement?! 😝
I recently completed the flower essence training with Brooke. She truly is such a beautiful soul. You can tell how passionate she is about her work with every word. Her teachings, meditations, and wisdoms are so beautifully articulated. I didn’t want the course to end! So incredibly grateful for finding this training. It really was a journey to the soul. I definitely recommend! Thank you so much Brooke! 💜
I recently completed my first training, Prana and Shakti, with Brooke. Grateful to have found her and the school. Integrating yoga, ayurveda, herbal and flower wisdom has truly grounded me in the practice deeper than I imagined. The journey has only begun!
I want to extend my deepest and heartfelt gratitude to you Brooke Sullivan and the Wild Temple School of Yoga. I have been a long time yoga student and what I have learned in this course has changed my entire perspective on my practice. I feel a difference in how I relate to and honor my body, my mind, and thus my spirit. Self Care is at the heart of my life now and from there I am able to show up more fully. Thank you Brooke. I am so excited to continue my journey of study with you.

Just took a Flower Essence training from Brooke. It was wonderful-absolutely beautiful and informative. I'm floating...
Only a few days left to Register for our Heart + Mind yoga psychology at the discounted rate! use promo codes $50psych (for single modules) and $150psych (for entire course)- available until March 11! Click the link below to register now
Hello ladies.

As some of you may know, I am in a s*x and relationship coaching training called Somatica method. This is a body based form of coaching that is could entail a combination of talk therapy with surrogacy (with strict boundaries!). I'm curious if any ladies want to work w me for a series of 3 sessions. This would be free however you will have to fill out an evaluation form each time. If you have a friend or if you yourself are interested please let me know with a PM.

Somatica: S*x and relationship coaching can be helpful for women struggling
low desire
Low confidence/self esteem
S*xual fears
Trauma: however it could be best if you have done work prior
Challenges w boundaries
Relationship struggles
S*xual struggles of any kind

Please visit my website; filling out a consultation form
Would be even better. You can also visit Somatica institute website to check them out.

Gracias. OM Shanti 🌸 🙏🌸

Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School offering retreats + onlines courses in:
~Ta***ic Hatha Yoga,
~Energy Mastery,
~Yoga Psychology,
~Foundational & Clinical Herbalism,
~Flower Essence Therapy

A Sacred Healing space & school for practice and education on yogic wisdom, meditation, mantra, ta**ra (as Source, Power & Energy) and vitalist herbalism.

Operating as usual


From Emotional Vulnerability to Fluid Vitality✨

From a plant, tantra & yoga perspective, when working with emotions we can shift our gaze to the vital force. Working in the realms of Prana shapes and shifts the landscape of mind and emotion.

We know that mindfulness practices can lead to accountability, yogasana can relieve drama from the tissues of the body and mantra is a bridge to our own luminous perfection.

From an herbalist’s perspective we have some plants that can be taken to calm the nervous system, strengthen the heart and circulatory system to have the courage and grace to deal with our emotions, and lymphatic support to keep those emotional rivers flowing.

But it is from the flowers, the domain of emotional and psycho-spiritual healing, that tends to every rivulet in our conscious and subconscious minds that carries the most accelerated form of mental-emotional healing.

The beauty too with the flowers, is that as fragile human beings, we need support in ways that our many layered, tangled and confused emotions can be healed systematically.

Handling, revealing or healing one or two at a time is often enough emotion to digest at once.

We need to feel safe as we uncover truths about ourselves because often what we are needing to look at in order to heal is so buried, complex, charged (painful), and even downright traumatic, that we are nervous to “take off the armor.”

We need to feel held and protected, safe and methodical to do it correctly.

This is all in the realms of Tantra Vidya, understanding the science and nature of energy, the mind, the human soul and Mother Nature.

It is in the realms of working with flower essences wisely, that we can work on isolating particular blocked emotions and ease them out slowly, giving them a boat, a life vest, and a compass to learn how to flow freely again.

Don’t estimate the #powerofflowers.

This is just an excerpt from a full blogpost to be sent out through my “newsletter” tomorrow (link to sign up in bio)🤎🏹•
For more(!!!) on healing with plants, yoga, tantra, flower essences + #prana ...stay connected!

Or join us this round of #plantsdropwisdom 🌻 My 8 week online course✨


Enjoy Today✨

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Who Are The Flower People?! 🌸Flower Essence Training 🌸

...if you have already taken this course, please share ONE THING you have learned about Flower Essences that you still sparkle about?!
Grow With The Flowers🌸

Plants Drop Wisdom

Plants offer us many ways of healing our complex layers of physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances.

Flower Essences work in the realms of emotions.

Listen now to WHO may benefit from becoming certified as a Flower Essence Practitioner.

Our course starts in 7 days!!

Turn a new leaf this Equinox March 21st), by lighting the fire of your own empowerment in
🌿Plants Drop Wisdom🌿!!

8 weeks of basking in the domain of flower healing, online with Brooke🏹🤎

Step up your yoga game, your plant talk, your juicy love for life and wisdom within.

Empower others to heal!!!

Scholarships are available for Brown, Black and Marginalized folks🌻

Details on our site


Feel Your Power✨
“Our power comes when we serve allegiance to our soul, rather than to the requirements of the outside world. Life gives, whether we are there to receive it or not, whether we are grateful or not, because Source Energy is Divine and Unlimited. If we ourselves are to receive this prosperity, this generosity (the light of the Sun, power of Divinity) we must participate with Creation. We must connect to Creation in a meaningful and committed way. “ Jane Burns
I love this womxn. Tutku, named Passion from her father, IS exactly that. The power of passion, of nourishment, of beauty, song and joy. She is also a graduate of the Sage Apprenticehips's 500hr. Wild Temple School, and a wealth of wisdom. Find her at @nourishwithpassion.
📷 @alyssakeysphoto
#power #femininepower #womenshistorymonth #thesageapprenticeship


Tantra + The Senses✨

Coming back home to Nature, we embrace the largest and most steady of pillars to stabilize us in our world’s churning.

There are many simple practices that offer a means of establishing ourselves back into the arms of Mother Nature.

As an herbalist we learn that we have innate tools that are powerful, affordable, and ever-present for connecting us back to nature. This is the #spiritofherbalism.

In Tantra, we know that these same tools are foundational Shaktis (powers) for connecting us inwards as well as to the external world.

These tools (and the knowledge that goes with it) are one of the foundational understandings that makes a good practitioner of both systems.

Both Herbalism, as well as Tantra, must begin with understanding of these Shaktis, the powers of the 5 senses.

The reason for this is to tap into the power of connection and nurturing the power of relationship. 🏹

It is through our senses that we take in the scene, our minds are imprinted with what has been taken in and this informs the light of our soul. The power of this connection and relationship is what brings us back home.

This is a foundational teaching in #tantricherbalism

For a simple Tantric practice connecting to #nature through the #shakti of the senses, visit our latest blog.

Link in bio 💋

#plantsdropwisdom #sagewisdom #sageapprenticeship


Planting Willow Trees✨

I have just realized it is the first day of women’s history month. A day perhaps to honor the vesica pisces of the two months, though, celebrating black history and women. Let’s take it a moment further, and an appreciative pause, for specifically all of our black women. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for the courage and grace of the black women in our country. ❤️

This image of me planting willows in Ireland just popped into my feed. I remember what I was going through at the time, and it was deep and painful healing. The Willow Tree, a “mother” to me since I was a child, has taught me so much. And so I would like to share a little drop of her #sagewisdom.

What we are nourishing in our minds every time we allow the thoughts and feelings to “be us” is how we act in accordance to those thoughts. Thoughts are like plants in the garden of our mind, in various stages. Some are weeds and some are seeds. What we nourish plays a big part in determining our future, and our #becoming.

So I aim to take a pause today, and nourish the thoughts of recovered and free that #willow has taught me. Willow, which is a flexible plant that loves water, opens the waterways within us to move and flow. As a woman, this has been invaluable to me for healing the prickly entanglement of #resentment caused by being on the receiving end of the toxic masculine.

I could go on and on about the traumas and suppression in my own personal life that built a reservoir of resentment, but I won’t. I would rather acknowledge that it’s a heavy weight that doesn’t serve me or others, when it’s triggered.

Working with this beloved, the Willow Tree, has helped me cry the hot tears of anger and inability of speak, freeing up the delicious waterways that led to reservoirs of strength and clarity.

It has helped me in this regard, plant new seeds of thoughts that I ripple out more beautiful vibrations of whole and wholeness...the #infrangibility I love so much.

Our emotions, when left buried and in our bodies to rot, rot our bodies. (My personal experience was...(continued in comments) ☺️


Seeing through the eyes of #nature softens the harshness our “reality” often brings.

Learning the language of the plants and flowers connects us once again to the pulse of the world. So necessary.

Here is a #bleedingheart from #nevadacity, a love-ally 🏹for all of those currently experiencing loss or an aching heart. 🌿 02/24/2021

Flower Essences for Communities With Brooke Sullivan

Tonight, our director and the mentor of the flower essence certification program Brooke, is excited to be presenting for the Sonoma County Herb Association. The topic is on working with plant allies to support #interdependence. 🥰🌈

There is still time to join us (below!!) and all of the donations support the plant lovers of Sonoma County. 😘

From Brooke: I am siked to be talking about one of my favorite subjects, supporting my Cali community (and all communities!!) and would love for y'all to join us for the deep-dive learning and discussion.

Some of our topics will include:

Positive leadership, Self and Relational Empowerment, Getting Deep into the Subconscious Forces that propel our Thoughts, Speech and Action. So juicy. Hope to see you there!
#plantsdropwisdom #thewildtemple #spiritualherbalism #subtleherbalism #floweressences #floweressencetherapy #communitysupport

✨💖Scholarships are available for this class for folks in underserved populations who face barriers as a result of our unbalanced social structure which discriminates based on a person’s race, ethnicity, religion, class, sexual orientation, and gender identity. This includes those who are Black, Indigenous, folks of color, LGBTQIA+, working class, disabled, immigrant, or part of an ethnic minority. Scholarship availability is limited so please consider the needs of your community when applying. Flower Essences for Communities: Plant Allies for Healthy Interdependence with Brooke Sullivan


One beautiful thing about these “Covid times” is being able to truly appreciate memories of the past😍

India 2013. 8 years ago now and the great #kumbhmela with some of the best people i know today🔥


Feeling the golden sparks of fire within the waters of Brigit’s well.... 🔥

I am so ready to emerge from this Covid slumber, back into the pulse and wonder of the ancient and sacred places of #ireland

#spiritofireland #2021retreat #thewildtemple #watersongs


Laughter is a non-negotiable....💖

In my tiny outlook of life in my early 20s...I knew one thing. Whomever I would settle down with, they had to be my friend first, and laugh with me (a lot) second.

Life is too short, too windy, and often too heavy to create a foundation around anything that doesn’t bring you joy.

For me, laughter is both something that sparks joy when it has gone a bit underground and IS the spark(s) emitting from joy when joy is totally around.

Either way it’s a win win...the levity that when experienced with a friend, or lover through bubbling smiles of joy is errrrrything.

And it’s a secret to a 20year marriage filled with magic, mischief and yeah...truly challenging times 😉

Lovin up on my soul mate today. Not good day goes by without my appreciating that we found one another. 😍I think it may have taken lifetimes to be so worthy. 🔥



“The Lovers are a sacred point where power merges from the spine.” Next World Tarot
My interpretation on this...
We do not need an external lover to awaken #kundalini and become our becoming.✨
Everything we need is within our grasp, as we turn to and nurture our own personal universe-calming the moon within, enlivening the sun within, and balancing both with the flame of our practices to embolden the fire within.
As little miniverses, we are here to explore and discover our most finest potentials! And we are here to love and be loved. Lover and beloved. We ARE the lovers.
The secret to tantric alchemy is in learning the technologies, understanding the power, tapping into the love and pleasures of being alive and like a good alchemist, taking the right steps (sometimes ritualistic, often not) to get you there.
There is no need for another to activate this for you. There is no need to look externally for your personal masterpiece.
#sagewisdom #sageapprenticeship #mysterytomastery #tantricherbalism


Sending love from the forests of #appalachianmountains 🌹


Happy Imbolc

Imbolc is one of the four great Celtic Fire Festivals. The Celtic year was a map of time, a blueprint to align with the land and seasonal changes. This largely occurred in support of connecting to the rhythms of Mother Earth as nourishment, for the Celts were agrarian peoples.

This honoring of time was divided into 8 celebrations, the nights (into the days) holding the most importance (and joy) of each division. This is largely due to honoring the Mysteries of Life in the space “where one thing ends, and a new begins.” We could say they were wise people, to honor that shift by inserting a collective Pause of everyday, human activity. The Power of the Pause assists us in aligning with not only the external world, but our own Inner Nature. The Power of the Pause also allows necessary time and action to feel things other than “doing and striving.” The Power of the Pause allows one to appreciate, to find gratitude for what was, and to craft prayers or intentions that assists on a larger scale, the organization of mind + soul to align with Nature.

The 8 ritual celebrations are divided into “True Quarters” and “Crooked Quarters.” I love this few as it shifts one’s gaze and attention to the importance of the ways of the ancient Celts, over Neo Paganism. The ancient Celts understood and prioritized the importance of the Sovereign Goddess, the Mother Divinity of the Land and Her Fire festivals represented this power. The “Crooked Quarters” are what has become more popularized today, pagans and wiccans all over the world celebrating these solar festivals (the Solstices and Equinoxes).

How the ancients decided on exact times for the True Quarters is unfortunately lost from the oral or written tradition. The knowledge however, is still held in the standing circles of stones that align with them. Perhaps we will be able to unlock their secrets of “how” in the future. Perhaps it had something to do with the moon, such as in the ancient Vedic traditions.

The True Quarters are marked currently by set dates. However knowing this does not take their power away. One can begin to observe the changes in the language of birds, (continued in comments...)


Introducing a flower essence program of the mythic isles, that includes seasonal junctures of potency, mythology, magic + healing with the plants ☘️


Power Comes In Many Forms
Today it is the power of sitting in circle with 20 dedicated #tantrayoga apprentices.
The power will flow through as we open our circle, calling in our names and the tribal lands of where we currently call home.
The power will continue to fill, be contained and directed purposefully in embodying the wise practices and techniques handed down to us by the sages.
But most of all, the power is the force of love that called each of these people to show up and do the medicine work they need to heal. The love power that is potent because it has purpose-knowing that their intention is to stand stronger in their light and to skillfully bring the goodies back to their communities.
Mmmm. Thanks for showing up.
For those of you wanting to join the Sage Apprenticeship, we will begin foundational studies in the fall and advanced once again, next spring ✨💘✨


Sage Wisdom Apprenticeship 🔺

What an amazing time we live in now. Although tension is high and our conflicts run deep, we are being offered another momentary pause to rewrite the stories on the pages of our lives.

Claiming winter for the time we need to heal, we are wise to look towards the practices and people that nourish our hearts, safeguard our minds, and bring Space for our healing. There is no denying that we are in a collective crisis, which needs to be healed collectively, yet must start individually.

This is why I am thrilled to be offering my Sage Wisdom apprenticeship online this year. Together in a group, but strongly catered to meet the individual, we will embark on a journey bringing forward the transformative practices of the ancient sages of the Himalayas.

It is through these methodologies that we can add to our repertoire of what we have already been trained in and are developing - the ancient science of Kundalini yoga. The sage apprenticeship is at its heart, a program that teaches how to safely and in a balanced way, awaken Kundalini.

The power of Kundalini is the dormant energy inside of us that is grace, unconditional love, and wisdom. It is an energy that when in balance, brings courage and a deep connection to nature while helping one see, and act like a Sage. It is this energy that we want to awaken slowly and methodically in a manner that heals instead of harms and transforms us into the people we know we are ready to become.

The program starts this Wednesday, January 13. At the onset we learn ways to build our container before increasing our energetic capacity to move forward and out. The book of choice for this first segment is My Grandmother’s Hands by Rasma Menakem. We will weave in somatic practices to support strengthening our nervous systems and healing our personal and collective trauma. It is the perfect timing, like a seed incubating in the depths of winter gestating on what it will become by spring.

In the spring time we learn all about Prana Vidya, the science of energy and how to build it, contain it, and wield it in the most benevolent ways (continued in comments)

Our Story

A sacred Healing space & Online School devoted to the practice and education of yogic wisdom, meditation, mantra, tantra (as Source, Power & Energy).

Brooke Sullivan is a pioneer of Tantric Herbalism - the blending of Classical Himalayan Tantra and Herbalism including Ayurvedic traditions, Flower Essences, Homeopathy and Western Herbalism.

The WILD TEMPLE School Is Perfect For:

Spiritual Seekers: If depth is what you’re looking for, and a systematic, yet spiral path to lead you to your spiritual destination, you have found it. We don’t blast dogma. We teach you practices that unleash the dormant potential from within and all around you-aka spiritual potency-with embodied experience. This path is for you if you are ready to claim your spiritual mastery.

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Happy Beltaine dear community! I’ve been unplugged and have missed you all! 🌺


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