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Comic Logic Books & Artwork


Put together a little advertising bling tonight in prep for the Comic Logic Books & Artwork LotCon next weekend! May 22nd!
Just received a deluge of my books in prep for the upcoming author/artist convention at Comic Logic Books & Artwork in May. I may have been a bit ambitious with the number of books I'll have for sale at my table. But one thing I learned from my signing at Barnes & Noble a few years ago is that it's always better to have too many books rather than too few.
Good news! My tent arrived today. Hooray! Bad news! It is pretty heavy, my back is way jacked, and I'm not sure I'm ready for a test run to practice setting it up yet. Either way, I am psyched to be selling signed copies of my books, in person, at the Comic Logic Books & Artwork on May 22, from 12-4, at their Lot Con (parking lot convention).

Anyone who knows the "current me" knows I don't make public appearances often re my writing (how mysterious!), so book this event right now.

There will be plenty of local authors, artists, other creative vendors, and of course, comics! Even if you don't want or need to buy a book, stop by and say "Howdy!" It would be great to see and catch up with everyone local to the Ashburn/DMV area.

More reminders coming soon. I will try not to be obnoxious about them. :-) Have a good day, all!
Thanks Comic Logic Books & Artwork for having me on Ye Grumpier Ol' Nerds last night! It was fun! 😁 View the show on their FB page, or check out the 2nd pic here to see how much I talk with my hands 🤣

As always, check out my books through my website, link in the comments.
I just wanted to share this little slice of paradise with my favorite comic shop
Hey Rob..

Do you guys buy or consign framed giclees, prints, original artwork, and out of print posters?

Is any follower of this group interested?

I could post pics at great liquidation prices!
Question for the Artwork side of the house. Are there any artist freelancers in the area? Scott Snyder's writing class has an anthology project where students are doing 6 page short stories. (yes I am one of them) DM if interested.
Thank you Comic Logic Books & Artwork and Loading Snacks for the feature! I appreciate you guys so much!

Make sure you guys follow them on Facebook and Instagram! 💜
The amazing folks at Comic Logic Books & Artwork are at Baltimore Comic Con (booth 1404), and I’m so honored to have my artwork for sale at their booth! (You can see some of my stuff in the pic behind them: Leeloo, Ayo (from Black Panther), Martian Manhunter, vintage Aquaman, and Batman 😎)

They have tons of great comics and artwork from other awesome local artists like Meanie Mena Art and Rodney Roberts / ArtNerrd: The Art of Rodney Roberts.

If you’re gonna be at the con, make sure to swing by booth 1404, say hey to these great folks, and grab some goodies!

It was a scorcher of a day, but I made it out to Comic Logic Books & Artwork for their “Lot Con” and was able to reconnect with many members of my tribe. Notably, my Meanwhile at the Podcast co-host, George and I got to hang for a bit. It was great seeing everyone and catching up, but the highlight of my outing had to be the gift of some amazing original art from my friend Sam of Deans Family Productions. I continue to follow this kid’s artistic growth and am beyond proud and amazed at where she is now. These (Red Hood and The Mandalorian) are now treasured pieces in my collection. Thank you Sam for your friendship and generosity. Thank you J. Robert Deans and Elinda Harris Deans for bringing such a good person into this world. Until next time, friends.
Powerpuff Ladies prints are in!

I will be debuting these lovely ladies at Comic Logic Lot Con , hosted by Comic Logic Books & Artwork on July 11th, in person before I put them in my shop. I will have a limited run of them at the event. If you guys are local, come out and enjoy the day with us! It's an outdoor event with local artists, vendors, authors, food trucks and of course, COMICS. It'll be my very first event in person EVER. Visit the event page for more details! I hope to see you guys there! 💜
The 4" and 3" Lady Panther magnets up close. It's all about the details!

Both sizes are available in my shop!
(3" size is also available at Comic Logic Books & Artwork .) 💜

We’re Northern Virginia's most exciting comic book store. We carry a full inventory of single issues, trade paperbacks, and custom artwork.

Welcome to COMIC LOGIC on Facebook.


Welcome David Willingham to Lot Con!


A new vendor this year - Mike Layne is a local author with some interesting-looking stories!


We're excited to have Escape Room LoCo bring some fun, interactive puzzles to the Con this weekend! Make sure to check their website out and schedule a time to visit them!


We're just 4 days from seeing the awesome Rockeats at Lot Con! Will you be there?



We’re open at 11 so you can love them too!


Heeeere's Jonny! Sorry...kinda.

He's back for Lot Con!


We break up the Lot Con spam with our picks of the week!

Savage Avengers #1

Deathlok’s coming after Conan for breaking some time rules! So the Barbarian must gather an unlikely group of heroes to help him. Get ready for the new lineup of the Savage Avengers.

I Hate This Place #1

There is a house where all manner of creatures can be seen. Aliens, ghosts… lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Trudy and Gabby are the new owners of this house and they’re about to find out that they may have bitten off more than they can chew…

Nightwing #92

There’s a nice, quick tribute to the late George Perez in this issue. You all better get this and it better sell out.

Joe Hill’s Rain #5

The end of a tale about killer rain. I will be picking this up when it is collected. It’s a great story and a good finish. I get that this is not where you want to “jump on” with this book, but we do need to recognize it as one of our favorite books of the week!


Vendor announcement!

First time vendor, long time friend, Arlene Lugo is bringing some sparkle to our little con!

Check out her business page here:


Lot Con only 3 days away! But for now, it's New Comic Book Day!


We're super excited to have Awesome Mini's back this year!


It won't just be current comics on hand for Lot Con, Damion at Warhawg Comics is bringing the old school, classic gems into the store this weekend!


Vendor Announcement!

Our friend Susan Quilty is back again this year for Lot Con! Have you checked out her new books?


Vendor announcement to start your day!

Children's book author Jenna Ayoub will be with us this coming Sunday for Lot Con!


Hopefully it won't be as hot this year, but if you need some cooling off, the smash hit from last year, Anita's will be there to help!


Tonight Rob will join our friends (and guests at Lot Con) on their weekly show! Make sure to follow them and tune in!

The Loading Snacks Team is thrilled to have Comic Logic's () own Rob Kaylin () join us tomorrow night on Loading Snacks Weekly as we continue to celebrate and highlight membersof our community during AAPI Heritage Month!

We go live at 8:30pm Est on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch!
See you then!


Vendor Announcement!

The incredible Chalkoholic will be there May 22nd. Come check out her amazing chalk drawings!


Kids section is stacked with goodies!

Bring ‘em in, we’re here 12-5!


Vendor announcement!

Welcome back, Deans! Everyone's favorite family of creators will be joining us again this year!

You can see there stuff here!


This happened a week ago! How has it already been a week since FCBD?!


Guest Announcement!

We are super excited to be joined by the team at Loading Snacks for Spring Lot Con this year! Check out all there content here:


We only have a handful of these limited short boxes left!

We’re here 11-7 today!


First vendor announcement for Spring Lot Con!

Meanie Mena Art will be joining us again! You can find links to her socials here:


*deep inhale* neeeewwwww

We’re open 11-7!


Why yes, that IS an Elf board game…just in time for Christmas?


Our next event is in just a week and a half! Return of the Lot Con May 22nd! Stay tuned for vendor announcements. And if you’re interested in vending, please send us a DM!


Many of these are selling right out! If you’re a Skottie Young fan you might want to get in here ASAP!

We’re open 11-7!


Here are this weeks picks!

Eight Billion Genies #1

One minute they were all living their lives. The next minute, everyone in the world had their own genie and just one wish. Things are about to get crazy. What would your one wish be?

Grim #1

Jessica is a Reaper, ferrying the dead to whatever comes next. With no memory of how she died, she runs into an even bigger problem when… you know what? I’m not gonna say. You gotta read it to find out!

Jurassic League #1

It’s the Justice League, but they’re dinosaurs. Dinosaurs. Seriously. I mean, do you like fun? Because that’s what this is! It’s co-written by Daniel Warren Johnson (one of my favorites right now) and Juan Gideon (who also is the artist on the book)!


It's that day! It's that time! It's New Comic Book Day!


J. Robert Deans is the best!


I missed one the biggest thank yous

J. Robert Deans was one of the most important people of the day.


Just wanted to say...

Thank you!


Another week, another somber post celebrating the life and career of another comic book legend who has passed away.
Uncle Gary's Old School Comic Cover of the Week selects the New Teen Titians # 1 as our homage to the master of the super-hero team book.
This book immediately shot to the top of the spinner racks and rocked the comic world on August 14, 1980.
Mr. George Perez lost his life at the age of 67 to the scourge that is cancer. He was diagnosed with inoperable cancer late last year and he decided not to undergo radiation or chemo in order to live out the rest of his days without the side effects of those treatments.
He lived out his final months at home with a steady stream of friends and well wishers making the pilgrimage to his home to say goodbye to a dear friend and colleague. We should all be so lucky to have an end with such love and dignity.
Last week I paid tribute to the great Neal Adams who passed away and I pledged to feature his covers for the next three weeks but that plan has been derailed in the wake of the death of Mr. Perez. I will now alternate covers of these two masters of the medium for the next few weeks.
Both Mr. Perez and Mr. Adams are on my personal Mt. Rushmore of favorite artists and I am extremely saddened by their passing. I was lucky enough to meet both of these gentlemen and those encounters will always be cherished memories.
If you love a creator in this medium we all love, then by all means go to a con and meet them and tell them so.
You will create a lasting memory and perhaps you should make haste because legends don't live forever!
Mr. George Perez thank you and may you rest in peace.

Photos from Comic Logic Books & Artwork's post 05/07/2022

Thank you so much to everyone who ventured out in the rain to come see us! You all rock!


If you needed another reason to come see us, we’re having a massive sale on some damages we had!

Photos from Comic Logic Books & Artwork's post 05/07/2022

We really love moments like this!

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I missed one the biggest thank yous
Just wanted to say...




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