Essentially Jodie: The Mystic Next Door

Essentially Jodie: The Mystic Next Door


Shocktober isn't possible without our amazing sponsors! THANK YOU EssentiallyJodie!! Here's why she supports The Arc of Loudoun and Shocktober!

Visit her website here:
🎉 Join us in thanking our American Pharoah sponsor, EssentiallyJodie ! Jodie Howard, doTERRA Gold Wellness Advocate and mother of a therapeutic riding student shares why they are proud to support Loudoun Therapeutic Riding.

“We are honored to Sponsor the
10th Annual Preakness Party. My family has been blessed to be a part of the LTR community for over 12 years. Our daughter, Rosie, is a long time participant who looks forward to each and every opportunity she gets to ride. The herd, which is at the heart of this beautiful organization, fills her up and continually showers her with love, acceptance, courage, and confidence. She is mentally, emotionally and physically stronger because of the time she spends here. We are so grateful to this team of instructors
and volunteers that help keep LTR running at its best so that it can continue to do the most good!”

Jodie Howard
doTERRA Gold Wellness Advocate

🌻 To learn more about Essentially Jodie visit

🎉 AND if you haven't claimed your free ticket yet to join us on October 3rd at 4:30 PM for the 10th Annual Preakness Party, click here:

💜 Loudoun Therapeutic Riding relies on support from individuals and our community to continue to help those living with disabilities through the healing power of horses.

Among the many ways to support LTR is through sponsorship! One of our sponsors is EssentiallyJodie, owned by mother to our long-time participant Rosie (photo below)!

Join us in thanking EssentiallyJodie for being one of our 10th Annual Preakness Party Seattle Slew level sponsors.

While the Preakness Party has been "Reinchecked" due to the pandemic, we cannot forget all of those who continue to support Loudoun Therapeutic Riding in our community. 💜 We are truly blessed.

Please stay tuned for how you can get involved in our "Reincheck Challenge", our virtual FUNdraiser to support Loudoun Therapeutic Riding with emergency relief!

Do you know if the Terra Shield spray has any contraindications with nursing?

I help women experience a happier Home World through healing. I access Quantum Healing, Akashic Re Join my FREE FB group: It's for women who are ready to explore a more purpose filled life and have fun along the way!


I don’t know about you, but these days, I’ve been feeling into a WHOLE new layer of Surrender 😅

Although I’ve been on the Surrender train for many years, this feels like a next level experience is rollin' my way 😂

🧐A question on many people’s hearts and minds- mine most of all- is what will life look like, for Rosie, post high school?

What happens *exactly* when the bus stops coming?!

None of us have ever had that exact answer but, as with all my children, there seemed to be a way ahead with some viable options….
👉🏽Options that have been discussed, at length, for years, with a team of experts in the field.
👉🏽Options that helped me relax into her high school experience.
👉🏽Options that helped me get back to sleep that night when I would wake worrying about “what’s next?”

With these options, I was able to reassure myself that
there is a place out there for her that will
✅meet her needs
✅allow her to thrive
AND there will be funding, in the form of a waiver to assist us with this.

For many years now, I had been repeatedly reassured, by the experts in this field, that she is highly qualified for this waiver, once she ages out of school
💸This particular waiver is set up to supply federal and state funding to support individuals like Rosie-
So far so good, right?!

🤨 Well, friends, last week we learned that this information, the information that has been helping me sleep at night, is basically, no longer true 😩

😟We learned that this waiver isn’t opening up any new slots- basically no new funding.

😕 Despite the fact there is currently a waiting list of hundreds.

🙁 Hundreds of adults with special needs, individuals just like Rosie, being told there was a waiver that they qualify for.

❌No one received a slot on this year’s waiver.

And now, as you can imagine, the waitlist with Rosie’s name on it, is even further backed up than before 😤

For some reason, in 2022 -for the first time in forever - the funding for this waiver, went elsewhere.

😫And there is no knowing when/if this funding will return.

Go ahead, rage with me😫😡😭

I’ve been ragging all week 🤬😡🤬

👉🏽Furthermore, those day programs, the ones I have been looking at for her to start next fall?

They aren't taking any new adults because of staffing shortages, plus there’s zero waiver funds to support it 🙇🏼‍♀️🙀

Yep, feel free to rage some more- I sure did!!!!!

☝🏼TBH, I could go on with lots of sordid details of my week- but here’s the bit I REALLY want to get to.

👉🏽 In all of this bleak, sobering, downright sh*tty news, I recognize there is CHOICE.

✅And YES!! I am ABSOLUTELY choosing to rage, and cry, and scream.
✅And while I am choosing to make phone calls, write emails and get answers
✅I am also choosing to step into NEXT level advocacy for her, her rights, her independence and a place to be when she’s done with school.

✨There is something else that I am ACTIVELY choosing into as well....
✨Surrender ✨


Attachments, they're affecting EVERYTHING you do 😏

And they’re holding you, your relationships + your business back in ways you've never suspected 😵

😵Remember that random comment “Wow, you sure do post a lot” ….that’s when an energetic attachment was formed

😵And the feeling you had, when she didn’t sign up with you, but then, she immediately joined someone else's program…. there’s another energetic attachment

😵And that argument, the one you had with your partner last night, saying things you wish you hadn’t? You got it…yet another attachment took hold within your energetic system.

➡️Attachments cord themselves to you and stifle your ability to speak your truth.

➡️They stagnate your opportunities to release your creative juices and suffocate your ability to let it all flow.

➡️These attachments are siphoning off your energy, creating a kink in the line, so that, when it’s time to DO the thing, your abilities to create, share + speak your truth totally dry up 😩

And that time is, usually when you're creating a course, or content or, my personal favorite, at some point mid-launch 🤣

when you feel like you’ve got nothing to say and you convince yourself it’s all in your head….

That it’s a mindset thing Or a strategy thing!

👇🏾But can I share something with you?
It’s not. It’s an energy thing!!!
You’re not losing your mind 🤪

🤨You feel like you have nothing to say because you actually have nothing to say.

Read that again....You feel like you have nothing to say, because you ACTUALLY have nothing to say.

⚡️Your energetic system, in particular, your throat chakra, is blocked.

⚡️It’s all happening on an energetic level and it's totally not your fault.

⚡️Energy doesn’t lie but it can get stuck.

🦸🏼‍♀️This is where my 1:1 quantum energy sessions come to the rescue🦸🏼

✨I use the potency of the Quantum Field + the ancient art of Reiki to identify, unwind and transmute these energetic attachments once and for all!!

✨You are HERE to speak your truth + show up for your people with ease.

✨Your energy is designed to dance and flow so you can share your genius and shine your authentic self for all to see.

👏🏽The results:
-Sold Out Programs with zero masculine strategy necessary

-Sustained energy throughout your launch– save good-bye to the post launch hangover!

-Allowing your expertise to shine through and connect with your person loud and clear

-The kind of energetic magic that allows my clients to open up to $25k cash in the 72 hours after a session!

✨In my 6 Session - 1:1 Light Body Activation Package

-I’ll diagnose + clear the attachments that have created blocks within your energetic system- particularly in your Throat Chakra- so you can keep your creativity flowing + your voice strong!

-We’ll connect with your Guides through Channeling + the Quantum Realm. You have an entire Spirit Team ready to support you, guide you and back you with your launch, your business and so MUCH more!

-I’ll activate your unique codes + shore up any other energy leaks so you can sustain your energy throughout the launch and be refreshed and ready to enjoy whatever’s next.

👏🏽 If you know you’re ready to experience your next launch, your business, your relationships on your terms with your energy high and your voice clear, DM me to learn more about my Light Body Activation Sessions.

🥳I have 2-3 spots currently available so you'll want to act quickly!

WANDER Magazine Fall/Winter 2022 Fall/Winter 2022 10/20/2022

WANDER Magazine Fall/Winter 2022 Fall/Winter 2022

Rosie Howard- the magazine star🤩

“Is she always THIS happy?!”

It’s the question I am asked most often about my girl, and the short answer is

“Yes, She is”

But the secret to her continual, genuine happiness comes from places like Loudoun Therapeutic (LTR) where each week, her cup is filled and overflowing through Equine Assisted Therapy

She has a deep deep love for her horse Teddy….

“He’s a good boy” is her favorite way to describe him❤️
And check this out!!!

Rosie, along with her good boy, Teddy are now magazine stars🤩🤩🤩

Chris Walton has written a beautiful, heartfelt, informative article that highlights Rosie’s story and also encompasses the power and magic of LTR and equine assisted therapy

“A Special Brand of Horsepower” is the featured article in the Fall/Winter 2022 Wander Magazine ✨

For the locals, you can find Wander magazine all through
Loudoun County

🤩I often have people asking how they can support Loudoun Therapeutic Riding and right now their Annual Ride-a-thon is in its home stretch

👇🏽Follow this link to support this life changing non-profit!! Any amount makes a difference for these horses and their riders💕

WANDER Magazine Fall/Winter 2022 Fall/Winter 2022 In WANDER you’ll read about Loudoun County, Virginia’s multi-generation farm families, intrepid stewards of the land, captivating profiles of local entrepreneurs, agripreneurs, artists and artisans and their local products. You’ll find out about fresh farm produce markets, how to join a local ...


What if the presence of fear is actually a Sacred Invitation?

This is a super potent reframe that I like to use whenever I am experiencing fear ✨

✨It reminds us that when we are experiencing fear, we've lost connection to Source/God/Goddess/Universe.

It’s like we’ve fallen asleep at the wheel and are drifting into unwanted territory. When our inner self senses this, it signals us with the presence of fear, and then the further we drift, the stronger the signal becomes.

This signal is actually an invitation, an opportunity to realign, a request to heal, and ultimately to expand further into the truth of who you Be.

What if you allowed the Presence of Fear to be a Sacred Invitation?

What if you begin to acknowledge the presence of fear as an Invitation to shift into the Light, to reconnect with Your highest Self & with Source energy.

The presence of fear is also an invitation to allow Source to do the heavy lifting for us and trust that it’s actually not about us figuring it out or making it happen by ourselves but about leaning in, trusting and receiving.

⛅️When the turbulence gets too much, the pilot rises up, reaching for higher altitudes and clear skies rather than continuing to navigate through the intensity alone.

Our world is teeming with turbulence and insanity, but it isn’t meant for you to navigate alone.
You don’t have to have all the answers, in fact, you aren’t meant to and when you are open to Source Energy, the answers you require will be sent to you.

They show up, when you are open to them and on the lookout, in the form of a book, or a post on social, or through a person who you have attracted into your world.

✨There is always Something greater at work for you and that Something greater is here supporting you at each and every turn.

If you haven't already done so, you'll want to grab my Free Heart Opener Activation by using the link in the comments to download it, today ✨


Cosmic ReWilding - The Six Week Group Program 09/30/2022

Cosmic ReWilding - The Six Week Group Program

Cosmic ReWilding: The Group Program is only days away from starting!!

💥What is it?

Cosmic ReWilding is the process of Deconditioning through Releasing, Remembering and Activating your Highest self

Cosmic Rewilding is a one-of-a-kind journey that includes:

→Quantum Healings through Cord Cutting and my channeled Freedom Activation

→Accessing Key Elements of Your Cosmic Blueprints, like Human Design and Astrology, systems that offer unique information, acknowledgement and awareness for empowerment

→Divine Feminine guidance that has been passed down through generations of women and lives within you now, ready to be reawakened and remembered.

→All of this comes together in a group container for mirroring, witnessing and connection with other wildly cosmic women!

🗓When is it?

We start October 5th, 2022

Cosmic ReWilding is a six (6) week Group Program

We will meet LIVE Wednesdays at 2pm ET.

And Yep! There will be a replay!!

🧖🏽‍♀️Who is it for?

Anyone who is ready to see conditioning for what it is- a roadblock along the path to her highest self - AND to break free from it's constrictive bonds.

This breaking free is on YOUR own terms, not some bro-inspired ‘how-to become someone you’re not’

Cosmic ReWilding is for anyone who is Ready to Remember what it FEELs like to trust themselves, their knowing, their inner guidance.

Cosmic ReWilding is for anyone who is ready to remember what it feels like to be truly FREE💕 💃🏼

❌Who is it NOT for?

This isn’t a good girl guide program designed to encourage perfectionist tendencies or perpetuate people pleasing- you’ll have to go elsewhere for those 😆

This isn’t for someone who just wants a cookie cutter prescription of how to live their life- conforming to what the world thinks your life should look like.

This isn’t for you, if you want to keep waiting in the wings, or choosing all the things over you and your ability to trust yourself.

✨Cosmic ReWilding is a journey of Remembrance into Self Trust.
Trusting that you know the way.

You’ve done this before, there is ever present Universal guidance to direct and ease your journey- BUT this is only effective as long as you are tapped into, ready to receive it.

Cosmic ReWilding is here to reconnect you to THAT energy in a super safe, six week container with me at the helm!

🤷🏼‍♀️Why Cosmic ReWilding with Me?

As an Usui Reiki Master Teacher, I have spent the past decade connecting my clients to their inner wild, their authentic self but most of all the divine unconditional love of the Universe.

My ability to connect you to the LOVE that is present for you, is truly rare and quite simply unparalleled. When you can FEEL the LOVE of the universe, and I mean really FEEL yourself enveloped in this love, then can’t help but feel, embody and experience your inherent value, worth, magnetism and ability to receive!

🥰WHO is the Special Guest??

I’m SO glad you asked!! It’s my very own Magdalene Priestess and oldest daughter Olivia Howard!!

She will lead one of our calls, along with a Divine Feminine Oracle and Tarot Reading session and she will be participating throughout the 6 week program

🤑How Much is it?

Cosmic ReWilding The Group Program is only $1497 with a payment plan option available!

😎Is there a VIP option?

Oh you know there is!!!

The VIP option which includes two(2) 1:1 Light Body Sessions with Jodie

Plus a 30 min Personalized Recorded Tarot reading with Olivia Howard

💥Are there Bonuses:

YES!!! We will have a FB group for the eternity of the program-to deepen your connections with all the wild women that say Yes! to their own Cosmic ReWilding Journey

👋🏽How can I join?

I'm so glad you asked 🤩

👇🏽Follow this link to register TODAY! Cart closes on Oct 4th at Midnight ET

Cosmic ReWilding - The Six Week Group Program


Blame it on Conditioning...or the Rain😳

🤦🏼‍♀️Unable to express yourself clearly or feel heard?
🙅🏽‍♀️Stuck in a passionless relationship or stagnant job?
🙇🏽‍♂️Caught in a cycle of overwhelm or frustration?

SO many things point to conditioning…those limiting constrictions that feel out of your control, the unhealthy attachments that have been holding you back for far too long.

🤷🏼‍♀️So how can you possibly loosen these bonds?

☝🏼Awareness is always the first step, because no, you aren’t losing your mind and yes, there are plenty of things out of your control.

👋🏽HOWEVER, you showed up here on this planet, with your own unique blueprint, I like to think of it as your own internal GPS system

🧭This internal guidance system is hidden within you!!
One that is *literally* written in the stars
One that is calling to you now
One that is ready to be rediscovered

Accessing your own unique blueprint and learning how to read it, empowers you to start unraveling the power of conditioning.

🪢 You begin to untangle the gordian knot of constriction with ease

👀You begin to clearly see conditioning for what it is...a removable road block along the pathway of your expansive earthly journey 🤯

And when you remove that roadblock.....You open yourself up to vast levels of receivership and magnetism 💥

This is why I facilitate Cosmic ReWilding with these key tools:
✨Quantum Healings + Cord Cuttings to release the energetic attachments

♓️Your Cosmic Blueprints, like Human Design and Astrology, which offer unique information and awareness for your own empowerment

💃🏼Divine Feminine storytelling + guidance that has been passed down through generations of women and lives within you now, ready to be reawakened and remembered.

PLUS my channeled Freedom Activation to unlock your freedom and ease from within!
All within the Super Safe Transformative Containers that I am known for ✨

🗺When you are ready to learn from and bravely lean into your own internal, personal GPS system- then you’ll know you are ready for Comic ReWilding: the Group Program!

We start October 5th!!


🧐Is the Universe still “good” when the outcome isn’t what you expected, desired or even felt like you “deserved”?

I feel that we live in a benevolent Universe.

One that has our back and is continually working towards our highest good.

Still, that is a lot easier to say and believe when

💕the test comes back negative
💕your child is thriving and healthy
💕the path you're heading down is clear
💕you achieve the type of success you’ve been working towards

What I find myself contemplating today, is what happens when this isn't the case?

What does it mean when things aren’t going as planned or working in your favor?

Has the universe suddenly turned malevolent, ill- disposed or spiteful.

💕I don’t believe so.

I feel instead those moments, the ones that seem to be completely opposite of what we desire or what we truly believe to be best for us, are actually invitations to Surrender and to Listen.

For me, Surrender sometimes feels like a relief- like I can take my hands off the wheel and let someone else take over 😅

Other times, it’s more like a knock down drag out fight where, when, I finally let go, I’m still kicking and screaming, fully determined that, in my limited human capacity, I know best 😡

And I reserve the right to tell the Universe “I told you so!”🤣

☝🏼This isn’t really the type of Surrender I’m aiming towards

but some days, it’s the best I can do and I’d like you to know that it’s okay, if it’s the best you can do too 💖

I do feel these moments are also opportunities to get still, to observe, to journal and to listen with your heart (vice your head)

Is this challenge or heartache showing up in my life, right now, for a specific reason? Is something coming up to heal or clear or shift, once and for all?

Where might my highest good be hiding in this apparent sh*t storm swirling before me?

Am I keeping myself open to the possibility that something miraculous, transformational or expansion wants to come from this?
These help me and maybe they will help you too💕

💖Something I know for sure, is that the Universe is a loving Universe- not only when we, in our limited human capacity, can easily see it- but always.

💖And it is ALWAYS working on our behalf and for our highest good and the more we can lean into that knowing, the more we are able to surrender, to listen and trust in the unconditional love that is present for us all

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