Winwood Children's Center, Ashburn Video December 5, 2017, 5:58pm

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Reed is on the move!

Baby Reed is on the move!

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THE RESULTS ARE IN!!! The winner of our 2020 Cookie Election is....

Wow!!! What an exciting and eventful day! 4 chicks hatched today - 2 during pick up time so many parents and kids got to see them being born. Loved hearing the children’s questions and watching their awe as they witnessed these new chicks entering the world!

Our toddler teacher Ms. Brittany worked on fine motor skills and counting with her small group today! They worked on putting small toys into sand pails and then counting how many they had!

The PreK class did a great job preforming at their graduation!

Thank you everyone for all you did this year to make our Private Kindergarten so successful!

One of the chicks hatching! 🐣

In our Kinesthetic Learning Lab the children have the opportunity to explore games related to our monthly themes on tablets. They also have the chance to use their gross motor skills while working on developing knowledge of shapes, colors, letters, and numbers with our hands on learning activity mats!

We kicked off the Week Of The Young Child with Music Monday! Our 3 year olds recorded their favorite song from Moana 🎵 🎶 #wotyc2018

Small group learning is one of the most important aspects of our curriculum here at Winwood. Children get more individualized attention when working with their teacher and a few other children. This helps us make sure that each child is receiving the help that they need to succeed!

We are excited to be participating in the NAEYC Week of the Young Child again this year! Make sure to check our page daily during the week of April 16-20 to see all of the fun activities we do!

Summer camp is right around the corner and we can’t wait to go on our American Road Trip! Call today to enroll, spaces are limited and you don’t want to miss out on the fun!

Reed is on the move!
Baby Reed is on the move!

The school agers practiced the scientific method by participating in fingerprint analysis! 🔎

The PreK class did an experiment called Rainbow Explosion! 🌈

Slow motion relay race video clip from our Pre-K water day!

A short clip of the Pre-K Graduation ending song!

Who is Mr. X? Keep an eye out next week for all of our Spring Break sneak peek activities for our amazing summer camp this summer! We can't wait to get our kids started at the Spy Academy!

We have baby chicks in the brooder! The children will stop by with their teacher today to check them out! All 6 of the eggs we expected to hatch have hatched, 4 yesterday and 2 this morning! We believe we had one unfertilized egg in the bunch, but we will give it one more day to see if anything happens!

Our second chick hatched at 3:40!

We have a chick! Our first chick hatched today around 3:20!

Hatching Chicks
Today is the day! We are so excited for the chicks to hatch. It can be a slow process, but we hope to have some fully hatched chicks this afternoon!

The PreK class celebrated the holidays by caroling with the children and their families! Everybody loved singing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer!

2016 Magic Pumpkin