Joanna Claustro DMD

Joanna Claustro DMD


Happy Saturday Everyone! I hope you are getting outside and enjoying this warm weather!

When not at work I look forward to riding around with my little guy! I can barely keep up with him and he’s only 4! 😍

Thank you for the nomination Ashburn! Please help us celebrate our hard work by casting your vote daily! We have been nominated in 2 categories — Best Dentist and Best Dental Practice so be sure to hit “vote” in both areas! 😍 You can vote again and again daily through March 4th!
We love when patients choose to celebrate their birthday with us! 💓 Tiffany is a dental hygienist and EMT with an entrepreneurial spirit — running her own consulting and motivational site . 🦷 It’s an honor to care for another clinician and leader in her field. Tiffany’s smile is part of her personal and professional brand, and we appreciate her trust! 💓 Her own patients and dental team (her boss is a rockstar who I look up to!) are lucky to have her!

✨ We CAN turn back time to reveal a more youthful and confident YOU! ✨

As a cosmetic dentist, I skillfully design your new smile with your facial anatomy, lips, gums, skin tone, and lifestyle in mind. I partner with the top labs technicians to bring each smile design to life. And our team celebrates each rehabilitated smile with our patients as they shed tears of joy and appreciation. 💓

I am honored and humbled by each opportunity to bring health, happiness, confidence, and beauty to those who are ready to elevate their smiles with me and my team. If you are ready to shine bright with a new smile — give us a call to schedule your free in-person or virtual Smile Design Consultation. 📱 703-406-8600

Now is the perfect time to look and feel your best. You deserve it! 👩🏻‍⚕️

Porcelain by

Patients, new and old, are loving Dr. Agarwal and the entire team that backs us up. Thank you and welcome to the practice, Tom! ✨

“This has been, by far, the best experience at a dental office. Ever! From Joy to the doc… everything has been great.” 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Positive reviews in person or online — they brighten our day! We work tirelessly to keep our patients healthy and happy… so it feels good when the compliments come rolling in. 🥰

LIP THERAPY 👄 Now is the perfect time to save on kissably supple lips. Dr. Claustro expertly delivers lightweight Juvederm Ultra XC dermal filler to rejuvenate your lips. Cracks and sags are eliminated by providing support from underneath the dermal layer — revealing a more youthful surface, and a more confident you! ✨

If you suffer from angular cheilitis, painfully cracked lips, or simply want to look and feel your best — we deliver beautiful, natural results that typically lasts 10-12 months!

Call for a free consult or to book your appointment in the month of February and save $100 per syringe of Juvederm Ultra XC or Juvederm Ultra Plus XC.

Thank you to our newest patient to join our dental family, Jenny B., for the 5- Star Google Review! 🤩 Dr. Agarwal and I — along with our all-star team — take our time getting to know each of our patients. It is, indeed, a thoughtful and intentional process aimed at respecting our patients values, understanding their individual goals, and guiding them towards greater health and happiness through dental care. 👩🏽‍⚕️👩🏻‍⚕️

Whether you are looking to prevent disease, treat cavities, or gain confidence through a smile makeover — our team will care for you with clinical excellence, skill and kindness. ✨

It means a lot to get such positive feedback from a fellow member of the health and wellness community. As a Chiropractor, Dr. Brassfield is aware of how important it is to align all aspects of health and your body’s systems to perform your best.

I refer many of my patients to Dr. Brassfield and his Associates to help me manage chronic TMJ pain and headaches. And for all other ailments that come along with living life. Over the years he has been an esteemed colleague, good friend, and small business cheerleader. And everyone at has always felt like family. 💓

Cheers to another great checkup! 🥳 Confidence in and out of the dental chair is important at all ages. We take pride in helping even our youngest patients feel good about their smiles — promoting healthy habits through positive reinforcement and patient education.

It is important for young patients to feel comfortable, listened to, celebrated when they do a good job, and encouraged when improvement is needed. Dr. Agarwal and I love caring for families and look forward to seeing our pediatric patients grow into healthy and happy adults! 💓👩🏻‍⚕️👩🏽‍⚕️🦷

✨ New Service Alert ✨ To say I am excited for our New Opus Fractional Plasma handpiece is an understatement. In addition to providing top notch preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry — our team is able to reverse the signs of aging (and years of smiling!) on your skin. The best part — this innovative technology resurfaces your skin without injections, without surgery, and with nearly zero downtime — so no need to hide away for days after treatment! You can show off your healthy smile and glowing skin — and bask in your confident glory! 💃🏻

Every day, I have men and women ask if I can help reduce smile lines and improve the tightness of their skin… now we can! Younger looking smiles are framed by younger, healthier, tighter skin.

The Opus offers results that often last 2-3 years and is suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES and areas of the face. Yes, that includes us Asians who risk pigmentation with other resurfacing treatments!! With my 42nd birthday coming up (hint hint it’s February 2 😍), It has become increasingly important to me that I care for the health and appearance of my skin. You know I love smiling! But the fine lines and wrinkles are showing up and I’m refusing to give in. I want to make sure my smile and skin reflect the energy I bring to my every day life. ✨

We will be able to treat acne scarring, uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles, smokers lines, neck sags, crows feet, and those sad baggy eyes! 👩🏻‍⚕️

So… if you are like me (and millions of others) and you are tired of looking tired… give us a call to schedule your Younger Smile Assessment. 👉🏼 The first 10 clients to reserve their Opus Plasma Skin Resurfacing Package will receive $500 off or a FREE syringe of Juvederm filler for their lips. 👄

Call 📱 703-406-8600!

Dentistry Is Life Changing. One day you are rocking a missing tooth and a mullet… and a few weeks later, you are transformed into a fully-toothed businessman. 🤩😜🥳 Don’t worry, a smile design will not dim your sense of humor… it will only heighten your confidence, boost your ability to function, and likely make your wife a little bit happier. ✨

Replacing a single missing front tooth is one of the trickier things we do at our practice. Communicating with the surgeon and the lab is paramount to delivering a natural looking prosthesis. From the shape of the gums and angulation of the implant, to getting the anatomy, color, and translucency to mimic that of the natural dentition — the difference is in the details. 👩🏻‍⚕️

A huge shout out to our local ceramist, Mr. Manjae Lee for delivering a work of art! 🦷

High-quality dental care in a friendly, honest, and comfortable setting. We listen to your concerns

Northern Virginia's Favorite Dental Team Located in Ashburn, Virginia

Cosmetic & Family Dentistry | Invisalign | Smile Makeovers | Skin Rejuvination | TMJ Care

Dr. Claustro and her team are dedicated to providing patients with unmatched customer service and high-quality, down-to-earth dental care in the Ashburn, Virginia area. They listen to your individual concerns, take time to determine your


✨Special Pricing ✨ Did you hear? the incredible has become an ambassador for and I feel so seen! Kate embodies confidence, radiance, and authenticity — everything I hope to inspire through dentistry and aesthetics. To celebrate (because I feel like I am one step closer to becoming BFF’s with one of my all-time favorite icons 😅) we are offering 30% off of our popular Opus and ClearLift Facial Packages this Fall!

These incredible machines don’t rely on gimmicks or voodoo to reverse signs of aging on our skin — it harnesses the power of science and energy to promote your body’s own mechanisms for rebuilding, healing, tightening, and illuminating. Our bodies are incredible — sometimes they need a little boost.

Don’t hold out on this special pricing! 30% off on all pre-paid packages of three sessions or more for our Opus RF Plasma and ClearLift Photo Facials is being offered through the end of October. Call or DM for details!

☎️ 703-406-8600

📍 Ashburn, VA

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Cheers to a new school year! Whether you are putting your kiddo on the bus for the first time (me!) or sending your babies off to college — this is a time to celebrate possibilities!

Dr. Agarwal and I both have kids in elementary school and we are familiar with the mixed emotions that come with the first day. Hugs to all the parents, educators, administrators, bus drivers, school employees, and (above all) our community of students. May this be an amazing year for all! 💫

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“I look years younger!” ✨ Smile Reveals are such a fun event! ✨ When patients see their new smile before the lab artfully finalizes everything in stunning porcelain. When we play with shapes and texture — to truly customize the smile as it is framed by each patient’s unique features and to meet their expectations. 👩🏻‍⚕️ When we see the artistry unfold… 💫

I can help you discover what is possible with a confident and healthy smile. Call or text us at 703-406-8600 for a free Smile ReFresh Consultation!

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I am so thankful for this team and the kindness, patience, and enthusiasm they shared with my son, Hudson, this past week as he joined us at the office and we celebrated his 6th Birthday! 💓

We have endured a lot of changes this past year, but I am so excited for where our practice is heading. We are thrilled to have our newest team members join this family. And to continue providing the best dental and aesthetic care in the area!


Who needs summer camp when brining your kids to the dentist is both fun AND educational! We love how our iTero smile scanner allows us to engage with patients (young and less young 😉) in ways we couldn’t in the past. These 3D rendering and integrated photographic images allow our patients to see any concerns we might have, pinpoint trouble spots, and provide our clinicians with invaluable insight so we may accurately diagnose and treat a variety of issues. 👩🏻‍⚕️👩🏽‍⚕️

If you value the QUALITY of time you spend with your dentist and hygienist — our team is a right fit for you and your family. We are mindful on how we are growing the practice in order to maintain the rich relationships and trust we build with our patients, the high quality materials we select for our patients, and the excellence in the people we invite to join our team. This is the Team Claustro Difference. 💓

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Stretching past my comfort zone with high quality continuing education to better utilize our technology and further elevate our patient experience.

I had a great weekend at in Charleston gaining a greater appreciation for the artistry involved in redefining and rehabilitating smiles. Digital workflows in dentistry improves accuracy, communication, efficiency, and confidence — I am excited to be on this journey! 👩🏻‍💻👩🏻‍🎨👩🏻‍⚕️

Fun Fact: before deciding to become a dentist, I was a digital graphic designer. I majored in computer science and was an avid jewelry maker… needless to say, I geek out on tech and delivering beautiful smiles!


Julie may work from home… but when she’s in-office, she’s always eager to spend time with patients and fellow teammates! 🥰 Brooke promises that she’s just as excited about this photo under her mask. 😉

We are so thankful for Julie’s commitment to customer service, personalized patient care, and the overall success of our team. She knows how important it is to me, to our brand, and for our patients to create an elevated experience for those who choose our team to protect their oral health and well-being.

Thank you, Julie, for all that you do! 💓


I first met Abner when I went to visit his 1st grade classroom to talk about dental health — he then convinced his parents and uncle that they all had to come to my practice. 8 years later, he continues to shine bright and we all look forward to seeing his smile and hearing him share stories with such excitement! Thank you, Abner, for always brightening our days and for trusting us with your health! 🥰


Help us celebrate Dina, who celebrated a birthday over the weekend! She always steps up to the plate with grace and enthusiasm… and I’m pretty sure she’s aging backwards! Thank you, Dina, for being a rockstar. 💓

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I am proud to be a ✨PLATINUM ✨ Invisalign provider — helping patients achieve greater health, stability, and confidence through Clear Aligner Orthodontics. Together, Dr. Agarwal and I treat numerous cases of varying complexity with high predictability and success.

Dorothy is a long-time patient who had been noticing greater wear, crowding and shifting of her teeth. She was concerned how it was becoming more difficult to maintain a healthy smile and was worried that her teeth would continue to break down. We discussed how Invisalign would help upright her teeth, improve spacing, and allow her aligned teeth to work together more harmoniously. And it worked!! 🙌🏽 I knew working with an existing bridge would be tricky, but careful planning and ex*****on allowed for a great outcome!

If you are ready to improve your smile with — give us a call at 703-406-8600 for a free Consultation and discover why patients trust our team with their care.


Someone is excited for their Smile Refresh! Try-in before the prep begins… it’s going to be a good day! 🌅

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Even while on vacation, I seek out amazing women-lead businesses for inspiration and family fun! A huge thank you to .delamora of the .mayakoba for a wonderful introduction to Mexican culture through cooking and cuisine. I believe that food is a universal language and sharing meals is an expression of love. 💓

If you ever find yourself enjoying the Mayakoba resort area of Mexico, I highly recommend this family-friendly cultural experience. Sandy offers a variety of menu options from the diverse regions of Mexico — and you will leave feeling accomplished and full! 🌮🥗🫔


Laid back is the new power suit. 😎 This young lady is on her way to join the Navy in pursuit of a career in Nuclear Engineering and we couldn’t be more proud. Her dream is to work on the engines of aircraft carriers and submarines. ⚓️ When I was 18 (dressed very similarly in 1990’s flannel!) I was attempting to write a screenplay for a romantic comedy in hopes that I could meet and we would live happily ever after. 💁🏻‍♀️

As a private practice dentist, I love that I get to care for families and watch these young patients flourish. I get to take the time to build relationships and be inspired by their stories just as we hope to inspire them. ✨ Good luck, Catherine, on this exciting new chapter!

Fun Fact: My family visited the on our latest trip to San Diego and my 5 year old is obsessed with naval aviation. We have watched Top Gun Maverick at least 100 times.


Even our most nervous patients leave smiling. ✨ Nobody loves getting dental work done. We get it — shots, water everywhere, the sounds, and the dentist asking questions when you have all the things in your mouth… BUT our patients STILL leave smiling and even look forward to their next appointment! Our team is dedicated to not only providing the best clinical outcomes, but also an elevated patient experience.

From our state-of-the-art, natural-light-filled practice and the music curated by our DJ-slash-scheduling-coordinator, to the kind attention given to each of our patients — you will notice the difference right away.

We are a team of caring professionals dedicated to the art of individualized dental care. You are not a number. You are more than teeth. We respect your story and expectations, and work hard to earn your trust.

If you are looking for a new dental home, give us a call at 703-406-8600 to schedule your New Patient Experience. In addition to providing preventive and restorative dental care for the entire family — we excel in dental and facial aesthetics. So you can look as good as you feel! ✨


Invisalign changes lives. ✨ When aligning your teeth, it is important to align yourself with a clinician (me!) that understands the importance of a healthy bite. It’s not JUST about straight teeth — but how the teeth come together in harmony.

Misaligned teeth can lead to bone loss and gum recession, tooth and jaw pain, chronic joint disease, fractured teeth, increased cavity risks, poor functionality, and low self-esteem. These are all conditions we take seriously!

With Invisalign we were able to predictably and safely help this patient gain a healthy and more aesthetic smile. If you are ready to gain better alignment, give us a call at 703-406-8600 for your free Smile Assessment. We look forward to meeting you!


When a patient jumps out of the chair because she recognizes a former colleague’s voice in reception. We love a good reunion story. 🎉

Scott had referred Grace to our practice when she first moved to the area. We have loved caring for them both! We also cannot wait until Scott retires and spends all of his free time hanging out with us, greeting patients, and showing off his new smile. 🤩

This is what our practice is all about — people caring for people.

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Today we took time away from the office to connect and celebrate new beginnings, workaversaries, family weddings, team wins, and personal triumphs. In the office, we are always focused on patient care — it’s important to slow down and appreciate each other’s company. Our team has undergone some major changes in the past few months, but we are stronger than ever and dedicated to providing an unmatched level of patient care and customer service. ✨ These women share a common vision and are ready to elevate themselves, each other, and the practice to new heights. All so our patients leave feeling cared for and confident. 🙌🏽

If you haven’t yet been to the new at , be sure to check it out! The food was delish!


It’s 7:45am, you call your dentist frantic because you have to catch a 12pm flight for a major class reunion and you’ve broken a front tooth. 😩 Our incredible team pulled together to get our beautiful patient in and out by 9:30am despite an already full schedule. Tears were replaced by a confident smile, and flights were made with time to spare! ✨

I am thankful for moments when I get to be a super hero. We go above and beyond for our patients, and we love that we get to be part of their happy stories. 💓

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✨GORGEOUS✨ By combining the power of our Opus Plasma and Harmony Pro XL facial therapies, we have reversed the aging process without surgery, pain, or downtime — leaving our beautiful patient with radiant skin to frame her smile. 🔥 Swipe ➡️ for her amazing results.

By stimulating your body to produce its own collagen, regenerate more youthful skin, and breakdown age spots and vascular lesions — we are able to resurface and rejuvenate your face with long-lasting results. If you want to enjoy smoother, tighter, and more radiant skin, give us a call to schedule your free Skin ReFresh Consultation. 703-406-8600

Resurfacing packages start at $1800 and are tailored to fit your individual concerns.


Each member of our team is dedicated to making you SMILE ✨ We go above and beyond to help you feel at home while under our care and take the necessary time you deserve to provide you with individualized care.

Unlike offices that require volume of patients flowing in and out of their doors, we focus on QUALITY. The quality of our team. Quality of the materials and technology we utilize. And above all, the quality of the time we have with our patients. From our clinical expertise and level of patient education to the music we play — we have curated a dental experience that will leave you smiling. 💓

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A radiant smile is best framed by glowing skin. ✨ It has been a wonderful weekend of learning at Business of Beauty Event and the Opus Master Course.

Just as we are committed to excellence in dentistry, we are elevating our aesthetics game and are ready to help our patients look and feel their best! Dina cannot wait to see the results of her Opus Focus Lift (she was happy to volunteer for the hands-on demos!). 😍

Shout out to fellow dentist, baddie boss babe, and friend for representing our industry on stage. As dentists we know head and neck anatomy like the back of our hands. We understand how our muscles move, how our teeth support our facial frame, and how our skin’s surface impacts the “big picture” for smile makeovers. 🔥

From teaching with and being a top provider to pioneering the realm of facial aesthetics in dentistry — I am living my dream to help others feel empowered and confident by their smiles. ✨👩🏻‍⚕️✨

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Your face is a canvas and a weathered surface can age you. Opus Plasma Skin Resurfacing tightens and lifts, reduces fine lines, and leaves the surface of your face soft and radiant.

These beautiful results show the power of our aesthetic handpieces. No injections. No fillers. ✨ 4 sessions of Opus combined with our CBD+ professional skincare has helped our patient look years younger without surgery.

While Botox would be an option to treat the deeper lines, she isn’t ready to move towards injectables. Opus is a non-invasive treatment that promotes your body to produce more collagen and tighten on its own. And unlike Botox and Filler — Opus Skin Resurfacing treats the ENTIRE face and corrects dullness that come with age.

If you are curious about how skin and dental aesthetics can help you feel radiant, call us at 703-406-8600 to schedule a free consultation!

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Today we honor the men and women who have given their lives domestically and abroad securing liberty, championing for equality, and protecting our freedom to live, love, and learn how we choose. ❤️🤍💙


Another great checkup for Brooklyn! (And a chance for me to catch up with a childhood friend 💓). As the school year draws to a close, be sure to get the kiddos in for their dental checkups so they can enjoy a pain-free, confident summer with a healthy, happy smile! ☀️

If you haven’t had a chance to meet our hygienist, Elaina, she’s in on Mondays. Be sure to say hello!

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Our latest Smile ReFresh to regain youthful radiance and feel confident. 🔥 Betty was referred to us after fracturing an old veneer — I was able to patch it up so she could feel ok over the weekend , but she expressed concerns over the overall look of her original porcelain. They were dull, yellow, and short. She wanted a full smile that had some life to it — to match her vibrant personality! I told her right away that she had come to the right place! ✨

Working closely with our premier aesthetic dental lab , we set out to give Betty a smile she could be proud about. Man! Did we deliver! I’m not going to lie… looking at our photo together, I’m thinking I need to upgrade my own smile!

Thank you, Betty, for your trust and for allowing me to share your beauty and radiance with the world. Your smile matches your soul. 💓

For a free Smile Design consultation, call or text us at 703-406-8600. We are here to help elevate your life through dental and facial aesthetics!

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I had the BEST time inspiring smiles at Hudson’s classroom! The last time I visited a school was when I was pregnant, so it felt extra special to have my favorite guy by my side. He was beaming and the kids laughed at our jokes! There is no perfect recipe for work/life balance… but I’m always grateful for moments when the two come together in a fun and memorable way. 💓🦷💓


From dental student to doctor. 👩🏾‍⚕️👩🏻‍⚕️ It was a pleasure reconnecting with fellow Madeira alumnus, Dr. Sarah Coleman ‘13, back on campus for our Reunion weekend. I am excited to have another strong, smart and beautiful woman join our ranks in the field of dentistry.

Sarah, may you inspire smiles, lead with compassion, and care with kindness as you continue to grow professionally! Enjoy residency and believe in your abilities. 💓🌹🍓🐌

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LIFE CHANGING ✨ And likely life extending — you cannot deny how much healthier our dear patient, Taryn, looks after orthodontic expansion with Invisalign. By improving the positioning of her teeth, we opened up the space available in her mouth for improved airway and improved sleep. So not only is she able to function more effectively while chewing — she can breathe more freely and reports feeling incredible! 🤩

Taryn has been a long time patient of mine and I am so thankful for her trust in me and my team. It is an honor to give her the gift of a healthy smile and renewed confidence. In less than a year, I have changed her life for the better. I have built my practice on relationships and expertise, cases like this are reminder of the important work that we provide our patients. 💓👩🏻‍⚕️🦷

Invisalign isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s about treating a diseased bite. When our teeth are poorly positioned — we suffer. From inadequate chewing and breaking teeth to reduced airway and TMJ disorders — “crooked teeth” can cause major damage. And you are absolutely NOT too old move your teeth! (If I got a dollar for every time I get asked that question!) If you think you or someone you love may benefit from Invisalign, give us a call at 703-406-8600 for a free Smile Design consultation.


What is a Smile ReFresh? It’s an opportunity to regain confidence, restore function, and redefine your smile. It’s life changing and, for some, life extending — a fully functional smile improves our ability to nourish our bodies, and feeling good nourishes our souls! ✨

I am so thankful for the opportunity to have helped our dear patient, Scott, rebuild his smile after years of wear and tear. With a heart of gold, he deserves a smile to match. With the help of our trusted partners at lab, we delivered a stellar result and I’m pretty sure Scott feels like a total stud! 🤩

Our Smile Design services expertly and artfully address your individual concerns and needs. From Invisalign and Veneers to total reconstruction with Implants — we are here to help you feel radiant!

If you are ready to put your best face forward and ReFresh your smile — shoot us a DM or call/text 703-406-8600 to schedule your FREE Smile Design Consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

👩🏻‍⚕️ Joanna Claustro DMD

📍Ashburn, VA


Our team is a VIBE! ✨ It isn’t uncommon to find patients joining their significant others and friends on appointments just to say hello to our amazing ladies! We take pride in building genuine relationships with our patients and enjoy catching up in the op when we can.

We are top notch clinicians and all around good humans. I think I’m hilarious… but we will let you be the judge of that! 😜 Everyone deserves to leave their dental appointments feeling refreshed and radiant. Come discover the difference and start looking forward to your dental visits! 🦷


While handwritten notes are rare, sharing gratitude and sporting a healthy, confident smile will never go out of style. 💓 Thankful for our patients’ trust over the years. As we near our 10 year anniversary, we are committing to the personalized care and attention that our community of patients have always come to expect. We believe in quality care over quantity. We strive for excellence at every interaction with our patients. And we hope you feel heard, respected and radiant after every appointment. ✨

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These dentists rocked the first day here in Long Beach at Ultimate Occlusion 1! What an honor to be part of their professional journey!! 👩🏻‍⚕️

Becoming a faculty member with CMS has been a dream come true. I continue to learn so much from the industry’s most brilliant and humble clinicians; whilst sharing my own experiences elevating patient care in my private practice. ✨ I am excited for day 2 of this course!!

(I’m also super happy that I got to travel with my favorite people this time around!! 💓)

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My favorite patient. My favorite smile. 💙 As a mom, I want my son to grow up to be kind, healthy, happy, and confident. Having a healthy smile and being comfortable with his medical providers is part of that equation.

A huge shout out to our hygienist, Ella, for caring so gently and getting Hudson to laugh his way through his dental appointment.

Pro Tips on how to get your year old to be comfortable at the dentist:
- Start early if you can. As soon as your child cuts their first teeth, “well-baby” visits to the dentist establishes trust and allows your child to get used to having their teeth examined.

- Establish a good routine at home. This never looks perfect at first… but keep at it. Try different tricks. We love the Hum toothbrush by !

- Choose a dental team that doesn’t force your child into submission during these routine visits. Patience and understanding is key to building your child’s confidence as a patient. Big emotions are real… sometimes it’s best to try again another day. It’s ok!


As a small business owner, I have always appreciated the relationships that I have with local reps who are committed to helping me create a patient experience that stands apart. ✨ Our entire team appreciates our rep, Lisa, who has paved our path to success with Clear Aligner orthodontics. From team training and advanced continuing education — Lisa has helped us earn the trust of our patients through predictable results. 👩🏻‍⚕️👩🏽‍⚕️

Over the years I have become very selective on the companies I work with and who align with my own customer service and quality standards. Because at the end of the day, our patients deserve the best products, materials, equipment, and services — it all comes down to QUALITY care.

Cheers to our reps who work hard behind the scenes to keep our practice running smoothly!



Our long-time patient had no issue with the aesthetics of his smile — but over the years we noticed increased damage to his teeth and bone levels because of the malpositioning of his teeth. 🦷 His bite lead to traumatic pressure on his back teeth and the crowding made it difficult to maintain optimal health — furthermore he admitted to feeling like his bite had been shifting. to the rescue!

In less than a year with Invisalign Aligners, his teeth are working together in greater harmony and his smile just happens to be a 10! 🤩 We are thrilled to provide our patients with confidence in function, longevity, and good looks! ✨

Poorly positioned teeth can lead to:
❗️ Fractured tooth structure
❗️ Bone loss and tooth mobility
❗️ Increased risk for cavities
❗️ Increased risk for gum disease
❗️ Increased risk for sleep apnea
❗️ Low self esteem
❗️ Difficulty eating or speaking
❗️ Food impaction and bad breath

Invisalign can help improve your life in so many ways! Call us at 703-406-8600 for your free smile assessment!


We are thrilled to help our patients look and feel confident on their Big Day with healthy smiles and radiant skin! ✨ Our Opus Plasma and Harmony XL Pro handpieces redefine and renew your skin with minimal downtime… prompting your body to boost collagen, break down red and brown spots, resurface the outer dermal layers, and leave your face looking years younger.

Don’t depend on filters and layers of makeup on your Wedding Day — give yourself the gift of glowing skin. ✨👰🏻‍♀️✨

Call us for your free Smile and Skin ReFresh Assessment. 703-406-8600

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Hope you are enjoying the holiday season as much as we are!!



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Ashburn Children's Dentistry Ashburn Children's Dentistry
44025 Pipeline Plaza, Suite #225
Ashburn, 20147

Welcome to Ashburn Children's Dentistry! We practice from the heart - delivering outstanding, advanc

Ashburn Physical Therapy, LLC Ashburn Physical Therapy, LLC
20755 Williamsport Place , Suite # 280
Ashburn, 20147

We help individuals by relieving pain & help them Relive their active lifestyle without the need for

The OM Center The OM Center
21785 Filigree Court, Suite 200
Ashburn, 20147


Ashburn Pediatric Dental Center Ashburn Pediatric Dental Center
42882 Truro Parish Drive, Ste 201
Ashburn, 20148

Pediatric Dentistry and Family Orthodontics

My Ashburn Dentist My Ashburn Dentist
20925 Professional Plz, Ste 330
Ashburn, 20147

Our commitment is to treat every patient in a state of the art environment, to the highest professio

Children's Speech Therapy Center Children's Speech Therapy Center
44081 Pipeline Plz, Ste 120
Ashburn, 20147

Specializing in pediatric speech therapy, Northern Virginia’s Children’s Speech Therapy Center (CSTC

ExpressCare Urgent Care Centers ExpressCare Urgent Care Centers
20070 Ashbrook Commons Plz
Ashburn, 20147

Halla Home Health Care Halla Home Health Care
44081 Pipeline Plaza Suite 100-2
Ashburn, 20147

At Halla Home Health Care, we value your decisions and we do as much as we can to materialize them e

Loudoun Imaging Center-Ashburn Loudoun Imaging Center-Ashburn
20905 Professional Plaza, Suite 100
Ashburn, 20147

We strive to distinguish ourselves as the premier provider of diagnostic and interventional radiolog

Bobby’s World Bobby’s World
Ashburn, 20147

Emergency Room

Ashburn Allergy PLLC Ashburn Allergy PLLC
20955 Professional Plz Ste 300
Ashburn, 20147

A medical clinic located in Ashburn, VA that specializes in allergic disorders. Dr. Jiun Yoon is a

Smilez Pediatric Dental Group Loudoun Smilez Pediatric Dental Group Loudoun
24565 Dulles Landing Drive, Suite 150
Ashburn, 20166

Our practice is committed to providing you and your family with safe, gentle, and state-of-the-art d