Thank you so much. My Aunt, mom and cousin loved the bears. A beautiful work of art.
What goes around, comes around. 🤨 Droolist

🌐 www.DentalPlansDirect.com

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Droolist did an amazing job on my memory bear for my Aunt. She loved it along with everyone else in the family. Thank you so much.
Thank you, Britta!!! She loved her special birthday shirt made by you - as always!!!
So many can benefit from this simple but so important item! I think Droolist can make them and @BükaRides Moms can sell or offer to their clients.
I sent a PM. This is my MIL Nancy. First photo was taken at a performance she was in last year (she was 96!) and the second photo was taken earlier this year (she was 97). Admirable woman.
Can't wait to see the Granddaughter wrapped up in it.
Thank you Britta for my Valentines Day outfit! Now to go steal some hearts ❤️❤️
Thank you so much Britta Watters/Droolist. My kids absolutely love them!
I heard that you can turn baby clothes into stuffed animals. What is the cost for this? Do you have any examples? What animals are you able to do?
We need more people like this designer. This 👇🏼 is not only wonderful but brilliant. Designing to make life better, fashionable and functional, for those suffering from different illnesses or disabilities. I know someone in #LoudounCounty that thinks like this, outside the box. Her name is Britta Watters with Droolist. Girl, the world is your oyster!
As parents we must watch what we say to our children, speak life and blessings over them, especially when they are small. I pay attention and my friend Britta Watters , owner of Droolist, does this with her children. She knows the importance and the prints her words leave on her children, and I admire that. It may be hard when you have a child that has perhaps too much energy and gets into trouble easily, but be grateful your child is healthy and full of life. Right there is an example of a future inventor… Remember, every word you speak matters!

Custom sewing & embroidery for all with a small collection of ready-to-ship items at
http://droolist.etsy.com Most of my sewing and embroidery work is made to order, I love working to make unique items that are fashionable, functional, and -- of course -- drool-worthy!

I look forward to hearing from you! Britta

Operating as usual

Photos from Droolist's post 01/24/2022

Well, talk about a post break! I’ve been here, moving right along at a breakneck pace… and have had my little break from Christmas until after the kids went back to school.

I’ve organized my space, inventoried the fabric stock, and am back to a “regular” work schedule. I committed to more balance this year, so I’m trying to leave my weekends for family, and to keep my hours to 8 a day, usually 8-2 when the our kids are in school, and then again 8-10pm. We’ll see how long I follow through on this 😂🤷‍♀️ —I love working for you all, and “no” is my least favorite word.

Here are some of the Fall and early winter projects and a final picture of the Etsy orders for special needs bibs I did over 2021. I hope to give you some inspiration, and I promise to try to stay better on top of sharing projects with you this year!

Droolist updated their info in the about section. 10/17/2021

Droolist updated their info in the about section.

Droolist updated their info in the about section.

Photos from Droolist's post 09/07/2021

I’ve had some questions today about making stuffed animals from loved ones’ clothing or other fabrics. I’m always happy to work with you to make something special, but do want to be sure to have ALL materials for projects needed for Christmas in my hands by OCTOBER 1, if at all possible.

Photos from Droolist's post 07/05/2021

Sometimes looking at recent projects helps motivate me to start new ones! Last week we enjoyed a long-awaited break in Myrtle Beach, and seeing these definitely brings me just far enough back from vaca-mode to begin a day of embroidery.


Some of you are 100% HERE for this skirt! A rectangle of fabric can be magically transformed into a statement piece and—better yet— YOU CAN DO THIS!
I promise you that, with a little time and money, there’s a spot local to each of you that will offer project classes for sewists of ALL ability levels. (Yes, even the “I passed middle school consumer science class because the teacher didn’t want me to be back next year” people.)
Friends in the DMV, I highly recommend Sew Magarbo for project classes, lessons, fabrics, and machines. You don’t need to have a machine or experience. Connect via their page or website, and embrace your creativity. Outside the DMV? Check your local area, and support those small businesses.
I wish I could make these for each and every person wanting their own, but as a one-woman enterprise, there just aren’t enough hours in a day. I have full confidence that YOU CAN DO THIS!

Photos from Droolist's post 04/04/2021

It’s time! 🎉 I’m opening my summer schedule for commissioned keepsake quilts—June, July, and August each have limited a availability. We can plan for anything from 30x30” to 65x75”, and you can be as hands on or hands off as you’d like, structured or crazy, we can work together to get yours made.

Photos from Droolist's post 02/18/2021

Orders for special needs bandana bibs and shirt savers are shipping today to NJ, TX, GA, TN, CT, NY, PA and IN. I love making these for big kids and adults, and am always thrilled to see familiar names as well as new ones. The best, though, is knowing people feel good about using them.

Photos from Droolist's post 01/27/2021

I’ve had several folks asking about making stuffed animals from baby blankets and clothing, so I thought I’d share a few projects here. I’m always happy to work with you to make something special.


Even in these unprecedented times, there is beauty and there are new beginnings.


2020 gave it her all (littlest had a broken wrist casted 12/31), but we’re still standing! I’m looking forward to another year of getting to work with and for the most amazing people out there (you), and can’t thank you enough for being part of what brings me joy.


Ahhh, another trip around the sun! I join all of you in saying goodbye to 2020, and hello to 2021. May our hearts and pantries be full, and may our eating pants not be the only ones that fit. 😂🤣😂🤭


Dumpster Fire Ornament by droolist OR 2020 The Worst virus ugly Christmas ornament, white elephant gift, dirty santa swap, tacky gag gift 11/29/2020

Dumpster Fire Ornament by droolist OR 2020 The Worst virus ugly Christmas ornament, white elephant gift, dirty santa swap, tacky gag gift

Several of you have asked if the 2020 The Worst COVID ornaments and 2020 Dumpster Fires are listed / available to purchase and that’s now a “yes.” As always, half of the proceeds are donated. This year it’s a split between Loudoun Hunger and the Loudoun Abused Women’s Shelter/LAWS.
***If you are local and prefer to pick up from me, message me. I can get your order set up outside of Etsy.


Dumpster Fire Ornament by droolist OR 2020 The Worst virus ugly Christmas ornament, white elephant gift, dirty santa swap, tacky gag gift It’s that time! The trash pile that was 2019 devolved into an even hotter mess during 2020. Choose from a dumpster, a virus, or take one of each. If you’re ready to toss it all into yea olde green metal dumpster as it’s lit aflame, just say goodbye to this year’s dumpster fires with the tack...


I think you can all guess what I’m making in addition to dumpster fire ornaments this year.

Photos from Droolist's post 10/23/2020

There is nothing I love more than collaborating with other talented makers. This is a sneak peek of something I did with Amy Mikesa of Mama Did. If you need longarm quilting, she is the go-to gal— more details forthcoming. ;)


Wedding bells a gonna chime!
2020 might have us all making some changes, but... 💘🎊

Photos from Droolist's post 10/11/2020

It’s always so much fun to be asked to be part of life’s celebrations, big and small.

Photos from Droolist's post 09/27/2020

Back to school with three little humans in three grades and two schools has been a challenge, but being able to make beautiful things between tech issues and “Mom I neeeeed” has been ... the air needed to breathe. Thanks for your patience and understanding.


It’s been awhile since I’ve shared some of the projects that really fill my heart. Here are my orders for special needs bibs going out in the next few days. These ...16! will head to six families in as many states for their people with some specific needs related to swallowing difficulties to keep older kids and adults drier while looking their ages. I hope you all have a week of full cups on the way, too.


2020: The year we can all relate to this.


Monogram all the things!
Having logged 20 years living in Southern states, I have come to love a beautiful monogram. This one did not disappoint.

Photos from Droolist's post 07/31/2020

Even in the midst of all that’s changed, blessings abound. Such a thoughtful gift for this new arrival!
When you’re helping welcome a new one or celebrate a milestone, let me know. I’m always happy to help your ideas bloom. 🥰


Oh, the little wiggly teeth! 🥰
It’s been awhile since I’ve made a custom set of tooth fairy pillows this cute!


Thinking these two won’t need to be socially distancing... 😉🥰


What a season of life. We are all safe and -relatively- sane. There have been quilts made and masks made, celebrations of birthdays, lives well lived, teeth lost. I’ve been grateful to be part of your milestones throughout —graduations, first communions, weddings and more. I am definitely still working with and for you, and -as always- glad to be part of the journeys.

Shop | Sew Magarbo 05/07/2020

Shop | Sew Magarbo

It’s been awhile, right? I’ve been working day and night, and I bet most of you know why. Let’s talk masks...

I’m definitely making for family & friends in exchange for a donation of resources to help a group we’ve formed in our county (actively making thousands of masks and hats for hospitals, clinics, first responders, etc.) to stay supplied with materials.

We’re all volunteering our time and as many of our own resources as possible, but do need help, and quality fabric is the big need currently. A local shop is getting us 1yd of fabric to use in our donation work, and a mask is made for the fabric purchaser.

Write “Donate all, Droolist / Britta is making our masks,” in the NOTES before checking out, select local pick up (we pick up a couple times a week), and then select the number of yards you’d like to donate.

I’m happy to coordinate with you directly about the color and style of mask(s) you’d like if you’re able to help the group with fabric for frontline folks.

I would love to have 1 yard donated / mask you need. The information I need from you will be in the comments, please copy & paste that into a message & fill it out there so it comes to me here at my business page & I don’t miss anyone’s request.


Shop | Sew Magarbo

Photos from Droolist's post 02/19/2020

Embroidery isn’t limited to any one fabric or purpose, and I love the variety of the projects I get to work on in any given week. I’m always happy to talk over ideas and see how we can work together.

Photos from Droolist's post 02/13/2020

I owe you all a big THANK YOU for keeping me so busy this year that I don’t even feel like the holiday rush ever ended! You’ve kept me hopping with custom sewing, embroidery, and creative makes! 2020 is off to a roaring start!

First Of All NO wall hanging, door banner embroidered sign for boss, mom, dad home, office, kitchen Choice of Embroidery Colors* by droolist 02/06/2020

First Of All NO wall hanging, door banner embroidered sign for boss, mom, dad home, office, kitchen Choice of Embroidery Colors* by droolist

Because of days. Days like today. Days like yesterday. Days like tomorrow? 😂🤷‍♀️
For Mom, Dad, the Boss, or any other adult who is adulting. For the next month, use FIRST10 at checkout for 10% off, because you deserve to treat yourself.
And, a gentle reminder: Administrative Professionals Day is coming up in April.


First Of All NO wall hanging, door banner embroidered sign for boss, mom, dad home, office, kitchen Choice of Embroidery Colors* by droolist First of all, NO. Second of all, NO. Banner 12” x 8.5” plus 5” hanging cording. Help keep expectations, boundaries, and attitude clear with an embroidered wall hanging. Select from a range of colors for your personalized banner.

Photos from Droolist's post 01/29/2020

With Ramadan coming up, I’ve started listing this year’s designs in my Etsy shop, and you’re welcome to take a peek at those already up. More to come... but I know some are ordering for friends and family, and need to get a jump on preparations.
🛍 If you prefer to pick up from me (Ashburn, VA), please DM me here at my page with a list of the items you’d like to order and your email. I can invoice you directly and reduce your total cost by 10%.


Photos from Droolist's post 01/26/2020

Finishing up this project had my whole heart last week. Especially the plaid guy in the front when getting his final touches added.


Since my client has shared what we created, I think it’s safe to share it here, too, without fear of spoiling a surprise gift.
Her family experienced a loss in 2019, and she wanted to create something special for a family member. We came up with this beautiful, one of a kind piece.


It’s definitely sweater season and if you have old favorites you don’t know what to do with, here’s an idea. This fully/lined throw pillow has been a pleasure to make among both larger (stay tuned) and smaller sewing and embroidery projects.


🎄😍💕 Now that we are spinning in the vortex of holiday cheer and glad tidings, projects like these are always a good reminder of hope the season celebrates.


Christmas is in full swing here! I still have limited availability for embroidering stockings and monogramming gifts, but time is slipping away each day. If you or someone you know needs help completing the “to do” lists, send a message. I’ll help if I can.

Photos from Droolist's post 12/05/2019

Friends, this is my ONLY show this year. You’re welcome to bring your Xmas stockings to be embroidered /monogrammed and I can have them ready for pick up next week.
I’ll have a limited number of items for sale at a shared table with some of my fellow knotty ladies 😉 who do knitting, crochet, embroidery and more — come see us at the SCES Holiday Shoppe on Saturday.


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