ABCCM Circles

ABCCM Circles


We are have a fundraiser for ABCCM 17% of proceeds fo to Steadfast House head on over to our group!

Creating Circles that match Young Parents with Allies to create paths to self-sufficiency.

Operating as usual


This is the worst time of year if you have to chose between feeding your family or keeping the heat turned on. Help us keep the heat on so our neighbors may be both warm and fed. Please donate food, clothing, and money for heating assistance. Call 259-5300, or visit to see how you may help. Send checks to: 30 Cumberland Ave, Asheville, NC 28801.


"The weather outside is frightful..." Please help our neighbors in need with donations of blankets, clothing, food and money.

[10/13/14]   Loving Your Kids on Purpose is the topic tonight at Our Circle Community Meeting.

[08/26/14]   Community Meeting tonight. We continue or series on successful relationships with the topic "Necessary Endings."

[08/22/14]   Circles is moving to weekly Community Meetings starting next week.

Untitled Album 08/19/2014

Phot shoot for some of our Circle families...

Phot shoot for some of our Circle families...

[08/19/14]   Henry Ford, legendary owner of the Ford Motor company who revolutionized manufacturing with the invention of the ‘assembly line,’ famously is quoted to have said, “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t… you’re right.” In essence, he was saying that believing that you can or cannot accomplish something is half the battle in actually doing it.

One of the biggest struggles that under-resourced individuals experience is what most of us would label as ‘low self-esteem.’ When you meet these beautiful people, you see very intelligent and capable persons who have experienced so much trauma and stress from the instability and negative influences of their lives that they truly believe that they are not worthy of anything better than the least that society can offer them. A typical response to the question, “What are your goals,” is simply “To get a job – any job.” So they often settle for less than living wage jobs in the hospitality sector of the job market working in service positions that are not full time and without benefits. Yet, to many of them, having one of these jobs and keeping it is viewed as ‘success.’

Our goal in Circles is to surround these people with their limited-resources (and this includes much more than just finances) - who we call Circle Leaders - with two to four positive individuals - we call Allies - who will encourage and emotionally support this person in their struggle to cross the bridge out of poverty. This process may take 18 months or more and often includes many setbacks and struggles along the way. Our goal is to walk with a Circle Leader until they have reached 400% of the Federal Poverty guidelines for their family size. In order to reach these higher wages, some type of training/education leading to certificates or degrees is typically required. But, like Henry Ford said, the problem comes when you already believe before you begin that you cannot succeed in this training or education. This is where most Circle Leaders start. Through the gentile emotional support and constant encouragement of Allies, however, the picture changes.

In fact, just recently several Circle Leaders reported to the Circle community of their successful placements in full-time, living wage jobs with The US Postal Service, Charter Communications, Boost Mobile, and Deerfield Retirement Home. Several of these Circle Leaders have been in the Circles program for over two years. Some have left the program and come back. They have frustrated Allies and the Circle Staff with seemingly endless setbacks, but in the end – because the Circle Community never gave up on them! – are experiencing the fruits of success.

[03/07/14]   Hey, Asheville... Anyone know of a mechanic who would install brakes for a low-income parent as a donation if we will buy the brake pads. Call us at 259-5310.

Untitled Album 02/20/2014

Untitled Album

[02/20/14]   ABCCM Our Circle needs three cook teams to provide one meal per month for about 50. Entree and a veggie - we provide the rest. Are you up to it? Get a small group of friends and accept the challenge.

We also need a few volunteer childcare workers to watch kids from infant through about 7 yr old in our nursery while we have meetings. It would require about three hours of time on a Tuesday Evening.

Call 259-5310 if interested in either project.

[02/18/14]   Community Meeting and Ally Training tonite. Meal at 5:30. Circles allows for long term transformation of low income families. Want to contribute. Just show up.

[02/11/14]   Many of our volunteers are elderly who cannot get out in bad weather. So Asheville, if you can venture out, you can help feed the homeless at ABCCM Crisis Ministry tomorrow and Thursday, 24 Cumberland Ave tomorrow. Thx.

[01/16/14]   Our Circle at ABCCM is needing mentors for young parents with limited resources who desire to move to independence. Come by 207 Coxe Ave or give us a call, 259-5310. Change a life, and change your life, too.

[12/31/13]   Our hearts are grateful for the service of so many to Asheville's under-resourced parents through ABCCM Circles this past year. May you be truly blessed throughout 2014!

[12/23/13]   Merry Christmas to all of our supporters, Allies, and Young Parents. May God bless you this holiday season and throughout the coming year! 12/12/2013

Honor Card 2013 Order Form ABCCM is a local non-profit in Asheville, NC. We are committed to serving those who are in need in Buncombe County. We offer a variety of services through our Crisis Ministry which has four locations throughout the county, Homeless Ministry which offers transitional housing for men and women, Med...

[12/03/13]   On #GivingTuesday #avl Asheville, please remember that gifts to ABCCM stay local and help 1 in 5 Buncombe Co residents w/ food rent oil clothes medical, and more every year. These are your neighbors in need.

You may give in two ways: 1) Volunteer at one of our ministries, 2) A monetary gift or gift of something valuable e.g. toys for kids, car seats, furniture, blankets, gently used clothing, food items, etc.

[09/03/13]   Community Meeting tonight and graduation for Group 7. We're stoked!

[08/16/13]   Community Meeting on Tuesday, the 20th, see you there! (Yes. It's the day before school begins....)

[08/10/13]   Have a beautiful group of volunteers here today from Asheville's New Life Community Church. There are deep cleaning to the max. Thank you so much!

[08/02/13]   Our Circle fun night at Weaver Park on Tuesday, Aug. 6. We will play some games and fellowship awhile. Allies contact your Leaders. Please let us know ASAP if you will be going. We are giving away school backpacks for anyone heading to school this fall.



Here's Danika getting her Certificate of Completion.

[03/20/13]   Graduation last night was incredible. We had 100 people in attendance.

ABCCM Circles Community 03/20/2013

Photos from the ABCCM Circle Leaders graduation and Community Meeting 03.19.13

Photos from the ABCCM Circle Leaders graduation and Community Meeting 03.19.13

[03/15/13]   Graduations next week for our fifth group of Circle Leaders. Will have matched Circles and begin working toward a brighter future. #avl


Circle Leader, Ambrosia, with her Allies


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This is the worst time of year if you have to chose between feeding your family or keeping the heat turned on. Help us k...
"The weather outside is frightful..." Please help our neighbors in need with donations of blankets, clothing, food and m...



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