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Put together a little advertising bling tonight in prep for the Comic Logic Books & Artwork LotCon next weekend! May 22nd!
Just received a deluge of my books in prep for the upcoming author/artist convention at Comic Logic Books & Artwork in May. I may have been a bit ambitious with the number of books I'll have for sale at my table. But one thing I learned from my signing at Barnes & Noble a few years ago is that it's always better to have too many books rather than too few.
Good news! My tent arrived today. Hooray! Bad news! It is pretty heavy, my back is way jacked, and I'm not sure I'm ready for a test run to practice setting it up yet. Either way, I am psyched to be selling signed copies of my books, in person, at the Comic Logic Books & Artwork on May 22, from 12-4, at their Lot Con (parking lot convention).

Anyone who knows the "current me" knows I don't make public appearances often re my writing (how mysterious!), so book this event right now.

There will be plenty of local authors, artists, other creative vendors, and of course, comics! Even if you don't want or need to buy a book, stop by and say "Howdy!" It would be great to see and catch up with everyone local to the Ashburn/DMV area.

More reminders coming soon. I will try not to be obnoxious about them. :-) Have a good day, all!
Thanks Comic Logic Books & Artwork for having me on Ye Grumpier Ol' Nerds last night! It was fun! 😁 View the show on their FB page, or check out the 2nd pic here to see how much I talk with my hands 🤣

As always, check out my books through my website, link in the comments.
I just wanted to share this little slice of paradise with my favorite comic shop
Hey Rob..

Do you guys buy or consign framed giclees, prints, original artwork, and out of print posters?

Is any follower of this group interested?

I could post pics at great liquidation prices!
Question for the Artwork side of the house. Are there any artist freelancers in the area? Scott Snyder's writing class has an anthology project where students are doing 6 page short stories. (yes I am one of them) DM if interested.
Thank you Comic Logic Books & Artwork and Loading Snacks for the feature! I appreciate you guys so much!

Make sure you guys follow them on Facebook and Instagram! 💜
The amazing folks at Comic Logic Books & Artwork are at Baltimore Comic Con (booth 1404), and I’m so honored to have my artwork for sale at their booth! (You can see some of my stuff in the pic behind them: Leeloo, Ayo (from Black Panther), Martian Manhunter, vintage Aquaman, and Batman 😎)

They have tons of great comics and artwork from other awesome local artists like Meanie Mena Art and Rodney Roberts / ArtNerrd: The Art of Rodney Roberts.

If you’re gonna be at the con, make sure to swing by booth 1404, say hey to these great folks, and grab some goodies!

It was a scorcher of a day, but I made it out to Comic Logic Books & Artwork for their “Lot Con” and was able to reconnect with many members of my tribe. Notably, my Meanwhile at the Podcast co-host, George and I got to hang for a bit. It was great seeing everyone and catching up, but the highlight of my outing had to be the gift of some amazing original art from my friend Sam of Deans Family Productions. I continue to follow this kid’s artistic growth and am beyond proud and amazed at where she is now. These (Red Hood and The Mandalorian) are now treasured pieces in my collection. Thank you Sam for your friendship and generosity. Thank you J. Robert Deans and Elinda Harris Deans for bringing such a good person into this world. Until next time, friends.
Powerpuff Ladies prints are in!

I will be debuting these lovely ladies at Comic Logic Lot Con , hosted by Comic Logic Books & Artwork on July 11th, in person before I put them in my shop. I will have a limited run of them at the event. If you guys are local, come out and enjoy the day with us! It's an outdoor event with local artists, vendors, authors, food trucks and of course, COMICS. It'll be my very first event in person EVER. Visit the event page for more details! I hope to see you guys there! 💜
The 4" and 3" Lady Panther magnets up close. It's all about the details!

Both sizes are available in my shop!
(3" size is also available at Comic Logic Books & Artwork .) 💜

We’re Northern Virginia's most exciting comic book store. We carry a full inventory of single issu Welcome to COMIC LOGIC on Facebook.

Photos from Comic Logic Books & Artwork's post 11/08/2023

Today, Vince and John take over the picks and the blurbs! Hold onto your butts!

Midlife #2

“Heartwarming.” - Vince

Mitch #1

“Depressed rabbit zodiac hunting aliens with a cat for a best friend.” - John

Petrol Head #1

“Smashing.” - Vince

“Smoking robot racer meets father and daughter scientists on an exhilarating quest to save humanity.” - John

Transformers #2

“The hunt for Energon is on!” - John

Zawa #1

“Zainy.” - Vince

Have a great New Comic Book Day!


It's another wonderful New Comic Book Day!


Uncle Gary’s Old School Comic Cover of the Week takes us back to January 30, 1979 with Daredevil #158.
This was a very significant book for Marvel because it began the highly acclaimed Frank Miller run on Daredevil.
He and inker Joe Rubinstein collaborated on this moonlit cover featuring a cemetery ambush by Death Stalker.
Even after Halloween I don’t think a graveyard is a good place to hang out under the full moon.

Photos from Comic Logic Books & Artwork's post 11/03/2023

We’re a little behind, but our friends at Loading Snacks are gaming while fundraising to benefit Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals this weekend! Not only that, our very own Mari Frostybritchez will be streaming Saturday and Sunday as part of their team! If you can, please donate to this incredible cause, and have some laughs during the streams!


November Catalog Preview!

We once again go over the highlights from the new Previews, DC Connect and Marvel catalogs.


We'll be starting our Previews Show soon! We hope you join us!

Photos from Comic Logic Books & Artwork's post 11/01/2023

We're back after missing a few weeks with a bunch of great reads for today! Here are our picks of the week!

Blood Commandment #1

A father hides a dark secret while he protects his son from the outside world and more!

Canary #1

Random killings along a stretch of the Rocky Mountains draw marshal Azrael William Holt into a horror he may not be able to overcome!

It’s Jeff! The Jeff-Verse #1

I laughed out loud at this latest set of Jeff the Land Shark shorts!

Sacrificers #4

Another beautiful, haunting issue as another secret is revealed and we just keep loving this series more and more!

Spider-Boy #1

We learn about the mysterious past of Spider-Boy as he learns to acclimate to a world that has forgotten him!

Ultimate Universe #1

The heroes of another earth try to take back the lives stolen from them as we kick off the NEW Ultimate Universe!

Unnatural Order #1

The Druid has spread darkness and horror across the world, and a prisoner from another time may be the only thing that can stop him!


What a great Lot Con! But now it's time for a new New Comic Book Day!

Photos from Comic Logic Books & Artwork's post 10/29/2023

Thank you to everyone who participated in the costume contest! You all looked amazing and the judges really had their work cut out for them choosing the winners.

This was our first costume contest at Lot Con so we appreciate everyone’s patience with us while we sorted some things out. And we apologize that it ended a lot faster than we anticipated! Lesson learned!

Photos from Comic Logic Books & Artwork's post 10/29/2023

Everyone is here and we’re ready for trick or treaters! The event runs until 4 today so come on by!


Lot Con is on like Donkey Kong!


Lot Con is on!


TODAY’S THE DAY! We know there’s a slight drizzle this morning, but it shouldn’t stick around or get particularly heavy so Lot Con is still on!


Night-before Lot Con prep dinner! The shop is getting spooky, and loaded up with boxes for you to look through!


Here is our final vendor announcement! We’re so excited to have so many new vendors, and our awesome returning vendors, join us for Fall Lot Con this Sunday, October 29th from 12-4!


The third vendor announcement for Lot Con this Sunday, Oct 29 from 12-4! **unfortunately Dawn of the Thread will not be able to make it this year! But you can always find her products in the shop!**


We’re late today on the vendor announcements but here is the second (there are 4)!

Make sure to follow all of these amazing vendors and come see them this Sunday, October 29th from 12-4!


New Comic Book Day! Lot Con! What a great week it's gonna be!


Here is the first vendor announcement for Lot Con this Sunday, October 29th from 12-4pm!

Come meet local creators, shop their wares, trick or treat, and have fun!


Remember that part about the limited edition piece of swag? They’re heeeere!

You will be able to get these at the shop starting this Sunday, at Lot Con!


We are just one week away from our special Halloween edition of Lot Con! Bring the whole family for a fun day of shopping, trick or treating, and games!

This week we’ll announce all of the vendors who are joining us, costume contest times and prizes, and a limited edition piece of swag you don’t want to miss out on!

If you are interested in volunteering, please shoot us a DM!


Today on Uncle Gary’s Old School Comic Book Cover of the Week we present a lesson in manners.
Never, ever drop in without an invitation to a creepy old house around supper time lest you find yourself on the menu like this poor fellow on our cover.
In addition to highlighting fantastic covers of the past this post can save your life!
You’re welcome.
Dead of Night # 8 loomed ominously from atop the spinner racks on November 12, 1974.
Ed Hannigan penciled this frightful encounter and Michael Esposito supplied the ink work.
I really feel bad for the doomed fellow on the cover who will be devoured for his uncouth faux pas.
And to top it off the hungry demon is talking smack.
I bet he even chews with his mouth open.


Holy moly! I am so excited for this Lot Con! We have the most amount of vendors that we've ever had, and many of them are new!

That being said, we are now OUT of vendor slots!

You do not want to miss this Lot Con!


New Comic Book Day is back with so many great reads!


A reminder for vendors for Lot Con: Payments are due tomorrow!

I am opening up just a couple more vendor spots, so if you have not received or submitted an app yet, please contact me ASAP!

[email protected]


Join us today as we welcome Art of Tarik DJ Holmes to the shop to sign and talk about his book Atlas: Edge of Rebellion from 1-4 today. It's also Submission Saturday!

Photos from Comic Logic Books & Artwork's post 10/13/2023

We were invaded by from on his Torma Tour this past Wednesday! We had so many picks that we didn't have room for the blubs this week. But we were so happy to have Torma here! Thanks for all your hard work, my friend. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


New Comic Book Day and a stop on the Torma Tour!


Stop in tomorrow for the Torma Tour! He’ll be in the shop from 11-3, ready to talk comics with you!


Spooooky Previews!

We highlight items from the Previews Magazine, Marvel Previews and DC Connect, for product shipping in December or later. And trying a new format with the slideshow!


Going live at 6 with the first regular Previews show in a few months!


A great lineup of picks this week!

G.O.D.S. #1

There’s a lot going on in this book. THE-POWERS-THAT-BE. THE-NATURAL-ORDER-OF-THINGS. Doctor Strange. Jonathan Hickman reshapes the Cosmology of the Marvel Universe!

Midnite Show #1

Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt are back with a great tale in time for Halloween! Classic horror monsters are coming to life at the viewing of a cursed film! Who can stop these “celluloid nightmares”?!

Plot Holes #2

Sean Gordon Murphy’s story about stories continues here! Cliff goes on his first Edit with the Plot Holes. But is he ready to save a story other than his own?

Sacrificers #3

“The one who raises his hand takes the credit. They make speeches about the common good to seduce you and to make themselves stronger. The Old Gods feed on your naive hopes. They can't be defeated.” Um… what? I just know that this book is beautiful and engaging, and it’s one of our favorites!

Transformers #1

Daniel Warren Johnson and Mike Spicer bring us the first issue of the new era of the Transformers. Shut up and take my money!


We are thrilled to announce that we are a stop on the Torma Tour!

Torma is a friend of the shop who works at the fantastic publisher, Oni Press! You may recognize him if you visited or followed Third Eye Comics a couple of years ago.

He’s on a little tour, coming in to shops to chat with readers about Oni books, and will also have some exclusives/freebies with him.

Torma will be at Comic Logic on Wednesday October 11th between 11am-3pm! Come in and s chat all about comics!


Welcome to the spooky season at Uncle Gary’s Old School Comic Cover of the Week!
Now that October has descended upon us horror covers will be popping up all over the place.
The Witching Hour # 33 features a quartet of witches emerging from a chimney in time for a midnight ride.
This enchanting book cast a spell on us from atop the spinner racks on May 8, 1973.
The versatile virtuoso Nick Cardy was the artist responsible for this particular nightmare.
Don’t look up if you’re timid.


Vince and John are running the shop while Rob slacks off. Here are this week's (blurbless) picks!


Good morning Comic Logic family, tune in to tomorrows new comic book day video! That is all!!!


Uncle Gary’s Old School Comic Cover of the Week pays tribute to the great Joe Kubert.
Sgt. Rock #316 returned fire from the spinner racks on February 16, 1978.
The Ukrainian born Mr. Kubert who passed away in 2012 would have turned 97 this week.
His renderings of Hawkman, Tarzan, and of course Sgt. Rock are iconic and unparalleled.
Mr. Kubert’s comic legacy also extends through his bloodline as his sons Adam and Andy are also celebrated artists in the industry.


Sorry for the long delay this week, but here are our picks for your weekend shopping pleasure! Come see us!

The Blackout Bombshell #1

P.I. Jack Atlas just woke up after a night of drinking and can’t remember anything. When the woman he’s looking for tries to kill him, he must enlist the help of his best friend and lawyer Casper Fitzpatrick to figure out what’s going on! A great noir tale!

Captain America #1

J. Michael Straczynski and Jesus Saiz team up to bring us the newest era of the Sentinel of Liberty! And it’s excellent!

Green Lantern War Journal #1

Shop friend Phillip Kennedy Johnson is starting another new series, this one starring John Stewart! With the Corps under new ownership, John tries to reconnect with his home after a family tragedy. But trouble and a new threat force John back into action! Read this one!

Predator vs. Wolverine #1

It’s PREDATOR vs. WOLVERINE. Are you on your way? You should be.

Uncanny Spider-Man #1

More Hellfire Gala fallout! With mutants hunted and on the run, Nightcrawler takes on the new persona of the Uncanny Spider-Man and continues his crusade of saving people! But he’ll have to help his own kind too, sooner or later.

Wonder Woman #1

After a tragic event involving an Amazonian Warrior, Wonder Woman finds herself outlawed in a place she has saved its citizens a countless number of times. Can she uncover the truth of what happened and clear her people of all wrongdoing?


We’re getting ready for our super exciting Halloween edition of Lot Con! Bring the kids out and trick or treat while shopping from local creators. Lots of new vendors will be joining for this event so you won’t want to miss it!

There will even be a costume contest with some excellent prizes to be won!

Vendors : there are limited slots left! If you haven’t reached out to get an application, but want to vend, please send me an email ASAP! [email protected]


Happy Friday! Sorry we’re so late on showing you our picks! Come in and check them out sometime this weekend!

Batman #136

They say you can’t go home again… and for Bruce it’s a hard truth. Much has changed in his absence. It’s time to remind everyone who he is: Batman! The next arc from Zdarsky begins here!

Flash #800

The cover says it all: “A Celebration of Wally West.” And what a wonderful celebration it is! Join Waid, Williamson, Johns, Di Giandomenico, Kollins, Deodato, Jr. and more as we get some great stories, the end of a run (ha ha) and a glimpse into the Dawn of DC chapter of the Flash!

Lamentation #2

Jennifer is in the role of a lifetime… or for the rest of her life! Is it a play or is it real life? “When the mysterious Prince Razide selects her as his bride, new dangers emerge, and she still doesn't know who-or what-lies beneath the prince's mask.” Great new horror from Cullen Bunn! And you should check out the inside back cover. It’s pretty cool.

Loki #1

Loki is no longer old to his old tricks, but his old tricks are back to haunt him! An ancient ship he crafted crashes and sends pieces throughout the Ten Realms. Now Loki must track them down before they end up in the wrong… you know what? You know what he has to do. And it’s Loki so you know nothing will go according to plan. But I’m here for the ride!

Shazam #2

Solomon. Hercules. Atlas. Zeus. Achilles. Mercury. Shazam’s powers come from these gods, albeit without their permission.So what happens when they’re fed up with Billy Batson? They decide it’s time to take control of their “champion” and they’ll fight each other for it! Waid and Mora’s latest team up is a great one so far!

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